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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 78 years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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In just the past few months, a series of videos have been posted on the Internet showing what appears to be a Boeing 777 flying in the approximate vicinity of where MH370 disappeared back in 2014.  There are 2 different views shown: a stereo satellite video and also a thermal imaging video.  Both videos show 3 UFO's surrounding and orbiting this aircraft for several seconds.  Then the objects and the aircraft suddenly disappear! Apparently these videos were posted initially by a YouTube user named RegicideAnon.  The stereo satellite video was posted on May 19th of 2014, just 9 weeks after the reported disappearance, followed by the thermal imaging video just 1 month later.  But soon after, these videos were abruptly deleted from YouTube.  It was as if they already knew this is PROOF of UFO's! First, in the satellite video, the plane is seen making a tight turn and leaving contrails while the objects surround it.  Then it suddenly disappears with a flash similar to what the Zetas described when UFOs suddenly switch from 3rd to 4th density; the result of a sudden void being created and then the air rushing in to fill that void.  In all of this, you can barely notice the clouds slowly changing shape as they normally do.  But furthermore you can barely make out what appears to be a shockwave branching out from where the plane and objects disappear. Then in the thermal video, reportedly taken by a nearby US drone, you see the same aircraft and objects and all their movement appears to perfectly in synch with--and thus corroborating--the satellite video!  Furthermore, that video also shows what appears to be wake trails from each of the 3 objects as they orbit the plane.  But the most interesting part is when the plane disappears.  In that portion, the first frame of the video shows the plane and objects blurring and becoming flat along with a lensing effect.  Then the next few frames show a complete black hole that then disappears and with all the craft suddenly gone! Overall what makes these videos truly amazing is that after much analysis performed on them by various media experts, there appears to be no evidence of doctoring nor tampering whatsoever. So the obvious question is are these videos real?  If so, is this actually MH370 or another Boeing 777?
[and from another]
Remember that Malaysian airlines Boeing 777 that disappeared WITHOUT A TRACE in 2014? Leaked satellite footage now reveals what ACTUALLY happened
[and from another]
[and from another]

Due to the coverup over the presence of Nibiru, the truth about what happened to MH370 or AF447 is withheld from the public. EMP involves a massive swarm of electrons and magnetons, which create a local magnetic field and blows out any electrical circuitry in the area. EMP will produce ball lightning, now being interpreted as UFO, which they are not. Light and heat particles are easily redirected from their former route, so any attempt to image heat or light from space will show anything but the real situation. Light bends readily, as anyone standing in water can attest. Their legs seem to be shifted and broken. Heat likewise wants to escape crowding so will dissipate. Thus a heat signature can represent a heat source or escaping particle clumps.

Prior 3/9/2014 ZT:
What would cause MH370, a large, stable aircraft to suddenly disappear? In clear weather, with a very experienced pilot, flying a reliable aircraft with an almost unblemished safety record, yet the plane disappeared from radar. No evidence from satellite reports of meteor showers or fireballs entering the atmosphere. Mechanical failure would have provided enough time for a mayday signal. Cell phones among the passengers likely were not engaged. Ergo, something interfered with the electrical systems on board. When the wreckage under the sea is discovered, any theories about a bomb on board will be dismissed as the wreckage will prove otherwise. So what caused the catastrophe?

There have been several instances of electromagnetic pulse affecting hydroelectric dams or aircraft since Planet X arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. In each case we detailed the cause but mankind plods on as though their technology will not be affected by the magnetic monster that has moved next door, nor is the public warned. Air France 447 had a total electrical failure when passing over the highly magnetized Atlantic rift and the Sayano-Shushenskaya dam step-up transformers raced into an explosion after a 20 year safety record. Such is the effect of an electromagnetic pulse from the magnetic giant currently turning to swing its magnetic N Pole toward Earth in an increasingly aggressive manner.

