Analysis of 2003 Eastfield CC; Estimation of timeline to the Pole Shift

I estimated the dates of main stages and the Pole Shift itself by analyzing the August 8, 2003 East field CC. [Newsletter; November 8, 2009] July/August 2010

This is one of the possibility on the date of the Pole Shift. We have to consider over a great variety of information about the earth's changes in the future, and take action based on mind of Service-to-Others.


[Tibetan Master Pole Shift Timeline]

We, the Zetas, are asked almost daily when the hour of the Pole Shift will arrive, and always respond with the same admonition – the date is not to be known. This was an admonition Jesus gave too, that none shall know the date of his return. What then is to be made of a Buddhist Master’s text, stating in no uncertain terms the likely date of the Pole Shift is 2026? This was correct when written, almost a century ago, but the celestial clock has many forces to consider and the passage can speed up or slow down, depending upon many factors. 

What should be noted is the sequence of events and the inevitability of the global catastrophe about to grip the Earth during Nibiru’s passage. Muhammed outlined a sequence of events in his 40 Days prophecy, and we the Zetas stress that we are allowed to give a sequence of events, but not the date. Nevertheless, this Tibetan Master’s prophecy was correct when given, though circumstances have had their effect since the prophecy was given. We have stated that the sea level will rise by 675 feet “within two years” after the Pole Shift and this prophecy states the same, that “terrible floods” will occur by 2028. 

Migration after the predicted Pole Shift date of 2026 could be expected, with resulting “overcrowding” and epidemics. That only 1 in 10 would survive equates to our estimate of a 90% death rate as a result of the Pole Shift. “The Light that Makes Things Clear” stresses that having foreknowledge on what will occur allows one to lead one’s life with compassion for the plight of others, taking action to help others, and to not be led astray by fear. We have often stated that fear leads one to the Service-to-Self orientation, as in an effort to escape from a burning building one pushes aside others that block the door. 

To explain that the cities will be deserted and return to the wild, to “carnivorous animals” seeking easy prey, or that the ambassadors to the Service-to-Self, described as “demons” will try to induce fear in the survivors in order to harvest their souls is not a disservice. It allows those who take heed of the Tibetan Master’s words to avoid these traps and live into the Aftertime, which will indeed be a time of plenty and open interaction with ambassadors in the Service-to-Others who are in abundance around Earth at this time, to assist with the Earth’s Transformation. 

========================================== [Newsletter; November 8, 2009]

July/August 2010

There was one other time when a crop circle seemed to be implying a count, with little circles lined up around sides of a square. The August 8, 2003 Eastfield crop circle had 56 circles placed around a square, with an additional 6 circles twisting into the center of the square. There were altogether 6 sides to the square, which had overlapping sides. The little circles were shaped with a 23° tilt to them, like the Earth. 

Assuming the sides mean years, this 2003 crop circle counts to August 2, 2009, 6 years later. Assuming the circles mean months, this places the end of the 62 circle placements at October 2, 2009.

What happened in early 2009, during the start of the period that might be represented by the twisted circles? The Earth's magnetosphere began to have serious interference, blasts from the N Pole of Planet X and such a strong push on September 29-30 that the Earth temporarily lost its S Pole while simultaneously being hammered by quakes in Samoa and Indonesia. The Earth's magnetosphere is now being twisted by the presence of Planet X. Is not September 30 close to October 2, 2009? Assuming that circles and scallops mean something, when present in a crop circle, and assuming that both circles and scallops mean months, when the crop circles are placed in the northern hemisphere where the Gregorian Calendar holds sway, then what, if anything, might be pending for late July, 2010? Where there is no confirmation for any timeline speculation from the Zetas, who explain that they are forbidden to give mankind the date, contactees are pointing to a timeframe close to the late July, 2010 date. Via email, I received this:


Hypothesis 1: [1 circle = 1 magnetic trimester]  Thus, 3 circles = 3 trimesters = 1 year.

Hypothesis  2: Considering that this crop circle was found in August, 2003, 

    Circle #1 shows a Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec) of 2003.

Circles on the corner of a square might show some big changes.

Circles on the corner of a square are, #1, #10-#11, #21, #31, #40, #48-#49 and #56.


