Kojima's Blog – October 2014 Archive (5)

Atlantic Rips: Ground motion of three stations along the Atlantic Rift; Iceland, Azores, and Ascension Island

I checked the ground motion of three stations along the Atlantic Rift showing the characteristic change of its ground motion in REV.


(1) II.BORG; Borgarfjordur, Asbjarnarstadir, Iceland; 64.75 N, 21.33 W

(2) II.CMLA; Cha de Macela, Sao Miguel…


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Compression of the Pacific Plate: Ground motion pattern at KNTN and FUNA greatly changed recently

(1) Station IU.KNTN, Kanton, Kiritibati; 2.77 S, 171.72 W


It showed a Big Under Ground Alteration (#39) in REV, on 2014/08/06. [Fig. 1] [Fig. 2]…


Added by Kojima on October 22, 2014 at 1:39am — 3 Comments

Ground motion of El Salvador: Second big adjustment at CNCH after M7.3 earthquake of 2014/10/14

After M7.3 Off Coast Of Central America, 12.5763° N, 88.0465° W, earthquake at 03:51 on 2014/10/14, 


a station SV.CNCH, 13.28 N, 87.83 W, in El Salvador showed big ground adjustment. 

I checked the REV ground…


Added by Kojima on October 18, 2014 at 5:10pm — 2 Comments

Recent active ground motion in the Russian Far East seemingly reflects the N American plate bowing in process

To obtain evidence of bowing of the N American plate in progress, I checked the REV ground motion of stations in the Russian Far East from 2014/01/01 or 2013/08/13 to 2014/10/11. 

There are six stations available of the ground motion in REV there; BILL, MA2, PET, TIXI, YAK and YSS.

BILL is on the N American plate, MA2, PET and YSS are on the…


Added by Kojima on October 16, 2014 at 2:30pm — 9 Comments

A big adjustment at GTBY in Cuba on 2014/10/06 and a recent ground motion of the northern part of the Caribbean Plate

A big ground adjustment at station GTBY, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, was observed in REV on 2014/10/06. I show its seismogram here.

In addition I checked the stations in REV around GTBY. They are three stations in Jamaica; MBJB, STHB and YHJB, two stations in Haiti, LGNH and PAPH, four stations in Dominican Rep, SDDR, SC01, SDD and PCDR, and one station in…


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