Signs of New Madrid Adjustment (2) : 2007-2010



* 2007/01/08: Worldwide Earth Fats; Sudden release of methane, along with obvious gas and water main breaks and factory explosions.

On Monday, Jan 8, 2007 there were reports of what appeared to be a monstrous gas leak in New York City and nearby Jersey City. No gas leak was ever found. Rochester, NY reported 4 broken water mains during this same time frame. 

Rochester, NY reported 4 broken water mains during this same time frame. 

Marine tankers report their alarms for methane going off, but no leaks found.

Then the reports from around the world started pouring in, all seeming to be happening simultaneously. 

Italy evacuated people from Genova and Bologna due to gas leaks, an explosion killing one.

London closed their tube lines due to suspected gas leaks, smells.

Australia had water main breaks in Adelaide, and gas smells evacuated a mall in Perth

Here in the US reports came in from Blue Spring, MA, evacuation due to smells.

Ohio smells and a factory explosion, cause unknown.

Nashville, TN, gas line leak. 

Mobile, AL gas leak. 

Blue Springs, MO gas leak with explosion

Dallas, TX smells and in Houston a factory fume leak, cause unknown, and in Austin dead birds, cause unknown. 

Iowa, a pond bubbling.

Albuquerque, MN city evacuated due to gas smells.

Half Moon Bay, CA evacuated due to smells, Santa Barbara marine tanker alarms due to methane, no leak found, and Oxnard freeway closed due to gas main break. 

ZetaTalk: We have detailed from the start of ZetaTalk in 1995, the effect of Planet X on the Earth where land would be stretched, what is called the stretch zone. If compression occurs around the Pacific Ring of Fire, then stretching must likewise occur in other areas. The African Rift valley is pulling apart dramatically in these last couple years, creating great crevasses in the Afar Triangle there. The St. Lawrence Seaway is likewise pulling apart, creating power outages in the region from breaks at the Niagara power station and seismic distress in the Black Hills, which becomes rumpled as the land spreads apart along the Seaway. Florida is being pulled down, as are the western regions of Great Britain, a fact dealt with as rising seas when in fact these rising seas are not registered universally elsewhere. The land is sinking there. London has extreme problems with their tube lines derailing, as do rail lines along the Eastern coast of the US.

We have explained, in great detail, that the stretch zone does not register great quakes when rock layers pull apart and sink, as this is a silent Earth change. Nancy has carefully documented breaking water and gas mains, derailing trains, dislocating bridge abutments, mining accidents, and outbreaks of factory explosions, showing that these have occurred in rashes on occasion, when the rock layers pulled apart. None of this, of course, in the media, though the pattern is obvious. As one of the symptoms of the Earth changes caused by the influence of Planet X on the hapless Earth, this is on the ban list in the media. Don't talk about this except to treat it as a local event, don't do pattern analysis, don't show the big picture. It is all blamed on Global Warming, on a flare from the Sun, on periodic climate changes that happen naturally to the Earth. Anything but admit the monster planet shrouded in a dust cloud, creeping past the Sun and heading toward the Earth.

In September-October of 2005, a smell of rotten eggs was sensed from LA to Thunder Bay on Lake Superior to the New England states and throughout the South-Eastern US. We explained at that time that this was due to rock layers being pulled apart, releasing gas from moldering vegetation trapped during prior pole shifts, when rock layers were jerked about, trapping vegetation. We explained in March of 2002 that black water off the coast of Florida was caused by this phenomena. Do these fumes cause people to sicken, and birds to die? Mining operations of old had what they called the canary in a birdcage, to warn the miners of methane gas leaks. Birds are very sensitive to these fumes, and die, and this is indeed what happened in Austin, TX. Were it not for the explosions associated with gas leaks, it would be common knowledge that gas leaks sicken, as the body was not structured to breath such air for long.

Why were these Earth farts and moving ground experienced from Italy and the UK throughout the US and even in Australia, all seemingly simultaneously? We have explained that the plates of the globe have been loosened up, the rock fingers holding them firmly against one another broken off, so a fluidity has resulted. A major adjustment in one place can thus be translated to an adjustment elsewhere, instantaneously. Italy is on fault lines. London is being stretched. Australia is being snapped in two, to some extent, as India is being plunged under the Himalayas while Australia and New Zealand rise. Where Australia will not actually break in two, at the point where the weight of the land rise to the East puts stress on the continent, there are adjustments, and this line across Australia will thus have rock layer adjustments, thus the stretch stench. But the major incidents of this stretch episode were felt across the US, primarily in New York City. Why was this?

We have mentioned that the point where sinking land in the Southeastern part of the US is pulling the continent down and the point where the rising New England land is bobbing up will be around Philadelphia, PA. New England rises because it is freed from attachments as the Seaway splits. It is free to bob up, as would be its natural state if not attached along the Seaway and to points South along the Eastern seaboard. As with the continent of Australia, the weight of this rising land puts stress at the snap point, not to the point of snapping the land apart, but adjustments will be made. New England is due to rise 450 feet, all told, where the Southeastern US will drop by 150 feet, no minor adjustment. But primarily the N American continent is being stressed due to a diagonal pull, where the New England states are moving East during the normal rotation of the Earth, but the Southwestern portions of the continent near Mexico are being held back. This Earth Torque, which we detailed in May, 2004 is due to tugging on the South Pole by Planet X, a daily affair as the live seismographs show. This Earth Torque was one of the primary reasons for the massive 9.5 quake in Sumatra on Dec 26, 2004, popping that plate up.

