NEW DELHI — An eight-story building in Bangladesh that housed several garment factories collapsed on Wednesday morning, killing at least 70 people, injuring hundreds of others, and leaving an unknown number of people trapped in the rubble, according to Bangladeshi officials and media outlets....


So much happening under our feet.  Daily collapses of roadways due to the severe bow stretch, severe rains, crunching and land subduction all predicted in Zetatalk and all happening now.  Last week in Utah a fatal road collapse killed a 14 year old girl and injured 2.  It's painful to watch the planet crumble but we all knew it was coming.

Buildings collapsing.........a daily happening too.  With responses about what's causing all these happenings ranging from, rain, human error, poorly constructed, yada yada.....BUT, that's not going to fly with people much longer.  As soon as Planet X peers out at us from the sky, people will remember all the things that have happened up to this point and finally somehow, they will connect the dots.  Some will be in extreme denial, others will be so afraid and look for someone to take care of them, and still others will stand up and be counted and prepare as best we could.  There's no wishing this away, there's only pushing forward to a better tomorrow.  While our infrastructure crumbles around us we need to learn to be more careful, tread softly, kiss your kids, love with all your heart.  We are IN IT NOW.

I live in a house built in 1850 and it isn't falling down.  Age does not mean collapse. 

100-year-old building partially collapses in Malone

By: Rachael Paradis

A building in Malone that has been standing for more than a century will no longer be a sight in the town. The building on Route 11, well known to many in the community, collapsed overnight. While no one was injured, our Rachael Paradis tells us why the town is in a rush to tear it down.



MALONE, N.Y. -- Neighbors in Malone stood in surprise, took pictures and even shared stories of a once popular tavern that started to crumble early Monday morning.

County Legislator Billy Jones said, "It's an old structure, it was a structure that was obviously unsafe."

The tavern/hotel was built in the early 1900'. It has been closed to the public for about 15 years and was condemned six months ago.

Franklin County Emergency Services Director Rick Provost, "We're unsure what occurred last night at 3 a.m. What we do know is this building has been on our list of buildings with issues."

Jones said, "Old things fall down."

Police closed off part off Route 11 to traffic and to people, out of concern the rest of the building could fall down. Some in the community voiced concern over why this building, along with others like it in the area that haven't already been demolished. Officials say it comes down to money.

Provost said, "The high cost of abatement for these buildings really makes it tough for the county or the village to take those burdens on."

Jones, "We just have to come up with a plan to start taking some of these building down so we don't run into this problem going forward."

The demolition is only expected to take hours, but cleaning up the area is a different issue. Officials say it could be weeks before the site is completely cleared.




LAKE ELSINORE: Water leak causes street collapse




10:00 PM PDT on Friday, July 22, 2011

The Press-Enterprise

Temporary repairs to a section of Joy Street in Lake Elsinore are in place today after a 1-inch water line gave way, causing 80 feet of the roadway to collapse and the asphalt to buckle.

The leak, caused by a 6 to 8-inch diameter tree root, was reported late Thursday in a line that leads to several duplexes on Joy between Machado Street and Riverside Drive, and behind Machado Elementary School.

Water service was restored to the 34 customers early Friday morning, said Greg Morrison, spokesman for the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District.

Water district and contractor crews spent much of Friday removing the damaged asphalt on the southbound side of Joy and laying down a temporary patch. The road was opened in both directions by late afternoon.

"That way the road will be open completely for the entire weekend," Morrison said.

Crews will return Monday and trench from curb to curb to permanently repair the 1-inch line.

On Tuesday, a paving company will remove the patch, put down new base and repave one side of Joy, Morrison said. Work on the other side will take place on Wednesday.

"That way on Tuesday and Wednesday we'll be able to keep on

Windhorst, Parsons Roadway Collapse: Cautious Testing Continues

County workers are testing for sinkholes but the work is proceeding methodically because of utility lines at the intersection, according to a Hillsborough County spokesman.

Several lanes at the intersection of Windhorst Road and Parsons Avenue in Brandon remained closed for the indefinite future as county workers tread carefully in determining what caused a section of the roadway to collapse July 19.

“We have to be really careful at that intersection because there are lots of utility lines in the area,” said Hillsborough County spokesman Patrick Murray. "We have a sewer line and a water line there and we have to make sure there are no other utilities, so we have to be careful drilling.”

