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Since the genesis of the ZetaTalk saga in 1995, a growing army of  ZT fans have pointed out the countless occassions where the Zeta responses, replying to inquisitive Humans and speaking to a myriad of subjects, are later proven to be correct.

ZetaTalk is always gaining credibility, as the Zeta predictions repeatedly come to pass, and are continually proven Accurate...

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2001 Predictions
Airforce One Flyover
Airplane Crashes
Animal Illness
Annunaki Gold
Antartica Ice Fractures,
Anthrax Attack
Area 51
Asteroid Threat
Atlantic Rift,
Attack on America,
Australian Artifacts
Bank Freeze
Bank Supports
Bee Colony Collapse
Big Bang/Black Holes
Billy Meier
Bin Laden
Bird Flu Pandemic,
Blaming the Sun
Brazilian Roswell
Brown Dwarf,
Bush Clone,
Bush Insanity,
Bush Decapitation
Cataclysm Masks
Cattle Mutilations
Cell Evolution
Centrifugal Force
China as Investor
China Threats
Chinese Pyramids
Clinton Demise,
Columbia Shuttle,
Comet Behavior
Comet Origin
Cover-up Increase
Cover-up Crack,

Crane Collapse
Crash at Kecksburg

Crop Circles

Crop Circle Video

Crop Failures
Dark Matter
Deflecting Asteroids

Deformed Frogs
Devil's Triangle
Dinosaur Dieoff
Discovery Shuttle,
Dogon Tribe
Domino Quakes
Dr. Reed
Early Man
Earth Core,
Earth Hum,
Earth Plates
Earth Plate Movement
Earthquake Reports
Earthquake Quickening
Earth Torque
Earth Twin

Earth Wobble
Easter Island
Ebola Spread
Economic Collapse
Face on Mars
Faked Terrorism
Faster than Light
Flying Triangles
Fossett Disappearance
Frog Populations
Giant Hominoids
Global Warming
Gonzales Resignation
GPS Failure,
Great Pyramids
Hale Bopp
High Tides
Human Combustion
Hurricanes, Atypical
Imploding Building
Iowa Floods,
Israel Aggression
Jet Stream Changes


John, Jr.

JP Morgan

Lebanon Invasion
List to Left
Iran Invasion
Iran Oil
Loch Ness
Magma Slam
Magnetic Field
Magnetic Whamy
Magnetic Trimesters
Mammoth Lake,
Marilyn Monroe
Mars Exploration
Mars Water
Martial Law
May 5 2000

Melting Poles
Memphis Bridge
Meteor Upticks
Military Rebellion
Mississippi Bridges
MJ12 Documents
Moon Base,
Moon Cities
Moon Plume
Moon Rotation
Moon Swirls
N America Bowing
Neanderthal Man
New Land
Newman's Machine
Newton's Laws
Ocean Rebound
Ocean Vortex
Omnipotent Krlll
Orbit Halt
Pakistan Sinking
Permafrost Melt
Philadelphia Experiment
Planet X
Planet X Denial

Planet X Gravity,
Planet X Triangulation
Pole Shift Equator

Probe Behavior

Red Rain Microbes

Red Sea Stretch
Repulsion Force

Russian Overflights
Santilli Tapes
Satellite Failure
Saudi Takeover
Sea Level Rise
Seaway Rip
Shroud of Yurin
Sighting Aliens
Slowing Rotation,
Social Security
Solar Reversals
Solar System Magnetism
Starvation Denial
Stretch Zones
Summer Snowstorms

Sun Binary
Sun Scald,
Suppressing Word
Swine Flu
Syria Strike
Triangular UFO,
Troops Home
UFO Increase
UK Food and Mouth
Volcano Uptick
Vote Fraud 
Wandering Planets
Warm Winters
Waves, Monstrous
Weather Changes
Weather Swings
Weather Predictions
Work Camps
Worldwide Infertility



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Comment by Howard on July 15, 2020 at 3:14am

"We have declined to be specific about exactly what weather will occur in what locale, and when. We have given general predictions, however. The wobble will worsen. The wobble causes unexpected winds, more violent winds, and what has been called a looping jet stream. We have stated that the seasons will almost blend into one another by the time the pole shift arrives. This latter statement alone indicates a lot of unusual atmospheric activity. Beyond such statements, we are not allowed to say!"  ZetaTalk: February 28, 2008

