written June 10, 2014

I seem to recall that when Planet X begins pointing its North Pole directly toward the earth, this has certain implications with regard to the progression toward the Pole Shift. As you said in your recent post, the tail is presently hosing directly at the earth. Are we to expect an increase in red dust and communications equipment problems in the very near future? What would the Zetas be able to tell us about this more direct alignment with Planet X's North Pole? Are we entering the Lean to the Left? Things do seem to be picking up as indicated in Kojima's recent postOld Zeta talk reminds us that there will be: “a Lean to the Left as the N Pole of Planet X hoses toward Earth". 

The twists and turns that Planet X and the Earth take during a passage are not linear. These planets are dancing partners. The Earth has been in a daily wobble since 2004, and this involves a daily Polar Push against the Earth’s magnetic N Pole with a Figure 8 rebound. Were that not complicated enough, in trying to align with both the Sun’s magnetic field and the magnetic field of Planet X, the Earth will attempt various maneuvers, such as a lean into opposition or a temporary lean to the left. Planet X, for its part, encounters both Venus and the Dark Twin in its path, and where these are pushed away they are both subject to different influences and thus return. This messy scenario will continue until the Last Weeks. 

From the start of ZetaTalk we have been pressed to give a date, and if not a date, some indications of where we are in a timeline. We have laid out the Last Weeks, with great specificity, so a frequent demand from the public is to know if these have started. They have not. In fact, as we have repeatedly stated, the 7 of 10 has hardly completed, so how can the Last Weeks be commencing? We have stated that the 8 of 10, with its increased visibility of the Planet X complex and increased virility of the wobble, will be a long stage, not over quickly. We have stated that the 7 of 10 and 8 of 10 are overlapping, as the 7 of 10 was slowed to give Obama and his partners a chance to admit the presence of Nibiru. 

We stated in the past that the Earth would be in the August position in her stalled orbit when the Pole Shift occurred, and the Earth has been there for some time. We stated in the past that the 270° turn of Planet X that must be completed would find Planet X pointing its N Pole at the Earth after it makes a 195° turn from whence it was nosing its N Pole into the S Pole of the Sun, and this 195° turn seems to have occurred. Planet X is to the right of the Earth, and photos show that the tail hosing from the N Pole of Planet X seem to be pointing directly at the Earth. Might the Last Weeks now be upon mankind if the 7 of 10 plate movements hurry to completion? Might there be additional guideposts to cling to, for assurance?

  • Planet X, and the Earth, and Venus and the Dark Twin are bobbing and weaving about, like shadow boxers forever dancing but never engaging. As we have stated, Venus and the Dark Twinescape at some point prior to the Last Weeks, after some drama quite visible from Earth, so if this has not yet occurred, then the Last Weeks are not yet upon you.
  • Despite any flip flopping the Earth might do, it is not a Severe Wobble, ala the Last Weeks, unless 200-300 foot high tidal waves are sloshing north and south upon the globe. High tides in compliance with the daily wobble are not these, nor are surges accompanying a storm these.
  • Not only must the full 7 or 10 plate movements complete before the Last Weeks, we have also mentioned a new position for S America and Africa, as they will drift. This likewise has not occurred nor can it occur in a day. This is not a quick process! Until this has occurred, the Last Weeks are not about to commence.  

Little children are notorious for asking their parents, constantly, during a road trip “are we there yet?” We are not your parents, nor is constantly asking for reassurance every time the Earth changes increase a good use of our or Nancy’s time. A Transformation and the time of the Pole Shift are both great opportunities for spiritual growth. Rather than looking anxiously to have your hand held, you should be taking advantage of these opportunities!

Source:ZetaTalk: Timeline Anxiety

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