Is this genuine footage of an extraterrestrial? The tourists that took the footage never saw the being until they watched the film.  There's mention of several other instances where ET was captured on film. [and from another]  Possible alien sighting in Argentina. A group of tourists allegedly photographed an unknown small being in Capilla del Monte in Argentina. These images of a humanoid creature have not been confirmed yet, but they’are very interesting. [and from another]

The film from Argentina is genuine, as continuing tests on the film will show. It is notable that the little alien seen in almost all captures presented on this video seem to be similar, from Argentina to Missouri to London. How can this be when, as we have stated, there are over 1,000 different life forms in attendance on Earth. This alien group has volunteered to be the ambassadors during conscious contact sightings, as they are slight, non-muscular, non-threatening, and have disproportionately large big eyes so have an infant-like facial appearance.

We mentioned that alien bodies would start to be captured on film, and this is of record since our prediction. In 2007 the Tall Walkers of California were captured; in 2008 a Peeping Tom was captured in Nebraska; in 2011 the Skinny Bob video was released by MJ12, and all this only represents activity in the US. The pace has picked up. Though there has been occasional, rare instances of conscious contact since Roswell, the public was not allowed to capture this on film. Now that has changed, and the pace is picking up! This is all to accelerate the Awakening to the alien presence, which is ongoing on Earth at present. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 9, 2014

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