There appears to be a big cheese event in London purporting to be the great and the good trying to address Inequalities in Income and making capitalism fairer. Would the Zeta's like to comment on whether this is a ruse for discussing something else and if so, what in particular? I notice there are a whole load of people who might even be Bilderberg types attending. [and from another] The 250 people from around the world invited to attend this one-day conference do not represent "the 99 percent," or even the 1 percent. It's more like a tiny fraction of the 1 percent. The titans of commerce and finance didn't necessarily fly to this meeting in London out of a sense of ethics or moral duty, though that may be a motivation for some. For many, says Rothschild, it's a sense of self-preservation. Capitalism appears to be under siege. [and from another] The organisers of this year’s conference have made efforts to be more transparent by publishing a list of all the prime ministers, chief executives and military chiefs in attendance, as well as the topics up for discussion. Billionaire captains of industry who landed invitations include the heads of Shell, BP, Airbus, HSBC, Saab, AXA, Google, and Linkedin. They will sit alongside key global powerbrokers such as Christine Lagarde, the head of the International Monetary Fund, and senior officials from the European Central Bank. Items on the agenda include “The future of democracy and the middle-class trap”, “The new architecture of the Middle East” and the major geopolitical crisis of the moment: “Ukraine”. [and from another] I was wondering why Obama would not be included to have this discussion on preparations being made. Is it because these elite in question at this meeting are not on the same page? 

The items under discussion at Bilderberg 2014 will not be much different from prior years.  We mentioned in 2010 a white knuckle anxiety about a break in the cover-up over the pending passage of Planet X, and now that it is obvious that an announcement admitting this cannot be delayed or prevented, the inability of the elite to assassinate Obama or counteract the will of the Council of Worlds will be a dominant discussion item. ZetaTalk is well known among the elite, and the warnings to the Russians who have had their spy satellites shot down for the past three years is obvious. What other steps might the Council take, and how can this be countered? 

Where previous plans to enslave the world by debt and control via World Bank loans have not changed, the slipping grip of the elite is palpable. Countries simply go bankrupt, ignoring their debt, as do individuals. Foreclosed homes or other abandoned assets do not equate to control of the populace. The Internet cannot be controlled, and the larger horror of fully half the populace now contactees, chatting with aliens, presents a scenario never expected. Could the world of the future NOT be under their control? How much leverage will the assets they control have, in truth?  

The elite, as most of mankind, assume the world they know will not change. Social services will continue despite the breakdown of society. Food distribution will continue despite crop failure and heaving roads. Travel will be possible despite electro-magnetic pulse and microburst winds bringing down airplanes. And communications will persist despite dead satellites and phone towers. How will the elite control migration unless they have these intimidation and spying tools and can bribe their guards and their slaves with food? The issue of when and how to commit suicide has crept into private discussions. Retreat into controlled enclaves, and if and when the tide turns, end it all. 

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