A news has come up stating that the new Ebola virus could be airborne, thus highly contagious. Is there any truth in this? What is the Zeta´s inside? Was this epidemic planned by any party? Being at a high altitude, like in our safe place, would that help to stay away from this eventual lethal airborne contagion? [and from another]http://www.rense.com/general96/airbor.html  Don't know if all details are correct, but given the fact that a retired border patrol guard mentioned on a film we viewed the other day that this outbreak is atypical, in that it appears to have started in big cities, not in the jungle, as usual, he suspects it may have been deliberately started and could spread in other ways than we are being told. [and from another] http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/01/us-health-ebola-healthwor...  World Health Organization (WHO) experts strongly deny there is any problem with the protective equipment. They point to a chronic lack of experienced staff that is forcing health workers to cut corners in the arduous daily task of decontaminating wards and treating patients. However, the infection rate typically tails off as doctors and health staff get used to strict procedures for handling patients. But a second wave of Ebola infections in West Africa from late June caught many by surprise as the disease popped up in new areas after relatives took infected patients out of clinics rather than leave them in wards they feared were death traps. This year's outbreak was the first time the rare disease had struck in West Africa, blindsiding both the superstitious local population and unprepared healthcare systems, where even basic equipment like medical gloves was in short supply. [and from another] http://news.yahoo.com/ebola-discoverer-says-sit-next-victim-train-0...  It turned out that the virus was being transmitted through a handful of needles which were being reused to give injections to pregnant women. There were also a string of outbreaks linked to funerals. Someone who dies is washed, the body is laid out but you do this with bare hands, without gloves. Someone who died from Ebola, that person is covered with virus because of vomitus, diarrhoea, blood. 

Ebola has not mutated to become airborne, nor is this ancient virus prone to mutations, unlike the common flu where new strains appear every year. Casual speculations, in this case by a reported border agent, not even a scientist, is unconscionable, as panic over the potential spread of a virus normally 90% fatal could so easily be incited. What has changed since the last outbreaks to make this one have a larger impact? More humidity due to the Earth changes, more air travel due to the interest in Africa as high land after the Pole Shift, more population growth and thus more crowding in the cities. 

The countries experiencing the outbreak are more populated than prior outbreaks in Uganda or the Congo.  Still, those infected are barely over 1,000. Hardly a pandemic.  Africa in general is not an educated or hygienic continent. Containment facilities have dirt floors, and touching the dead, even after a death from an infectious disease, and depositing feces at the side of the road are still common practices. Those infected are taken from hospitals to be cared for at home, or to be taken to shamans. Eating and touching bush meat is a common practice, even eating this raw. Given all this, it is a wonder outbreaks are not a daily affair, or refuse to be tamed at all. 

We have cited the origin and nature of the Ebola virus, as coming from the swamps and needing water (thus body fluids) to survive.   We have predicted that Ebola will eventually reduce the African populace, native and visitor alike, by the 90% death rate due to the continuous drizzle expected after the Pole Shift. Will Ebola spread to other continents? This is unlikely, except for a sporadic case quickly eliminated, because Ebola is indigenous in the wildlife in Africa, but would kill the wildlife in other countries, including any insects it infected.

Source:ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 9, 2014

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