Periodically the announcement of Nibiru seems to start up and then dissipate. We had Obama’s intentions in 2015 but he ‘lacked courage’ and backed out. Then we had the Prongs, an announcement by various astronomers around the globe. This began in 2016 but seemed to vaporize. Were they threatened? In 2014 the Zetas mentioned that Israel and the Jewish banking system was the main enemy of the announcement, as a bank failure would occur during any panic over a pending Nibiru passage. Now Nibiru seems to be in the news a lot. Is there another announcement afoot? [and from another] Vladimir Putin Trump Talk Of Planet X Nibiru Disclosure! November 10, 2016 Vladimir Putin Trump Talk of Planet X Nibiru Disclosure! UFO White House Secrets! [and from another] "NIBIRU DOES EXIST AND WE ARE IN DANGER" November, 2016 It also seems that he is willing to tell the public everything about this planet, which he has already done, but which the media does not televise. In a candid interview with Pravda, Russian President Vladimir Putin implicitly states that he was going to tell the world about Nibiru. [and from another] Breaking News: Putin Officially Announces Nibiru Planet X? February 20, 2017 In this video program we will analyze the different videos, news and articles that appear on the internet about Putin and the planet NIBIRU. What is true in all this matter? [and from another]

Will it be Nibiru visibility or a Russian announcement or the mere fact of New Madrid Plate Movements? Any and all could occur but as firm plans are in place, the matter is in the hands of man. Putin has warned the Junta that it will wait no more, and the popularity of Putin supports that. Do we have a date? Of course the New Madrid Rupture would be helpful but not necessary. The Junta is braced for this to occur any day. But since Internet access might have outages, Putin might not wait. Just prior to the Rupture would be ideal, a topic of discussion then on social media or the kitchen table through any outages.

What has happened since 2014 to empower Putin in an announcement? He is a founding member of the BRICS consortium, a rival to the Jewish Khazarian Mafia that has controlled western media with an iron grip. BRICS is flourishing, while the western banks are going bankrupt. The contract between the US Federal Reserve and these western banks is being dissolved into insolvency, thus removing the National Debt from their coffers. In private talks between Putin and President Trump, the true Commander in Chief in the US, Putin made his intensions clear. No more stalling.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for December 31, 2023

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