Now MASSACHUSETTS says it's being Hit by Wave of Pneumonia in Children as Ohio county issues "White Lung" warning - after China and Europe saw Surge in Cases and Hospitalizations
December 1, 2023
In Warren County, just 30 miles outside Cincinnati, there have been 142 pediatric cases of the condition — dubbed 'white lung syndrome' — since August, a figure health officials there described as 'extremely high'. 
[and from another]
Surge in ‘White Lung Syndrome’ after China is Ordered to Release more Data
November 30, 2023
Pneumonia cases in children are reaching ‘epidemic levels’ in Denmark, with chilling similarities to the beginnings of Coronavirus. ‘White lung syndrome’ pneumonia – nicknamed due to how the lung damage shows up on scans – is caused by mycoplasma pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that many antibiotics cannot fight. The Netherlands also reported a worrying increase in children with pneumonia, and Sweden is being affected as well.
[and from another]
Mycoplasma Pneumoniae
Mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria commonly cause mild infections of the respiratory system (the parts of the body involved in breathing). Sometimes these bacteria can cause more serious lung infections that require care in a hospital. 
[and from another]
Children all over the United States are Starting to Develop “White Lung Syndrome”
November 30, 2023
Last week, we were getting reports that hospitals in China were being absolutely overwhelmed by sick kids that had developed a condition known as “white lung syndrome”.  Unfortunately, now we are learning that large numbers of children in the United States and Europe are also developing “white lung syndrome”. 
[and from another]
The European Cities ‘most likely to be Hit Hardest’ by China’s Mystery ‘Pneumonia’ Outbreak
November 29, 2023
Amsterdam has already seen cases of pneumonia skyrocket in recent days as the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research revealed that 80 out of every 100,000 kids aged between five and 14 were diagnosed with the respiratory issue last week.

What is the nexus between pneumonia in school children and high Methane release from ripping rock below their feet and the start of the cold season in the Northern Hemisphere? Clearly this is not the pattern for a bacteria spread, which would not skip continents and target children while skipping over adults entirely. Adults travel and would be the likely first carriers. The pattern follows high Methane release over an extended period of time, which is confirmed by Methane SO2 maps. The only bacteria identified is an opportunist mild lung bacteria, which is taking advantage of lungs congested by Methane. This is not another  pandemic, however much those wanting to impose lockdowns would like it to be.

As of late people are reporting seeing these phenomena's with the naked eye and capturing it on film.  Is this due to the debris tail of Nibiru wafting the earth and it's particle flows?   Could the Zetas elaborate more upon this for us?

The funnel shaped Methane Towers are twisting in a manner similar to Tornados. Tornados are wide at the top where cold air is pulled from a top layer in the atmosphere, then narrow at the spot where this cold air has broken a pathway through the lower layer of warm air near the ground. Swirls develop due to the Coriolis effect from the rotating Earth. But why should these funnels now show a spread at the ground? The Methane is gathered from a wide area, where it emerges from ripping rock, then narrows due to the swirl, then widens above in the clouds where the burning Tower encounters other elements such as water laden Clouds. 

Prior ZT:
Methane towers emerge from rotting vegetation trapped between rock layers, and because Methane is lighter than air it rises quickly and when it starts afire due to lightning or atmospheric friction it burns and can be seen from afar. But the route is always up, not down. Tornado funnels occur when cold air drops rapidly through warmer air, resulting in a swirl. This process is down, not up. What could cause even pale blue Methane Towers to take the funnel shape?  Petrol in the tail of Nibiru is increasingly in the atmosphere, and when it encounters the Methane in a burning Methane Tower it too is set alight. Petrol is orange, and by the swirling motion in the tower as these two burning fuels mix the Methane Tower turns orange.

We know some of the souls of like Trump and the walk in part of Obama. Are we allowed to know the souls of the STS? I read an article saying Kissinger had the soul of Satan/Enlil/Perun. Could this be true?
[and from another]
Kissinger was the last incarnation of Satan/Pidkozox/Enlil/Perun. He has been gone for a while & we have seen his clone in recent years. His true form is Reptilian. (Link below) He is now confined by Galactic Federation.
[and from another]
Henry Kissinger
Kissinger pioneered the policy of détente with the Soviet Union, orchestrated an opening of relations with China, engaged in "shuttle diplomacy" in the Middle East to end the Yom Kippur War, and negotiated the Paris Peace Accords, which ended American involvement in the Vietnam War. For the latter, he was awarded the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize under controversial circumstances. Kissinger's legacy is a polarizing subject in American politics. He has been widely considered by scholars to be an effective secretary of state[7] and a practitioner of a pragmatic approach to politics called Realpolitik, but has been accused of war crimes for the civilian death toll of the policies he pursued, his role in U.S. support for dictatorial regimes, and turning a blind eye to war crimes committed by American allies.

We were asked at the start of the ZetaTalk saga about the Galactic Federation,
which is a figment in the imagination of some humans who want to forward their opinions and give them stature by this name. The Council of Worlds
is the forum in Earth’s part of the Universe. The failure to have the ring of truth in this tweet can also be seen in the assumption that one’s spiritual orientation can be determined from physical appearance. It is rather determined by actions and motives. Kissinger
was highly intelligent and thus his advice was sought by many. But like most humans his orientation was undecided.

