Atlantic Stretch, African Roll and Mediterranean Stretch; The evidence is here.

Per the Zetas sequence during the 7 of 10, when S America rolls, almost in step with the folding Pacific, it (5) tears the Atlantic Rift on the southern side. This allows (6) Africa freedom to move and it rolls too, (7) dropping the Mediterranean floor above Algeria. Nancy has been presenting/giving us the evidence in her weekly newsletter or weekly chats.

I picked out the items related to Atlantic Stretch, African Roll and Mediterranean Stretch from the newsletter since June, 2011 to show a part of the quotation, then 15 items obtained.

Also, the detail of the evidence can be found in the Malou's blog of "# s 5, 6 & 7 in the 7-of-10- sequence : Atlantic Rift tear, Africa Roll, Mediterranean Drop", where she collects the related articles from ECPS ning consistently, commenting a link to them.

I picked out some topics from her blog to show a link to 54 articles. 


[1] From Nancy's weekly newsletter

List of the Atlantic Stretch, African Roll and Mediterranean Stretch items;

1) Torn Internet Cables; Mar 11, 2012:

2) Antarctic Plate Lifting; Jan 29, 2012:

3) Mediterranean Stretch; Jan 29, 2012:

4) Turkey Sinkhole; Jan 22, 2012:

5) Norway Stretch; Jan 15, 2012:

6) Africa Roll Prelim; Jan 8, 2012:

7) Atlantic Stretch; Dec 11, 2011:

8) Plate Movements; Nov 20, 2011:

9) Arabian Roll; Nov 6, 2011:

10) Africa Trembles; Oct 9, 2011:

11) Sea of Azov Squeeze; Sep 11, 2011:

12) Trail Derailments; Aug 21, 2011:

13) Kiev Trumpets; Aug 21, 2011:

14) Cornwall Tsunami; Jul 10, 2011:

15) Plates on the Move; Jun 12, 2011:


1) Torn Internet Cables

Africa drops, in accordance with the ZetaTalk 7 of 10 predictions, and undersea Internet cables anchored at a Kenya port and in the Red Sea have torn because of this. The Kenya tear occurred in step with the Red Sea tear, but a second Kenya tear also occurred 11 days earlier. Rather than point to plate movement, the establishment preferred to claim a bizarre coincidence of several ship anchors catching and tearing the cables. Or perhaps it was sabotage, as those East African countries have so many enemies, you know. Anything but the truth. 

Indeed, in 2008 a similar situation emerged, as outlined in Issue 112 of this newsletter, where cables were cut in multiple places and across several plate borders. From Alexandria at Egypt to Dubai, cable tears occurred almost simultaneously in January/February 2008 and again in December of 2008.

At that time, the Zetas predicted more such taut and snapping cables would occur in the future. And they have!

2) Antarctic Plate Lifting

The Zetas have predicted that during the hour of the pole shift, that portion of the Antarctic Plate bordering the South Atlantic will rise, thus creating new land between the tip of S America and S Africa.

During the steady compression of the Pacific, the Antarctic Plate is pushed down, with the portion bordering the South Atlantic allowed to push up. We saw quakes all along the Antarctic Plate border last November, 2011 as detailed in Issue 268 of this newsletter. The plate has loosened up and is on the move!

Now a swarm of earthquake on the plate border shared by the Antarctic Plate and both the S American and African plates recently appeared. This, along with a quake in the center of the South Atlantic, which is spreading apart. Isn't this the process described by the Zetas? First the plate frees itself from its connections, so it is free to move on the sea of lava. And then it rises in the Atlantic! It may be on the rise!

3) Mediterranean Stretch

Is the African roll starting to create a stretch zone in the Mediterranean? As the Zetas state, the Africa Roll involves the continent dropping slightly, creating a larger gap between the continent and Spain, and a larger gap between the continent and the Sinai Peninsula. Thus, the Mediterranean becomes a stretch zone along the plate border above Africa!

Is there evidence of this lately, along with evidence that the Atlantic is widening, pulling apart, and giving Africa room to drop? There is indeed! During the same time frame as the quakes along the Antarctic Plate border, the lifting of the Antarctic Plate into the South Atlantic void, the normally busy Mediterranean was positively asleep! (Note quakes in yellow are more than two days old.)

Little bitty quakes in the Mediterranean, but a sudden building collapse in Lebanon in the middle of the night. Typical of stretch zone accidents. 