1) #1 [2003 Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec)]

The signs of a magnetic interloper in the solar system


Did it happen in 2003? Outside of the Second Sun visible worldwide, rising and setting independently from the Sun, there are all the other indication of a magnetic interloper in the solar system. These indications, with Signs of the Times # indicated, since May 15th, are

1. power outages,

2. gas and water line breaks,

3. moaning or trembling earth,

4. collapsing structures,

5. confused seasons and wild weather,

6. erratic tides,

7. moon, earth orbits and odd glow, and

8. cover-up attempts.


2) #10-#11 [2006 Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec)]-[2007 Spring Trimester (Jan-Apr)]

Notable earthquake increase


Issue 1, Sunday Dec 17, 2006 N American Rip and Quake Increase

* What will happen to the Earth, wobbling in an increasingly forceful figure 8 and being jerked back by a twice daily tug on the Atlantic Rift and body slammed by the other planets in the cup when they come too close, invoking the gravity Repulsion Force? Certainly her plates will move, and where this occurs in subduction zones, jolting quakes and volcanic activity will follow. And where this occurs in stretch zones, the sinking and thinning ground will create chaos for cities or infrastructure above and will also allow magma to bubble up to the surface. The quakes are quickening.

* Note that quakes above Richter 6 for the 3 month period between Sep 15, 2005 to Dec 15, 2005 numbered 31, but for the same period in 2006 they numbered 46! This is a 50% increase in only a year.


3) #21 [2010 Summer Trimester (May-Aug)]

Start of 7-of-10


Issue196, Sunday Aug 1, 2010 July 20 Predictions; July 20 Happenings; Crop Circle Progression

* There has been anticipation that something major will occur around July 20, 2010 because of a comment the Zetas made about a June 20, 2008 crop circle.

* It appears that crop circle did have something to do with the Earth wobble, which has now changed to be dominated by magnetic jerking around of the Earth into temporary leans to the left or into temporary opposition. Recently the Zetas explained that the July 5, 2010 crop circle at Sutton Bank represented the end of the slow steady Earth wobble. This was described as the end of the Serpentine Dance which has existed since early 2004. Seven year dots are in the twist, from 2004 through 2010, but the last dot is represented without the Serpentine twist. This set of matching crop circles also were both significantly laid down in a July.

* Well what might that something be? Certainly, the world registered distress on July 19, 2010 by global shuttering.

* And per the live seizmographs, cracking near Beijing occurred on July 20, 2010. The tongue holding Indonesia was about to drop! 

* Then on July 20, 2010 the Aleutian Islands and New Guinea were hammered with quakes, and by July 23, 2010 the Philippines were hammered with several 7+ quakes. These regions received so many quakes they appeared to turn completely red on the IRIS charts.

* These quakes in the Philippines were deep quakes too, breaking rock fingers in preparation for some major plate adjustments. The epicenter of the quakes is right along the plate boundary where the Indonesia tongue would need to break for a plunge.

* Clearly there was also a lean into opposition, with the N Pole pointed toward the Sun and Planet X. Here are some July 20, 2010 comments.

* The week following July 20, 2010 there certainly was activity in the region of the Indonesian tongue, one of the scenarios predicted to potentially occur during a rise to a 7 of 10, which the Zetas have predicted will occur by the end of 2010.

Thus, Circle #21 seems to be the start of 7-of-10.


4) #31 [2013 Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec)]

7-of-10 plate movements progress; Wobble Obvious; Planet X Surprise


a) Continuous Quake Zone:

b) India Sinking:

c) Dead Sea Sinkholes:

d) Green Bay Split:

e) Trinidad Sinking:

f) Pakistan Mud Islands:

g) Caribbean Tilting:

h) Philippine Plate Tilts:

i) Wobble Moment:

j) Planet X Photo Captures:

k) Planet X Surprise:

l) Wobble Obvious:

a) Continuous Quake Zone

* In Issue 358 on August 11, 2013 we listed what the Zetas had revealed about the 8 of 10 phase, which is overlapping the 7 of 10 at the present time. Continuous plate movement in some regions was mentioned, with no specifics as to what these regions might be. 

* It would appear, from the seemingly continuous activity during the past few months, that New Zealand is one of those zones! First there were the hints in May that a slip-slide plate border had been “rolling all year”.

* Then after a 6.5 quake on July 22, 2013 there were so many aftershocks (over 100) that it begged the question – is New Zealand one of those regions? 