This Earth Torque will be the cause of continuing adjustments on the New Madrid fault line in the US, as we have likewise detailed recently. Mining accidents, when they have occurred in the US in late 2005, occurred along a line from Ontario to Mexico. Look at these Earth fart incidences, occurring on Jan 8, 2007. New York City, across to Ohio and Nashville and Missouri and Texas. Does this not line up with the mining accidents following the Sago Mine incident in late 2005? From New England to Mexico, that line. This is where the ground is being pulled, diagonally, with land West of the Mississippi going Southwest, land East of the Mississippi going Northeast. Such a diagonal pull certainly exposes rotting vegetation trapped between rock layers to the air. The incidences along the California coast are due to a reaction to the changes to the East, as the fault lines along the West Coast will certainly have to adjust in turn. However, the California adjustments are not caused by compression, during these times, but due to adjusting to the new position of Mexico, to the South.

* 2007/01/16: Two Kentucky Train Wrecks Release Hazardous Chemicals; In Kentucky, dual train wrecks only a day apart and a breaking dam within days indicate this New Madrid stretch zone is seeing the ground adjusting! Stretch zones are a silent adjustment, unlike large jolting quakes, but just as devastating.

ZetaTalk: It is no accident that the New Madrid fault lies under the Mississippi River near Memphis, as rivers form in lowlands created when land pulls apart, separating the rock fingers and weakening support for the land. Thus, the Ohio River bed also is an indication of where rock fingers will pull apart. Two adjustments in Kentucky, a day apart, are not an accident, but an indication of the speed at which the stretch zone is starting to adjust. Rail lines are frequently an early harbinger of such adjustments, as they run long distances, whereas structures within cities, such as tall buildings, take up relatively little space and have a small footprint. Our warning that imploding cities will be experienced, before the hour of the shift, are in this regard. Be warmed, it will not just be your rail lines and gas and water mains that will shatter and be pulled apart during the stretch. The foundations of your tall buildings will likewise be vulnerable.

* 2007/05: Earthquake Clouds over N America: Suddenly, these Earthquake Clouds are appearing on the N American continent!

ZetaTalk: Earthquake clouds that occurred days ago off the coast of Mexico/San Diego, and above Detroit where the St Lawrence Seaway hits land. The land is under extreme stress, and there are many indications of this.

* 2007/05/07: Swarms of Quakes Strike Yellowstone

* 2007/06/03: Earthquake rattles NH Seacoast; underground methane explosions; They say the blasts might have been underground methane explosions.; N Hampshire Booms

* 2007/07/09: Massive Sinkhole Opens in Mexico City

ZetaTalk: We have mentioned that N America is being bowed and pulled on a diagonal, and at some point large quakes along the New Madrid will occur. Mexico is being pulled to the West, while New England is being pulled to the East. In addition, the West Coast is being pulled into a bow near the Southern California area, which will create cracks in the Arizona area. The recent sinkhole in Mexico is only more evidence of this.

* 2007/07/18: New York City Steam Explosion; Per the Zetas, this is an example of imploding cities, where the infrastructure moves or drops due to Earth movement, creating disasters for the city above.

ZetaTalk: The island of Manhattan is placed virtually on solid rock. Is the rock shifting? Indeed it is, as New York and its environs lay in the stretch zone, where rock layers are being pulled apart. Such adjustments are never unilateral, leaving a level surface as before.

* 2007/08/02: Snapping bridge on I-35; Bridges collapsed in Minneapolis and Oroville, California;  I live in a suburb of Minneapolis and nothing has ever happened like this before. There were reports in the news of a 'rotten egg smell' and an outbreak of of algae just a few days prior to this. I also felt, or heard, a strange frequency a couple of hours before this happened.

ZetaTalk: Run a line from Montreal, at the mouth of the seaway, to Rapid City, SD and the line runs through Minneapolis. Weak points along the rip lines give way one by one, each such adjustment placing stress on other points in a domino manner. The I35W bridge, being the larger of the bridges crossing the Mississippi at this point, was less able to adapt to a change in position vis-a-vis its footings on either side of the river, as it was an interstate bridge supporting several lanes, and thus had massive and thus rigid supports.

* 2007/08/06: Utah, the Crandall Canyon Mine Collapse; If rock on the eastern shores of the Mississippi River can shift to the east, causing the collapse of the I35W bridge, would such a bowing of land near Arizona cause a long stable coal mine to collapse so resoundingly that it masks a 4.1 earthquake?

ZetaTalk: Crandall Canyon lies to the east of the Great Salt Lake Desert, and passes on any stress created due to the bowing of land in the southwest we have predicted to the mountains to the east of these salt flats. The weak link gives. The New Madrid Fault adjustments we have predicted to occur soon will not just suddenly happen one day. They will be preceded by minor adjustments in the stressed rock. Weak points snap, one after the other, until such minor adjustments no longer suffice. The bridge collapse in Minneapolis, and this mine cave-in, are just a small preview of what is to come!

2007/08/27: I-40 Bridge Shutdown; The Tennessee Department of Transportation shut the bridge down Monday morning after noticing a support beam on the Arkansas side approach bridge sank 3 to 5 inches.; The piling sank because of vibrations.; A piling on the west side of the bridge crossing the Mississippi to Memphis, Tennessee, sank several inches.

ZetaTalk: The Seaway stretch brought the Minneapolis I-35 bridge down, but it was the pull along the east coast of the US that affected the footing under the Memphis I-40 bridge. From Florida to Pennsylvania, the land is being pulled down during the regular tugging and pushing by Planet X on the Earth's magnetic hot spots - the S Pole, the N Pole, and the Atlantic Rift. As the Atlantic Rift pulls apart, land along the edges loses support, and drops, pulling all attached land mass along with it to some degree.