4) Turkey Sinkhole

There is lots of evidence that Europe is being stretched. In a swath from the coastline of Norway through the Denmark straits to the Sea of Azov mud volcanoes there have been incidents, and the singing reservoirs in Kiev and Belarus are due to the stretch also. Now a dramatic sinkhole has opened up in Turkey, horrifying in its depth, with other sinkholes in the region. 

5) Norway Stretch

What is the significance of two incidents, occurring almost simultaneously along the coastline of Norway? Per the Zetas, this is part of the European stretch zone.

6) Africa Roll Prelim

There are many clues that Africa has begun her roll. A major Internet cable, SMW3, torn in the Mediterranean and east of India on December 19, 2011, shows this tear was related to plate movement. As noted in a Pole Shift ning blog, Internet cable disruption has happened before, in 2008.

This time the story is similar, with torn cables in multiple places. This indicates major plate movement on more than one plate!

And quakes are happening along the plate borders. As the Indo-Australian Plate lifts and plunges under the Himalayas and the Atlantic Rift pulls open, Africa rolls, the boot of the Arabian Plate turns in place, and Internet cables all along this line are ripped from their coastal moorings.

This tale is told in the buoys too. As the eastern end of the Indo-Australian Plate rises, the buoy in the Coral Sea east of Australia reports the sea is more shallow. Likewise, as the India portion of the plate is pushed down, a buoy in the Arabian Sea finds sudden great fluctuations, as the dedicated crew at the Pole Shift ning have recorded. For the water dept to range up to 30 meters (90 feet) outside of its normal range, suddenly, certainly indicates rising and lowering sea levels, with the water temporarily heaping or suffering a void.

African stretch zones also tell this tale. Recently a building in Lagos, Nigeria suddenly collapsed, a clear sign of a stretch zone accident as reported in Issue 271 of this newsletter. As Africa rolls, the top and bottom part of the continent are tugged in different directions, pulling the continent apart somewhat at Nigeria. Hold the top part of Africa firmly in your left hand, and grasp and pull the bottom part toward the east with your right hand, and you can sense what is happening there, at Nigeria. Now an oil spill has resulted, on December 21, 2011 from this same stretch.

And further to the east, in the heart of the African Rift Valley, The course of rivers and expected drainage is changed due to the stretch. Suddenly, lowlands are lower still, river bottoms increase in scope, and the people are drowning.

Per the Zetas, this is to be expected in a stretch zone. River drainage is impeded. 

7) Atlantic Stretch

Is there a connection between the recent restlessness in the Canary Islands and a collapsing building in Lagos on November 29, dual beaver dams collapsing north of Toronto on December 1, and a giant wave swamping a ferry between Norway and Denmark on December 3? The connection is likely a tearing Atlantic Rift, so aptly pointed out on this Pole Shift ning blog. There have been several quakes along the Atlantic Rift of late.

As Africa begins its silent roll, it drops and skews sideways a bit, separating along the Mediterranean and down through the Red Sea, thereby allowing the lower part of Africa to pull toward the Indian Ocean. It is known that the Red Sea is pulling apart, as is the Rift Valley in Africa, but Nigeria is stressed also, likewise being pulled apart. Thus the sudden and completely unexpected toppling of a building in Lagos.

If the Magnitude 4.6 along the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge on November 29 caused this collapse, indirectly, then did the Magnitude 5.2 in the North Atlantic Ridge on December 1 cause dual beaver dam collapses north of Toronto? Beaver dams simply do not collapse. These busy little dam builders operate by instinct, so that such a thing as "human error" simply does not occur.

What caused dual beaver dams to collapse, then? A close look at the area shows many rivers on all sides, close enough to the Seaway to be considered in the Seaway stretch zone. The rivers were pulled apart!

Is there also a relationship between the Magnitude 5.2 and 4.9 quakes on the North Atlantic Ridge on December 4 and the giant wave that washed over a ferry traveling between Norway and Denmark? Buoys in the Norwegian Sea or the North Sea did not go on alert. It is known that the Eurasian Plate is being pulled apart, with a stretch zone across Europe causing the trumpets of Kiev to set the reservoir singing, as noted in Issue 255 of this newsletter, and the Horn of Belarus to set the river to singing, as noted in Issue 257 of this newsletter. A close look at the channel between Norway and Denmark shows this is deep water, where the land masses are pulling apart! It was not so much the Atlantic Ridge quakes causing an increase in this separation, it was the reverse. The adjustment below the ferry caused the North Atlantic quakes!