Comment by Recall 15 on July 14, 2020 at 6:04pm

The Zeta Right Again, re: Wayfair captured image of "their" activities:

in plain English, via Twitter: https://twitter.com/Kola_Styles/status/1282827768258953216/photo/2

The Zeta Explain: "The ads featuring overpriced furniture have a special phone number, where client lists are maintained and the buyer vetted. Any accidental requests are thus do not prove to be vetted and are directed to the regular priced item, with the overpricing excused as a typo or accident. Wayfair as a corporation was unaware of this activity, and is in horror. Middle management ran this operation, as did the celebrities who promoted their name brand items. "


Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 11, 2020 at 12:18pm

The Zetas predicted the Mariana Trench would close during the 7 of 10 Plate movements. Sir Richard Branson took a trip down in a submarine to check, but no results were published. Now the Russians have made it official. It has closed up by 1,000 meters, or 3,000 feet! 



Comment by Tracie Crespo on February 12, 2020 at 3:23pm


Probably the most intense extra-tropical cyclone of the season will be seen across the North Atlantic on Thursday and Friday

Yes, you’ve read it right. No overhype or impossible feature. After seeing so many impressive deep cyclones / extra-tropical systems this winter (on both North Pacific and North Atlantic), there is a room for more! Correlated with the ongoing North Atlantic Oscillation and Arctic Oscillation near-record values, the weather is going into extremes! What we are seeing on the weather models through the remainder of this week is beyond exceptional – an incredibly large, extremely deep and violent systems, with central pressure potentially even shooting towards the lowest pressure readings ever observed, will be possible in the North Atlantic, 915-920 mbar (Saturday’s windstorm/cyclone #Dennis we will talk about a bit later). First, while there is currently deep cyclone moving into UK and Ireland tonight, a new one is already forming near Newfoundland – it is expected to extremely rapidly deepen from 980 to 930 mbar in the next 36 hours. A proper so-called explosive cyclogenesis – bombogenesis – a ‘bomb’ cyclone. It will become a dominant feature for the North Atlantic tomorrow. Violent broad wind field with hurricane-force winds and 50-60 ft (15-18 meters) are expected!

Here is the animation of wind gusts by ICON-EU model, with violent winds expected across the North Atlantic in the coming days. Additionally, we have made an animation of significant wave heights associated with this system:

This morning, Feb 12th 06 UTC, surface pressure and fronts analysis over the North Atlantic revealed an already rapidly intensifying frontal system, centered south of Newfoundland. The central pressure was 996 mbar, it is expected to deepen to around 950 mbar until Thursday morning (approx. 45 mbar in 24 hours period). Then, it continues further northeast and deepens for another 20 mbar until the evening hours, into 930-935 mbar range. That’d be near 65 mbar pressure drop in 36 hours period!

Visible satellite image across the North Atlantic reveals an interesting picture, two frontal systems to grab our attention. The ongoing mature deep cyclone moving towards western Europe, while there is a much larger and deepening cyclone forming in the Northwest Atlantic, exploding beneath a deep upper wave ejecting eastern Canada. This system is soon taking a so-called ‘bombogenesis’ (‘bomb’ cyclone) phase, taking the extremely rapid intensification of its wind field and pressure falls. While bomb cyclones mean one needs 24 mbar pressure drop in 24 hours period, our featured system will likely be deepening for more than 40-50 mbar per 24-hour period after this afternoon.

The wave ejecting from eastern Canada will be responsible for rapid surface cyclogenesis from the Northwest into North Atlantic, as it significantly deepens soon after entering the Atlantic ocean. The upper wave will become extremely deep on Friday. The associated surface low will produce violent, hurricane-force winds with likely peak gusts above 200 km/h. Models are hinting a sting-jet.

Thursday, Feb 13th 00 UTC

Thursday, Feb 13th 12 UTC

Friday, Feb 14th, 00 UTC

Here are the GFS model simulated IR satellite maps, indicating the system will be remarkably large and organized. We will likely see an exceptional satellite presentation from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning! Notice there will also be another deep cyclone, centered over the Labrador Sea.