* 2007/09/13: Sumatra Quakes 8.4; The location of the main quake was very close to the site of the massive 9.5 Sumatra quake on December 26, 2004. The exact Richter is in dispute, but that it was greater than a Richter 9 is not in dispute. Aftershocks continued for days, surprising geologists as the aftershocks moved to outlying areas in an atypical fashion.; As the Zetas have stated, the plates have become loosened, the rock fingers holding the fault lines together having broken off, so the plates are now more fluid, more free to move.

* 2007/10/03: La Jolla, California Sinkhole; SoCal Sinkhole Swallows Highway, Home; In addition, other areas nearby are experiencing shifting Earth. A water pipe burst in Long Beach, on the same day that the La Jolla slide occurred. Note that the volcano eruption in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen occurred on October 1. Then the landslide in La Jolla on October 3. Then the mine accident in South Africa on October 4. The whole world seems to be experiencing Earth movement, at once!; A water pipe burst in Long Beach, on the same day that the La Jolla slide occurred.

ZetaTalk: We have repeatedly warned that the US southwest was going to undergo a bowing stress, a situation that would last until the N American continent adjusted by a diagonal rip along the extended New Madrid Fault line, which includes fracturing from New England through the Midwest and down into Mexico. Until that adjustment occurs, Mexico is tugged to the west, causing a bow to form along the West Coast. The bow causes compression at its center, at the San Andreas Fault line near San Diego, and expansion inland. This bow is what caused the Utah mine collapse, as we explained at the time. Indirectly, this bow is what caused the Minneapolis bridge collapse, as it forces the St. Lawrence Seaway to open, causing adjustments all the way to the Black Hills of S. Dakota.

2007/10/14: Nazko Cone Awakes; A dormant volcano in British Columbia, which was last active 7,200 years ago, has awakened. Notable is that 7,200 years is a multiple of 3,600, the period of the passage for Planet X, aka Nibiru.; The quake swarm started on October 9 and is continuing, with rising magma the likely cause.; Per the Zetas, this awakening of the Nazko Cone is related to the current stress the N American continent is under, with the bow centered around Southern California putting stress on the rock strata from the Aleutian Islands to Central America. 

ZetaTalk: Where Southern California is the epicenter of the bowing, there is stress to points north and south along the N American continent, all the way from the Aleutian Islands to Central America. Not all rock strata are similar, as there are weak points and points more solid in rock. The area in BC that is experiencing quakes has a dormant volcano, not active since two pole shifts back, and now it has become a worry. The fact that there is a dormant volcano, active in the past, is a clue that this particular area is a weak point in the rock strata. As with the states abutting Southern California, this stress will lessen when the New Madrid Fault adjusts, but then any fault lines running up and down the West Coast will have to adjust, so the problems continue in one form or another.

* 2007/11/10: Seaway Bridge Collapse; Bridge collapses in rural Ontario; Five people were injured, one of them seriously, when a bridge that was under construction collapsed Saturday near Lucknow, Ont.

* 2007/11/29: Fire at Major US Oil Pipeline; Days after the high tides in the UK and Indonesia, the stress on the St. Lawrence Seaway caused a major oil pipeline from Canada to the US Midwest to pull apart, resulting in a fatal fire.; The pipe had leaked a few weeks ago and was being repaired. It appears as though one of those fittings may have failed and caused fumes to leak, and it caught fire. Clearbrook is about 215 miles northwest of Minneapolis.; Per the Zetas, the seaway stretch zone ends at the Black Hills of South Dakota, which explains why they are so rumpled and tossed. Put a line from the mouth of the seaway to the Black Hills and where does that line pass through? Minneapolis and Clearbrook!



* 2008/02/15: Indiana Stench; That familiar smell of rotten eggs - methane gas escaping from rock layers pulled apart - wafted over several southern Indiana counties.

ZetaTalk: Before a large quake occurs, there are minor adjustments, a type of snapping here and there of weak links while the major links still hold. Stretch stench in Indiana is a symptom of such minor adjustments…From New England to Mexico, that line. This is where the ground is being pulled, diagonally, with land West of the Mississippi going Southwest, land East of the Mississippi going Northeast. Such a diagonal pull certainly exposes rotting vegetation trapped between rock layers to the air.

* 2008/02/15: Pipeline Explosion in Texas; An oil pipeline exploded near the U.S.-Mexico border on Friday, sending flames nearly 400 feet into the air.

* 2008/02/18: Explosion Rocks West Texas Oil Refinery; What caused an oil pipeline and an oil refinery to explode, within days of each other in Texas? On February 15, 2008 an oil pipeline exploded near the Texas-Mexico border, and on February 18, 2008 an oil refinery exploded in central Texas.; These Texas locations, which are hundreds of miles apart, seemed to have little physical relationship with each other. (See 2008/02/15)

ZetaTalk: From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities and create a catastrophe for the US that will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial.

* 2008/02/21: Magnitude 6.0 - NEVADA; Magnitude 6.0. 152 miles W (279°) from Salt Lake City, UT.: Where quakes on the west coast are not unusual, everyone has been expecting the next big one to occur somewhere along the San Andreas fault line. So why Nevada?

ZetaTalk: Nevada is under stress due to the bowing along the west coast. We mentioned during the Utah mine collapse that this was due to the bowing, for instance. This is all going to get worse!

