My question to the Zetas is why there wasn't any jolt felt!?

In 2010 when we first detailed the New Madrid Adjustment as part of the 7 of 10 Plate Movement scenarios, we stated that this would involve one large JOLT with an immediate tearing of the Atlantic and the European tsunami. We referred to the location of the JOLT being in the “primary blockage” without clarification. Nor did we clarify the location in the Atlantic that would experience “tearing”. Now that the Finale is in process, the public seeks more specifics.

In March of 2022 we detailed a role the Rock Bridge above the little town of New Madrid - located at the juncture of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers - would play. We stated that a JOLT there would “expedite the final rupture” and clarified that this Rock Bridge break would release the SE Portion from its attachment to the Mainland Portion, allowing it to “jump to the East”, destabilizing the Azores triple juncture of plates in the Atlantic. In April of 2022 we reiterated that the JOLT in the Rock Bridge will “signal” the start of the Finale.  

In May of 2022 we introduced the Rock Hook under Turkey and defined its role. Africa must roll for the Azores to be torn open, and the Rock Hook under Turkey is preventing this roll. The African Roll pulls on the SE Portion which is attached along their shared border in the Atlantic. This transfers to a tug on the Rock Bridge which ultimately snaps and sets the Finale in motion. Intrinsic to this is the S Atlantic void allowing Africa to slide its foot into the void and drop its NE corner so the roll can happen.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2022

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Comment by Nancy Lieder 2 hours ago

If this claim is true - and the article links to footage of what was supposedly aired in Russia - it means that Russian state television is NOT aware of what's really coming and when the natural event occurs, the majority of affected Western Europeans will think it was indeed this Russian weapon that caused it and will support a retaliatory nuclear attack on Russia. This is insanity in an already-insane world, but surely this is not something welcomed by either the so-called white hats or the Zetas. What's really going on here? Even some of my American friends are buying into the anti-Russia war fever and logic doesn't seem to enterinto it anymore. Russian state TV is going to new lengths to claim how they could wipe Britain off the face of the Earth by setting off a radioactive tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean.
[and from another]
"Russia could Nuke UK with 'Unstoppable' Torpedo causing 500m Radioactive Tsunami
Russian state TV have broadcast a mock video of the UK being obliterated by a tsunami set off by a nuclear missile sent from Moscow. The sick footage shows a Russian state anchor revelling as the missile plummets into to the North Atlantic Ocean, sparking a giant tidal wave that engulfs both Ireland and the UK. Russian state TV often delights in hypothetical scenarios where Britain and its allies are wiped out by Russia's nuclear arsenal. It is unclear when the footage, which was reposted by Twitter account Terror Alarm, was aired in Russia. Terror Alarm claims to be a "Non-State-Affiliated Agenda-Free News Media with a focus on combating terrorism through AI."
[and from another]
"Double Tsunamis | Seattle and UK Wiped Off The Map?"
[and from another]
Russia Outlines Response if Ukraine gets Longer-Range Weapons
February 2, 2023
Ukrainian forces will be pushed further back from Russian territories in response to the West’s decision to provide Kiev with longer-range weapons, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has claimed.
[and from another]

As can be seen from the response in wave height to quakes near the Azores,a significant rupture of the Atlantic Rift near the Azores in response to a New Madrid Rupture would indeed result in a tsunami. Minor tsunami are already resulting from quakes along the Atlantic Rift which force open the widening gap. The elite in the UK are in a panic that the people will connect the dots and realize that Nibiru is indeed responsible for these Plate Movements and demand answers from their politicians. Thus, as usual, Russia is to be blamed.

Russia does not make the claims the Daily Star or Marfoogle TV on YouTube are making. The Daily Star is a UK scandal rag, and hardly neutral or even factual. If you want to know Russia’s threats, read what Russia is publishing on RT. Why are the Brits pushing a false story about a potential tsunami? We predicted when Russia moved their Belgorod sub to safety last October that a coverup excuse about the pending European tsunami would develop. Now it has emerged. Zetas RIGHT Again!