8) Plate Movements

There are many clues the plates are moving in accordance with the Zetas 7 of 10 predictions. One can establish where the quakes are occurring, at a glance, by going to the IRIS site. Buoys often show plate movement too, as a buoy on alert shows a sudden heaping of the water, or movement into a void or depression. On November 13, 2011 quakes outlining the Antarctic Plate show a clear pattern on IRIS. The Antarctic Plate is moving!

One sign that the Antarctic Plate is moving is a recent huge crack across the Pine Island Glacier there. Per the Zetas, this is due to Antarctica lifting as the plate tilts.

On November 8, 2011 a large quake along the border of the Philippine Plate shows movement in that plate, which the Zetas predicted will tilt and fold as sequence #3 of the 7 of 10 scenarios progresses. This has been in process, but has not yet completed. The quake was exactly along the Philippine Plate border, and by the following day there was another, smaller quake on the opposite side of the plate. This plate is moving too.

On November 9, 2011 a buoy in the Arabian Sea went on alert, on the plate boundary where the toe of the boot of the Arabian Plate is pulling away, creating a temporary depression in the sea. The tip of the Arabian Plate is lately hitting Turkey, as the plate rolls as predicted by the Zetas and detailed recently in Issue 266 of this newsletter. This plate movement is seen on both the IRIS and the buoy charts.

On November 12-13, 2011 quakes outlining the Caribbean Plate show that the plate as a whole is moving, being pushed down at the juncture near Venezuela, at the islands of Trinidad and Tobago, lifted at the Virgin Islands, and forcefully crushed where Guatemala meets the Cocos Plate. The Caribbean Plate is moving, as one, 

9) Arabian Roll

One of the plate movements predicted by the Zetas is a rolling of the Arabian Plate, so that the pointed top crumbles and ruptures the oil fields of northern Iraq, creating an explosive situation. They have stated that this will not occur during the 7 of 10 scenarios. 

A recent 7.2 quake in Turkey shows that the Arabian Plate is moving, in concert with the dropping of the African Plate, thanks to the excellent and prompt reporting on the Pole Shift ning. Note the simultaneous quake along the southern border of the Arabian Plate boot, at the bottom of the foot. Note that the 7.2 quake in Turkey is directly at the spot where the pointed tip of the Arabian Plate is pressed to the east.

10) Africa Trembles

The African roll, one of the 7 of 10 scenarios, involves the African Plate scraping along the Mediterranean while loosening and dropping down toward Antarctica. Where this is not expected to generate great quakes, it would certain tear open the African Rift region. The African rolls would also likely cause trauma along the scraping borders, at least at the start. As noted in a Pole Shift ning blog, two recent indications - the Nabro volcano eruption and quake swarms in the Canary Islands - show the Africa Plate is on the move. The Nabro volcano in the Afar Triangle of Africa has not erupted in the memory of man!

One of the ning's talented illustrators, Kojima, shows the impact of the African roll along all borders, especially where Africa scrapes along above Morocco and Algeria. During a discussion of the Canary Islands on the Pole Shift ning the fact that the Canary Islands are an extension of the Atlas Mountain Range out into the ocean was noted. Thus, the scraping above Morocco and Algeria could create trembling, quake swarms, there, as deep rock layers are set to vibrating.

Quake swarms in the Canary Islands, as many as 8,000 minor quakes recorded recently, are causing evacuations on some of the islands. 

Per the Zetas, the widening Atlantic Rift, part of the 7 of 10 African roll process, is causing these vibrations and trembling. 

11) Sea of Azov Squeeze

As is known, the Eurasian Plate is being pulled apart in the region of Belarus and the Ukraine, as featured in Issue 255 (Kiev) and Issue 257 (Belarus) just last week. Do listen to the brief audio clips if you have not already done so. Now a new phenomena has emerged, land emerging near the straits of the Sea of Azov nearby, as noted in this Pole Shift ning blog

If one follows the direction of the Dniepier River and the Volga/Don Rivers as they descend toward the Black Sea, they are pointing at the location of this heaving landrise, and the Zetas explain. Once again, no human had an adequate explanation.

But wait, there's more! Now a mud volcanoe has also appeared in the Sea of Azov, caught on video as fleeing bathers frantically ran from the mud explosion, as reported in this Pole Shift ning blog. Exciting times in the stretch zone of eastern Europe!