* 2008/02/27: Florida Power Blackout Remains a Puzzle; A massive electrical outage occurred in Florida on February 27, 2008, plunging most of the state into darkness for hours. The shock was not the extent of the outage but what caused it - a minor equipment failure at one of the substations. This caused a series of automatic responses to prevent brownout on the grid or excess production of electricity by the power plants.; The Zetas have long warned about the "broken link" theory applying after the pole shift, whereby mankind's technology cannot be repaired or replaced as readily as man has come to expect.

* 2008/03/10: Mystery Source, Likely Sonic Boom, Shook Southeast Missouri Last Week; New Madrid Fault region; Recently booms have emerged along the New Madrid Fault line and the diagonal stress lines that the Zetas have predicted for the N American continent as it approaches a major adjustment in the New Madrid area. The Zetas have stated that N America is being pulled at a diagonal, with the New England area being pulled toward the east while Mexico is pulled to the west.

* 2008/03/11: Early Morning Shake Rattles Some Residents; It all started with a loud "bang!"; Pedricktown section of the township; New Jersey

* 2008/03/15: Crane Crushes NYC Buildings; 4 Killed; NYC Crane Collapses into Street; Crane accidents have been hitting the news the past few months. At the end of May, two additional accidents hit the news - both more dramatic in their size and impact than the previous incidents. After a crane accident in New York City on March 15, 2008, the Zetas were asked about the string of crane accidents, and replied that human error was the cause.

ZetaTalk: Distraction is rampant, as the populace notices things not being addressed by the media or the authorities. The Sun is not in the right place, the weather wildly erratic, the economy in the toilet while Bush says all is well, the price of food and gas going through the roof and no jobs to be found yet the media states that joblessness is dropping. Angry, and without a place to put their anger, many fume and thus do not pay attention to what they are doing. Close inspection of recent crane accidents shows that they were not secured, were driven into the wrong spot, or some such human error was the cause.

* 2008/03/22: Bridge on I-35 at Minneapolis Snap; A 51-year-old steel truss bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, Minn., was abruptly shut down on Thursday after inspectors found that its gusset places were bending - a problem similar to the one believed to have critically weakened the Interstate 35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis in August.

ZetaTalk: This is clear evidence of continuing adjustments affecting Minnesota. It is the diagonal pull on the N American continent which is causing this stretch adjustment, which is silent but just as deadly as an earthquake. The infrastructure is pulling apart! We stated that bridges on the Mississippi would be devastated when the New Madrid adjusted, and that such adjustments would be stepped, not just a single large quake. Here's more proof of the accuracy of our predictions!

* 2008/04/08: Water Main Breaks in Central Contra Costa Spill Thousands of Gallons; California; in the article from California that several water mains broke all at once, yet these water mains were not connected to one another. The connection? The fracturing landscape.

* 2008/04/16: Mysterious "Swarm" of Quakes Strikes Oregon Waters; About 600 earthquakes have been recorded in a small region about 190 nautical miles (350 kilometers) offshore from Yachats. Most of the temblors were small, about magnitude 2 or 3, although a few were magnitude 4 or 5.

* 2008/04/18: Earthquake Measuring 5.4 Rattles St. Louis Region; Quake swarms off the coast of Oregon and a 5.2 (downgraded from 5.4) on the Illinois/Indiana border are signs that the N American continent may be awakening.

* 2008/04/21: Several aftershocks, at least two registering magnitude 4.5, followed the 5.2 quake along the Illinois border on April 21, 2008.; An aquifer, under pressure, has begun flooding a subdivision with no end in sight.; Bellevue, Ohio; What does Ohio have to do with a quake on the Illinois/Indiana border? Per the Zetas, the area under pressure is vast, reaching from the Great Lakes and New England area down through the New Madrid Fault area to the Gulf Coast and thence down to Mexico. The issue of aquifers under pressure in this region is not new. It came up before near San Antonio, Texas in 2006.

* 2008/04/26: 4.7 Quake Rocks Reno as Area's Seismic Activity Continues; Following a spate of quakes in Illinois, quake swarms occurred near Reno, Nevada. There were hundreds of small quakes with a number over magnitude 3 and the largest at 4.7.; Why Reno, and why now? The Zetas point out that their descriptions of the stress the N American continent has been placed under, and their predictions on what to expect, answer these questions.

The first factor, thus, is the diagonal pull on the entire N American continent, which will first cause a shift in land along the Mississippi where land to the west drops toward the southwest and land to the east of the Mississippi pulls toward the northeast. This adjustment, of course, is along the New Madrid Fault line and associated fault lines.

The second factor is a bowing along the West Coast, as though Alaska and the tip of Mexico were grabbed and pulled to the west while the center of the N American continent resisted changing shape. This bowing puts stress on the rock, particularly just to the east of the center of the bow.

The third factor is the location of hard rock under former salt lakes, such as the Salt Flats in Utah or the inland Central Valley of California. Such rock resists fracturing and thus transfers the stress of the bow to the more vulnerable rock to the east.

The Reno, Nevada quakes are on a line drawn from the California coastline inland through Reno to the Crandall Canyon mine site in Utah, just east of Salt Lake City. Describing the cause of the Utah mine collapse, the Zetas at that time, fingered the bow as the cause. Once again, the Zetas have proved correct in their predictions on Earth changes.

* 2008/04/28: Maryland Booms; Booms and flashes in the middle of the night; Per the Zetas, there is no mystery. Booms and flashes are not new. They have been in the news since Planet X arrived in 2003. They have occurred on occasion before then in the late 1990's when Planet X began its journey toward the solar system.; And booms are also associated with earthquakes, as this report on a recent quake in northern California demonstrates.

