The Zetas have stated with the upcoming Earth Changes Social Media and Email would stop. Does that include Cell Phones would be hindered or unable to work also? [and from another] Newsletter for 4/26/220 re Q’s enigmatic reference to 10 Days of Darnkness re child trafficing [and from another] Newsletter for August 29, 2021 re Covid lockdowns

The concept of Lockdowns and 10 Days of Darkness has been confused from the start. Q started the discussion and implied the Satanic sex abuse and torture of children for the Adrenochrome in their blood was connected, so some people assumed that a blackout or lockdown would assist those rescuing children. Then there were the lockdowns due to the flu called Covid-19, which was designed to keep the public in their homes when Nibiru became obvious.Now that Putin is threatening to reveal Nibiru, and Nibiru is increasingly mentioned in the press, these terms are increasingly in the mix, implying the grid will be down.

The elite fear the public becoming aware and rioting so that the elite have to rush to their bunkers, leaving society to ruins. Lockdowns are rumored because they hope to keep people from hearing the truth about Nibiru - that it exists and will make a passage causing devastation worldwide. This depends on who is in charge. The elite hope to limit riots and even the flow of information. If the elite are in charge, darkness from power outages and limiting social media and phone calls would occur. If full blown Martial Law is in effect then riots could be suppressed while the economy continues – people at their jobs and children at school.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2024

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