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Earthquake in Central / Eastern U.S. [From 1989 Until 2012-11-21]

[Seismicity of Central / Eastern U.S.]

Significantly increasing of the number of earthquakes in central / eastern U.S. can be seen since 2003 when planet X zoomed into the inner solar system (In 2003, Planet X Zoomed Into the Inner Solar System). There was little…


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Seismicity of Caribbean Plate along Puerto Rico Trench and Lesser Antilles Trench

The figure showing earthquakes of the northern and eastern Caribbean Plate boundary along the Puerto Rico Trench and the Lesser Antilles Trench from 1998 to November 18, 2012 every one year, made by using "Earthquake Search" of USGS. 

* "Earthquake Search": …


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Map of Earthquakes in 2012 (as of 17 Nov, 2012)

Map of earthquakes (Mag >= 5.5) in 2012 (from 1st Jan to 17th Nov) made by using "Search for earthquakes" of CSEM/EMSC. 



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Atlantic Stretch, African Roll and Mediterranean Stretch; The evidence is here.

Per the Zetas sequence during the 7 of 10, when S America rolls, almost in step with the folding Pacific, it (5) tears the Atlantic Rift on the southern side. This allows (6) Africa freedom to move and it rolls too, (7) dropping the Mediterranean floor above Algeria. Nancy has been presenting/giving us the evidence in her weekly newsletter or weekly chats.…


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