Watch and listen as UFO enters vortex above CERN Hadron Collider. [and from another]  Watch an action-packed 1:53 minute video of a huge and fast-forming vortex in the sky above Geneva, Switzerland where the CERN Hadron Collider is located.  But that’s only the first act of this short December 7, 2015 video. The second act shows a UFO entering the center of the vortex and vanishing. [and from another]

This is a legitimate video capture of a temporary situation, rising suddenly and dissipating just as quickly. And indeed, it occurred in the vicinity of the CERN collider. Swirls in the sky, even magnetic swirls, are nothing new, and increasingly occurring. Swirls can be incomplete tornadoes, or they can be as a result of an electro-magnetic disruption caused by the charged tail of Nibiru, aka Planet X, wafting the area. In these cases, there are often neon clouds associated, chemicals in the tail lit by the charge. This was the case in Norway in 2009 when the charge grounded via a blue neon spiral. This was the case over LA in 2015 when the establishment had to muster an excuse about missile tests out over the ocean to explain the neon swirls. 

This swirl over CERN is a magnetic swirl that was just developing. Indeed a UFO dove into the center of the swirl, to disrupt the process. This was done so that panic and rumors about CERN would not develop. The swirl was a result of Europe being in the stretch zone, subject to rock being pulled apart from Scandinavia to Tibet, and this creates lots of electronic screech in the rocks. Problems with air travel have resulted, the Germanwings crash into the Alps an example. The Germanwings crash occurred close to CERN also. The magnetic swirl developing over CERN had nothing to do with CERN, but would have been misinterpreted had it not been stopped.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 9, 2016


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