* 2008/04/29: 'Sonic boom' preceded 5.2 quake near Burnt Ranch, California; A magnitude-5.2 earthquake, centered 11 miles east southeast of Willow Creek, jolted the North Coast at 8:03 p.m. on Tuesday. A magnitude-2.0 aftershock hit five minutes later, 16 miles to the east of Willow Creek. "It was sort of like a sonic boom," said Brenda Simmons of SkyCrest Lake resort in Burnt Ranch.

Per the Zetas, this has a simple explanation. As the ground moves, rock layers are pulled apart in the stretch zones, and then methane gas from rotting vegetation formerly trapped beneath rock layers is freed to loft into the air. Methane is lighter than air, and rises. Methane is highly explosive, and any spark such as lightning can light a pool or rising methane gas in the atmosphere. This creates a flash, of course, but also a boom like a thunder crack.

* 2008/05/07: Massive Sinkhole Widening in Southeast Texas Town; Texas is prone to sinkholes because of the rock type. Oil and salt water brine are removed from caverns during oil drilling, with the salt brine returned to the caverns so it does not pollute groundwater. The higher concentration of salt brine in the caverns erodes the cavern rock to some degree, creating fragility.; Certainly, as the pace of earthquakes picks up, such fragile caverns will increasingly collapse into sinkholes, suddenly blocking roadways and changing the landscape so that a last minute dash to safety could be faced with unexpected obstacles. The Zetas attribute the increasing incidence of sinkholes to the stress on the rock in the N American continent.

2018/05/30: NYC Crane Collapses into Street, Kills 2 Workers; The first, again in New York City, appears to involve the complete failure of bolts holding the cab atop the crane in place.

2018/05/31: Black Thunder Crane Accident; The second May accident occurred on May 31, the day after the New York City accident, and involved the world's "largest crane" operating in a mine in Wyoming.; If cranes become destabilized if the operator suddenly stops, or moves too quickly, could a wobble incite an accident? Apparently, a sway during crane operation is considered "dangerous".; The Wyoming crane was in the process of swinging a load of pipe across the rail lines when it suddenly collapsed. Note the timing of the collapse - 12:20 pm, i.e. noon. This was just when a switch from pushing the magnetic N Pole back toward the west to pushing the magnetic N Pole toward the Earth was possibly occurring.

* 2008/07/23: Green Bay Hum; Mystery Vibrations have Green Bay Couple Spinning; For two years now, the Ehrfurths have been enduring an annoying, persistent noise in their home - a low, motor-like rumble accompanied by a vibration. They can't figure out what's causing it, and it's been a challenge getting others to believe them because the problem starts and stops.; The Earth hums, at times, and in certain places. Taos, New Mexico has reported a hum for years. I have received email from Ontario since 2003 with reports of a hum. The cause of this hum was never discovered, and some individuals are more sensitive to and aware of the hum than others.; The latest location to report a hum is Green Bay, Wisconsin. Note the location of the city of Green Bay, at the end of the bay where Wisconsin's Door County peninsula begins.

ZetaTalk: Looking at a map of Wisconsin, one sees that Green Bay is at the point where the peninsula is pulling away from the mainland of Wisconsin. In other words, at the rip point. Looking further inland along the line of rip, we see Lake Winnebago, a large body of water which formed over an area that had sunk in the past. When we described the St. Lawrence Seaway ripping open during the pole shift, and the ripping process which has already begun since the wobble and tugging at the surface of the Earth occur daily, we described not just the seaway but a Mississippi River bridge failing at Minneapolis and the much earlier rumpling of the Black Hills in S Dakota. Of course the ripping open of the seaway is going to affect Wisconsin as it is in the heavy traffic lane!

* 2008/07/31: What about this mysterious explosions that rocked Kincardine July 31st?

ZetaTalk: Snapping rock is noisy. Rock under stress can create a hum, described as a motor running somewhere underground or nearby. But when the rock snaps it is not just a vibration. The seaway is tearing open! Many in Ontario and nearby New York state report a hum or vibration.

* 2008/08/07: Mystery Deepens Surrounding Kincardine Area Explosions; Now Kincardine, Ontario, just across Lake Huron from Michigan has snapping rock. Draw a line between Kincardine, Ontario and the point where the I-35 bridge snapped at Minneapolis and it passes right through Green Bay, Wisconsin. Most certainly, this is a stretch and stress zone!

* 2008/08/09: Utah's Famous Wall Arch Collapses; The middle of the arch just collapsed under its own weight. Geologists could not recall the last time a major arch at the park collapsed.

ZetaTalk: This arch survived great quakes along the San Andreas, such as the 1906 quake, and the massive quake that last shook the New Madrid fault line in 1811-1812. What is different about today, that the arch collapsed? The bowing of land does not merely shake the land, where all move in unison, it creates a shift in how land is oriented. The base on one end of an arch shifts so less of the base is supported, or more of the weight of the arch is unsupported by rock. As this process proceeds, gravity disrupts the balance and crumbling of the arch occurs. For those who question our explanation that a bow is occurring in the N American continent, we ask this question. What has changed that the Wall Arch collapsed?

* 2008/10/31: Earthquake (M 3.0) Hits North Texas

* 2008/11/10: Loud Booms in Fort Smith Area May be Due to Meteors; A loud boom sounding similar to an explosion rocked the quiet western Arkansas night.; A spokesman for NASA says he's not aware of what it was but didn't disagree with the theory that a meteor might be to blame.

* 2008/11/10: 2.7 quake hits Magnet Cove; The closest fault line is the New Madrid fault line that runs through northeast Arkansas.; Indeed, a recent minor earthquake in Arkansas was accompanied by a loud boom and flashes of light. Methane gas was released to explode.