At the scene, late afternoon July 22, barricades were seen at the intersection, with drilling under way.

Crew workers first believed a 16-inch sewage pipeline beneath the intersection might have caused the collapse of the 6-foot-square section of roadway on July 19, according to a county report.

But the sewer line was dug up and found to be intact.  Now the county is testing the intersection for sinkholes — but carefully, as Murray noted.  

Additional detours and lane closures are possible as crews dig up the line for inspection and any necessary repairs.

Motorists who must travel through the intersection are warned to expect delays.

Sewer collapse closes part of Lexington Road



At least one eastbound lane of Road near Etley Avenue and Cave Hill Cemetery will be closed during Thursday morning’s rush hour after a 48-inch brick sewer collapsed Wednesday evening.

Crews noticed a depression in the road before discovering the sewer had collapsed, and the area will be excavated Thursday morning, said Metropolitan Sewer District Executive   Bud Schardein.

He said it was too early to tell what caused the collapse, but age was a likely factor. That part of the sewer was built in the 1880s and could have been weakened from an unusually wet spring.

“With all the wet weather we’ve had this past spring, that has a tendency to undermine the mortar,” Schardein said.

Road collapse might have killed Colorado family


(wpr) - Engineers say a large section of Wyoming highway where four Colorado family members plunged to their deaths might have totally collapsed in a matter of minutes.

It had been raining for hours Monday night when local authorities warned the Constantinides family, among others, about potential flood conditions near North Brush Creek Campground around midnight.

Not long afterward, the family's van drove into a washed-out portion of Wyoming highway 130 and was swept about 75 yards down Brush Creek. Laurel Constantindies and her three daughters died.

The husband and father, Alex Constantindies, who had grown up in Laramie, survived and escape the vehicle. He and a passerby later rescued Carbon County Emergency management Coordinator John Ziegler, whose car washed out while he was trying to assist in flood protection efforts.

Ziegler said he was "very fortunate" to have survived.

Bruce Burrows of the Wyoming Transportation Department says engineers are studying what happened to the roadway early Tuesday morning. He says preliminary assessments indicate the creek swollen with rain and snowmelt may have undermined the roadway over some hours and then gouged a 25-foot-wide, 9-foot-deep hole in a matter of minutes.

Yunnan road test the opening day collapse resulting in four deaths and injuries

8, Yunnan

8, Yunnan” in the history of the most short-lived highway “a serious collapse destroyed sections of the site. After investigation, the highway there in time duration and other issues. Xinhua News Agency reporters Chen Hai and Ning She

Recently, Yunnan Province, Internet users post, said the new Xinping county secondary road test three estuary opening day collapse occurs, resulting in 2 dead 2 injured. Internet users have questioned this “the most short-lived highway” Why just fix it collapsed, was “too much rain” or “bad way”?

After the incident, Yunnan Provincial Department and the Transportation Department were dispatched to investigate a group of experts, the group that really belongs to all “natural disasters caused by heavy rainfall.”

collapse of the vehicle crash on

recently, Internet users “pass,” said Post, June 27, Xinping County of Yuxi City, three city secondary road test the opening of the estuary collapse occurred the next day, resulting in a vehicle passing through here turn under the cliff, killing two people died inside the car and two others injured, highway interrupted. For the cause of the accident, the local government is a single point of heavy rain caused by a natural disaster.

7 8, correspondent along the new road to the scene three, the road there are construction workers on the highway guardrail, drainage and other construction, from time to time some sections of earth and rock rolled down from the hills.

close to the scene of the accident, the construction set up roadblocks on the road side. In the new three road K25 +450 to K26 +480 road, the reporter saw a total of three road damage, including two collapsed, a surface crack. Road accident at the hillside, two-way four-lane have collapsed, a lot of rocks, soil and concrete was rushed into the street of the valley.

“red water collapsed roadbed”

Zhang Xinping County Department of Transportation Secretary BU has introduced three new roads through villages and towns in Xinping County 8 19 village committees, with a total mileage of 90 kilometers . Road along the fragile geology, disasters, floods and geological disasters have been more serious.

accidents mainly due to heavy rains led to a single point of soft roadbed, road ditches and culverts to be above the blockage, and finally the formation of water as a waterfall of impact, resulting in collapse of highway roadbed.

