ZetaTalk: Percentages

Note: written Dec 15, 1995

If one were to take a census on intelligent life in the part of the Universe the Earth goes around in, the results would probably shock humans. As entities in higher densities, 5th and above, have mobility and often go where duty calls, they may be wholly absent or present in great numbers, depending. Due to the Transformation, the Earth is positively swarming with such attention at the present time. Therefore, to give a realistic picture, we will describe 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Density percentages only.

On a world by world basis there are about 1,000 dead worlds for every one that holds life. Humans are familiar enough with their surroundings to understand conditions on other planets, and if anything, would be surprised at the percentage capable of life. Not every life bearing planet sustains life that can develop to the level required for conscious and intelligent thought. There are about 2,500 primordial worlds for every one that can support an intelligent species. Your Earth, for instance, had many such species with this potential. Of these worlds that hold 3rd Density intelligent species, the vast majority, perhaps 75%, are water babies, as the vast majority of habitable planets are essentially water planets. These species may be crablike, fishlike, squidlike, or formed like almost any of your ocean inhabitants - an almost infinite variety.

Of the worlds that sustain land dwelling intelligent species, the greater share, just under 60%, are reptilian. Reptilian life forms appear first, and thus better their percentages. A minority are mammalian, above 10%, but whenever these life forms are a candidate they beat out all other candidates as mammalian existence is highly interactive and thus a good spiritual schoolyard for forming entities. The remaining land dwelling 3rd Density species range between birdlike or insect types, the latter more prevalent at about 30%. Since 3rd Density is a short stop, required only for the orientation lesson, 4th Density entities are much more prevalent. There are approximately 1,200 4th Density entities for every forming 3rd Density entity.

GodlikeProduction Live; written Oct 25, 2008 - ZetaTalk

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The following is a blog of Nancy's lecture from BBS Lectures; Aug 24, 2005.


Waterworlds, and Other Alien Habitats


Would the Zetas care to answer more questions about the waterworld that many of us are scheduled to reincarnate in?


Before we have the Zetas address this, I'd like to give a bit of background on life on other worlds.

We on Earth tend to think of aliens as hominoid, like ourselves but with some slight difference, 

But this is hardly the reality out there in the Universe, according to the Zetas.

ZetaTalk: Percentages, written Dec 15, 1995

The overall percentages, then, are

- 1 / 1,000 planets that can sustain life. 

- 1 / 2,500 life bearing planets that evolve intelligent species.

- Of these, 75% are water babies, 15% are reptilian, 2.5 % are hominoid, 7.5 are bird like, with an infinitesimal percentage insect types. 

Not all worlds are habitable, 

but many that we, on Earth, have assumed incapable of sustaining life do in fact sustain life, 

per the Zetas.

ZetaTalk: Habitable Worlds, written Feb 15, 1997

I have been given what is called a life form orientation, as a contactee, 

in preparation for my role as a communicator, being in the media and relaying this information. 

The first lineup was a lineup of hominoids, not too much of a shock. 

Here's what I recorded as a result of that lineup:

Greek God

Chicken Man

Tiny Man

Horned Toad Man

Broom Stick Man

Little Green Man

Slinky Man

Swamp Creature

Then we moved on to later presentation, getting progressively more shocking:

Vampire Man

Dino Man

Octopus Man

Bean Bag Man

Cockroach Man

Amoebae Man

The Zetas explained to me why many in the lineup seemed about the same size and shape.

ZetaTalk: Size and Shape, written Aug 15, 1996.

It took me some time to come to grips with Cockroach man, as I did not want to remember. 

All those many legs, wagging at me.

Where I had telepathic communication with all the other life forms I was presented with, 

nothing seemed to be passing between us.

I presumed this was because our DNA was too different, preventing a shared communication, brain wave to brain wave.

The Zetas state that very few worlds have intelligent insects as the evolved intelligent species, for a reason.

ZetaTalk: Intelligent Insects, written Dec 15, 1996

Where reptilians have the repulation of being cold blooded and cruel,

the souls incarnating into reptilian life forms are as likely to be empathetic and kind as humans.

Cold blooded does not necessarily mean cold hearted!

ZetaTalk: Reptilians, written by Jul 15, 1995.

The Praying Mantis, considered by many to be an insect looking alien, is in fact a hominoid. 

Nor are the Cat People, who are also hominoids. 