* 2008/11/20: Government Warns of "Catastrophic" U.S. Quake; The New Madrid Fault line is a known hazard, as is the devastation that would result if the fault line adjusted with a major quake. So why is a warning coming out just now with specifics?; Per the Zetas, nothing is new, but the government recognizes that the New Madrid region is showing signs of stress. FEMA does not want to be accused of failing to issue a warning.

* 2008/12/22: Tennessee Dam Bursts, Hundreds Of Acres Flooded With Toxic Slurry Of Ash; A pollution horror happened in Harriman, TN when a dam holding back coal slurry broke, spewing the slurry downhill along ravines and toward the Tennessee River.; Per the Zetas, this breach and others have been due to the Earth changes due to the ground shifting, but the Zetas warn the public not to expect honesty on this matter from the establishment. Fear of panic in the public is uppermost in the minds of the establishment, who will eventually invent some lame excuse for the breach.

* 2008/12/23: The next day a water main in Maryland broke

* 2008/12/23: Mysterious booms heard south of Burlington [Iowa] Saturday night have many residents scratching their heads.

* 2008/12/24: 8-inch Water Main Breaks Near River Road Site; Another water main break is keeping utility crews busy in Bethesda; As proof this was not merely a single pipe failure, a second main broke nearby the next day. Officials are not even proffering an excuse for the failures.; The breach happened along River Road, a low point in the terrain. Per the Zetas, river beds are points where the ground has pulled apart. In other words, River Road is in the stretch zone. Clearly, this was a stretch zone occurrence, as two, not one, breaks occurred.

* 2008/12/24: Sinkhole Damages Home, Street; In addition to the Maryland water main breaks, sinkholes due to water main breaks have been occurring in nearby New Jersey during this same time frame.

* 2008/12/27: Yellowstone began a quake swarm on December 27-28 that was most unusual and is still ongoing.; Between Christmas and News Years Eve over 250 measurable earthquakes were registered.; Whereas Yellowstone is very active, a swarm of this nature is still unusual.; The quake swarm is also showing a sensitivity to the 12 hour wobble, the tugging at the Earth's surface by Planet X that causes a signature global shuddering at approximately UTC 0:00 and UTC 12:00.

* 2008/12/27: Mild Earthquake Shakes Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; The 3.3 magnitude quake hit at 12:04 am.; The earthquake was the seventh minor one to hit the state since early October.; They occurred: Oct. 5, 19, 20 and 23.

* 2008/12/31: New Madrid Booms; Primarily on December 31, 2008 booms were heard across the eastern half of the US in Georgia, Iowa, Missouri, South Carolina, and Indiana.; If there is anything consistent about the locales where the booms occurred, they are all locales that were affected by the 1811-12 New Madrid Fault line adjustment. Quakes went north from the New Madrid area into the Great Lakes area, skipped over the solid rock of the Appalachian Mountain area, but ran up the coastline to South Carolina and even ran bells in Boston.

* Scale of 10: Per the Zetas, 2008 saw an increase from 2-3 to 5+, primarily due to economic issues which they include in the scale.



* 2009/01/08: Homeowner Discovers Massive Sinkhole In Yard; One Tri-Cities homeowner woke up to a surprise Thursday morning.; Tennessee

* 2009/01/09: Dam Breaks At Alabama Coal Plant; Another such Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) dam broke in Alabama.; Upon close inspection, the two dam breaches along the TVA waterway and the sinkhole in the Tri-City area of Tennessee are all located along the Appalachian Continental Divide.

* 2009/01/24: Bizarre Rumbling Sound Unnerves Oklahoma Residents; Residents in Crawford and Sebastian counties in Arkansas and Adair and LeFlore counties in Oklahoma reported feeling and hearing rumbles.

* 2009/02/10: Dillsburg's Still Shaking; About 325 tremors have been reported in the Dillsburg area (PA) since October 3.; Per the Zetas, Pennsylvania is the point where land will bob up or be dragged down.; Pennsylvania has a lot of sinkholes, and now is reporting quake swarms.

* 2009/02/15: Texans Report Sonic Booms

* 2009/02/19: Sanibel Residents Report 'Boom and Shake' on Island; Florida; The enduring mystery of the south Minneapolis explosions rattling both windows and neighbors' nerves has once again reared its head. A new spate of nighttime blasts, roughly 100, have been going off since summer, something that has been occurring intermittently for nearly three years.

* 2009/03/04: O.C. Residents Feel Mysterrrrrious Shakingggg!; California; The Zetas have ascribed these booms and shaking and humming to Earth movement, often in a stretch zone where rock is being pulled apart. The issue comes up frequently. Per the Zetas, it is variously a snap when rock must break apart, or air clapping over water when the water heaves, or an explosion of methane gas released into the air. Booms are primarily an atmospheric phenomena, recorded in the atmosphere, where earthquakes recorded on seismographs are occurring deep within the rock strata.

* 2009/04/27: Mexico Hit by 6.0 Magnitude Quake; On April 27, 2009 at 16:46 UTC a 6.0 quake hit Mexico. This in and of itself is not that notable except for what accompanied this quake - a Black Hills wobble and a massive water main break in Baltimore, Maryland the following morning at 6:30 EDT. What do they have in common?