Prior 1995 ZT:
The Confederation does not exist. The name itself implies voluntary membership, and this has been part of the ruse. Were this an ongoing ruse, we would not be able to explain this to you due to the Rules of Engagement. Your government, early on, wished to give the impression that alliances with aliens were possible, and likewise that some alien groups could be shut out. Under no circumstances did they wish for the populace to have the impression that they were being overrun by the alien presence or that they had no control over this matter. Of course, they do not have control, as control of contact is in the hands of each individual contactee or human who wishes to become a contactee. Nevertheless, talk of the Confederation is still being bandied about, and if one takes note, marks the speaker as one reluctant to accept the true nature of the alien presence.

Why has the Chicago Bend gotten so red hot? And how does that relate to the string of quakes above Montreal?

Fault Lines develop on the Earth plates where the pressure to move in different directions exists. Fault Lines represent a compromise, where part of the plate moves in one direction and other parts in another direction. Thus the N American Mainland can move WEST while the SE Portion shifts EAST, leaving the Mississippi River bed wider. Thus the Seaway can WIDEN where it parallels the New Madrid Fault Line along the Seaway, to accommodate the drop to the SOUTH that the SE Portion wants to take.

All these adjustments are accompanied by trauma in the rock being asked to rip apart or shift position. On December 2 the quake map shows a string of quakes in Canada above Montreal, as this part of Canada does not want to drop SOUTH. The Methane emission and in particular the CO from underground burning Methane shows that the East Coast and Appalachian fault lines are likewise complaining, as they are being pulled EAST. The Chicago Bend is afire because this part of the Mainland is being asked to tear both WEST and SOUTH, a double direction mandate, and cannot resist either.

Periodically the announcement of Nibiru seems to start up and then dissipate. We had Obama’s intentions in 2015 but he ‘lacked courage’ and backed out. Then we had the Prongs, an announcement by various astronomers around the globe. This began in 2016 but seemed to vaporize. Were they threatened? In 2014 the Zetas mentioned that Israel and the Jewish banking system was the main enemy of the announcement, as a bank failure would occur during any panic over a pending Nibiru passage. Now Nibiru seems to be in the news a lot. Is there another announcement afoot?
[and from another
Vladimir Putin Trump Talk Of Planet X Nibiru Disclosure!
November 10, 2016
Vladimir Putin Trump Talk of Planet X Nibiru Disclosure! UFO White House Secrets!
[and from another
November, 2016
It also seems that he is willing to tell the public everything about this planet, which he has already done, but which the media does not televise. In a candid interview with Pravda, Russian President Vladimir Putin implicitly states that he was going to tell the world about Nibiru.
[and from another
Breaking News: Putin Officially Announces Nibiru Planet X?
February 20, 2017
In this video program we will analyze the different videos, news and articles that appear on the internet about Putin and the planet NIBIRU. What is true in all this matter?
[and from another]

Will it be Nibiru visibility or a Russian announcement or the mere fact of New Madrid Plate Movements? Any and all could occur but as firm plans are in place, the matter is in the hands of man. Putin has warned the Junta that it will wait no more, and the popularity of Putin supports that. Do we have a date? Of course the New Madrid Rupture would be helpful but not necessary. The Junta is braced for this to occur any day. But since Internet access might have outages, Putin might not wait. Just prior to the Rupture would be ideal, a topic of discussion then on social media or the kitchen table through any outages.

What has happened since 2014 to empower Putin in an announcement? He is a founding member of the BRICS consortium, a rival to the Jewish Khazarian Mafia that has controlled western media with an iron grip. BRICS is flourishing, while the western banks are going bankrupt. The contract between the US Federal Reserve and these western banks is being dissolved into insolvency, thus removing the National Debt from their coffers. In private talks between Putin and President Trump, the true Commander in Chief in the US, Putin made his intentions clear. No more stalling.

Prior 2016 ZT:
Since the ZetaTalk saga began 20 years ago, the cover-up over the existence of Nibiru, a habitable traveling planet with an odd orbit, has moved from a denial that planets can roam far from their suns, a denial that a planet such as the mythical Nibiru exists, a claim that other life bearing planets have not yet been discovered, and a denial that intelligent life from elsewhere is visiting the Earth. This gradually moved to admitting the existence of exoplanets seemingly wandering around space unattached to their suns, increasing amateur video on the Internet showing evidence of objects seen near the Sun, the term Nibiru used extensively on the Internet, repeated announcements by NASA et al that evidence of life bearing planets continues to be discovered, and evidence of mass extinctions in the near and far past documented for public consumption.

