What caused his death? [and from another] Chief of the Main Intelligence Directorate Igor Sergun died suddenly on 59 th year of life. This is stated in a telegram of condolences published on the website of President Vladimir Putin. Igor Sergun was appointed head of the GRU - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of 26 December 2011. His predecessor, Alexander Shlyakhturov was discharged due to reaching age limit for military service.  [and from another] http://www.weeklystandard.com/the-strange-death-of-igor-sergun/arti...  On Monday, the Kremlin reported the death of Colonel General Igor Sergun, who has served as head of the GRU, the main intelligence branch of the Russian general staff since late 2011. A short statement posted in Russian on the Kremlin’s website said that Sergun died suddenly on Sunday evening, but failed to mention any presumed cause or even the location of his death. Sergun is credited as an important figure in the renaissance of the GRU, which had suffered deep staff and budget cuts prior to his arrival. Under Sergun, the agency regained political power within the Russian government as well as control over the Spetsnaz special forces, making it "crucial in the seizure of Crimea and operations in the Donbas," as well as "as the lead agency for dealing with violent non-state actors." The Kremlin's announcement comes less than a month after the announced retirements or sackings of 10 local law enforcement officials, which Russia expert Mark Galeotti described as pointing towards "a desire to make sure the internal security forces are in good shape and ready for action." There are changes at the top, though for what purpose and in which direction remains unclear.

Why was no cause of death given for Igor Sergun? His was not a death from natural causes, though at 59 years of age a heart attack could have been asserted. Putin chose not to lie, but rather allow the truth to be discerned. Where Sergun was effective at his job and well respected for this, he had an agenda that countered Putin’s agenda. Obama has been known to clean house, removing General’s Petraeus and General Allen for various reasons, though the real reason was planned treason against Obama.  They were working to prevent the planned announcement admitting Nibiru. The announcement is again close at hand, a multi-pronged announcement so powerful and from so many sources that it could not be denied. Assassinations in these situations are hardly new, but most are wrapped in talk of suicide or heart attack or an accident. Putin prefers to let the obvious be obvious, as a warning to others who might be contemplating interference with Putin’s plans. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 9, 2016

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