* 2009/04/28: Baltimore Water Main Breaks; What do these three points have in common? They are all indicative of the diagonal stretch the N American continent is current suffering. The Yucatan quake occurred right on the N American plate boundary, the Black Hills are the end of the St Lawrence Seaway stretch, and Maryland is in the stretch zone where land is being pulled apart.; What does the timing of these disasters have in common? They are clustered around the time when the surface magnet along the Atlantic Rift is facing the Sun and the approaching Planet X. Quakes are listed in UTC time, universal time at Greenwich. The Yucatan quake occurred at 16:47 UTC, close to five hours past the Face point for the Atlantic Rift. The Baltimore, Maryland water main break was at 6:30 EDT, which is 11:30 UTC, just shy of the Face point. Tugging on the Atlantic Rift is a factor in the stress being placed on the N American continent.

* 2009/05/03: Sinkhole Takes Down Power Pole; Springfield, Ohio; City Utilities crews spent several hours last night putting up a new power pole on Springfield's northwest side after a sinkhole opened and took one down when the ground gave way. 

* 2009/05/14: Couple Asks City to Investigate, Fix Five Sinkholes; Cleveland; The sinkholes in Cleveland, Ohio were in an area along the stretching Saint Lawrence Seaway known to be experiencing the booms of cracking rock lately.

* 2009/05/19: Building Collapses in Tecumseh, Oklahoma

* 2009/05/20: Methane Suspected in Burger King Explosion; Iowa; When soil moves, methane gas can be released from between the rock layers where rotting vegetation had been trapped. The owner of a Burger King in Cedar Rapids, Iowa that recently exploded was shocked to hear the conclusion of the insurance company investigation. It was not a natural gas explosion, but methane gas from an undetermined source.

* 2009/05/21: Building Collapse in Bristol Borough; Pennsylvania; Per the Zetas, these stretch zone accidents are caused by the Earth wobble, which tugs and shoves the Earth so that the plates pull apart and are thrown atop one another.

* 2009/06/21: Brooklyn Building Collapse

ZetaTalk: The substrata dropped under the building, destabilizing it to the point where the building fell in upon itself, and suddenly. That the basement floor and walls had dropped may or may not be reported in the media.

* 2009/07/03: Recent Central US Earthquake: In addition to the obvious increase in destructive earthquakes, the pattern shows that the diagonal pull zones have more than their share of earthquakes. The N American Continent is being pulled at a diagonal, per the Zetas, and this shows up in the charts.; Where the USGS is attempting to hide any quake increase, researchers in Berkley, California researches are reporting that stress on the San Andreas is increasing, exponentially.

* 2009/07/15: Tap water in a Colorado household has lately become "flaming water", and the cause has been cited as methane gas.; The Ellsworths first noticed problems with the water last fall. They went public with their plight with videos of their tap water catching fire when a lighter was held nearby.; The Zetas reminded the public that shifting rock layers release methane gas, as in the famous Earth fart day on January 8, 2007. The Zetas also cite the bow stress on the N American continent.

* 2009/07/17: Coal Train Cars Derail, Spill Load; Are there signs that Colorado has shifting rock, under stress, of late? Indeed there is. From the photo of the derailed Colorado train, it appears the derailing track was on flat land, on a straight stretch without features. What caused the track to deform?

* 2009/08: This is a blog, or message board, called the Earth Changes and Pole Shift ning, started only last August, 2009. It has proved phenomenally successful in attracting members from around the world who take the current Earth changes and possibility of a pending pole shift very, very seriously.

* 2009/08/11: Loud "Boom" Heard in Gatesville

* 2009/08/22: Mysterious Odor Strikes San Francisco

* 2009/08/27: City Crews Overwhelmed With Water Main Leaks; Corpus Christi, TX

* 2009/08/28: Geyser Erupts at U of U When Water Pipe Breaks; University of Utah

* 2009/08/28: Water Main Break Closes One Lane on Third Street Road; Louisville, KY

* 2009/08/28: Water Line Again Repaired After Third Break in Three Days; Wheeling, WV; River bottom cities are also highly vulnerable, as per the Zetas land with little support in the rock strata sinks, so this is where the rivers flow. This vulnerability can be seen in two cities - Lousville, KY and Wheeling, WV - where multiple water main breaks occurred on the same day for both cities.

* 2009/09/01: Water Back on after La Mesa Mains Break; San Diego County, California

* 2009/09/02: San Diego Water Main Break; Broken Water Mains Afflict Mission Beach, Pacific Beach

* 2009/09/06: Studio City Water Main Break Damages Cars, Floods Buildings, Closes Roads; California

* 2009/09/08: L.A. City Fire Engine Swallowed by Sinkhole; In San Diego several water main breaks happened in close proximity to each other, one after the other. Days later a large main broke in LA, trapping a fire engine in the hole, while another main broke in Studio City. Note that California is showing other signs of stress, in that San Francisco had an odd unexplained methane gas odor just weeks before the San Diego water main breaks.

* 2009/09/18: What's that Mysterious Rumbling Noise We've Been Hearing?; South Vancouver Island residents are puzzled by a recurrent loud rumbling noise; Per the Zetas, this is a result of the increasing stress the N American continent is under as it bows. The center of the bow is at San Diego. There, the roar apparently sounds like a plane about to crash.

* 2009/10/10: Can the zetas tell us what is with the mysterious roars in the San Diego region that sound like planes about to crash?

ZetaTalk: We have mentioned that during the week of rotation stoppage, the Earth groans in her agony. Rock under stress is not silent. Earthquake sensitives feel the emanations that come from rock under stress, the changes in electromagnetic flow through the rock, as do animals who try to flee from the area. But humans in general can hear the groaning. Where this has been treated as a hum in the past, it has stepped up to become the sound of a distant roar. San Diego, as we have repeatedly mentioned, is at the center of a bow formed when the Aleutian Island and the tip of Mexico are pulled toward each other. This is what has been causing all the water main breaks in that region lately. The rock is under stress, which will not be relieved until the New Madrid adjusts.

