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Nibiru boomerang

Are there two instances of String of Pearls? This latest by Alberto seems to show the usual cluster of moons close to Nibiru, where the String of Pearls has been found recently on Alberto’s photos, but yet another in a Boomerang shape flung up in the tail on the left! Both have shown up together in the recent past, in 2014 and 2016. 

As our early description of the …


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Ruthenium-106 leak

A real detective story happened in Russia. Could the Zetas clarify the situation? Very similar to the situation in February. [and from another] Ruthenium 106, which does not occur naturally and has a half-life of about a…

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Earth slowdown earthquakes

Is this just a scientific study of known data, or is this another part of the announcement-of-sorts.  The article mentions possible increase in earthquakes starting next year, and a hint of rotation slowdown.  Will Zetas comment? [and from another] Is the establishment expecting the 7 out of 10 events to unfold in 2018? Can the Zetas comment on this article? …

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Patriarch Kirill's message

Could the Zetas say something about this? [and from another] Orthodox Patriarch warns of approaching end times, asks not to push for revolutionary change. In a public speech in the main Moscow cathedral, Patriarch Kirill said…

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Space X Zuma probe

Could Nibiru be indeed the reason of the satellite launch or is just a journalistic speculation? Apparently was a secret government mission. [and from another] What’s Elon Musk doing? [and from another] …

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Nibiru hints

I am wondering if the Zetas could give any clarity to this article.  As any reader of this site knows, the official explanation is not true.  I noticed their timeline of roughly 3 shifts ago.  What is happening?  Is it the result of the Antarctic plate constantly turning? [and from another] …

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Dark Twin

Is this the Dark Twin on this Italy webcam? Looking West at 22:00 hours on September 1 and 2, it shows up two days in a row, then briefly on August 25 when the Moon is not in the skies at all. Why does the Dark Twin bounce around and why is it illuminated mostly on one side? …

Added by Gerard Zwaan on October 30, 2017 at 6:16pm — 20 Comments

Ophelia red Sun

Could the Zetas say something about this, as I think it's more then just sand from the Sahara? [and from another] Did you wake up to a ghostly red sun…

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Announcement maneuvers

Mike Brown the astronomer the Prong 1 Planet 9 guy just twitted Nibiru is a silly consipracy. Sigh. Is the cover-up actually winning? So sad. [and from another] Just want to share with you the link below.  NASA is admitting the existence of Planet Nine (planet X - Nibiru).  Like derrr!  I gather they are nearing an announcement and don't want to be seen as not…

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Media control

Could the Zetas comment on these negative trends. Elite is gaining strength before falling. They introduce censorship on the Internet, cash ban is already being pushed in many countries, Media become more consolidated, defense spending is growing amid economic problems, economic and climate data are manipulated. That list could be even longer. The control is greatly increased. This affected ZetaTalk and Pole Shift ning. …

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Mississippi River heaving

Mississippi River going dry above New Madrid Fault - Crack in ground? River gauges/pics show the Mighty Mississippi River going dry! New Madrid related? [and from another] September 29, 2017: 130 mile stretch of the Mighty Mississippi River from Tennessee to NW Mississippi is completely dry in places, so low…

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End Times date

I had a dream where I posed the question when the world would end, and their response was that only the devil knows when, and would I like to speak to him? I declined. I am not religious and don't believe in heaven or hell. Was the devil in reference to some other type of being outside of the typical connotation humans prescribe? [and from another] But what of the qualification that…

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Mexico alien drawings

Would the Zetas like to comment on these carvings found in a Mexican cave? [and from another] In the Mexican cave found bas-reliefs with images of extraterrestrials …

Added by Gerard Zwaan on September 16, 2017 at 10:25pm — 5 Comments

Hurricane Irma beach recedes

I refused to believe the establishment that the hurricane Irma is causing all these beaches to be gone. This is from west of Florida, Fort Meyers Beach the ocean receded. I'm believing the Zetas, its either sloshing or tilting of the plate: [and from another] …

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Mexico 8.4 quake

After the 8.4 on South of Mexico there are 20 Buoys in event mode! [and from another The buoys show this was a N American Plate quake, all the way. Will this expedite the New Madrid? [and from another M 8.0 - OFFSHORE CHIAPAS, MEXICO - 2017-09-08 04:49:14 UTC …

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Hurricane season

Could the Zetas say how bad this hurricane season will be? Harvey can become the most expensive tropical cyclone in history. While Irma already second strongest ever in Atlantic (same as Wilma 2005, Gilbert 1988, "Labor day" 1935). Could you make a prediction? [and from another] Source of data: Irma track and…

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Rohingya refugees

There is news about Myanmar conflict. It starts from Muslim insurgents. And now Jakarta and Russia was touched. Now we have a lot refugees. Russian's article on RT about Myanmar incident mentioned Soros footprint. May be Zetas can explain? [and from another] …

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N Korea hydrogen bomb

N Korea has the hydrogen bomb. Now what? [and from another] North Korea Shaken by Strong Tremors in likely Nuclear Test. September 3, 2017. …

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Nibiru waffles

Same figure as the day before on August 28. Foto info: filter UV-mylar-orange. [and from another] The study of magnetic fields began in 1269 when French scholar Petrus Peregrinus de Maricourt mapped out the magnetic field on the surface of a spherical magnet using iron needles.…

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Pole Shift date calculations

Given the recent calculations on the distance of Nibiru from Earth is it true that the Planet X group is approximately 26 million miles from Earth currently?  And that it will be 14 million miles at the time of passage. Can we predict with some accuracy now when the date of the passage will be? Taken from James of Idaho has said about distances and where we know Nibiru is currently. If this is somewhat accurate can we deduce how long it will take Nibiru to…

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