Earth Wobble- The sky in Mexico darkened, then at a later time brightened again

6:21 pm- The Sun is GONE.

6:37 pm- New Sunrays at N.E

6:53 pm- It's Dawn AGAIN.



Link to original webcam time lapse


Nancy's Comments: I think this is a wobble factor, that the wobble tilted the globe so it caught a bit more sunlight. Screen prints from the Mex webcam below, as sometimes these things just disappear.

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on October 18, 2013 at 5:26pm

The webcam certain shows this! You can stop and move it along frame by frame. The Sun is behind the cam, at sundown. The setting Sun has lit the eastern sky, reflected in the clouds. Suddenly it is far brighter, the whole beach and sky is so. Then goes back into what would be expected.

The question is, what caused the brightness, temporarily! We cannot see the setting Sun, as it is behind the cam. Planet X would have set prior to the Sun, but the Moon Swirls, which reflect sunlight down their long tubes, are often wafted to the left of the Sun and thus could be setting after the Sun.

OR this could be a wobble moment. Most likely. Where the Earth tilts its S Pole to the side so the curve of the Earth allows a better view of the Sun for a few more minutes. 

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