Prior 2015 ZT:
This will inevitably land the public new on this subject at the ZetaTalk website. ZetaTalk became internationally known and famous even before the 2003 arrival of Nibiru right on time and at the location promised by ourselves. ZetaTalk had the ring of truth, was able to predict with accuracy, and was unique in giving people the ability to interact with ourselves via conversations with Nancy. Thus Obama saw this as an opportunity to not only break the cover-up over the pending passage of Nibiru, but to also break the cover-up over the alien presence. Or was it Nancy who provided those coordinates on where to sight the inbound Nibiru?

Prior 2014 ZT:
Netanyahu appears to be overreacting, as though he needs to consolidate power before another onslaught. Israel and the banking industry represented by powerful Jews were cited by ourselves as being enemies of the announcement admitting the presence of Nibiru.

I am just adding to the above response that I get a gut feeling this was related, as it was the first face to face meeting in four years.

Business Destroyed as Huge Bronx Fire Rages through Seven Stores just Days after nearby Six-Story Building Collapse Ripped family Homes Open
December 13, 2023
Officials said the fire started at the Cold Cut City Bunny Deli in the early hours of this morning, with witnesses claiming the blaze began in the kitchen at the back of the business.  Several businesses have been torn apart by a raging fire in the Bronx as firefighters continue to battle the blaze. The fire came just days after another six-story building in the Bronx collapsed, ripping families' homes apart. Surveillance video showed a school bus passing close by as the apartment suddenly gave way without warning, sending scaffolding and tonnes of concrete, bricks and metal onto the street below. 

For the past couple years the junction of several N American fault lines at the New York City area has stressed that region. Bright red on the Methane emissions charts, and bright red on the CO smoke from burning Methane underground. What does this do to the upper rock strata where several densely populated cities are located? The upper rock strata is crumbling and at the slightest tremor could open crevasses or cause landslides or shift the surface into a tilt. This is a mega disaster waiting for New York City.

There are sudden warnings about a blackout. Is this related to the possibility of Putin announcing and admitting the presence of Nibiru? His annual speech is on December 14, a day away.
[and from another]
[and from another]

To prevent alarm over Nibiru and resulting riots and looting, the establishment wants to keep the public from hearing Putin's speech or Q&A. Of course this would not work nor would it work for long. It would buy time until the wheels of Martial Law were in motion and in place. Thus blackouts imply no electricity as the Internet is too interconnected to be selectively stopped. Social Media is a fear tool as is email, but without electricity this will stop too. Those establishment leaders espousing this blackout plan are balanced by others who argue that a blackout is an invitation for crime, and will not suppress the information for long. In fact, doing a blackout actually confirms the theory that a coverup has been in place.

I saw a new Netflix movie that had the Nibiru Complex in it, aside a satellite close up; unmistakable and they showed it at least twice. "Leave The World Behind" had major scenes of GPS and satellite failure- ships running aground and planes falling out of the sky, animals acting irrational, and more religious apocalyptic stuff. Ominous deer gathering in the yard. Headaches from some unknown source. The Complex images were subtle and brief but clearly they represented the real deal- the magenta "smears" and red cloud debris field. The writers suggest it's the arrival of the Antichrist. Survival preppers are featured, too. 

[and from another] Barack Obama Gave Script Notes on Netflix’s ‘Leave the World Behind,’ Starring Julia Roberts and Ethan HawkeSeptember 27, 2023 Alam’s novel follows a couple who heads out on vacation in a remote area of Long Island with their two teen children. But when the owners of their rental return in a panic, saying a sudden blackout has swept through the city, causing chaos, the two families are forced into a tense living situation. 


The movie Leave the World Behind depicts much of what the common man observes today – Red Dust, a shrouded planet hidden in the dust and Skyfire caused by Petrol in the tail of Nibiru, wildlife distressed by the Electronic Screech that tearing and compressing rock produces, Magnetic Sickness caused by Nibiru’s magnetic field, EMP outages interfering with navigation on planes and ships, and the view from the ISS showing Nibiru near the Sun.  Unlike earlier movies, Leave the World Behind clearly ascribes Nibiru as the cause. 
It is fitting that Obama was listed as an adviser on this recent movie depicting the arrival of Nibiru, as the expected reaction of the public was something that gave him nightmares. Is it better to keep the public in the dark until the last minute? This was his ultimate conclusion. Where today preppers are considered eccentric, the movie shows them as survivors. And where today the middle class can travel and has electronic communications and conveniences, the loss of these perks is shown to be a shock. It leaves the viewer to ponder their own plans, given the signs that are all around them.  