Prior ZT:
The Russian submarine Belgorod was noted to be absent from its berth in the Arctic on October 3, which raised speculation that Russia intended to use it as a threat against either the US or European NATO members who are refusing to capitulate to Russia on the Ukraine issue. This is not Russia's style, which has from the start been to simply counter NATO's plan to invade Russia to snatch the oil and gas fields. Given that NATO and Israel attacked the anti-DEW Russian sub Losharik in the Arctic in the recent past - in an abundance of caution Russia moved the Belgorod. When Russia moved its Belgorod to safety, the elite in the West saw an opportunity. Tidal waves against Europe and the East Coast of the US are expected when the New Madrid Rupture occurs, and this will now be blamed on Russia.

Comment by Nancy Lieder yesterday

Comment by jorge namour on Tuesday

M 4.1 - WESTERN MONTANA - 2023-01-30 19:28:52 UTC

M 4.6 - NORTHWEST TERRITORIES, CANADA - 2023-01-22 05:06:23 UTC

M 3.9 - BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA - 2023-01-27 20:38:15 UTC


M 5.2 - CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA - 2023-01-30 19:55:27 UTC
M 4.6 - CENTRAL MEDITERRANEAN SEA - 2023-01-31 00:43:16 UTC

Comment by Nancy Lieder on Monday

On January 30 we see the JOLT point on the Ohio River juncture with the Wabash River, where dark red SO2 is lining up along the New Madrid Fault Line where it raises to the Seaway along the hard rock of the Appalachians in Indiana. The stress point could not be more clear. Ready to JOLT

Comment by Nancy Lieder on Sunday

On January 29 we see that the Seaways is resisting the separation of the Portions. This is what the Montreal UFO display was warning about, explaining a temporary widening of the Seaway there when the SE Portion leaps to the East during the Finale. This reluctance will pull the north Azores open at that time. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on Saturday

Derailing trains are a sure sign the ground is moving, on both Portions. 

A road closure is scheduled for emergency repairs in Gallatin Co. this weekend. According to the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, CSX Rail Road will impart a closure on the Kentucky Route 35 crossing just past the Kentucky Route 467 intersection in Sparta.

An overnight train derailment in Desoto Parish has forced some residents from their homes. State Police called for a mandatory evacuation within a 1.5 mile radius of the railroad crossing in Keachi of an abundance of caution due to a hazmat situation from the derailment.

Comment by Kojima on Saturday

* 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami

On 26 December 2004, at 07:58:53 local time (UTC+7), a major earthquake with a magnitude of 9.1–9.3 Mw truck with an epicentre off the west coast of northern Sumatra, Indonesia. The undersea megathrust earthquake, known by the scientific community as the Sumatra–Andaman earthquake, was caused by a rupture along the fault between the Burma Plate and the Indian Plate, and reached a Mercalli intensity up to IX in some areas.

Tectonic plates

The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake was unusually large in geographical and geological extent. An estimated 1,600 km (1,000 mi) of fault surface slipped (or ruptured) about 15 m (50 ft) along the subduction zone where the Indian Plate slides under (or subducts) the overriding Burma Plate. The slip did not happen instantaneously but took place in two phases over several minutes:

Seismographic and acoustic data indicate that the first phase involved a rupture about 400 km (250 mi) long and 100 km (60 mi) wide, 30 km (19 mi) beneath the sea bed—the largest rupture ever known to have been caused by an earthquake. The rupture proceeded at about 2.8 km/s (1.74 mi/s; 10,100 km/h; 6,260 mph), beginning off the coast of Aceh and proceeding north-westerly over about 100 seconds. After a pause of about another 100 seconds, the rupture continued northwards towards the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The northern rupture occurred more slowly than in the south, at about 2.1 km/s (1.3 mi/s; 7,600 km/h; 4,700 mph), continuing north for another five minutes to a plate boundary where the fault type changes from subduction to strike-slip (the two plates slide past one another in opposite directions).


* Facts about the New Madrid Seismic Zone

The measured locations of microseismic earthquakes indicate trends that scientist have used to identify active faults. The trends indicate a four-segment, zig-zag fault system with a total length of about 125 miles stretching from east central Arkansas northeastward through Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky and into southern Illinois. 

