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Awakening pace

Could the Zetas please give us an update on the current pace of the Awakening?  Are humans holding back the pace of the Awakening in any way?

The Awakening is absolutely paced to the attitudes and emotions of humans on Earth. The establishment, especially the CIA which in the early days of MJ12 was very much at the helm of MJ12, has tried to use fear and anxiety in the populace to slow the Awakening.…


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7 of 10 pace

What happens in regards to Earth changes after the coverup breaks? Prior ZT has said that though events have been buffered by the alien boxes along faultlines, that the overall timeline for the Pole Shift will not be delayed. Prior ZT has also said that the New Madrid adjustment should have already occurred, and since the Euro-tsunami was to occur directly after that, I assume that the entire 7/10 should have completed by now. So after the…


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John Moore leak re military dependents

The John Moore show, 11 July 2012. A soldier in the military gave John Moore a call 10 July (according to the show) telling him that the last week the military have been conducting briefings for soldier families living on the East, West and Gulf Coast of the US. The soldiers where told about a planet that have entered the solar system called Nibiru and are to be causing very severe problems, much worse than what the world now is experiencing.…


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Cover-up Break

I completely understand the lack of timeline discussion,  and my question has more to do with what rather than when.   The 7/10 is progressing along slowly, and yet the devastation due to plate movements is becoming quite clear.  The wobble as well, with some of the worst weather on record on a global scale, and the pot of sociological and political dramas only beginning to heat up.  The magnetosphere trick was neat, and the visualization of…


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Cover-up Contactee Rebellion

With the existence of the mainstream information funnels upheld by the 1% PTB, is it even possible for the common man to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and start their own promotional campaign about the PS and the ZT message?  How long will the common man have to wait while they watch the common man suffer such as the Rohingya boat people in Bangladesh recently? To see their faces suffering is very revealing of the cover-up, given that…


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Crop Circle dearth in 2012

Already few years I watch circles on fields and usually they started to appear in May. Now the end of June, and the real circles isn't present. Can tell, what happened? Why them ceased to draw?

Hoaxes, or deliberate crop circle frauds as they should be called as the motive is quite malicious, have improved in recent years. The motive behind well-funded frauds is to counter the growing evidence of the alien…


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Fabbrico Crop Circle


A new Crop Circle appeared at Fabbrico in Italy in June 25. This Crop Circle looks different from other Crop Circles which appeared in the past few days. So if it's a true Crop Circle, what message is present? …


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Disgruntled Former Moderator

Since 2010, "Disgruntled" has been a ning moderator and closely involved with the key players and important decisions made to promote the ZetaTalk message and provide a forum that precludes the presence of paid debunkers and distractionists whose sole purpose is to derail Nancy's credibility and support the cover-up over Planet X.

While projecting an appearance of being helpful and diligent within the moderating staff group, "Disgruntled" had secretly been collecting what few…


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Cover-up admissions

Was wondering if the Zetas would be able to answer, since the Council of Worlds declared war with the Cover-Up and more evidence getting through, will the establishment be forced to make admissions about the cover up or Planet X?

Clearly those at the helm of the cover-up know the day is approaching, and they fear it’s going to be sooner rather than later, when the truth will be out and they will have to own up to…


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2012 Fund Raiser NOT NEEDED

Two years ago the ning stopped being a free service and began charging for its services. We determined that we would require a Pro sized ning, given our popularity and membership, for $499.95 USD, and ran a 2010 Fund Raiser.

At the time, there was the possibility of needing additional funding for excess bandwidth, so we…


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Spiral Warnings

The Norway neon spiral that occurred on December 8, 2009 has caused many to question the many prehistoric spirals and spirals in crop circles. Are these warnings of what is to come?

Spirals have appeared in prehistoric glyphs, drawn on cave walls along with the animals early man hunted. What was the significance of these spirals, which until now had no explanation?…


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32 Degrees Disinfo Video - New ZetaTalk (more evidence of Planet X)

Recently a video surfaced on the internet, purportedly captured through the window of an aircraft and being touted as a PX-related capture.…


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Survival motivation

It seems natural that after any disaster such as a tornado or earthquake (and of course, the upcomming pole shift) that people work best with a goal in mind (such as rebuilding homes, restarting civilization etc.). Considering that the human species will for the most part be non-existent on Earth within 100 years, what is the best goal to focus on when considering a small community of survivors post-shift? Survival seems the most obvious as does…


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7 of 10 slow pace

Since the Zetas explained the reason for the strange boxes sometimes discovered by people when they are not cloaked properly ( as being one to slow plate movements to allow people more time to address their orientation issues, that they would otherwise be denied due to the continuing strength of the cover-up, it follows logically that the timeline of…

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Aftertime power grid

I have read that the Zetas say there will be no power leading into the actual pole shift.  How will this occur?  Will it be from some kind of EMP, or from natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes?  How long of a period before the actual shift will power be lost?  This would allow for better preparation for everyone.

Given the hype from NASA over solar flares causing electromagnetic damage and fires in…


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Zeta-human Hybrids, Mankinds Next Leap Forward

Taken from:

Contactee Participation

Many contactees, women, report…


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Aftertime ZetaTalk

My question is in regards to Zetatalk after the Pole Shift. There was ZT written 10 years ago, almost to the day, that seemed to imply that Zetatalk would continue, but with a means not yet explained. They add that more details would come as the time of the Passage approaches. Do the Zetas have anything to add on this yet, or is it still too soon? It seems to me that with the pace of the Awakening, that maybe ZT will be done through direct…


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SOHO Checkmark media coverage

An April 24, 2012, SOHO photograph posted on popular mainstream sites appears to show Planet X Complex moon swirls or a string of pearls/checkmark formation.  The articles attempt to explain away such government satellite evidence of the near presence of Planet X as just gigantic UFOs, would the Zetas care to comment on this surprising, mixed-message media coverage? Also, the increase in earth changes is increasingly obvious to the common man,…


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Survival Site Cautions - Our Rule 15 (applies to everyone!)

The Pole Shift ning has a rule against group formation to protect YOU, the readership, the membership, from hazards. Form groups from those you already know, are familiar with. This is not only Rule 15 on this ning, but is also the ZetaTalk advice.

Rule 15.

No Group Formation. Any person meeting others through blogs and discussions on the Pole Shift Ning is doing so at their own risk.  Blogs and discussions are not to be created for the purpose of survival…


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ZetaTalk: Sorted Out

ZetaTalk: Sorted Out

Note: added during the May 3, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Life in a hybrid community would not be something desired in any but a highly Service-to-Other individual. We have stated that polarization will be natural, after the shift, with those undecided leaving highly Service-to-Other communities, for these same reasons. Those highly Service-to-Self naturally leave a group highly Service-to-Other when they cannot dominate or control them, as the…


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