Prior ZT:

Disaster movies in the past have depicted elements of the coming Pole Shift such as a stopped rotation (Day the Earth Stood Still), meteors hurtling toward Earth (Deep Impact, Armageddon), volcanos and quakes (Volcano, Aftershock, 10.5), sudden climate change (Day After Tomorrow, Waterworld), and life in the Aftertime (Postman, Mad Max). Notably missing was Nibiru as the cause of these disasters, though the Nibiru coverup is depicted by a reluctance to notify the public (Yellowstone) until the last minute.
The movie 2012 was realistic in that it showed the attitude of those in power, to save themselves and only warn the public when the elite were safely away to their bunkers. Why else would the establishment delay notifying the public about Nibiru, so close at hand? They don’t want your messy panic, and the banks want you to pay your mortgages until the house is no longer there, blown or washed away. The December release of the new film Don’t Look Up depicts the dismissive attitude amateur astronomers are given when they present proof of Nibiru.
These movies are popular because the populace knows, subconsciously, that Nibiru is approaching for a passage. Thus these new films have star casts - such as Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio and Halle Berry -  and Hollywood anticipates mega profits. In keeping with what the public is dealing with at present, they feature falling debris, as in the February 2022 release of Moon Fall and October 2021 release of Warning. Notably missing are disasters caused by the Sun or unexplained volcanic eruptions from a restless Earth core. The enemy, rather, is the establishment coverup!


Tracie Crespo said:

Can the Zeta's share with us more details as to what's coming up with migrations? 

The Southern border is being overrun daily & there seems to be no end in sight.  Since Trump is the real CIC why is this being allowed?  We also know this will be the upcoming trends for the 8 of 10.  Is it time now to expand on the 8 of 10 Sociological events unfolding?
[and from another]
Here’s How a Border Deal Could Affect People Seeking Asylum in the U.S.
December 16, 2023
An urgent bid by the Biden administration to send a fresh infusion of money to Ukraine for its war against Russia has stalled on Capitol Hill as congressional Republicans demand sweeping changes to the immigration system.
[and from another]
Controversy in Denver as Illegal Immigrant Influx Increases Beyond 30,000
December 17, 2023
Recent reports indicate that over $33 million has been spent by Denver to support the increasing number of people, with many coming from Venezuela. “It’s not just from South America. It’s people coming in from Africa and Asia”, he said. “They’re being sold this bill of goods that if they come to the United States, they’ll be provided with food, medical care, and housing.
[and from another]
Texas Border Sheriff Sounds Alarm as Migrant Crisis Overwhelms Law Enforcement
December 15, 2023
Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber, stressing that he doesn't have enough officers to deal with the influx. "I don't have enough deputies, and working at the border, they're tired of working all the time. I don't have a lot of manpower."
[and from another] w
Ex-ICE Chief Thomas Homan Eyes ‘Historic’ Deportation if Trump's Re-Elected
Homan went on to lead ICE during the Trump administration between 2017 and 2018 as it was given the green light and arrests skyrocketed. Since the Biden administration took over, deportations have plummeted from a high of 267,258 in fiscal year 2019 to 72,177 in fiscal 2022. Trump in September promised the "largest domestic deportation operation in American history" if he’s back in the White House.

The Biden Administration wants more immigrants to counter the re-election of President Trump, as polling shows they would likely vote as Democrats. Thus though Biden is a White Hat Double under the control of the Junta, the Biden Administration is working against the Junta. Until Trump is re-elected in 2024 or more likely reinstated due to the secret SCOTUS rulings and Senate confirmation of Trump, this border influx is a matter to be addressed by the border states and the Military. Meanwhile, the GOP in Congress is trying to force the Biden Administration to do their job by withholding funding for their pet projects

The majority of immigrants into Europe and the US via the Southern Border are notably military age men. The immigrants at the Southern Border now include refugees from Africa and China where Central America was the source in the early days of the Southern Border immigrant flood. Is there an agenda afoot to take over the US when they are in crisis over a New Madrid adjustment? The US Military has been weakened by Biden Administration policies to require the deadly Covid-19 vax, though this has been reversed of late.

The likely outcome of this is not a mass deportation at the hand of Trump, but rather that the US Military will induct illegal immigrants into the Military to swell the ranks of the soldiers available to the Junta. By allowing promotions from within, the experienced soldiers can supervise the newcomers. Those not suitable for the Military could also be assigned to Forced Labor
camps while their asylum cases await court or until they can be deported.


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