Hominoids come in many varieties.

ZetaTalk: Cat People, written May 15, 1996.

ZetaTalk: Praying Mantis, written Sep 15, 1995.

ZetaTalk: Green Men, written by Jul 15, 1995.

ZetaTalk: Many Greys, written by Jul 15, 1995.

A number of hominoids visiting Earth meet look remarkably human, however.

The Nordics, Pleiadeans, Men-in-Black, and visitors from Orion among them.

ZetaTalk: Nordics, written by Jul 15, 1995.

ZetaTalk: Pleiadeans, written by Jul 15, 1995.

ZetaTalk: Orion, written by Jul 15, 1995.

Where they look human, they are not among us, living on Earth, for a number of reasons.

ZetaTalk: Human Lookalikes, written Oct 15, 1996.

Where they don't live among us, the Men-in-Black do live on Earth as our neighbors, 

as does Bigfoot and a reptilian species that lives in subterranean cavities. 

These are not alien visitors form another world, but transplants from other worlds.

ZetaTalk: Men in Black, written by Jul 15, 1995.

ZetaTalk: Bigfoot, written by Jul 15, 1995.

ZetaTalk: Subterranean Life, written Aug 15, 1995.

Creatures that look and act like intelligent alien species, but are no more intelligent than dogs or cattle, can also be aliens.

Why is this so?

As our Earth is a Kindergarden schoolhouse for emerging souls, 

where we learn to either care for each other empathetically or remain self focused, 

the battle for Good or Evil, essentially, 

our alien contacts are attempting to convince us it one of these directions. 

Where aliens advising the good path want to increase empathy,

aliens advising the bad path want to increase fear and terror, as this increases self focus.

Just yell 'FIRE' in a crowded theatre and see how many people get trammeled.

Everyone thinks for themselves. 

So these aliens, wanting their number to increase, wanting new converts, want to increase fear and terror among humans.

By the rules, during this counseling, aliens cannot touch people, cannot harm them.

So how do they accomplish their goals?

Vampires, dragons, mothman, and the recent Chupacabras, are not intelligent creatures from other worlds, they are like dog packs, and are used to terrify humans. 

By the rules on alien counseling, this is allowed, as it is not much different than a human encountering a bear or a wolf pack.

But the rules ARE different, 

as these dog packs can only affect humans if the human submits to this intimidation, gives up, due to terror, 

as then the dog packs can savage and eat them,

just as our own dogs packs on Earth can savage people. 

But if the human stands firm and does not give into fear and terror, 

then these alien dog packs are held back and cannot hurt the human, 

as these alien dogs are on a type of leash.

If this line were not drawn, then those visiting Earth from the essential prison colonies, where the self-focused are forced to live with each other, would flood the Earth with these dog packs from elsewhere.

As it is, since they must keep their dogs on a leash, there are limited dog packs here, as there are a limited number of aliens from the prison colonies visiting here. 

In the words of the Zetas:

As with dog packs, they are allowed to encounter, terrify, and even kill humans should the humans basically give up and submit. Thus, there are stories of dragons consuming virgins, and vampires biting to death victims virtually drained of blood.

So in that the vast majority of intelligent species in the Universe are NOT hominoid, 

and given that Earth is a very busy place right now, during its Awakening to alien presence,

do contactees invariably get contacted by hominoids, or are there some surprises?

ZetaTalk: Ugly Aliens, written on May 15, 1996

The dominant species on a planet might be something that humans would consider a meal, 

or vise versa, something that humans would consider a predator.

This type of conflict, for those species that are predators, eating other life, 

Is a conflict that ultimately encourages empathy.

Not unlike the decisions of those on Earth who have become vegetarians.

ZetaTalk: Intelligent Carnivores, written Jul 15, 1996

During the pole shift, when 90% of the Earth's population is expected to die either as a result of the shift itself or shortly afterwards due to disease or starvation, 

there will be many souls ready to reincarnate into new bodies.

Because of the Earth has been scheduled to be in a Transformation at this time, 

when the Earth can become a home for those strongly in the Service to Other, those who are empathetic and genuinely practicing the Golden Rule, 

most must go elsewhere to reincarnate. 

- those spirit strongly empathic will be allowed to reincarnate on Earth in a hominoid form

- those so self-centered they virtually think only of themselves will be removed to various prison colony planets

- those who have not matured spiritually enough to have made a decision will reincarnate in a waterworld.

