Premise and rules


The premise is that Planet X will cause a pole shift in the near future which is an event that can be survived when you prepare for it.


Because of the threat of disruptors and debunkers, and to keep this a space safe for all good-hearted people, the following rules need to be observed:
  1. No debunking and disruption. Debunking and disruption will lead to a ban. If you do intend to embrace any main establishment lies you will be suspended without any explanation. REASON paid debunking teams can completely disrupt discussion, as has occurred elsewhere.
  2. No debating the reality of Planet X and the validity of ZetaTalk. REASON paid debunking and desire to 'say it ain't so' make valid discussion impossible, else.
  3. No proselytizing or debating religion. While recognizing the many different spiritual points of view here and the importance of spiritual preparation for the coming cataclysms, we ask that this ning not be used as a platform for proselytizing or debating religion. Please keep spiritual discussions related to the premise of this ning.  REASON religion is an emotional side issues, not pertinent and thus disruptive.
  4. No political debates. The discussion of any person or party in political power should be limited to their attitude re the the cover-up over the presence of Planet X and any plans to assist their citizenry or allow refugees, etc. REASON politics are an inflammatory side issue, not pertinent and thus disruptive
  5. No violence. Blogs and discussions of a violent nature don't belong on this ning, and will be removed promptly. Where discussion of the Earth changes or the potential for rape or looting when the Earth changes disrupt normal police protection is appropriate, violent language for shock value is not allowed. REASON offensive to many and not pertinent.
  6. No personal attacks. Be polite. REASON we are multinational, multicultural, not an exclusive club for a few.
  7. No irrelevant blogs. Blogs or Forum discussions that are not relevant to the focus and premise of this ning will be removed without warning. Discussions such as physical evidence, Earth changes, the weather, social and psychological adjustments, and survival techniques are of course appropriate.  REASON irrelevance is clutter.
  8. No selling or promotional blogs. Using this ning for the purpose of selling personal products such as books or personal services will result in the Blog or discussion being removed without warning or suspension of membership privileges. No solicitation! Personal recommendations of products that you have used or intend to use are not a violation of this rule. REASON this popular ning is not your free advertisement site.
  9. No stalking or porn. This group is not a dating service. Beware of members contacting you via private email to ask for dates or to sell products. This ning does not endorse either. No sexually explicit materials allowed whatsoever. This will be instantly removed and the membership of the poster suspended. REASON stalking of members is not appreciated.
  10. Not responsible for offensive links. From time to time, links to other websites are posted. We take no responsibility for the content or the consequences of linking to same. If you click on a link and find it objectionable, please notify the Administrators who will delete it. REASON liability.
  11. Videos need approval. Videos, because of the amount of space they take, need to be very relevant to the Premise and need to be pre-approved. This rule may be expanded to include photos and pictures too, in the near future, but a weeks notice will be posted about an intent to purge photos and pictures and videos prior to any purge. REASON space restrictions but primarily the distraction of clutter.
  12. Limit personal page photos. Personal page photos are limited to a single photo only, unless approved by the moderators. All additional photos should be posted in relevant blogs and discussions. This is to conserve space. REASON space restrictions but primarily the distraction of clutter.
  13. Not an art gallery.Poems, songs, humor and artwork are a light touch when relevant to the issues being discussed here, but will be removed after a week to the archives. REASON stick to the important subject matter and do not show off your talent.
  14. English only please. This group is mostly English-speaking. If you speak a language other than English, please translate it into English before posting it here. If you are reading this after posting in a different language, we will email you this rule in your language, run through an on-line translator like to let you know why we deleted your post. You are welcome to re-post it in English. We are multi-national in scope and it is far too difficult to translate 62 different languages. Thanks for understanding. REASON this is not the Tower of Babble.
  15. No Group Formation. Any person meeting others through blogs and discussions on the Pole Shift Ning is doing so at their own risk.  Blogs and discussions are not to be created for the purpose of survival group formation, as this needs to be a private undertaking among family and friends. Discussions about survival  techniques are allowed so people can discuss the Zetas  advice, share solutions to problems, and give or get advice from personal experience. Please carry on any group formation activity outside of this Pole Shift ning. The Pole Shift Ning is not responsible for any negative outcome of group formation arranged between members, such as broken hearts, empty wallets, rape, theft, confiscation by the government, monitoring by the government, harassment, broken promises, lack of expertise and support, liability due to negligence or crime, or any other adverse situation that may arise. REASON liability. We inform, but do not coordinate or otherwise supervise or give counsel on specific group formation.
  16. Comment Approval limited. Posting blogs with Comment Approval, has to be first be approved by the Moderators. This rule is in place to prevent Members from censoring or withholding Information.To contact the Moderators, use the "Contact" field on the top-bar and explain why you want to enable Comment Approval. Blog posts without a permission to approve comments, will be removed without a reason. REASON valid comments should not be suppressed.
  17. Point to the source of the original information & do not post copyrighted pictures. When posting  from another website or news site, always point to the source of the original information & do not post pictures with a watermark or logo. REASON copyright infringement.
  18. ZetaTalk only. Posting of or discussion regarding material alleged to be channeled or otherwise relayed by entities other than the STO Zetas to anyone other than Nancy Lieder of is not allowed on this site. Although it has been acknowledged by the Zetas that there are other genuine “channels” out there, it has also been relayed that more than half who claim such are not genuine. The Pole Shift Ning is the home of the weekly ZetaTalk Chat Q and A . Nowhere else can questions be put to STO entities in this way and no other channeled work can demonstrate the accuracy track record of ZetaTalk. REASON: Conflicting material takes time to explain or refute, and is unnecessary.
  19. No Illegal Activity. Using this site for any illegal activity is forbidden and will result in suspension without warning.
  20. No Hand-Holding Requests.  This ning is akin to a publication, where information is provided by those granted posting privileges (i.e. membership). An encyclopedia or newspaper does not provide guided tours, nor do we. Do your own research as asking others to do this for you is considered hand-holding. Asking others where you should go, what you should do, or any other type of demand that you be directed like a child is considered hand-holding. You are expected to read the pages and watch the film clips provided top and center on the ning, and utilize the dedicated search engines on the ZetaTalk and ning sites. What constitutes hand-holding is a decision the moderators will make, when it arises, and you are likely to be suspended without warning if you display these demands.  REASON this ning is not a support group.
Debunking and disruption will lead to a ban.
Please inform an administrator if you think someone is not following these rules.

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