In the pole shift section in the 2004 paragraph. In the "Twirling into Darkness" page. If I'm understanding it correctly they are not just talking about the wobble. They are talking about bumps or an extra push at times the wobble will receive but it's different than just the wobble alone, or even the extreme wobble they talk about when we wobble much worse than now. If I understand it correctly. It is something that happens before the last weeks begin. Even before the sunrise west leading into the 3 days or darkness for the northern hemisphere. Again, if I'm understanding it correctly when it starts to happen we'll see things like mid day the sun will quickly drop down and we go into darkness for a little bit then back to daytime and the same may happen in the middle of the night with the sun popping up for a bit and then nighttime returning.

We have detailed the contortions the Earth will undergo during the Last Weeks when she is forced to switch her allegiance from the Sun to the looming monster Planet X. Planet X avoids a conflict with the Sun’s magnetic poles and magnetic field lines at this time by pointing its magnetic N Pole almost directly outward from the Sun, and toward the hapless Earth which stands in its way, creating the familiar Earth wobble. At this time, Planet X is outbound, picking up speed, and almost at the cusp of the Sun’s middle, the Ecliptic. As the Last Weeks approach, Planet X likewise undergoes contortions, taking the Earth with it, as it progresses from pointing its N Pole outward to standing upright during the week of Stopped Rotation just prior to the Pole Shift itself. 

We have described the Severe Wobble at the start of the Last Weeks as just an accentuation of the Figure 8 of the wobble which has been in place since 2004. Tidal sloshing will be extreme, though not as extreme as the tides during the Pole Shift itself. Where we have scripted the magnetic dance between Planet X and the Earth, for an individual human struggling to understand where they are in this timeline is difficult. Is a particularly dark day in their locale due to the normal wobble, the Severe Wobble, the Lean to the Left, or did they miss all this and are they now in the 3 Day of Darkness? This is complicated by the cover-up, which even after the announcement admitting the reality of Nibiru will try to deny the Earth wobble.

Our advice is for those aware of our timeline of events leading into the Pole Shift is to establish what effect the Earth wobble has on their location. Nancy has established looking at temperature maps as a guide, and most certainly noting the location of the rising and setting Sun. As the wobble worsens, this should all result in logical changes to one’s locale – the effect of the wobble on one’s locale becoming more accentuated. Prior to the onset of the Severe Wobble the wobble will become so extreme that the location of the Sun changes noticeably. Rely upon the Internet to establish that this is happening elsewhere around the world, and fits the Earth wobble pattern. This will likely pulse, come and go, but at this point you should be away from the coastline and in your safe locations in any case.   

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 31, 2014

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