Bu there are rules that highway design, construction and supervision units are selected strictly in accordance with the bidding system, procedural compliance and found no serious design flaws, quality of construction or supervision of omissions.

collapse occurred Sections of the construction unit project manager Jiangzu Long introduction, the unit will subcontract work to the successful construction services company, the project head of engineering equipment and materials, and is responsible for management and technical guidance, service company only the labor force, which is not labor sub-subcontract, the state permitted by law.

he said, in strict accordance with design drawings for construction, engineering, quality is no problem, Lu Jisong soft infiltration and erosion is mainly caused by the floods.

no quality problems, experts say

afterwards, Yunnan Provincial Department and the Transportation Department were sent experts to the scene. The Group believes that: section of the incident transverse slope steep terrain, poor geological conditions, heavy rainfall increased the hydrostatic pressure, the formation of collapse, is a heavy rainfall-induced natural disasters.

Yunnan Provincial Communications Department who participated in the survey, experts say, from the survey of the situation, roadbed, retaining wall strength and so meet the requirements and found no quality problems.

subsidy investigation in time duration for the fight

accused of the most short-lived road not approved the first building, not the acceptance that the opening test

Reporter learned that the investigation, three new road opened in October 2009 to build, and design in May 2010 before the Provincial Communications Department has been approved, there is “not approved prior to construction” and “time duration” issue. Not hand over the road in case of acceptance of test traffic violations, and plans to be held on 30 June the opening ceremony, canceled after the accident.

construction personnel, three new road along the geological environment is complex, time is short, heavy task in building a post, Xinping shouted “make a big quick-drying 60 days,” the slogan of the progress of the projects Forced , post workers overtime work.

what makes engineering so catch it? Reporters learned that, in addition to travel to meet the requirements of the masses, more important reason is that for national road toll for the abolition of two grants. According to the policy, the new secondary roads shall be June 30 this year, opened to traffic, or can not enjoy the state’s two highway toll abolition of subsidies.

Details Emerge in Deadly Road Collapse

Cheyenne : WY : USA | Jul 20, 2011
Engineers say a large section of Wyoming highway where four Colorado family members plunged to their deaths may have totally collapsed in a matter of minutes. Bruce Burrows of the Wyoming Transportation Department says engineers are studying what happened to state Route 130 over South Brush Creek... FULL ARTICLE AT KSAZ



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Comment by Starr DiGiacomo yesterday

19-year-old worker dies after cinder block wall collapses at Williamsburg demolition site

Thursday, September 03, 2015 05:50PM

A 19-year-old construction worker had died after a wall collapsed at a building under demolition in Brooklyn.
The wall fell at a work site on Myrtle Avenue between Taaffe Place and Classon Avenue in Williamsburg just after 11:30 a.m.

Three workers injured were taken to area hospitals, where the one died a short time later. The other two are in stable condition.
Police said a cinder block wall is what fell on the workers.

This is the eighth construction death in New York City so far this year, matching the total number of construction deaths for the entire year in 2014.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on Wednesday

Six hurt as structure collapses on Bryant U. campus

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on Wednesday

Updated: Wednesday September 2, 2015 MYT 7:10:21 AM

Collapsed signboard causes massive traffic jam

Big obstacle: The collapsed signboard blocking traffic flow in Klang.

Big obstacle: The collapsed signboard blocking traffic flow in Klang.

KLANG: An overhead signboard near Batu 4 along Jalan Meru collapsed at about 6am yesterday, blocking access to the busy main road usually used by motorists on their way to work.

Cars and heavy vehicles were caught off-guard, causing a massive traffic snarl in the area.

North Klang traffic police officers cleared the debris and directed the traffic after being alerted.

Part of the road was reopened to motorists at about 8am, but there were still crawls as motorists slowed down to look at the collapsed structure.

North Klang deputy OCPD Supt Nor Omar Sappi said a lorry’s tipper rose suddenly and hit the signboard, causing the structure to collapse.

“No injuries have been reported,” he said.

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 30, 2015 at 1:39am

18 injured as ceiling of shopping centre collapses

18 injured as ceiling of shopping centre collapsesAmbulances and rescue teams were deployed to help injured people. PICTURE: Jayan Orma
9:42 PM
August 2015

Eighteen people were injured after a section of the interior ceiling of Ramez shopping centre near the Ramada signals on Salwa road collapsed.