The system will be rapidly intensifying from this afternoon through tonight and until tomorrow (Thursday) evening, significantly expanding in size. We can see there will actually be twins (twin-cyclones) present tonight (a combination of the UK & Ireland cyclone with the bombogenesis further west), while the system remarkably intensifies through late morning tomorrow. Pressure will likely approach 945 mbar around midday, continue deepening into 935 mbar range overnight to Friday. On Friday, the system’s center will already be in the far North Atlantic with a violent windstorm introducing hurricane-force winds across Iceland.

Thursday, Feb 13th 00 UTC

Thursday, Feb 13th 12 UTC

Friday, Feb 14th 00 UTC

Friday, Feb 14th 12 UTC

Here is the overall wind accumulation across the North Atlantic, based on the ECMWF model. Exceptional hurricane-force winds will develop across a very broad area. Fortunately, this wind maximum will remain over the open waters of North Atlantic. But also notice extreme winds over Iceland and east-southeast Greenland.

Another very important feature of interest resulting in disrupting marine traffic across the North Atlantic will be exceptionally high sea waves, as a very powerful, violent winds develop over a broad area and produce monster waves. Models are hinting those could be 15-18 meters (= 50-60 feet) high, gradually spreading across the North Atlantic. Despite smaller, but still major waves will also push towards UK, Ireland and Faroe Islands!

This is an overview of the violent extra-tropical cyclone developing the North Atlantic, more details on its effects on the land areas will be added later – stay tuned!


Correlating  ZetaTalk


At the start of the ZetaTalk saga we predicted the weather changes – unexpected extremes in temperature, intractable drought or deluge switching about for no reason, snow in summer, turbulence in the jet stream, and an eventual blending of the seasons. We attributed all these effects to the Daily Earth Wobble, which does a Figure 8 daily and thus forces the globe under the Jet Stream in all directions in an erratic and unpredictable manner. These gyrations are of record, and defy explanation with attempts to align the changes with Global Warming or Solar Cycles.

The wobble has gotten worse, as will be the case for Planet Earth as it heads into the coming passage. The sling to the right and left - a lean to the East and then to the West - affects the winds that travel across the Atlantic, such that hurricane force winds are creating snow bombs in Newfoundland and Iceland and hurricanes landing on the coastlines of France and Spain. Is the Jet Stream dropping lower? This supposition has been floated since 2005 in an attempt to explain the changes in the weather.

As we explained, the rapid sling to the right or left creates turbulence in the atmosphere, which tears above the Stratosphere so that sudden adjustments must occur. High and low pressure differences are exacerbated during this tearing, and thus the increased hurricane behavior. These wobble storms are more prevalent in the Northern Hemisphere because it is the magnetic N Pole which is pushed back and forth, or side to side, during the wobble. The magnetic S Pole remains relatively fixed.

Comment by Kris H on April 30, 2019 at 2:05am

Jakarta sinking, Indonesia looking to move capital to Borneo.



Correlating  ZetaTalk


Comment by Kris H on January 11, 2019 at 2:10am

North Pole on the move, and nobody knows why.  But Zetatalk does!  https://www.foxnews.com/science/something-very-strange-is-happening... 


Correlating  ZetaTalk


Comment by Tracie Crespo on January 10, 2019 at 3:30am


Ex-Russia inquiry chief Rod Rosenstein 'plans to resign'

Media caption2018: Rod Rosenstein's year under pressure

Top justice department official Rod Rosenstein, who oversaw the inquiry into alleged Russian meddling in 2016, is planning to quit, US media reports.

The deputy attorney general reportedly made the decision to step down and was not forced out by the White House.

But he has been a frequent target of President Donald Trump's criticism.

Mr Rosenstein had reportedly considered resigning last fall after a report emerged that he suggested secretly recording Mr Trump.

The no 2 US Department of Justice official plans to stay on until the confirmation of attorney general nominee William Barr, sources say.

Mr Rosenstein has yet to comment on the reports.

Senate hearings for Mr Barr's confirmation are scheduled to begin on 15 January.

If confirmed, Mr Barr will succeed acting attorney General Matthew Whitaker, who replaced former Attorney General Jeff Sessions after he was fired by Mr Trump.

There is no set timeline for Mr Rosenstein's departure, according to US media.

