Some time I'm disturbed by a issue relatively of well-known to all of us date, and I would like to ask the Zetas to comment on the following. December 21, 2012 is PR-date everywhere. I can ask any person "Do you know about December 21, 2012?", and he certainly will tell "Oh yes, it's date of the end of times according to a Mayan Calendar". Clearly that the mankind expects the end of this year with some alarm, and many people even prepares for any event anyway, psychologically and/or physically. So my question is, there would be by a useful thing use of this date by benign aliens? There would be here a good? I don't ask about timeline, but I just ask as far as it would be positive? Or you believe that it would be a negative thing? The mankind for itself invented date, and here seems to me that all would be in plus, both mankind and benign aliens. At least, likely would be silly not to make use of this. Otherwise really your warnings possibly could be buried together with deception of a Mayan calendar. Or I'm not right? 

Conspiracy websites often speculate on the latest rumors or leaks. What is the New World Order crowd planning next? Murdering unwanted members of the populace with poisoned vaccines or by spreading AIDS, planting dirty bombs in cities in order to start yet another war on false charges, luring politicians into pedophilia for blackmail purposes, or poisoning the water supply of LA. Of course they have plotted or done that, and more. But what holds back those plans is the fear that mankind will discover and prosecute these crimes. This fear would be removed by a date certain.

With a date certain they would expand to include mowing down unwanted members of the populace in the streets with cooperative members of the military. Mothers with babies in their arms, old men, all would be shot dead and left to rot in the streets. At point of gun, the remainder would be sorted out into camps – the healthy or skilled to work, the rest to be fed to dogs as entertainment.  Anyone who thinks that mankind cannot stoop so low should explore what history reveals. The NAZI death camps. Genocide by machete in Africa. And the torture chambers that oppressive regimes so love to use. Given a date certain, those who are held back by the fear of prosecution would not feel constrained.

The date will thus not be known until the Last Weeks approach, as by that time each individual will  have their own agenda in action, and the minions the New World Order counts on to do their bidding will no longer be listening. Soldiers will not be concerned about Court Martial and imprisonment for disobeying orders when the end of the world seems at hand. Nor will bribes work when money seems to have no value when the Earth is splitting open and moaning. The New World Order crowd will retreat into their bunkers, to snarl at each other in frustration. Then the date can be known, for certain. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 31, 2012

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