12) Trail Derailments

If the Kiev trumpets are due to a stretch in the area, might this stretch of eastern Europe through to Asia that the Eurasian Plate endures have something to do with a train derailment in Poland? No cause evident, but rails to not just zig and zag suddenly without cause. Railroad lines are regularly checked, in fact, and well maintained. The Pole Shift ning has a blog of such derailments, and in addition to the stretch in the Ukraine and Poland, the eastern half of the US is a stretch zone experiencing many derailments just in this month of August, 2011, in places that the New Madrid adjustment will tear, in fact. Regularly checked rail lines, but derailments without apparent cause. In addition, two Chicago buildings collapsed on the same day. Chicago is very much in a stretch zone, impacted by the Seaway pulling apart. Same day, same location - boom. Per the Zetas, not a coincidence. 

13) Kiev Trumpets

This must be heard to be appreciated! The Kiev reservoir is singing. 

These sounds were captured on August 3 and August 8 by a resident of Kiev, as noted on a Pole Shift ning blog, and put on YouTube. This is multi-tonal, accompanied by vibrations that "shiver" the windows. Only the Zetas have been able to give an explanation, and yes it relates to the Earth changes, as Kiev is in a stretch zone. No one but the Zetas were able to explain this phenomena.

Note the relationship in time to plate movement during the first week of August. During the first week of August, from August 1-7, as noted on this RSOE chart, massive flooding was recorded only in those areas described by the Zetas to be involved in the 7 of 10 scenarios - India, the Sunda Plate, and the Caribbean Plate. The RSOE chart also shows new volcanic activity where 7 of 10 plate movement is occurring - at the edge of the Sunda Plate in Java, at Hawaii where the Pacific plate parts are compressing, and near Italy where the African Plate is dropping and rolling. 

The RSOE chart shows large quakes along the Ring of Fire accompanying the compression of the Pacific also, during this week. Buoys on both sides of the Pacific lurched on August 7 and August 8. A lava dome in Hawaii collapsed on August 5, 2011. It is any wonder that the Kiev trumpets were recorded on August 3 and August 8, 2011? Where compression is occurring, somewhere the stretch is occurring. These are the many signs of plate movement. 

14) Cornwall Tsunami

The Zetas have described the 7 of 10 scenarios that will result from the north Atlantic Rift ripping open after the New Madrid adjustment. Termed the European tsunami, this will result in tidal waves 200 feet tall assaulting the UK coastline, rising to 300 feet up the Bristol Channel due to tidal bore. This area, at Cornwall, thus takes the brunt of this tsunami, which is described by the Zetas to affect the Atlantic coastline north and south of this point to a much lesser extent.

On June 29, 2011 Cornwall had a tsunami. Though minor, there was no explanation for this, so the establishment scientists concluded a landslide must have occurred somewhere off coast. There was no evidence for such a landslide, but to refer to the ZetaTalk prediction re the spreading Atlantic is forbidden. What else is left, then, to the cover-up as an explanation?

But does this not conform to what the Zetas have described for the Europena tsunami? Per the Zetas, this is exactly what it is - a mini version of what is to come. Cornwall takes the biggest hit.

15) Plates on the Move

The 7 of 10 scenarios are all about plate movement. Where the big drama is in Indonesia and mountain building in the Andes, plate movement is perceptible elsewhere and indicative of the 7 of 10 scenarios to come and in process. As the African Plate starts to roll and drop, this would begin to separate the Straits of Gibraltar and stretch the distance between the Egyptian side of the Red Sea from the Sinai. It would also start to roll the Arabian Plate, where the pointed top of this plate cuts from west to east, stressing the Eurasian Plate above this slicing point. Is this happening? We find a sinkhole in Eskisehir, Turkey, where sinkholes are virtually unknown. As the pointed top of the Arabian Plate moves from west to east, it would pull this area, stretching it, the most common cause of sinkholes. Dropping to Cairo we find sinkholes also, not far from the river Nile. Cairo also does not prone to sinkholes, but as the Red Sea pulls apart, this area would indeed be stretched and river bottoms are a thin place on the plate, thus drooping to form a river bottom in the first place. Dropping further along the African Plate, we arrive at Pemba, a tiny island just off the east coast of Africa. Pemba has a very low elevation, 50 meters the highest point, but this would not account for the seawater now flooding homes and fields. Africa's Rift Valley widens as Africa rolls, the whole southeastern side loosing its base as it does so, drooping. Pemba is just to the east of the Rift Valley.

