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The PoleShift-Ning is,

  • based on ZetaTalk, which contains a vast amount of information being relayed by the Zetas with an outstanding accuracy
  • hosting the weekly ZetaTalk Q&A. (Archives of Q&A can be found at Zetatalk: What's New)
  • being moderated in an effort to keep the material concise and on-topic
  • reviewed and checked to be in accordance with ZetaTalk
  • a cutting edge platform for discussion by those who have done their homework with regard to reading what is already presented here
  • a genuine source of information, unlike any other site on the web



Nancy previously held the ZetaTalk Question & Answering at, a forum without strict rules as enforced on the PoleShift-Ning. GLP allowed anyone to clog the weekly ZetaTalk-Q&A-sessions with debunking, defamation, disinformation and nonsense. It was greatly distracting to those taking Nancy and the Zetas seriously, so she moved to Gerard's Ning, who created this network on August 17, 2009 in order to provide an unhindered documentation and discussion about the impending passage of Planet X and the resulting Pole Shift.

As the ECPS-Ning began hosting the ZetaTalk-chats and collecting the truth, it became increasingly a target for those wishing to maintain the cover-up over Planet X. Accordingly their continual efforts to infiltrate, undermine, or sabotage this Network. Over three hundred members were deleted by CIA funded black-ops on June 23, 2011, as reported on the PoleShiftNing. As of late, US government agencies attempted to take down all ZetaTalk mirror-sites by using DoS-attacks on March 6, 2012. Since open attacks have turned out to be too obvious, those maintaining the cover-up choose other routes.

The Main Establishment Lies, the Comet Elenin Hype or the Wikipedia-article about ZetaTalk are examples of disinformation set up by the establishment to confuse the public.

Step 1... Homework




It cannot be emphasized enough that you spend time reading the information presented on this blog, as well as ZetaTalk before posting your own contributions here. ZetaTalk consists of more than 40,000 unique articles, so is not something to read on a flyover. We're not saying here you should read all of it, but there is a dedicated Search Engine for the site and signing-up on this Ning demands basic knowledge about ZetaTalk.

Please do not waste this genuine resource by duplicating or asking for information that is already there. Redundancy is clutter, so please avoid frivolous posts

Step 2... Before you post something


  • Ask yourself if your posting adds to the discussion about the Earth Changes and the pending Pole Shift.


  • Have you checked if there are previous postings regarding your subject or if the Zetas already adressed it, by using the search engines?


  • Is the information significant or important enough to necessarily post it?

This will hopefully help you to understand that we do not try to suppress and limit information, but provide an unhindered discussion and distribution of information for those aware about the impending Pole Shift, Planet X and the ZetaTalk message.

Thank you for consciously choosing to be a part of this important time,


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