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Ground motion in the African plate is getting active, as of 2015/06/18

There are some stations showing active ground motion in REV in the African plate.

REV: http://rev.seis.sc.edu/stations.html

See also; 

* 7 of 10 progress…


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Recent unusual active ground motion in North America, as of 2015/06/13

Some stations in North America have been recently showing unusual active ground motion.

I show the image of ground motion from REV at each of these seven stations.

REV: http://rev.seis.sc.edu/stations.html

Note: Only the last 10-day image of ground motion is available in the REV…


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Serration wave along the Seaway: on 2015/06/10 in QC and ME

Fifteen stations in Quebec (QC) and Maine (ME) showed serration wave of ground motion on 2015/06/10.

* Stations showing serration wave of ground motion on 2015/06/10

TA.D55A; Sainte-Anne-du-Lac, QC, CAN; 47.02 N, 75.47 W

TA.D56A; ZEC Mazanza, Mont-Saint-Michel, QC, CAN; 47.05 N, 74.76 W

TA.D58A; Chemin du LacGrosbois, Trois-Rives,…


Added by Kojima on June 14, 2015 at 6:19am — 10 Comments

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