ZetaTalk: Next Stop, written Jul 15, 1997

So where does that leave us, in answering Roger's question about more specifics about the future Waterworld that most humans on Earth will find themselves reincarnating into?

I quote, from NEW ZetaTalk, written to address this question.

ZetaTalk: Next Stop, written Aug 24, 2005


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Comment by Kojima on August 22, 2022 at 9:17am

ZetaTalk: Continental Drift
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Looking down from space, man can clearly see that the continents once formed a whole. Like the pieces of a puzzle that can be placed together, South America fits nicely into the curve of the Western African coast, and North America tucks up against Europe. All was one land mass in the past, so why have the continents drifted so far apart? And what, in fact, caused the globe to be so lumpy in the first place? Don't planets spinning from a molten state assume a circular shape? The answer, of course, is that the present Earth did not grow from a molten mass spinning slowly as it cooled, and thus lost this chance to gain a consistently round shape. When it was round, its watery nature would have precluded the type of intelligence that now inhabits it, as it would have remained a water planet as it was originally, with barely a point sticking bravely above the water's surface.

The Earth was once in orbit farther from the Sun, and bore as life only cold creatures that lived in the dark waters on the scant vegetation that grew there. This planet, the pre-Earth, sustained a collision with the 12th Planet's entourage of many moons, and thus shattered drifted into a new orbit closer to the Sun. The larger piece became the Earth, with its waters pooling in the wound as a cosmetic, the motion of the Earth pulling the waters round, to give a smooth appearance. But this peace lasts only until the great one returns for its periodic visit, pulling at the lumpy Earth. The inconsistencies of the surface only make the gravitational pulls of the 12th Planet more devastating, the continents like handles to be grabbed and jerked. Likewise, the depth of the Pacific trough is vulnerable, a weak point on the surface for the continents to slide toward. Thus we have continental drift, which is much too benign a word to use for the cataclysms that occur.

The Earth, during each successive Pole Sift, has filled her wound. At first, due to the lopsided nature of her shape, the tug toward roundness was slight. What was there to tug toward? She hugged herself, all on one side, and each passage of the giant comet only pulled slightly at this hug, separating her land mass and moving this into the gap. But each succeeding passage found a more vulnerable scene, and the separating of the single land mass increased. Why so? Because rifts, driven between land masses, were vulnerable spots, torn recently, tearable again. Increasingly the Americas have moved away from the African and European continents. Now, when the Americas are almost midway between the other land masses, and the African land mass has cleanly separated too, they are more vulnerable to becoming fully balanced during a pole shift than ever. During this pole shift the Pacific gap will close, equalizing the land masses as they spread around the globe. This will be devastating to certain subducting areas, such as India and Western Australia, and will heat to a tremendous degree those plates that are above the subducting plates in California, Tibet, and along the Pacific Rim.

Comment by Kojima on August 22, 2022 at 9:16am

ZetaTalk: 12th Planet
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The term, 12th Planet, is not scientifically exact but relates to the historical and widely read book that Sitchen wrote, titled The 12th Planet. In this book he explains that the ancient visitors from this traveling comet considered the Moon to be a planet, and counted the Sun as the first. The periodic Earth cataclysms caused by the 12th Planet have been in place for eons, since the Earth was cold and without life. As this statement will raise questions in some minds, let us explain. The Earth was cold as the Sun had not yet lit. All this is a matter of astrophysics, and not relevant to the discussion at hand. The 12th Planet, or giant comet, assumed its orbit around the Sun due to gravitational and motion issues, which were at play coming out of what some Earthlings refer to as the big bang. This was in fact only a little bang, a local affair, however.

The orbit of the 12th Planet is long and narrow. This is not dependent on gravitational and orbital matters within your Solar System, but on a larger scheme, which causes the trip back into your Solar System to be but a minor part of the itinerary. Why does the 12th Planet swing so far away from your Solar System, and why bother to return, having done so?

There is a balance between the attraction of your Sun and another, unseen by you but nevertheless present and in force. The 12th Planet travels interminably between these two forces, not able to settle on an orbit around just one because of the momentum and path it originally took. It is caught. The path of the 12th Planet is such that it spends most of its life out in dark space, slowly moving from one giant tug to another. As it approaches one of these giants, your Sun being one, it picks up speed, and reaches a maximum speed as it passes the attraction. Having passed, it now has double the gravitational attraction on one side, and quickly switches back in the other direction, zooming just as rapidly much along the path it just took. Out in space again, caught between the two giants that dominate its life, it settles down to a sedate few thousand years, only to zip around the Sun's counterpart in a like manner and head back toward your Solar System.



