Turkey: again several landslides on Black Sea coast, dam collapse on south


05.03.12. İnebolu district of Kastamonu landslide occurred at two points.
According to information received, the highway linking the towns of Abana with 5 İnebolu kilometer of the landslide area was approximately 100 meters. Road closed to traffic due to landslides as a duplex.
At the same highway, 11 km of the landslides occurred Poyrazlar mevkisinde.
The road fill and the planned opening of a single traffic lane, the study will become clear after the investigation authorities learned that the Regional Directorate of Highways.


27.02.12. Devrek-Eregli highway landslide
After the effective rainfall in Zonguldak Eregli Devrek-way access to the highway was closed due to landslides mevkisinde village of Ordinances.
Transportation, rods and provided Yeniköymüfettişler village roads.
Governor Devrek Hussein Oner, told the AA correspondent,'' highways authority with our friends looked at landslide. Güzergahla is until a new measure on this topic, we will work on. Give way to the village to the environment,'' he said Eregli.
Nazif statute Karadeli living in the village (77) in the homes that Eregli on the freeway, said they were confronted by avalanches,'' Landslide closer to the front of our house. Road caved in, the houses are in danger. We want to help the authorities,'' he said.


07.03.12. The road in Zonguldak was blocked by a landslide.



Ten missing as dam collapses in southern Turkey

24.02.12. Ten construction workers went missing and two others were injured on Friday after a tunnel in a dam under construction in the southern province of Adana collapsed, the Cihan news agency reported.

Adana Governor Hüseyin Avni Coş said on Friday that two of the twelve workers who went missing after the collapse of the dam were found injured, while search and rescue efforts continued by late night for the remaining worker.

Coş said an air ambulance was sent to the area to transport the injured workers.

The governor said the 90 million cubic meters of water stored behind the dam began to escape when one of the floodgates broke open, leading to one cubic meter of water leaking from the dam every second.

Heavy machinery was sent to the area to fix the problem.

In the meantime, Kozan local governor İzzettin Sevgili said on Friday that villages in the neighborhood were warned against flooding after the collapse of the dam.

Sevgili later in the day told reporters that the level of water will decrease by dawn and search and rescue units will resume working.



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