Comment by jorge namour on January 27, 2023 at 3:26am

M 4.8 - NEAR THE COAST OF DJIBOUTI - 2023-01-26 13:05:41 UTC

FELT IN Yemen in Taizz city

M 4.3 - ETHIOPIA - 2023-01-25 23:38:27 UTC
M 5.3 - CAPE VERDE - 2023-01-26 04:16:09 UTC

M 4.1 - NORTHERN ITALY - 2023-01-26 10:45:41 UTC

Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 26, 2023 at 2:58pm

The Heliplots on January 25 showed 3 sites solid black – centered in the Arctic on the Arctic border between Siberia and N America, dead centered in Antarctica at Scott Base, and in Idaho in the center of the Mainland Portion which is dropping and shifting into the Pacific. The next day on January 26 the only sites all black were in Oregon and Texas, both on the Mainland. What is the significance?

We have often referred to the movement of the Indio-Australian Plate as the brake, as when that moves all other Plate Movement follows. Shoving the continent of India under the rock of the Himalayas is not a small thing. The Daily Earth Wobble is the hand that forces this to increase at this time as the wobble slings the plates back and forth, so it is causing the equivalent of a multiple car wreck on an icy highway. Plates are pulled apart and then slung against each other. A torque is also involved,
a twisting of the globe, which weakens borders and fault lines.

The 8.9 Aceh quake in Sumatra in 2004 was pending for a long time before the 600 mile rupture and 157 foot tsunami. It was sudden. The New Madrid Fault Line rupture will follow a similar path, though Aceh involved a clash of plates where the New Madrid is due to a stretch of the N American Continent. But it will be sudden and due to a torque now obvious between the N and S Poles of the globe. The magnetic N Pole is pushed at Siberia in the Artic, followed during the Daily Wobble by a pull against the magnetic S Pole near Antarctica. Meanwhile, the Mainland Portion is reacting with a steady drop into the Pacific.

ZetaTalk Explanation 1/23/2005:
What would cause a plate as large as the Indo/Australian plate to pop, springing from its lock of jagged rock all along its edges, miles deep and snagged in an infinite number of places resisting any motion at all? What force would cause these rock fingers to rupture along a 600 mile length along Sumatra? We have previously described the torque the globe endures as the magnetic N. Pole is pushed harshly in one direction while the magnetic S. Pole is pulled in another. These days, months later, this stress has increased as Planet X has not only moved closer, and more centered between the Earth and Sun, but is swinging its N Pole, that hose of magnetic particles, toward Earth as it maneuvers into the magnetic flow lines above the Sun's equator. Thus, the pull on the magnetic S Pole of Earth is stronger. Thus, the repelling of the Earth's magnetic N Pole is more violent.

The entire Indo/Australian plate is now loosened and on the move, starting with breaking rock south of Tasmania where the plate touches the magnetic S Pole, and twisting this spot to the left, holding it back from rotation as the magnetic N Pole of Planet X is loathe to release it, and twisting the magnetic N. Pole of Earth to the right in an accelerated rotation as the magnetic N. Pole of Planet X is repelling it, the plate popped from its wedge where it snuggles against New Zealand. Within days, the rock along the curve of Sumatra gave way.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on January 26, 2023 at 1:34pm

On January 25 unzipping up the Mississippi River returned with water mains snapping open in Louisiana in multiple locations, in Texas and in the states on either side of the Fault Line as it climbs to the Bridge. Sinkholes likewise appeared. 

BUTLER CO., Pennsylvania
An 8” water main broke Mon. afternoon along Route 8 North.

Christian Co. Water District had a water main break in Gracey today.
OPELOUSAS, Louisiana
Prairie Ronde Water System, Inc. has issued a boil advisory today dt a main line break.

On Mon., there was no water in the town of Dakota City after a water main break drained the city's water tower.
HAMILTON, Illinois
The Dallas Rural Water District reported Tues. that it had identified a water main break around 6 a.m.

On Mon., there was a water main break in the southbound lanes on Alex Rd.

SAREPTA, Louisiana
A water main break Mon. lead to a boil advisory in part of Webster Parish.



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