Comment by Kojima on August 21, 2022 at 12:37pm

ZetaTalk: Family of Man

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The larger family of man is not what humans are used to thinking, where they generously include all the races in the world. The larger family of man extends quite a way out into the Universe. There has been much channeled information on this subject, of much interest to readers worldwide. In what way is this larger family related, and what are the differences? There are, of course, more similarities than differences. The same could be said of the human races on Earth, and even the different sexes. Line up all the characteristics, and the differences are less than a single percentage point. But differences are what is noticed, so we will discuss differences.

Humans have been adapted for the Earth, which has characteristics different from other planets. The Earth has large carnivorous animals, and without the ability to go into a blind rage in a final act of defense, troupes of early men simply did not survive. In essence, a single early man, usually a dominant male, would take a stand against the attacking animal while the rest ran for safety. In most cases the dominant male became a meal. In human societies there often, for mating purposes, seem to be an excess of males, especially as some males seem to get all the women they want. Historically, there was not an excess of males, as they got eliminated regularly. When the females in the troupe crowded around the strongest, meanest, most touchy-tempered male in the troupe, it was with great foresight. This was the guy that was going to take the hit for them, when push came to shove.

Other worlds have been more benign, and the hominoid developed there more placid. Pleiadeans and Lyrans have this placid temperament, and some humans carry these traits as a result of their genetic contributions.

Yet other worlds have presented environments even more hostile than the Earth, and the hominoids placed there adapted accordingly. The Sirians are such a race of hominoids, as well as the hominoids from the 12th Planet. What was the hostility they faced? On Sirian worlds, and there are a number of home planets for this race, there is a scarcity of food in proportion to the number of Sirians. Unlike the Earth, which has large carnivores, on Sirian worlds, there was not steady elimination of their number, and their population exploded. As a result, the surviving Sirians were war like, acquisitive, and dominant. The others starved to death. On the 12th Planet, there was a similar situation, as this planet has a long journey away from the Sun, and though it expends its own energy such that it has a faint glow as it travels through the darkness of space, the vegetation does not grow abundantly. One of their plants is a stimulant for them, like a growth hormone, and those who acquired this plant were stronger and more vital. War, to the point of eliminating the opponent, is the rule on the 12th Planet.

Intellectual development has likewise followed a path compliant with the environment hominoids were perforce living in. The Nordics are intellectual to the exclusion of other activities, and for good reason. Their planet presented a world without large carnivores to defend against, but where the production of food required cooperation and careful planning. Thus the traits of mental acuity and cooperation rather than independence led to survival. They as a consequence work closely together, and discuss issues to the point that other hominoids find ridiculously worrisome. The Pleiadeans and Lyrans required the least mental activity to survive, and are not known as mental giants accordingly. We, the Zetas, also developed our impressive mental capacities due to our environment, where on our worlds there was dim light and scarce resources as food, but fighting among ourselves for the resources was not enough. We had to devise ways to enhance the food source, and collaborate on this as well.

In other matters, such as sex life and longevity, there is not as much difference between the hominoid races as one would think. There are slight variations. Where a race moves into 4th Density, longevity increases naturally, as the spirit carries more weight, literally, in proportion to the body and thus has greater influence. The sex drive in humans tends to have more variability than in the other hominoid races, with some humans not thinking about sex at all, and others obsessed. Our sexuality was strong also, but homogeneously so, as is the sex drive of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet. The placid Pleiadeans and Lyrans find sex hot only when no one is objecting, as in the happy marriage where all the in-laws are enthusiastic and all friends approve. Where there is objection, they abstain, and without great pain. They can put sex on the shelf.



Comment by Kojima on August 21, 2022 at 12:16pm

ZetaTalk: Races of Man

Note: written Jul 15, 1995.

The six races of man have not all survived, but traces of their genetics can be seen in the other races. Originally, as a result of numerous genetic engineering efforts, the six races were what we will term Northern White Man, African Black Man, China Man, Indonesian Man, Gypsy Man, and Angola Man. Angola Man has not survived, passing early and leaving no genetic mark.

