Is the Ferguson, Missouri unrest and riots the kind of popular response the US administration is expecting after the Announcement? Something similar happened in a couple of cities in Chile, right after the big earthquake and tsunami which affected that country. Faced with burning, unattended needs, specially if there are hungry kids to feed or urgent medications to be given to a terminal patient, any regular good guy we have known for years might literally turn into a beast. (Including ourselves?) We have seen that both, the US military and DHS are being prepared and equipped as to be able to manage riots and civil unrest. Is this just a preview, of a popular behavior we´ll see in the near future, in many cities around the world after the Announcement? Will this kind of behavior stay around until the PS? I would think that people may try to get food, medications and other stuff by rioting, after the Announcement. And I would also think that the expansion of new contagious illnesses among the people (such as Ebola), the higher unemployment rate and the fact that several cities seem to be set out for lack of water, may add up for increasing popular unrest. Good reasons for preppies to try to get away from the cities as soon as possible. Would the Zetas care to further elaborate on this issue? [and from another]

We have predicted that the populace will react to the announcement admitting the pending passage of Nibiru, aka Planet X with a type of paralysis – shock. However, in that ZetaTalk made this announcement in 1995, and guided mankind as to where to look in the skies as Planet X came inbound into the inner solar system in 2003, there will be no avoiding the ZetaTalk predictions about flooded coastlines and a crustal shift. The announcement team plans to meet this head on by not denying the ZetaTalk predictions, but in fact capitalizing on them as a means of breaking the cover-up over the alien presence. Was it Nancy who predicted the arrival point in the skies, the RA and Dec of the inbound Planet X, some 7 years before its arrival in March, 2003? 

Obama and his partners have informed Heads of State of the general content of the announcement and an approximate date. The first reaction of Heads of State is to brace for rioting. Even if the public is not familiar with ZetaTalk and its predictions for massive tidal waves, they will soon discover it. And even if establishment figures argue that the ZetaTalk scenario is improbable, the ZetaTalk accuracy track record will start to accumulate until our words become legend. The establishment anticipates that every crop shortage, every water shortage, every uptick in earthquakes or disease will be related to the pending passage, with a demand for government action. What then? Depending upon the country and the culture, martial law will evolve everywhere. 

The US is a gun haven, and everybody under the Sun is armed to the teeth. The US would likely have some of the most problematic situations. NOAA, the USPS, the State Department, Homeland Security, and the Department of Agriculture – federal agencies  - are allowing their people to become armed. So you have federal agencies arming themselves in anticipation of martial law and having to get heavy handed, and not necessarily having the US military right at their shoulder to be able to come in and settle disagreements.  In a similar manner England, France, and Germany are preparing.  

China would have no problem with martial law because it is a communist country, an essential dictatorship, although benign. They would do so without hesitation, in steps, as rioting developed.  They already have a huge population which is starving. And they have lot of laws in place which much of the world considers dictatorial, such as the one child rule, and everybody is used to that. So there would be no raised eyebrows in China. Russia has already shown its muscle in the Crimea and the Ukraine. They have in the past shown their muscle in dealing with Chechens, with terrorists. And they likewise are close enough to former dictatorships that they would have no problem slipping into martial law. 

India is already at starvation levels among much of their people.  And if the populace becomes aware of steady sinking, there’s going to be panic. And there certainly will be rioting in cities to rush the enclaves of the wealthy. So to what extent will the government rise up and just blow people away? People will try to clamor into boats and go elsewhere, and will be dying at sea. Countries such as Australia will sink their boats, blast a hole in the boat, and all those Indians will be bouncing around in the waves and drown and nobody will hear of this. Australia is already brutal with immigrants, and its one step away to  being heavy handed with their citizens.

In less industrial countries, as in the majority of S America and Africa, the populace is used to feeding itself and even in the cities most of the populace is only a generation away from a rural lifestyle. In industrial countries the cities, particularly those along the vulnerable coastlines, will be ready to flash into riots, especially when food shortages become intractable. We have endlessly advised that those wanting to survive move to rural areas and learn to garden and keep flocks and herds, well ahead of the time when travel restrictions might be imposed. Have a foot hold in the country, so that you and your family can move there when the time comes. 

Source:ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 23, 2014

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