You've mentioned in the past that being involved into 'physical action' and active fighting confrontation is 'counter productive' thus you do not use physical force. The question though comes when there is oppression, when those in power use their might to enforce their will upon the others. Do the ones under this oppression have the right to fight back according to your philosophy? Do those in oppression can be justified when they revolt and try to fight back and be released from their chains? When somebody gets your freedom away, and enslaves you with all the cunning means there are out there nowadays, are you justified to fight for your freedom? Are you justified to have a battle against them, are you justified to use physical force, are you justified to remove their lives (and send them back to seek another encarnation) in a confrontation if the situation comes? Or will you stay stoically under the oppression just waiting for your freedom to come by ?

You need to read the Orientation section of ZetaTalk, where we describe the two spiritual orientation. Then the Rules section where we detail how the orientations are separated after 3rd density and only interact under tight rules of engagement. We, in the Service-to-Other communities, do not oppress. On the prison planets where the Service-to-Self are forced to live with each other, this is the norm, but they have made their bed by their past lives, their own choices.


I understood that some people do not like propagation of STO ideas very strongly. They are ready to attack the preacher. Why they have such position?

Those in the Service-to-Self like situations where they can take advantage of others, where rules supplant empathy and truth is suppressed so that manipulation of others is more likely to be successful. Service-to-Others preaches empathy, empowering others with information, and fair treatment of all. Thus, this is resisted by those in the Service-to-Self.

Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written April 17, 2010

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