CBS News reports that Mr Rosenstein will depart in the next few weeks, after Mr Barr is expected to take over, in order to ensure a smooth transition.

According to Fox News and ABC News, Mr Rosenstein had long planned to leave after two years as deputy attorney general.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders told Fox News on Wednesday that she knew "the deputy attorney general has always planned to roughly stay around two years".

"My guess is that he is making room for the new attorney general to build a team that he wants around him," she added.

What's the background?

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from overseeing Special Counsel Robert Mueller's inquiry into suspected Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

He then handed off oversight to his deputy, putting Mr Rosenstein in the spotlight and leading to criticism from Republicans in Congress as well as Mr Trump.

But after Mr Session was ousted in November, his replacement Matthew Whitaker took over the investigation, refusing to recuse himself despite his previous public criticism of the probe. Mr Rosenstein continued to help supervise the inquiry.

If Mr Barr is confirmed, he is likely to take over the role of overseeing the Russia investigation.

On Wednesday, Mr Barr travelled to Capitol Hill to meet with members of the Senate.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said after the two men met, Mr Barr had disagreed with the president's assertion that the Russia probe is "a witch hunt".

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Mr Rosenstein will not immediately leave so that he can "help with the transition with bringing the new attorney general in.

"We hope that that happens relatively soon," she said, adding Mr Rosenstein that has "done a great job".

Have Trump and Rosenstein feuded?

In September the New York Times reported, citing anonymous sources, that Mr Rosenstein had discussed recruiting cabinet members to invoke the 25th amendment of the US constitution, which provides for the removal of a president if he is deemed unfit for office.

The newspaper also reported that he suggested secretly recording Mr Trump to expose White House turmoil and dysfunction.

Mr Rosenstein denied the report, which he said was "based on anonymous sources who are obviously biased against the department".

A US Department of Justice official later told the BBC that someone "who was in the room" and heard Mr Rosenstein's secret recording suggestion had considered it to be a joke.

Media caption US Deputy Attorney General rails against "threats"

In November, Mr Trump retweeted an image of Mr Rosenstein behind prison bars.

The post suggested that he had committed "treason".

Mr Trump has repeatedly railed against the special counsel's probe into claims that Russia sought to influence the election in Mr Trump's favour.

He has accused the investigation of being led by "Democrat loyalists".

Rosenstein in jail imageImage copyrightTRUMP/ TWITTER

Mr Rosenstein has spent his career at the Department of Justice, and most recently served for 12 years as the US Attorney General for the state of Maryland before beginning his current role in April 2017.




The party in the White House traditionally loses in Congress during the Mid-Terms, and 2018 was no exception. What was exceptional was that the Senate swung toward Trump, a factor of his energetic campaigning for weeks leading into the Mid-Terms. What will this outcome mean for the Trump presidency? President Trump is now more free to press forward to complete the process of exposing and removing corruption in the FBI and DOJ. The FISA documents will be declassified and Rosenstein will resign.

This will result in the Mueller investigation closing down, as the basis of his investigation is all “fruit of the poisoned tree”, the legal term for being without a legal basis from the start. AG Sessions has been quietly awaiting this time, the plan between he and Trump that they would proceed slowly in order to gradually awaken the public. Trump will not get funding for the wall, but barbed wire works as well, and with the military and local militias patrolling, he has achieved his goal. Meanwhile, a far more important issue will gradually move to the fore – preparing for the passage of Nibiru. 

Comment by Stanislav on December 10, 2017 at 10:39am

The ‘Out of Africa’ theory - story is much more complicated. 260,000-year-old skulls could rewrite the human origin story

Map of sites and postulated migratory pathways associated with modern humans dispersing across Asia during the Late Pleistocene. Credit: Bae et al. 2017. On the origin of modern humans: Asian perspectives. Science. Image by: Katerina Douka and Michelle O'Reilly [Link image source: sciencedaily.com]

"16 November, 2017. A 260,000-year-old skull from China could rewrite the history of human evolution. A new analysis has found the skull is remarkably similar to the earliest known fossil of our species,found 6,200 miles (10,000 km) away in Morocco in June. This suggests modern humans aren't solely descended from Africans as scientists previously thought.

