Third a series of Jolt again! Now happening every 1 week.

At first I'd like to show that a vertical time axis, Hour, in a heliplot can be displayed with slipping off for one hour, which sometimes happens when a heliplot screen is updated, and I have noticed it since the first series. 

An example is the following figure.

So I showed the outbreak time for Jolt as follows, 14:10(15:10) at VNDA.

Judging from a pattern of these a series of Jolt, in Antarctica, Africa and South America, there seems to be something of a one-week cycle causing this in the Earth wobble now.

* GSN Heliplots:

See also,

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* A series of Jolt happened one week later again as an identical pattern

[Heliplots of 3rd Series]

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Comment by Kojima on March 7, 2014 at 3:34am

A series of JOLT happened, 4th.

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