A source at the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) said all the victims were brought immediately to the Hamad General Hospital for treatment and no casualty had been reported .

This was also confirmed by Qatar’s Ministry of Interior on its Twitter page. The posting said: “Partial collapse of the roof inside a supermarket on Salwa Road, today. Civil Defense evacuated store without serious injury or death.”

An employee of a nearby establishment told Gulf Times that he saw 12 to 15 people running from Ramez Marketing Co. towards the Al Maha Centre at around 11:30am.

He said police were the first to respond to the incident, blocking the entry to the shopping complex and preventing passersby from crowding the area. All shoppers and staff at Ramez were asked to immediately leave the building.

HMC ambulances, Civil Defence, and Qatar’s Search and Rescue teams also responded quickly to help the injured persons, according to the employee.

“As far as I know Ramez officials had a plan to move. They wanted to leave the current old building and transfer their operations to a new location in Abu Hamour seven months ago, ” he said. “I am not sure what happened next,” he added.

Shops and other business establishments at nearby Al Maha Centre such as Jarir Bookstore, Fifty One East, and Darwish Holdings, which are only a few metres away from Ramez, were forced to down shutters after electricity was cut off to some of the buildings in the area, a number of security guards said.

One of the guards added he thought there was a fire after noticing people running away from the affected outlet. "A few minutes later, a number of rescue trucks were seen deployed to the area."

The staff of another shop in the vicinity said Ramez used to receive a good number of visitors during weekends and there could have been many shoppers at the store when the ceiling came crashing down .

Comment by M. Difato on August 24, 2015 at 3:42pm

Another collapse reported at Shelbyville flume

Another collapse has been reported at a large underground pipe in Shelbyville.

Councilman Henry Fieldhaus said a portion of the flume collapsed Sunday morning between the fire and police stations, likely due to heavy rains over the weekend.

The collapse has caused the fire station, police department and county jail to be without water.

The flume leads the city’s storm water to the Duck River. It’s been in place since 1962.

There have been two previous collapses at the flume this year; one in June and one in January.

“The replacement tube has been manufactured, it’s on a truck on its way here, and we had anticipated starting the replacement process for the first two failures areas tomorrow,” said Jay Johnson, city manager of Shelbyville.

That work was set to cost the city $1.6 million, according to the city manager.

With Sunday’s collapse, the cost can only go up from there.

Fieldhaus says he would like to look into the possibility of getting federal help, by having the part of the flume declared a disaster area.

As of Sunday night the collapse has not been ruled weather related because there is a lot of assessing and investigating that still has to be done.

“This is an extraordinary event and by all indications it was not lack of maintenance or that the tube was in trouble, it appears to be an external event that created this problem,” said Johnson.


Comment by Tracie Crespo on August 16, 2015 at 12:44am

Sinking bridge closes 50 miles of I-65 in Indiana

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — An I-65 bridge that dropped 9 inches last week while construction crews worked to widen it has closed 50 miles of a major artery between Indianapolis and Chicago.

And northbound traffic on Interstate 65 will have to take a 60-mile detour around the bridge over Wildcat Creek for the foreseeable future, Indiana Department of Transportation officials said. Traffic is being diverted from I-65 just north of Lebanon, Ind., to U.S. 52, then to Indiana 28 at Clarks Hill and to U.S. 231 at Romney.

"We would hesitate to give any kind of timeline at this time," state highway Commissioner Brandye Hendrickson said. "It will probably be later in the week before we really get our arms around some of the more viable solutions."

An average of 25,000 vehicles had been crossing the northbound Wildcat Creek bridge each day, according to a traffic count conducted earlier this year.

"The full closure of a major interstate is understandably frustrating and difficult to bear," she said in asking for motorists' patience.

Problems first closed the bridge abruptly at about 2:30 p.m. ET Aug. 4 when contractors noticed unusual movement in the bridge, which was being worked on as part of a project to widen the interstate to six lanes from four in the area. Officials believe soil conditions and an underground spring in addition to pile driving that began the previous day caused the bridge to settle.

Some northbound motorists were trapped, so construction crews on the south side of the bridge laid down gravel, creating a lane to allow them to turn around. Just before 4 p.m., Indiana State Policeblocked southbound traffic to allow semis and motorists to make a U turn on the newly created road.