Angola Man was not black at all, but pale to the point of being bluish. This color was due to the transparency of the skin, which gave the oxygen depleted veins and capillaries on the surface dominance in setting the color tone. However, this was scarcely noticeable, as Angola Man was literally covered with hair, fine, short, and laying flat. This was not thick enough to be called fur, but should we have chosen to call the original races by their appearance, rather than point of origin, we would have called him Fuzzy Man. Angola Man was the least aggressive of the six races, and this is in no small degree why he passed early, leaving none of his genetic heritage in the vast billions that swarm the surface of the earth today. Angola Man literally allowed an attacker to overtake him while making neither a move to escape or to defend himself. He was eaten, regularly, until gone.

Indonesian Man in the pure form also died out, but through casual encounters with Gypsy Man merged into what we will call Polynesian Man. The Australian Aborigines also can point to Indonesian Man for a large portion of their genetic heritage, being, like the new Polynesian Man, a combination of Gypsy Man and Indonesian Man, with the addition of some Black Man genes due to a highly promiscuous Black Man who traveled with a small band to that part of the world. As an oddity, and tall in stature compared to their tallest warrior, he was treated as a god and given all the women they could muster. He considered this a pleasant retirement.

Indonesian Man was short and stocky, with a rounded belly. He had a dominant forehead which protruded out over his eye sockets, giving him the natural equivalent of shades. He was not swift, but moved in a ponderous manner, and thus his demise. He could not run for safety or rescue others quickly, and his lack of agility and rounded shape prevented him from taking to the trees or cliffs for safety. Indonesian Man had what we might describe as a stubborn rage that when lit would not soon quell. Where he stood to fight, and won some, he was invariably bested by large predators. He too was eaten, irregularly, until gone.

Gypsy Man, as the name implied, moved about. His descendants can be seen in India and the surrounding countries, in the Arab countries, and, of course, in the Gypsies themselves. Gypsy Man was slight, and slid from confrontation, a factor of his hominoid genetics as well as the root ape, which took to the trees to escape and confronted only when escape was not possible. He learned to plot evasion rather than employ confrontation. This legacy can be seen today in the Gypsies, who disappear in the night, the Arabs, who likewise fold their tents and slip away, and the Hindus, who actively work at evading reality through meditation when they are forced to stick in one place and can find no escape. The hominoid contribution to Gypsy Man was Pleiadean, so a gentle, nonconfrontational nature compounded the desire to evade conflict. It is not by accident that Ghandi was able to sell the masses in India on passive resistance. It came naturally to them.

Northern White Man first emerged in a climate that was not at that time cold, nor was it even in Europe or the steppes of greater Russia. White Man evolved in the desserts of Africa, and migrated across the Mediterranean, which in those days was not the water barrier it is today. White Man were few at first, a few hundred, and migrated in different directions. Some took a loop south, along the southern edges of what is now the Mediterranean, which in those days was a swamp, and then looped north and east. This band is seen in the large noble noses of the Turks, Afghans, and Italians. The band that headed straight north is seen in those with light hair and fine features. However all are from the same stock.

Where White Man entered the world in temperate climes, bad weather descended during a subsequent pole shift and survival became a game not easily won. Warm clothing needed to be constructed and fur bearing animals trapped or hunted down with the least amount of effort. Survival required plotting and planning, and White Man found his stock being shaped in this manner, so that the clever planner survived. This can be seen today in the descendants of White Man, who are innovative and industrialized, and at the forefront of technology developments. Of the races that survived, White Man had the hottest temper. Quick, flashy, but quickly cooled. The root ape for White Man defended itself by a loud bluster, shrieking and hopping up and down. You've heard the expression, hopping mad, and this is where it comes from. White Man, even today, blusters and bluffs more than he engages.

African Black Man also underwent a shock to his system, but not because of climate changes. During the pole shifts the dice did not toss a pole into Africa, but the effects of winds and rain patterns brought dessert conditions. The particular hominoid stock forming Black Man emerged from a portion of the Family of Man that relied on physical skills and social harmony, and this was the legacy Black Man carried when the dessert descended, creeping over his hunting lands until there was less and less to share. Black Man adapted by broadening his embrace to include more of his fellows, and today you see this in the tradition of the extended family in most black communities.