* 2009/10/27: Beyond breaking bridges and water mains, many in southern California are smelling sulfur! And seeing earthquake lights too. Quotes below are from a thread started on October 27, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction message-board; it smells like sulfur.; the smell of rotten eggs in the air;  looking for the source of the burning sulphur; in So Cal notice the glow/flashing in the sky; Quake lights?

* 2009/10/29: San Francisco Drivers Face Day 2 of Tough Commute; On September 6, 2009 workmen discovered a cracked beam on the Bay Bridge connecting the city of San Francisco and Oakland, while doing routine repairs.; A month later a cable snapped on the bridge, dropping the cable and 5,000 pounds of metal onto the roadway and narrowly missing commuters.

* 2009/11/02: Crews Clean Van Nuys Water Main Mess; Water mains continue to break at an alarming rate along the coastline in southern California, sometimes dramatically.

* 2009/12/30: San Diego Quakes; There were 46 quakes greater than 2.5 between December 30, 2009 and January 1, 2010 in the Baja east of San Diego.; A 5.8 quake occurred east of San Diego on December 31, 2009.

* Scale of 10: During 2009 the number rose from 5+ to 6, due to Earth changes, which per the Zetas will be the cause of any future increase in the count now as the world is presently in an obvious second Great Depression and struggling with food shortages due to crop failure. The state of the economy has already been accounted for, in other words.



* 2010/04/04: A 7.2 magnitude earthquake centered in Baja California, Mexico was felt all over Southern California, rocking high rise buildings from San Diego to Los Angeles.

* 2010/04/17: Crews Scramble To Fix Massive Richmond Sinkhole; The center of the bow, in southern California, is distressed.

* 2010/04/22: Potential for Big Spill after Oil Rig Sinks; The oil rig that exploded, caught fire and then sank 36 hours later could lead to a major oil spill.; The recent blowout on an oil rig off the coast of Louisiana is a reminder of how dangerous oil and gas lines can be.

* 2010/05/08: Report: Gas Bubble Triggered Rig Blast; The deadly blowout of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico was triggered by a bubble of methane gas that escaped from the well and shot up the drill column.

* 2010/05/11: In Quebec, just 40 miles NE of Toronto and along the Saint Lawrence Seaway, a gigantic sinkhole opened up, swallowing a house.

* 2010/05/18: Sinkhole on I-24 Closes Section of Interstate in Grundy County; Tennessee; Traffic heading from Nashville to Chattanooga could be snarled for much of the day. A giant sinkhole has closed a 17-mile stretch of Interstate 24. The hole is reportedly 25-feet long, 25-feet wide and 20-feet deep.

* 2010/06/01: Giant Sinkhole Shocks Neighborhood in Guatemala City; Residents of a center-city neighborhood in Guatemala City, Guatemala, are still in shock after a massive sinkhole opened last weekend.

ZetaTalk: Guatemala lies on the border between the N American Plate and the Caribbean Plate, and thus when either of them move, there is shifting of the ground there. A very similar sinkhole occurred in 2007 in Guatemala, and matters will get worse.

* 2010/06/04: Shale Gas Well Rupture; Natural gas and drilling fluids spewed from an out-of-control well in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania.

* 2010/06/12: Utah Pipeline Break Fouls Geese, Ducks.; And to the west, along that general line of stress through the center of N America, we have Utah, where for unexplained reasons an oil pipeline broke.

* 2010/06/14: Edmonton, Alberta, Sinkhole Gives Driver a Scare

* 2010/06/14: Cause of B.C. Mudslide Still Uncertain

* 2010/06/17: Highway Geyser; I was driving along I-95 [in Philadelphia] this morning and snapped this picture.

* 2010/06/18: Dam Fails, Drains Lake of NC Town; Follow that line from San Diego through Tennessee a little further and you arrive at North Carolina, which just lost another dam. This dam was just recently rebuilt, was new, and the holes did not appear in the dam itself but in the floor of the lake!

* 2010/09/09: A gas distribution line almost atop the San Andreas in San Bruno on the San Francisco peninsula exploded.; Per the Zetas, aging gas lines and fault lines do not mix, especially because rock can fracture to either side of the fault line.

* 2010/10/05: Unexplained Crack Splits Up Backyard; A massive heaving and renting open of the ground in Menominee, MI.

* Scale of 10: Thus, the Zetas had predicted that where the first 7 of 10 scenario would arrive by the end of 2010, for the world to become shocked by the 7 of 10 scenarios would not necessarily arrive by the end of 2010. But the 7 of 10 scenarios have certainly begun!; 7 of 10 Arrives!

Java began sinking on December 23, 2010, though this was only reported as flooding that refuses to drain. This occurred from one end of the island to the other, and primarily on the southern side of Java, which is being pulled down. By December 25, 2010 the Indo-Australian Plate began lifting on its eastern side. And by December 26, 2010 the Mariana and Philippine plates also began tilting. The buoys from the Philippine Sea to Tasmania show this, irrefutably. Queensland and the Philippine Islands suddenly had monstrous flooding due to the water draining toward the low sides of these tilting plates. Of course, as the Zetas had stated, the trend would be obvious before the scenarios started to unfold in ernest. Meanwhile, Indonesian politicians leap in to suppress any hint that their country is not safe for tourists. Thus, the Zetas had predicted that where the first 7 of 10 scenario would arrive by the end of 2010, for the world to become shocked by the 7 of 10 scenarios would not necessarily arrive by the end of 2010. But the 7 of 10 scenarios have certainly begun!


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