Since then, state officials opened the bridge, built in 1968, on the evening of Aug. 5 but closed it again Friday when they weren't satisfied with the stability of temporary steel supports. A May 19 inspection rated the Wildcat Creek bridge's substructure, piers and abutments to be in poor condition but other parts of the bridge were considered fair and satisfactory, so it was not closed then.

Last month, an eastbound I-10 bridge over Tex Wash near Desert Center, Calif., collapsed during a major storm after fast-moving flood waters shifted dirt that held its foundation in place. A pickup truck was caught in the collapse, and its driver was trapped for three hours with two broken ribs, a shattered knee and lacerations to his liver.

The bridge about 175 miles east of Los Angeles, which carried about 20,000 vehicles per day and was part of the major link to Phoenix, had received an "A" rating last year, federal records showed.

California Department of Transportation officials reopened that stretch of road July 24. But the westbound bridge is handling traffic in both directions, and state officials said rebuilding the collapsed span would take two months and $5 million.

In Indiana, using the southbound Wildcat Creek bridge to carry I-65 traffic in both directions is not an option, said Will Wingfield, an Indiana Transportation Departmentspokesman. Lanes would be too narrow even before adding a jersey barrier between the lanes of opposing traffic.

No estimate for the cost of repairs has been released.

The route for the detour, although long, was chosen to keep traffic off congested city streets in Lafayette, he said.

Travelers had been spending as long as four hours in jammed traffic though officials added temporary traffic lights at key intersections over the weekend that reduced the drive time to closer to an hour.

A 185-mile trip from Indianapolis to Chicago generally takes about 3 hours, according to Google Maps.

"It is a mess," Roy Westbrook of Valparaiso, Ind., said last week.

Sherman Wood, fleet manager for Fraley & Schilling inRushville, Ind., said truck drivers will be hit in the pocketbook.

"They get paid by the mile, so for every minute they aren't moving, they aren't getting paid," Wood said.

If a delay is long enough, a driver could arrive at a store after it closes, which could mean a next-day delivery and a bigger loss, he said. Long traffic delays also could force drivers to take themselves off the road because they aren't allowed to drive more than 11 hours straight because of federal rules.

Passenger bus services Greyhound and Megabus are telling customers to expect a half hour to an hour delay on routes through Lafayette. Amtrak could not say whether the number of riders on the Hoosier State passenger line from Indianapolis to Chicago has increased since the bridge closed.

Comment by Tracie Crespo on August 14, 2015 at 3:44am

First Avenue ceiling collapse injures three

Fire officials are assessing integrity of the building. 

A ceiling collapse at the legendary downtown Minneapolis nightclub First Avenue sent three people to the hospital Wednesday night, and Minneapolis firefighters are evaluating the integrity of the building.

A 30-foot-by-30-foot section gave way during a concert about 10 p.m., the Minneapolis Fire Department said.

“A large portion of the ceiling fell and took out water pipes with it,” said Nate Kranz, First Avenue general manager. “We have no idea why or how it happened. We won’t know anything about this until tomorrow. It was a terrible surprise.”

Kranz said a couple of people were taken out by ambulance. Hennepin County Medical Center spokeswoman Christine Hill said three people were brought into the emergency room and are in satisfactory condition with non-life-threatening injuries.

The ceiling that collapsed was over the balcony DJ booth at the back of the dance floor, Kranz said. A section fell onto the floor about midway through the headlining set by Canadian metal band Theory of a Deadman. The show was stopped, and the 1,000 or so fans were immediately evacuated. Fire crews responding to the club shut off water to the area, the Fire Department said.

Todd Johnson, of Elk River, was at the concert with his family and said the band had just finished its fourth song, when the musicians suddenly ran offstage.

Then he saw that a part of the ceiling had fallen and water was streaming from the ceiling.

About a minute later a second piece of the ceiling fell, he said. At first some people thought the water was coming from the sprinkler system, but there was too much for that to be the source.

Jennifer Johnson said the second piece that fell was twice as big as the first, prompting some screams from the crowd.

Denay Riser, of White Bear Lake, said there was smoke everywhere and some screaming, but she didn’t think anything of it at first because she thought it was part of the show.
At that point, said Nathan Boyd, the staff advised everybody to walk out. The evacuation was orderly, he said.

