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Ground motion at UGM: Wanagama, Java, Indonesia, had been hammered once a day from August to December, 2013

A station UGM, GEOFON Station Wanagama, Java, Indonesia, 


which is located the east of a station COCO showing a ground motion change on June, 2013, …


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Ground motion at COCO, Cocos Island in the Indian Ocean: Ground motion changed on June, 2013, since then, fluctuating lively.

REV gives a seismograph of a ground motion at each station in the world,



and several types of ground motion can be seen.…


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Bow stress in the North America caused a characteristic underground motion around Michigan

Watching a ground motion in REV,



several types of ground motion wave can be seen.…


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Dramatic underground plate motion at SMCO, Snowmass, Colorado, USA

The seismogram of SMCO, Snowmass, Colorado, USA, in REV


showed a normal ground motion wave before May 18, 2014.…


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Big Under Ground Alteration Around the world

In my previous blog,

Change of ground motion is accelerating globally in May, 2014

I showed some interesting ground motion found in the Rapid Earthquake Viewer (REV),…


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