Black Man's inheritance was a combination of a benevolent large ape which spent a good part of its time basking in groups. Like the Elephant Seal, this ape had no natural enemies, so the population was held in check by surges in the food supply. Sometimes plenty, sometimes dearth. No need to fight, as there was nothing to fight over. The hominoid contribution created the capacity to plan, and did not detract from the ape tendency to social harmony. Larger family circles translated to forced civility for longer periods. Black Man learned to employ violence when outside the family circle, so this acted as a release for repressed rage not allowed to be expressed within the circle. Early Black Man was shaped by those factors, so that those able to suppress their irritability until they could release away from home were kept in the band, and the others expelled where they did not survive to reproduce. Black on black violence occurs, but seldom inside the family circle.

China Man was developed to offset the ruthlessness of the inhabitants of the 12th Planet, who interbred with humans during their mining operations. The Oriental is slight, and given to ponder and consider the feelings of many before proceeding. It was foreseen that Earth's humanity would grow and eventually blend, as it has, so the ultimate Earthling was the target, and China Man was engineered accordingly. The hominoid stock used to build China Man was from those least likely to be impulsive, where deliberation brought rewards and had thus been selected for survival during evolution. In addition, a different ape was chosen as the base, one with a placid nature, where the apes selected for the other races did not have this quality at the fore. These qualities can be seen today in the descendants of China Man, who consult with one another, proceed only when there is consensus, and succeed best at those endeavors that require group dedication.



Comment by Kojima on August 21, 2022 at 12:15pm

ZetaTalk: Star Seeded
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Mankind arose from a combination of sources, and the earth was one. As there is tremendous variation on the environments found through the Universe, in any genetic engineering project the engineers find it most profitable to use, as a base, a species native to the planet. The species in this case was a form of ape no longer in existence on Earth. Anthropologists searching for this missing link have not found it, as this ape was chosen not for its wide range but for its suitability.

Having a suitable base, several experiments were tried. Through genetic engineering, the intelligence and dexterity of this ape was increased. The bi-pedal stance was encouraged. When we say experiments, we are speaking of the stage where the product was re-introduced to the Earth, having been residing in labs. The product of genetic engineering then either survived and flourished or died out for some reason. More often than not, the product expired. Some of the aggression and violence we now seek to diminish, for 4th Density existence, were necessary for the product to survive on Earth at that time. This step was repeated many times, on different places on Earth, and this formed the basis for the various races of mankind you see today.

When mankind was genetically engineered, this was under the direction of the Council of Worlds at all times, and at no time was the intent for mankind to be slaves of another intelligent life form. Of course, having created mankind, various groups had as their agenda to do just that. We are saying that the mission was not slavery, but some who knew of the product came back to Earth to attempt to muscle in on new territory. This has occurred here and there, with one group or the other, but all were fleeting occurrences and all were stopped shortly after the campaign developed.

Both the Koran and Bible attempted to explain this among other things to mankind, most of which was misunderstood. Therefore, dwell not on the Koran or the Bible when looking for the true history of mankind's birth.



Comment by Kojima on August 21, 2022 at 3:12am

ZetaTalk: Over the Eons

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, have been involved with humans long before recorded history. Therefore let us refer to what humans call carbon dating, the capture of carbon atoms in an organic remnant that shows the presumed age of the remnant. The theory goes, since carbon in the natural free state in the atmosphere has such a ratio of characteristics, and the carbon in the organic remnant has a different ratio of characteristics, then the remnant has aged. In general this theory is correct, but in practical fact is too flawed to pinpoint with accuracy the exact millennium, much less the exact century or decade. We will refer, therefore, to the stage of human development, as humans understand these stages. This is to say, the human understanding is spotty. They have some of the pieces, but not all. They are still looking for the missing link, for instance, and arguing among themselves as to whether there was one origin, Africa, or numerous origins. There were numerous origins. Each race, and there have been six, has had a different origin. We were involved as observers from the start. We have been around, as visitors, continuously since that time, responding to The Call as it occurred.