* On August 16, 2013 the pattern repeated after a 6.5 quake in New Zealand. This was followed almost immediately by a 7.3 to the east of the New Zealand fault line, along what the Zetas described as the true border of the Indo-Australian Plate at New Zealand. Once again, aftershocks galore. Continuous movement region, indeed!

b) India Sinking

* That India is being pushed down, losing elevation, was obvious from reports this past August from the East, the West, and the interior of India. As this Pole Shift ning blog reports, flooding in Pakistan is once again focused on Sindh, which borders the ocean. The Indus Valley lies along the plate border, so as India sinks, the Indus Valley sinks. 

* In the interior of India, along the edge of the Himalayas where land is being pushed down and under so that the normal flow of rivers has been pinched by compressed land, even a small amount of rain brings flooding as this Pole Shift ning blog reports.

* And to the East, in Bangladesh, land directly on the coastline, bordering the sea, is sinking. This selective flooding is hardly due to rain, it is due to sinking. 

c) Dead Sea Sinkholes

* With the plate border between the Arabian and African plates clearly delineated through the Dead Sea and the Sea of Galilee, it would be surprising if the roll of the African Plate did not affect this region. The scars from past slips show clearly on the landscape. Per the Zetas, the Sinai will pull apart a total of 50 miles during the 7 of 10 African roll, which has barely begun at the current time. 

* But the stress on this rift zone has become evident around the Dead Sea, which has recently developed, per a recent report, some 3,000 sinkholes. 

d) Green Bay Split

* The tearing of Wisconsin will not wait until the Pole Shift, per the Zetas, but has already started.

e) Trinidad Sinking

* Though the S American roll has barely started, there has been no confirmation of sinking or crumbling in Trinidad until this past month.

* The S American roll has likewise been seen in recent quakes along the Andes, and by active buoys on the Nazca Plate off the coast of S America. On September 26 S American rolled a bit, and on September 26 Trinidad crumbled a bit in synch - the 7 of 10 plate movements predicted by the Zetas, in play. 

f) Pakistan Mud Islands

* Several mud islands have popped up off the coast of Pakistan, in synch with a major earthquake in Pakistan. Where this has happened in the past, for Pakistan, it begs the question – why should an inland quake cause the sea floor mud to rise? Per the Zetas, an analysis of the plate movement dynamics explains it all. 

* If this earthquake happened on September 24, 2013 is it related to the sudden flooding in a nearby Indian state of Gujarat on September 25, as noted in this Pole Shift ning blog? As with the sinking of lands on the Sunda Plate, the establishment denies plate movements and ascribes all flooding to rainfall. But in a report from India, Gujarat had very little rain!

g) Caribbean Tilting

* Residents of Puerto Rico, which lies along the north edge of the Caribbean Plate, panicked when FEMA recently moved coffin liners and military gear to the island in September, 2013. NOAA’s Nautilus had been exploring the Caribbean all year, and by chance was near Puerto Rico in early October, 2013, creating a nexus in the public’s mind. Per the Zetas, there is no question that FEMA is preparing for disaster in Puerto Rico. Just look at the location and the number of fault lines fracturing the region!

* Just recently the island of Trinidad, expected to tear apart as well as sink during the S America roll, experienced a sudden depression along the S American plate border that crosses Trinidad. This was detailed in Issue 368 of this newsletter on October 20. Now the residents of the tiny islands just east of Panama also find themselves on sinking land. 

* The Zetas had predicted the tiny islands to the east of Panama would find themselves on fracturing rock during the 7 of 10 plate movements. Panama itself is on a platelet, though it is considered part of the Caribbean Plate. These tiny islands are on the eastern edge of this platelet, thus subject to being crunched during the westward push of S American and the downward push of the Caribbean Plate. This can be seen in the MODIS satellite images. In 2009 these islands could be seen, but four years later in 2013 they had disappeared!

h) Philippine Plate Tilts

* Step 3 of the 7 of 10 plate sequence is the tilting of the Philippine Plate. Lately the 7 of 10 movements have picked up steam. Step 1 is the Indo-Australia Plate diving under the Himalayas, and increased activity was detailed in Issue 364 of this newsletter on September 22. Step 2 is sinking in the Sunda Plate, and renewed activity was evident shortly after, as detailed in Issue 369 on October 27. Step 4 entails the S American roll, which also has shown renewed activity, as detailed in Issue 368 on October 20 re Trinidad and in Issue 370 on November 3 re islands just east of Panama. 