Mersadees Sten of Gilbert, Minn., drove to town for the concert with her friend Eric Johnson, of Virginia.

They were standing by the stage when they heard a noise like rushing water and saw the band jump off the stage. Then a huge chunk of ceiling fell behind them.

A handful of people received minor injuries. One woman near the falling tile was bleeding and immediately tended to by paramedics.

“It seemed completely random. People were yelling to get the hell out,” Sten said.
She said they had been standing in that spot a few minutes before, so they were very lucky. “For whatever reason we decided to get closer to the stage,” she said.
Other fans said they were impressed with the staff’s handling of the situation.
One of the best known music rooms in the United States, the landmark nightclub opened in 1970 and has since presented a who’s who of popular music, from Tina Turner and U2 to Jessie J and Prince, who famously filmed his 1984 movie “Purple Rain” there. The building was originally a Greyhound Bus depot, which opened in 1937.

The Mann theater family sold the building in 2000 to First Avenue’s ownership team at the time, including longtime accountant Byron Frank, whose daughter Dayna Frank and their family are the current owners.

The club installed a new lighting rig over its big stage a few weeks ago, but Kranz said the work done on that was on the other side of the room from where the pieces fell and likely not a contributing factor. In fact, he said, “That was another case where we just had [inspectors] in here looking everything over.”

Kranz said the club will be closed Thursday, and inspectors will be in the club Thursday morning to determine “how it happened and what to do to fix it so it doesn’t happen again.”

As for upcoming shows, she said, “If I’m told we’re going to be dark, we’ll have to figure that out.”

No band was scheduled for Thursday. On Friday, the bluegrass band Ginstrings is scheduled, and Saturday a sold-out show by Grammy winning R&B star Miguel.

“That’s the big one,” Kranz said.
Beyond that, though, next week is uncharacteristically quiet for the club, aside from shows in its neighboring small 7th Street Entry.

Comment by M. Difato on August 14, 2015 at 2:42am

ST. LOUIS • A gaping hole opened in the side of a five-story building on Laclede’s Landing as bricks fell with a rumble Wednesday afternoon.
No one was injured in the collapse, but the building was left with extensive damage.."

Comment by Starr DiGiacomo on August 6, 2015 at 4:43am


August 5, 2015

Seven people lost their lives on Tuesday after a three-storey building collapsed in Canchungo town, 74 km north of Guinea Bissau capital, Bissau, an official source has said.

The country’s Civilian Protection Service told the media “this is a provisional figure since three other people in critical condition are hospitalized and many more are still under the rubble of the collapsed building.”

Although the service did not reveal the number of people still trapped in the building, eyewitnesses told Xinhua there could be about 20 people.

The Guinea Bissau government has created a crisis center to monitor the development of the situation.

Comment by KM on August 3, 2015 at 5:15pm

The Leaning Towers Of Guangxi: Dramatic images show apartment buildings tilting dangerous backwards on verge of collapse 

  • Three residential buildings started to tilt on August 2 in Guangxi, China
  • Residents had to be evacuated but no one was hurt during the incident
  • Authorities are working to stabilise the building and retrieve belongings

China has a new leaning tower but it's not a tourist site.

A block of apartments in Guangxi Autonomous Region, southern China, started tilting dangerously backwards on August 2, reported People's Daily Online.

Three residential buildings, all between three and four stories high, were involved in the incident.

No injuries were reported. 

The apartments in Guangxi Autonomous Region, southern China, started tilting backwards on August 2

The apartments in Guangxi Autonomous Region, southern China, started tilting backwards on August 2

Roads adjacent to the buildings have also started breaking away. The buildings have now been sealed off

Roads adjacent to the buildings have also started breaking away. The buildings have now been sealed off

The buildings have now been sealed off by the local government. Residents of the building had to be evacuated.

According to an unnamed shop owner living in the building, the building started to tilt around 9pm local time.

He was watching television when everything inside the house started falling to the floor. 

The road immediately adjacent to the building has also started to split.

Remarkably, the buildings haven't collapse despite leaning at a dangerous angle. 

Currently local authorities are trying to work out the best way to retrieve the items inside the house as well as stabilising the building.

It is thought that the tilting of the building was caused by external pressures although it is not clear whether this is from adjacent buildings or the road.

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