Anthropologist Jean-Jacques Hublin showing off one of the finds, a crushed human skull whose eye orbits are visible just beyond his fingertip. Credit: Shannon McPherron, MPI EVA Leipzig, independent.co.uk [Link, image source: independent.co.uk]

<...> This means all of our genes come from early humans from Africa, except for a few gained by interbreeding with human-like ancestors such as Neanderthals. But a 260,000-year-old skull found in Dali County in China's Shaanxi Province may rewrite this long-held theory. The 'Dali skull', uncovered in 1978, is remarkably complete, with its face and brain case still in tact." [2] - dailymail.co.uk

"7 December, 2017. <...> The analysis, published in the journal Science, reviews the plethora of new discoveries being reported from Asia over the past decade, which were made possible by technological advances and interdisciplinary collaborations, and shows that Homo sapiens reached distant parts of the Asian continent, as well as Near Oceania, much earlier than previously thought. Additionally, evidence that modern humans interbred with other hominins already present in Asia, such as Neanderthals and Denisovans, complicates the evolutionary history of our species.

New model: Multiple dispersals of modern humans out of Africa, beginning as early as 120,000 years ago

<...> For example, H. sapiens remains have been found at multiple sites in southern and central China that have been dated to between 70,000 and 120,000 years ago. Additional finds indicate that modern humans reached Southeast Asia and Australia prior to 60,000 years ago." [1] - ScienceDaily

Article Reference:

[1] Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History. (2017, December 7). Revising the story of the dispersal of modern humans across Eurasia: Technological advances and multidisciplinary research teams are reshaping our understanding of when and how humans left Africa -- and who they met along the way. ScienceDaily. Retrieved December 10, 2017 from www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/12/171207141724.htm

[2] Mailonline, H. P. (2017, November 16). The fossil that rewrites human history: 260,000-year-old Chinese skull suggests we descend from ASIAN as well as African ancestors. Retrieved December 10, 2017, from http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-5084509/Ancient-skul... 

Original Journals:

Bae, C. J., Douka, K., & Petraglia, M. D. (2017). On the origin of modern humans: Asian perspectives [Abstract]. Science, 358(6368). doi:10.1126/science.aai9067

Athreya, S., & Wu, X. (2017). A multivariate assessment of the Dali hominin cranium from China: Morphological affinities and implications for Pleistocene evolution in East Asia [Abstract]. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 164(4), 679-701. doi:10.1002/ajpa.23305


Correlating  ZetaTalk 


Comment by Stanislav on October 6, 2017 at 11:27pm

BLS (Bureau of labor statistics) Caught Fabricating Wage Data

6 October, 2017. "While it's not the first time we have observed the BLS manipulate data (the last time was in "This Is What Happens When The Bureau Of Labor Statistics Is Caught ..."), never before had we actually caught the Bureau Of Labor Statistics openly fabricating data. Until now.

As reported earlier today, in one of the most closely watched statistics in today's payrolls report, the BLS reported that the annual increase in Average Weekly Earnings was a whopping 2.9%, above the 2.5% expected, and above the 2.5% reported last month. On the surface this was a great number, as the 2.9% annual increase - whether distorted by hurricanes or not - was the highest since the financial crisis.

Presenting Exhibit 1Table B-3 in today's jobs report. What it shows is that whereas there was a sequential decline in the Average Weekly Earnings for Goods Producing and Private Service-producing industries which are the only two sub-components of the Total Private Line (and are circled in red on the table below) of -0.8% and -0.1% respectively, the BLS also reported that somehow, the total of these two declines was a 0.2% increase!

Another way of showing the July to August data:

  • Goods-Producing Weekly Earnings declined -0.8% from $1,118.68 to $1,109.92
  • Private Service-Providing Weekly Earnings declined -0.1% from $868.80 to $868.18
  • And yet, Total Private Hourly Earnings rose 0.2% from $907.82 to %909.19

What the above shows is, in a word, impossible: one can not have the two subcomponents of a sum-total decline, while the total increases. The math does not work.

This, as Zatlin notes, undermines not only the labor inflation narrative, but it puts into question the rest of the overall labor data, and whether there are other politically-motivated, goalseeked "spreadsheet" errors.