* But what of Step 3, the tilting of the Philippine Plate? As this plate tilts, it dives under the Sunda Plate, which is itself sinking, thus turmoil from many directions ensues. Not surprisingly, the Philippine Islands experienced a 7.2 on October 16, 2013, as noted in this Pole Shift ning blog. 

* This quake is situated on the Sunda Plate, as most of the Philippine Islands are. But the trauma here comes from the Philippine Plate repositioning itself just under the edge of the Sunda Plate. 

i) Wobble Moment

* As this Pole Shift ning blog shows, a webcam in Mexico, facing East, shows the scene growing brighter just after sundown, then plunged quickly into darkness.

* On October 1, 2013 the setting Sun is seen reflected on the clouds in the East, between 6:00 pm and 7:00 pm. It steadily sets, as the reflection on the cloudbank shows. At 6:16 pm the entire cloudbank is illuminated, but by 6:40 pm only the top of the cloudbank is illuminated. At 6:48 pm the Sun has descended in the West so that no direct light from the Sun is illuminating the cloudbank. Yet at 6:56 pm something has happened to cast more light into the scene, which is cast into intense darkness too quickly thereafter at 7:08 pm! This is not direct sunlight.

* This same phenomena can be again seen on October 10, 2013.

j) Planet X Photo Captures

* They just keep coming! These photos, recently captured, did not rely upon any particular filter, so what is seen in these photos can be seen naked eye too. These and other captures, the continuing drama, can be seen on the Pole Shift ning blog devoted to such captures. The first two are from Germany. A brilliant Moon Swirl can be seen above the Sun on October 2, 2013 at 3:45 pm in the afternoon. And a definitive Second Sun capture on October 6, 2013 during sunrise at 7:26 am, creating dual reflections on the water.

* Then on a China website a photo from Malta taken on October 28, 2013 at sunset shows a curious reflection.

k) Planet X Surprise

* On November 28, 2013 when all eyes were on NASA’s SOHO and Stereo images to watch the dramatic swing of ISON around the Sun, a Monster Persona of Planet X itself appeared in the Stereo Ahead red and blue images. 

* Evidence of the presence of Planet X in the NASA satellite images is hard to come by, as there has been an official cover-up over its presence and NASA has regularly airbrushed evidence from the images provided by SOHO or Stereo. Still, due to the vast tail of Planet X which wafts about and is full of debris and the Moon Swirls of Planet X, evidence of the tail can be collected almost daily, as this Pole Shift ning blog shows.

l) Wobble Obvious

* The Figure 8 of the daily Earth wobble is showing up in a rather obvious manner on the quake map page provided by the Global Incident Map site for December 8, 2013.

* The wobble has become so very obvious, an issue covered in recent newsletters such as Issue 372 on November 17, 2013 and Issue 359 on August 18, 2013 and Issue 357 on August 4, 2013 and Issue 343 on April 28, 2013.


5) #40 [2016 Fall Trimester  (Sep-Dec)]

Bolides are back. EMP. Magnetosphere Collapse.

Visibility is steadily increasing, naked eye without filters.


a) Bolides are Back:

b) Hoboken Crash:

c) Magnetosphere Collapse:

d) Nibiru Visibility:

e) What's Next?:

f) The Quickening:

a) Bolides are Back

* As the vast and debris ridden tail of Nibiru turns toward the Earth, fireballs screaming across the skies have returned. Each waft of the tail brings these bolides back, afresh. Recently, on September 29, 2016, a bolide seen from Montana to Washington State landed in Idaho. In that Yellowstone is just to the south, in Wyoming, the fact that some residents smelled sulfur was a concern. The bolide cracked the ground open when it landed.

* Not two days earlier, on September 27, 2016 a bolide fell off the Gold Coast of Australia. This was enough of a thud to register as an earthquake. Per the Zetas, more to follow. Until the passage of Nibiru has come and gone, we can expect incoming debris.

b) Hoboken Crash

* Per the Zetas, EMP is like lightning, pointed and targeted. Note the association between the electrical hub at the Hoboken terminal on the river bank with water. This was an invitation!

c) Magnetosphere Collapse

* On October 13, 2016 the Earth’s magnetosphere collapsed, shrinking the magnetic field about the Earth, hugging the Earth so closely it did not extend out into space. This was an astonishing occurrence not seen before. It took days to return to relative normalcy. As shown by the BATSRUS charts provided by the US government, within an hour, the collapse occurred.