The Earth has been visited by many alien groups since mankind's earliest stages, long before mankind was genetically engineered into intelligence, its present form. The marks left on human culture are so extensive as to preclude a list. Some of these influences are well known, in Egyptian and ancient Sumerian culture, or the Vedic writings, where visits from the 3rd Density hominoids from the 12th Planet left their mark, and holy books such as the Bible and Koran, a battleground between the original Service-to-Others authors and later Service-to-Self additions. Less well known are the influences in China, where the geneticists creating China Man influenced the culture left behind. Quiet moments in the garden, respect for wisdom and each other, and appreciation of the little things in life such as the song of the bird, are such marks. Also little known is the American Indian culture, assumed to be self developed by the Indians as they lived, isolated from the greater world. The Indians are not so aware of what they call shape shifting without reason. Their myths of spirit forms met in the woods and their own flights are based on true encounters, where they went Out-Of-Body and afterwards could not forget.

Comment by Kojima on August 21, 2022 at 3:12am

ZetaTalk: Various Groups

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Visitations are occurring between literally hundreds of alien groups and human contactees. Some of these alien groups are on Earth only briefly, for perhaps only one contact with one individual, and this either out of curiosity or due to a very specific mission. Other alien groups, like ourselves, have been around for eons, and have an intense interest in the future of Earth, our future home. The Sirians, Pleiadeans, and Nordics, among other commonly reported Service-to-Other groups, are not so intensely interested as we, but are here primarily out of a sense of service. Their missions are as numerous as they themselves, as opportunity abounds. Like ourselves, they must wait for The Call from a human, and then depending upon the situation, the goals of the human, and the requested guidance from the visitor, they jointly may be of service to the Earth and its many inhabitants.

The hand of the various groups can sometimes be seen in the type of endeavor undertaken by the human who gave The Call. For instance, Pleiadeans are intent on educating humans in the pleasant nature of 4th Density Service-to-Other existence, the sense of community and potential for being playful and having fun. The Sirians are more war like, have this history in their past, and take The Call from humans who could use logistical advice during confrontations. Nordics are very scientific and intellectual, and dislike the spotlight. They thus work behind the scenes, and their contactees are never heard of.



Comment by Kojima on July 30, 2022 at 4:26am

* ZetaTalk for Intelligent water babies

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 23, 2011

The Zetas have said that after the PS and transformation of the Earth into 4th density, souls still undecided upon orientation will reincarnate into water beings on a water planet (since Earth will no longer be available for 3rd density beings. The Zetas have also mentioned that the beings responsible for the genuine crop circles are water beings on a water planet that could not participate in any other way with the incredible happenings on Earth at this time. Would the Zetas comment on if the beings responsible for the crop circles are the same beings that 3rd density humans will reincarnate into? Also, Nancy, did you meet one of these beings when you were introduced to the various beings mentioned in your bio?

Water planets housing intelligent life and the home planets of visitors in attendance on Earth during its Transformation are almost infinite in their form. We have mentioned intelligent fish, jellyfish, octopus, and various amphibious creatures that today exist on Earth to give you a basis of comparison. Most do not have an equivalent on Earth. The world awaiting those who are undecided is a 3rd density world, and as such is not in attendance on Earth at this time. Just as humans are not sent on missions at present, being still in 3rd density and not having graduated as yet, these octopus creatures are still too immature. The amphibious octopus Nancy met is not the species that will be the future home of the undecided, as for an amphibious life to develop, an opportunity to be above the waves must exist during its evolution.

Comment by Kojima on July 10, 2022 at 4:54pm

* ZetaTalk for Alien appearance

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written January 10, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

When some aliens meet with humans do they sometimes wear hooded robes so as to not frighten the people who might not be able to handle the alien appearance?

Many contactees are horrified at the appearance of their visitors, as they are accustomed to thinking that only a hominoid can be intelligent. Their visitors are sensitive to this situation, and make all kinds of arrangement so appearances do not interfer with the visit. In time, the contactee has trust in the relationship, and gains courage, so these maneuvers are self limiting.

Comment by Kojima on July 10, 2022 at 4:54pm

* ZetaTalk for Over 1,000 different life-forms, over 40 different working group

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written October 25, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The Zetas have stated that they monitor the US carefully and pay close attention to matters and developments there this side of the shift. Which aliens monitor the UK? Which aliens monitors the EU? Do any monitor the Caribbean?

We are often asked such questions, and have a standard answer. There are over 1,000 different life-forms visiting Earth, organized into over 40 different working groups. These life-forms range from water creatures to reptilian, birdlike, and mammalian. A few are hominoid. There are multiple creatures visiting all countries, and all visiting Earth work as a large team so work sharing or coordination occurs. Thus, it would be fruitless to detail what creatures are visiting your country as tomorrow this may change!

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