Change of Jolt Appearance: Plate movement in progress

On 2014-03-25, a pattern of jolt appearance in a series at seven stations changed after continuing six times every one week since 2014-02-11. In the 7th series, a jolt appearance changed at two stations of LBTB and PLCA while there was no change at the other five stations.  

I found a jolt in a heliplot of GSN Stations on 2014-02-11.

A jolt appeared sequentially in seven stations and was over from the first station in three days.

Time to end from the beginning of a jolt was approximately one minute.

A time and date of a series of Jolt, 1st series, was the following;

1) VNDA (Antarctica) 14:12 on 2014-02-11, 

2) LBTB (Botswana, Africa) 16:32 on 2014-02-11, 

3) LPAZ (La Paz, Bolivia)  02:02 on 2014-02-12,

4) PLCA (Argentina) 04:32 on 2014-02-12, 

5) BOSA (South Africa) 13:31 on 2014-02-12,

6) CPUP (Paraguay) 16:02 on 2014-02-12, 

7) DBIC (Cote d'Ivoire)  13:32 on 2014-02-13.

A series appeared after a week again. Jolt appeared repeatedly in the same manner, a timing of a jolt at each of seven stations was the same as the first series. The same pattern continued every week since 2014-02-11. Till 2014-03-18, there were six times of a series starting on 2014-02-11 (1st), 2014-02-18 (2nd), 2014-02-25 (3rd), 2014-03-04 (4th), 2014-03-11 (5th) and 2014-03-18 (6th).

The 7th started on 2014-03-25. In this series, each jolt of five stations of VNDA, LPAZ, BOSA, CPUP and DBIC was a pattern same as six times of past series, though each of LBTB and PLCA showed a change.

In the 7th series, 

a jolt at 1) VNDA appeared at 14:12 on 2014-03-25, on time,

a jolt at 3) LPAZ appeared at 02:02 on 2014-03-26, on time,

a jolt at 5) BOSA appeared at 13:31 on 2014-03-26, on time,

a jolt at 6) CPUP appeared at 16:02 on 2014-03-26, on time, and

a jolt at 7) DBIC appeared at 13:32 on 2014-03-27, on time.

A jolt at 2) LBTB did not appeared on time, at 16:32, though two new jolts appeared at 20:29 on 2014-03-25 and at 14:08 on 2014-03-26.

A jolt at 4) PLCA appeared at 04:32 on 2014-03-26, on time, but also more jolts appeared on the same day (2014-03-26); 

a some-seconds jolt, looked like a single sharp vertical line, appeared at 14:23, 

a one-minute jolt similar to before appeared at 16:19, and

a big jolt, 33-minutes jolt, looked like a black band of a lot of multiple sharp vertical lines, began at 16:40 and ended at 17:13.

Furthermore, though there was no jolt on the next day of 2014-03-27, three jolts appeared newly on 2014-03-28;

a some-seconds jolt, looked like a single sharp vertical line, appeared at 13:52, and

two one-minute jolts similar to before appeared at 16:32 and 16:38.


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