* The BATSRUS chart from October 14 shows the Earth’s magnetic field literally hugging the Earth, closed so tightly around the Earth that it is not visible out in space. The Earth’s magnetosphere could be considered to have taken to the bunkers!  (ZetaTalk)

d) Nibiru Visibility

* Visibility is steadily increasing, naked eye without filters. This can be seen in a photo snapped at Horricon Marsh, Wisconsin on October 9, 2016. The photographer reports that no special filters or special camera were used, just the iPhone. No chemtrails were in sight. 

e) What's Next?

* Now that the question of who will be in the White House has been settled, Earth changes do indeed seem to be picking up again. On November 13 a massive 7.8 quake in New Zealand on what the Zetas call the “brake” plate, the Indo-Australian Plate, occurred. Unlike after most quakes in the last couple years, the buoys even responded. The buoys had been desensitized, and even turned off in the most active regions on the globe, such as near Japan and between S America and Africa where the dual rolls would show up as turmoil in the mid-Atlantic, and the quake magnitudes were down-graded. This quake in New Zealand was certainly closer to a magnitude 10, and the brake has been lifted.

* For the first time in years, the seismographs showed the Earth “ringing like a bell” too. These too had been desensitized to make them match the diminished earthquake reports. In describing the Indo-Australian Plate as the brake, the Zetas have said that when the brake lifts, then all the other plates around the world move in a domino fashion. Matters can be expected to pick up!

f) The Quickening:

* The air pressure charts show that the Polar Push creates a high pressure bubble in the Bering Straits between Alaska and Russia, which then forces cold air from Siberia down over N America. This is new, recent, and is entirely due to the daily Earth wobble. 

* The Quickening can also be seen in the increase in intensity and frequency of earthquakes. Just this past week on December 8 there was what was likely a magnitude 8+ along the San Andreas Fault Line in the ocean off-shore from Northern California, and just over two hours later, another, even larger, in the Solomon Islands. Both these quakes and the aftershocks in these locations caused the Earth’s seismographs to “ring like a bell”, all participating, even though these seismographs had been tuned down over a decade ago to help conceal the earthquake increase from the public. We have taken a giant step up now, clearly the Quickening.


6) #48-#49 [2019 Summer Trimester (May-Aug)]-[2019 Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec)] 

Nibiru Closer. Severe Wobble. New Madrid Begins. New Madrid Explosions


a) Nibiru Closer:

b) Severe Wobble:

c) New Madrid Begins:

d) New Madrid Explosions:

a) Nibiru Closer

* Nibiru is drawing closer at a steady pace, but there are stages where the magnetic and gravity dance between the Earth and Nibiru lurch forward or stall. A lurch forward apparently just happened, per Alberto’s photos. Where Alberto’s photos usually show Nibiru either at the 4 o’clock position to the Sun in the morning or the 7 o’clock position in the afternoon, Nibiru has suddenly moved to center in front of the Sun. Per the Zetas, Earth’s location vs a vs Nibiru has changed, so Earth is centered in the eddy flow in our view from Earth.

b) Severe Wobble

* The Severe Lean to the Left, which took place during the Manhattan blackout and the Galileo outage, then swung into a Severe Lean to the Right! This is of course a wobble pattern that kicks off the gyrations of the globe during the Last Weeks, but we are not there yet. But all this will surely increase the awareness in the common man that something is not right in the heavens. Sunrise and sunset will be in the wrong place, untimely, and the weather erratic and wild. 

* Nibiru moved from being at the 2 o’clock position on July 13th to swinging round clockwise during July 16-17th to being in the 10 o’clock position by July 18th. Note that Nibiru is normally seen at the 4 o’clock position from the Northern Hemisphere, but during the day from Italy, where Alberto takes his filtered telescopic photos, Nibiru normally migrates during the day from the 4 o’clock to the 7 o’clock position due to the tilt of the Daily Earth Wobble. But this recent swing is extreme. Per the Zetas, we can expect more of this. 

c) New Madrid Begins

* On October 12 the Hard Rock Hotel collapsed, on the west side of the Mississippi river in New Orleans. A video of the collapse shows that the upper deck started collapsing, followed by a swaying crane which was apparently reacting to the collapse, followed by the upper floors sliding toward the street.

