There are several ways you can search for a topic on the ZetaTalk  website

Go to the ZetaTalk main page and type a word or combination of words into the search box and hit the search button. For example if you want to learn about the wobble you could type “wobble” or if you wanted to get more specific you could type “weather wobble” or “ sun and moon out of place wobble”

Another way to find ZetaTalk  about specific subjects is to use your web browser find bar to locate topics featured in the   Weekly Newletters ,  or addressed during the Weekly Chats on the Pole Shift Ning from May 22, 2010 to the present  , or the GLP Chat from Nov 12, 2005 through May 15, 2010

To search the Weekly Newsletters go to the ZetaTalk main page, in the left had column click  Newsletter

Once in the Newsletter Archives use the find function in your browser. The easiest way to do that is by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+F (Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS) and ⌘-F (Mac) to quickly open the find bar. For Fire Fox the find bar will be located in the bottom left hand corner and for Explorer it will be in the upper left hand corner.  Type in your search term and it will highlight the word you are looking for allowing you to locate the News Letter of interest. One benefit of locating your topic in a News Letter is the additional information presented along with the relevant ZetaTalk.

To search the Ning & GLP Chats go to the ZetaTalk main page click on What's New in the left hand column

Next click on Ning Chat or GLP Chat

Next activate your browser find bar, type in your search term and locate the highlighted word, then click on the corresponding Answer Archive.

Once in the Answer Archive use the find bar again to locate exactly where your desired topic is discussed on that page.

Another very helpful link is the Site Map it allows you to see what is available and quickly go anywhere on the ZetaTalk website.

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This is terrific.  Thank you!

Terrific indeed, thanks for sharing with everyone Derrick everyone should read this!

Derrick, I have never used that "find bar" before. Used to spend a lot of time trying to find a specific bit of ZT among those sometimes huge archive indexes, especially the GLP archives. Usually after being directed there by a hit from a "search box" search. You have given me a new and handy, big time-saving, tool. Thanks mate!

Oh yes, and while I am at it...thank you for your long-standing, dedicated, and most important work on the Q&A. It is most appreciated :-)))

Thank you SO much for posting this.  I used to get very frustrated trying to find specific topic info, and then I would get sidetracked reading other Zetatalk topics! 

@Joyce Paski: Exactly! Me too!!

Adrift, and basking in a bright blaze of Enlightenment, tossed this way and that, upon the ZetaTalk See.

Blissfully unaware of passing time, ensconced in that most sublime pastime...ZT. Get Lost!!

Please add my thank yous as well.


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