We have sent an email to the BLS seeking an explanation for the above data fabrication, meanwhile here is what likely happened: a big, juicy fat-finger error, whether on purpose or otherwise because if one looks at the finalized July weekly earnings of $907.82, it's precisely the same as what the August preliminary wage number was as released last month, also $907.82. For the excel fans out there, it means that the August totals were simply hard coded when the BLS shifted cells in the spreadsheet, becoming July.

Of course, if the BLS confirms that this was a transposition fat finger error, it would also imply that the August number is in fact, the September data, a rather massive mistake which today has had a impact on trillions dollars worth of assets. Source: BLS"

Reference: BLS Caught Fabricating Wage Data. (2017, October 05). Retrieved October 06, 2017, from http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-06/bls-caught-fabricating-data

The 'official' unemployment numbers for the USA stand at 4.9 percent. This is hard to believe for anybody who's keeps an eye on the economy. Would the Zetas say these numbers are much higher and have been increasing dramatically over the past few years? because it feels like it's being under-reported.

Of course the employment statistics are a lie. They are created from various mathematical models, not real measures. A birth/death calculation is one of these models, the logic being that if people are out there breathing, they must be working! A true measure of employment would be income tax deductions from paychecks, or tracking by social security number those who become unemployed until they are re-employed. But no such actual tracking is done. It is a complete swag, a guess, and not a valid statistic, and one subject to political pressure absolutely.

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Livewritten February 16, 2008 on the Go...

Comment by Tracie Crespo on July 9, 2017 at 9:09pm



Yellowstone National Park, which covers parts of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, lies on top of a supervolcano that could effectively wipe out the United States if it were to explode. The last time it did, 640,000 years ago, it expelled 240 cubic miles (think about that) of rocky debris into the sky.

Early Thursday morning, residents of southern Montana feared the worst when a 5.8 magnitude earthquake shook the region. Though its epicenter was only 230 miles from Yellowstone, the United States Geological Survey (USGS) says the seismic activity was not irregular, and the supervolcano is not expected to erupt anytime soon.

"The location and focal mechanism solution of this earthquake are consistent with right-lateral faulting in association with faults of the Lewis and Clark line, a prominent zone of strike-slip, dip slip and oblique slip faulting trending east-southeast from northern Idaho to east of Helena, Montana, southeast of this earthquake," said the USGS.

Nevertheless, people were concerned.

Though the heightened seismic activity has stoked fears of a possible supervolcano eruption, Jacob Lowenstern of the USGS told Newsweek that it is not without precedent.

“The swarm in 2010 on the Madison Plateau lasted at least three weeks. In 1985, there was one that lasted several months,” he said. “Yellowstone has had dozens of these sorts of earthquake swarms in the last 150 years it's been visited. The last volcanic eruption within the caldera was 70,000 years ago. For magma to reach the surface, a new vent needs to be created, which requires a lot of intense geological activity.”

The USGS puts the odds of a volcanic eruption at 1 in 730,000. Even if an eruption were to occur, it would likely result in lava flow rather than a cataclysmic explosion. Though this would have an effect on Yellowstone, it would not bring about the end of the United States as we know it.

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Montana early Thursday morning may have knocked some dishes over and woke up a few residents, but the supervolcano made it through the night undisturbed.


Added by the Moderators

This ZetaTalk explains the origin of this earthquake 

The spate of Montana quakes on July 6 had nothing to do with Yellowstone, nor with the pending ripping of the New Madrid Fault Line or adjustments along the San Andreas Fault Line. Due to the bowing stress the N American Plate has been enduring, pulling the continent in a diagonal direction, rock strata throughout the continent are put under stress. Lincoln, Montana lies just inside the rock strata that has been pushed over the plains during past Pole Shifts. This is a SEPARATE strata, not homogeneous with the underlying rock strata of the plains, and thus they do not move as one. 

The diagonal stress on the N American Plate is relieved at the weakest points, causing quake swarms in Oklahoma, 
fissures in Arizona, 
snapping water mains in San Diego,  
sinkholes in Pennsylvania, and fracturing Alabama pipelines.  
As the N American Continent is gradually pulled in a diagonal manner, the overriding rock strata at the edge of the plains will shatter when it is pulled away from the underlying plains strata. These are not deep quakes, but rather surface quakes, and should be expected to occur in the future. 

Source: http://poleshift.ning.com/forum/topics/zetatalk-chat-for-july-31-2017 ;

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