* What is the significance of the Hard Rock Hotel collapse in New Orleans, just a few blocks from the Mississippi? Though under construction, several stories had been built and no signs of weakness had been noted. Cracks in other buildings in New Orleans to the west of the Mississippi are likely to be discovered, as the ground is dropping and pulling away from the center of the Mississippi River, as we predicted. This is the start of the New Madrid adjustment. 

d) New Madrid Explosions

* The New Madrid Fault Line has started to unzip, per the Zetas, with the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel in New Orleans on October 12. This unzipping is proceeding through the soft sedimentary rock that wraps around the Appalachian and Ozark Mountains. Soft rock stretches, distributing the stress of unzipping, but the process has been revealed by a number of explosions – the DOW PetroChemical Plant in Baton Rouge on November 3, and now a massive explosion at Port Neches on November 27. All these accidents happened on the West side of the Mississippi, which per the Zetas is being pulled down in elevation and toward the Southwest. 


7) #53 [2021 Spring Trimester (Jan-Apr)] (Present)

Nibiru Undeniable. 7 of 10 Status. Insurrection Act. The Interim.

a) Nibiru Undeniable:

b) 7 of 10 Status:

c) Insurrection Act:

d) The Interim:


a) Nibiru Undeniable

* After Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003, tracked in by the international team of amateur astronomers at the precise locations given by the Zetas, the US President at the time, George Bush, met with Heads of State from around the world in France.  Subsequent to that, the US updated Heads of State, stating that by January, 2021 it would no longer be deniable. This was a human estimate, not the Zeta estimate. And this does not mean that everyone will see Nibiru in the skies at that time. 

* Thus without getting into the Earth hum, increasing Earthquakes, sinkholes and crevasses, bursting water mains, methane towers due to the crunched and torn rock caused by the Daily Earth Wobble, or trumpeting in the skies – it is clear that the common man is likely to be suspicious that Nibiru is real, and the cover-up over this fact is also very real.

b) 7 of 10 Status

* The Zetas stated in the past that by 2021 FEMA would have their hands full with the New Madrid and Martial Law. Is that the case? The history of the 7 of 10 plate movements started in 2010, when the Zetas laid out the Scripted Drama expected to occur. They predicted this would start by the end of 2010, and it did, in Indonesia. Then the pace seemed to pause, due to humming boxes which had been inserted by the Council of Worlds in 2011 to slow down the pace. Then due to the theft of the 2020 election, the Council of Worlds planted Monoliths on the N American Continent to give the Trump Administration time to counter this fraud. 

* We last gave percentages of completion for the 7 of 10 Plate Movements in late 2019, and while many have virtually completed, it is clear that the New Madrid rupture is being held back. The N American Continent is almost devoid of quakes. This is being done deliberately by the Council of Worlds who see a frantic End Times battle between the Satanists trying to install the Biden camp in the White House and the White Hat forces for good at war with the Satanists. What are the percentages of completion at the present time?

c) Insurrection Act

* The Insurrection Act of 1807 was invoked by President Trump in the days following the Antifa riots in Washington DC. The media is trying to keep this fact from reaching the public, thus the purge on Twitter and FaceBook, which is an attempt to silence President Trump. But trusted insiders with military connections such as Jaco and Monkey Werx and Simon Parks and especially the Dark Judge have all been confirming this fact. Other valid sources such as Joe M and Code Monkey have also been confirming this fact, as do the Zetas. 

* This announcement was accompanied by reports of blackouts in Pakistan and Iran and the Vatican in Rome and various places in Europe such as Germany and France and even potentially sporadic places within the US. Per the Zetas, arrests were facilitated under cover of darkness, because cell phones and the Internet are silenced. Those being arrested cannot alert each other. At some point the public will be informed, likely via an Emergency Broadcast by President Trump, but at the least we should expect to see fewer lies from the media and a number of members of Congress suddenly resigning. 

d) The Interim

* Now that Washington DC is under Martial Law, with an illegitimate President Biden purported to be in control, what next? At what point are things set right, and when does the public learn the truth? Biden is shown signing blank Executive Orders. The National Guard is still occupying DC. Per the Zetas, the federal agencies are not complying with any Executive Orders from Biden, and we hear that the Pentagon is refusing to transition. This cannot go on indefinitely, but might last until March 4, the original date for Inauguration specified in the Constitution. 