The Zetas have called the plunging of the Indo-Australian Plate the brake point holding all other plate movement back. As the plate tips up at the New Zealand side, it plunges India under the Himalayas, allowing the Pacific to compress and the Sunda Plate tongue holding Indonesia to plunge under the curve of the Indo-Australian Plate. Has the India side of the plate been plunging? Bangledesh and Kuttanad on the tip of India are sinking, and in the eastern Himalayas, mountain building is taking place, heaving river bottoms and preventing drainage. Suddenly, and with scant rain, Jorhat is under water!

Moving east along the globe we find the line across the South China coastline, where the plate tongue holding Indonesia is bent down to be pushed under the curve in the Indo-Australian Plate. Ground fractures when such a bend in the rock occurs. Draw a line from where the Philippine Plate is being pushed against the coastline of China, west, and the line runs through Guangzhou and City of Guiyang! The Philippine Plate is tilting, pushing under the Philippine Islands, as part of the compression of the Pacific.

Moving further east to the Americas, where the N American continent is under a bow stress - the Aleutian Islands being pulled toward the tip of Mexico which is tugging west. What does an earthworm plague in Cincinnati, a 100 year old house suddenly dropping into a sinkhole in Clinton, Iowa, and sinkholes in Quebec have in common? All these spots are along rivers! Earthworms will come to the surface to mate, and signal each other by a type of vibration called drumming. Rock under stress also vibrates. Certainly for a house that has stood for 100 years to suddenly find its foundation infirm is suspect. Ground movement is the likely culprit, and the Mississippi will be ripped open during the coming New Madrid adjustment, and Cincinnati on the Ohio River will also be affected. Clearly, the Seaway is being pulled open, and to the west of this rip we have British Columbia, where a landslide occurred at Hope. All of these seemingly unrelated incidents are related.


[2] From Malou's blog, "# s 5, 6 & 7 in the 7-of-10- sequence : Atlantic Rift tear, Africa Roll, Mediterranean Drop"

List of the related articles;

1) 2012-03-09: Turkey: again several landslides on Black Sea coast, dam collapse on south;

2) 2012-03-04: Undersea data cables linking East Africa, Middle East, and Europe CUT;

3) 2012-02-22: An unusually strong whirlpool emerged near the coast of South Africa (NEW ZetaTalk);

4) 2012-01-22: Africa: floods in south, snow in north, drought in west, dead fish in east;

5) 2012-01-19: More accidents in Arabian Sea: US Navy rescues another Iranian Fishing Vessel - the third in ten days;

6) 2012-01-18: Beirut building collapse kills 24, more missing (collapse in Cuba also);

7) 2012-01-04: four million cubic meters of rock crumbled in the Piz Cengalo area of the canton of Graubünden, Switzerland goes by unreported;

8) 2011-12-27: Company: Cable cuts could slow Emirates Internet (Africa Roll?):

9) 2011-12-21: Tanzania: at least 8 killed and many missing after worst floods in Dar Es Salaam and Musoma;

10) 2011-12-20: Volcanic eruption in red sea, red lava reached 20-30m high (updated);

11) 2011-12-13: Kenya: Floods' death toll rise to 24, displace 100,000;

12) 2011-12-07: Nigeria, 12 pupils escape death as school building collapses;

13) 2011-12-04: Kenya: floods, deaths and destruction countrywide;

14) 2011-12-04: Atlantic Rift North : Rogue wave swept across 6-storey high Superspeed Ferry between Norway and Denmark causing engine stop;

15) 2011-11-14: New oil spill in Nigeria (Reported: 2011-11-14);

16) 2011-11-13: Bridge collapse in Portugal.;

17) 2011-11-10: Underwater volcano hits the surface, a new Canary Island emerges;

18) 2011-11-09: Buoy #23228 (Arabian Sea) in "Event Mode";

19) 2011-11-06: Evacuation of aftershocks in the Canary Islands;

20) 2011-11-04: Six dead( two childrens) in GENOVA flooding as the situation is worsening…;

21) 2011-11-04: Eruptions close to Canary Island;

22) 2011-11-01: Tunisia/Algeria: flooding in north kill 5 and disrupts transportation;

23) 2011-10-26: Italy flooding…;

24) 2011-10-25: Dublin on emergency footing as floods cause chaos;

25) 2011-10-23: Powerful 7.2 Eq shakes eastern Turkey's Van province;

