What will happen when the Mew Madrid Fault Line starts to rupture? The Zetas have described this as unzipping up the Mississippi River,but being blocked by the hard rock Bridge between the Ozarks and the Appalachian mountains. Will there be a big quake when the Bridge snaps? The 5 spikes CC was stated by the Zetas to indicate 5 days from the snapping of the Sunda Plate, and that seems to have happened on July 4. Is the predicted sequence of events in process now? How will we know without a large quake at the Bridge?

The sequence in process now on July 6 is in accordance with our predictions and what the circle makers intended to relay on June 26 with their 5 spikes diagram. We have repeatedly relayed that we are not allowed to give a specific date, only a sequence of events. And the 5 days predicted by the circle makers in June included the presumption of a Severe Wobble, which is in the hands of the Council of Worlds. The Council of Worlds is balancing many factors, thousands in fact, and as of this writing has not made a decision. That said, what will those living along the New Madrid Fault Line experience when the Rupture happens?

For all the devastation the New Madrid Rupture will create, it is at base a stretch zone accident. Large quakes occur along plate borders or slip-slide fault lines, where a clash occurs. When rock is pulled apart, it is a stretch zone process, which is silent. Thus the SE Portion being pulled East and the Mainland Portion being dropped down upon Mexico have bridges dropping, trains derailing, buildings collapsing, and endless spontaneous fires from gas line leaks and underground fires from methane release. The Portions have separated all the way to the Bridge and beyond, along the Seaway, but are still holding in place due to the Bridge clasp.  As can be seen from earthquake maps, the toe of the SE Portion is tugging eastward too, with many deep quakes.

When the sequence of events rolls to the point where a S American waggle allows the SE Portion to slide over the Caribbean Plate, the Isthmus will have a significant breach, Gulf of Mexico will deepen, and the Yucatan will move eastward. As we have stated, all the bridges on the Mississippi River will be useless, and land to the West of the Mississippi will drop, widening the river up to 50 miles in some places. The US and EU military are watching for all the signs, to alert the public, as the EU tsunami is expected within hours of the Bridge clasp break.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 31, 2023

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