* Meanwhile there is intense chatter on the message boards and alternative media about a change over from the US as a Corporation, sold in essence to various parties when the District of Columbia and the Federal Reserve were established in 1871, 1913, and 1933. What is clear is that the National Debt is primarily funds owed to private bankers when they were allowed to print US dollars and then charge interest when they loaned it back to the US. There are also Executive Orders written by President Trump that allow seizure of assets when foreign powers interfere with a US election. Is this the reason for all those troops in DC?

* But by seizing and occupying DC by the National Guard, President Trump’s EO on foreign interference with elections takes effect. Any foreign entity claiming a stake in the US, or claims of debt slavery of the citizens by a national debt scheme, would thus be null and void. It is assuming control of the Federal Reserve that is key, the foreign entities that have their fingers in the Fed and profit from its operation. The Fed was established by an act of Congress in 1913 and thus is in force until Martial Law supplants it, which has occurred. Coming out of this period of Martial Law, the Fed will be a different entity. 

* Why was it necessary to have 65,000 National Guard troops in DC on January 20, Inauguration Day? This was an invasion of DC by troops loyal to President Trump, reporting to President Trump directly. Consider the nexus between the foreign control of the 2020 election process, and the foreign ownership of the National Debt, and President Trump’s EOs wherein he allows seizure of assets if foreign interference with the election process is discovered. This means DC, and specifically the Treasury, has changed hands. 

* President Trump and the true Republic of the US now owns the Treasury, which resides in DC, so there is no more National Debt owed to foreign entities. This is a huge loss of assets for the Cabal.  This is not the NESARA claim. The funds given to banks to manage will be federal funds, not Federal Reserve funds, and thus the interest rate can be dropped to banks, and their interest rate also reduced to actual expenses. No more rich bankers. Since these are federal funds, any education loans can be interest free. The Khazarians will be stripped of their income.

[Expected Happening]

* 7-of-10 complete (final stage)

* 8-of-10 progress


8) #62 [2024 Spring Trimester (Jan-Apr)]

The Pole Shift is at the end of this trimester, in April of 2024.


Alien Presence:

* The End Times are often described as Judgement Day, or a time when the worthy will be taken up to safety via the Rapture. Per the Zetas, this is a misinterpreted message. Yes, there will be much die-off during the Pole Shift, an estimated 90% of humanity, and yes the Earth is in a Transformation so that those who are hardened Service-to-Self are taken to prison planets and those who are undecided souls are taken to reincarnate as octopi on water planets and only those who are highly Service-to-Other will be allowed to remain on Earth. The Zetas call the Rapture the Lift, a temporary reprieve. 

* Then there is the anticipated interaction between aliens and humans during the Aftertime. As the Zetas say, this will be welcomed as after the world of humans has literally turned upside down, how distressing can weird looking creatures be, in the scheme of things. They will come bearing gifts and offers of help to those survivor camps that are clearly operating in the Service-to-Others orientation. Gangs of thugs operating in the Service-to-Self will not get such help. 


[Another viewpoint regarding circle #57-#62]: The circles following circle #56 go towards the center of square, which seemingly show the earth is drawn closer to Planet X in the Last Weeks, and the individual circle of lining up as having greatly shaken could represent the earth's posture during the Last Weeks, when the earth is dramatically shaken by a magnetic dance with Planet X.


* Last Trimester Event Timeline:


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Comment by Kojima on February 23, 2021 at 1:39am

I corrected the point of the error about the date.

Comment by John Sheldon on February 9, 2021 at 7:11pm

Kojima, thank you for this.  Really well done.  Always appreciate your research.  Question.  If the crop circle was created in August of 2003, on a magnetic trimester, why did you skip that trimester as the start date, and start the "calendar" with the next trimester?

I wonder if the "calendar" would start in August (or Summer Trimester), since the crop circle was created in August.  If this is the case, then your calculations would be 1 magnetic trimester off, with Pole Shift in December of 2023, and the last weeks occurring in the Fall Trimester of 2023.  Your work is brilliant, as usual - and I appreciate your good work.  Thank you. 

If this new timeline is more accurate, I wonder if the 7 of 10 might not complete until 2022.  Many thanks to Kojima.  My best to everyone on the Ning.  God bless.

Love & light, j

Nancy's Comment: John this CC was laid in August 8 so the Trimester for August was considered COMPLETED. 

Comment by Ryan on February 8, 2021 at 9:29pm

Where's all this 2024 stuff coming from?

Nancy's Comment: Likely the new Buddha information, wherein the great earthquake (Pole Shift) starts in 2026. Link in the Hot News. 

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