26) 2011-10-21: Mid-Atlantic Ridge Activity -- Mag 4.x-5.x Earthquakes Hit Northern Section AND Southern Section Within 4 Hours of One Another;

27) 2011-10-14: Kenya: Floods at the coast;

28) 2011-10-13: Mediterranean EQ's on the increase;

29) 2011-10-12: El Hierro alert eruption;

30) 2011-10-11: North Cliffs Failure- Amazing Cliff crashes into sea;

31) 2011-10-06: Earthquake Swarm near Katla Volcano on October 5, 2011;

32) 2011-10-01: Overview by heartsong

33) 2011-09-29: Evacuation of smallest Canary Island begins;

34) 2011-09-20: An oil field exploded in Basra Iraq; Iraq Oil Report (

35) 2011-09-16: Canary Islands: in excess of 6,000 earthquakes have been recorded up to 14.09.11;

36) 2011-09-04: land movements;

37) 2011-08-12: Italy: Sinkhole swallowed garbage truck, Casalnuovo;

38) 2011-07-25: Istanbul - Marmara Sea shaken by 5.2 M EQ;

39) 2011-07-24: Report of massive earthquake swarm in Canary Islands;

40) 2011-07-20: Etna erupts with fountains of lava;

41) 2011-07-7: Nigeria: houses are collapsing one by one and kills;

42) 2011-07-06: Iceland: Unusual Activity Around Hekla Volcano;

43) 2011-06-23: M5.4 , Eastern Turkey;

44) 2011-06-19: Roll of Africa;

45) 2011-06-17: 5.5M hits Eritrea;

46) 2011-06-14: South of Etiopia, Africa, Kenya buildings continue to collapse;

47) 2011-06-13: Suspicious quake hit Balıkesir, Turkey (June 11):

48) 2011-06-12: Africa awakening?:

49) 2011-06-04: Series of quakes in Central Italy;

50) 2011-06-02: African plate seismic map - May 2011;

51) 2011-05-19: 6.0M hits Western Turkey;

52) 2011-5-12: Spain: 5.3M Eq, also seismic activity continues at plate borders;

53) 2011-05-15: Tremors in South Africa;

54) 2011-05-12: Trend of the Africa Roll;


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Guard, Cévennes village, Robiac Rouchessadoule, cut off from the world

The floor collapsed on a tennis court


Since 3 am Saturday, some residents Robiac-Rochessadoule in the Cevennes Gard, can not leave their neighborhood by car. The road is cut due to a sinkhole.

It is the rain that has swollen underground river. Result: life in this small town near the Cevennes Gard Bessèges is seriously disturbed. Twenty people were evacuated even for a few hours yesterday as a precaution.


Source French

Localisation robiac-rochessadoule


Comment by Recall 15 on August 24, 2012 at 7:58am

Aug 22 Matalascañas, Cadiz Gulf, Spain

A high Tide, an unexpected bad sea conditions, with strong currents and high waves, surprised yesterday afternoon to  many swimmers who enjoyed a day at the beach in Matalascañas, about 200 people had to be rescued from the water. Strong currents, dragging the swimmers into the deep and intense waves forced almost all coastal municipalities to place the red flag prohibiting bathing on the beaches.


Comment by bill on June 17, 2012 at 1:46am

Landslide renders 150 homeless in Anambra

As fifteen buildings cave in at Oko Community

A landslide which occurred in the Oko Community of Anambra has rendered more than 150 people homeless, the Executive Secretary of the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), Dr. Nwabufo Ijezie, disclosed on Friday.

He said that 15 buildings belonging to the affected people caved in as a result of the disaster, displacing and rendering them homeless. No life was lost in the disaster.

Ijezie, who described the magnitude of the landslide in the area as very high, said the state government, in conjunction with the Federal Government, would intervene to curtail its destructive effects.

The executive secretary explained that the state governor, Peter Obi, and some state and National Assembly lawmakers had visited the area to assess the extent of damage caused by the landslide.

Ijezie said that the visit would afford the legislators the opportunity to know the plight of the people and come up with legislation to address their helpless condition.

He added that the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) had been informed about the tragedy and efforts were being intensified to resettle the victims by building modest houses for them.

Building materials such as roofing sheets, planks, roofing nails, bedsheets and food items have already been purchased for distribution to the displaced people.

Ijezie announced that the landslide also affected Obosi, Nanka, Ozobulu and other communities of the state.

He expressed appreciation to those who assisted the state during disasters.

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