The zetas have made comments over the years that indicate benign aliens are allowed to step in and prevent STS excesses from harming the undecideds and STO unduly, for example the prevention of the large-scale pandemics and martial law plans the Bush/Cheney team had prepared. They also state the Puppet Master is undecided, as befits Earth the schoolhouse planet. Is the reverse also true, that certain STO plans that might result in too much advantage for the STO are prevented from being carried out? I'm asking this because it just doesn't seem logical that the STS are always on the verge of wide-scale genocide and the STO are usually portrayed as naïve and clueless and always in need of ET assistance.

Service-to-Other are not vicious and greedy, where Service-to-Self are. Service-to-Other are busy giving a helping hand while the Service-to-Self are busy taking from the weak. If an Service-to-Other has an advantage, they share it, by the nature of their orientation.


Source: ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live written April 10, 2010


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