Signs of New Madrid Adjustment (1) Prologue: 1983-2006

(1) Prologue: 1983 - 2003/5/15 - 2003/6/8 - 2006

ZetaTalk prime message, since 1995, has been warning of the passage of a large planet.

Called Nibiru by the ancient Summarians,

Called the 12th Planet by Zacharia Sitchin.

Called Planet X by NASA when they discovered it inbound in 1983.

The 1983 discovery was initiated because solar system planets were perturbed toward Orion,

and the long period comets come from that direction also.

Called a Comet by Imanual Velikovsky, who documented many legends.

Called Red Star in the Oashspe, a channeled work 1882 by an Ohio dentist.

Called The Destroyer in the Kolbrin, a parallel Bible preserved Glastonbury Monastery in Scotland

Called Wormwood in the Bible.

Called Marduk by the ancient Babylonians.

[1] ZetaTalk Blog Archives [2005/08/01] THE PASSGE, IN PROPHECY AND LEGEND


Planet X is a rogue planet that slings through our solar system every 3,657 years or so.

Coming out of the Big Bang, when the suns and planets were forming and clumping, Planet X started this sling orbit by going around TWO suns.

It slings back and forth past them like a pendulum, and cannot stop this pattern, once started.

Most suns are binaries, dancing around each other in a perpetual dance, but our sun appears to be a singular sun.

This is only because its binary, the second sun in the pair, never lit, and thus as a dark hunk out in space we do not see it.


The Zetas say that this second foci, the binary twin of our Sun, stands 18.74 Sun-Pluto distances away.

[2] ZetaTalk: Distance from Earth


Why does it take so long, 3,657 years, for Planet X to sling past that dark binary sun and return, like a pendulum swinging back and forth?

Because when it gets in the center, it dithers.


We have explained that Planet X comes in from the direction of Orion, from the mid-point between its two foci where it stood at a virtual dither for over a millennia, at a high speed approaching the speed of light in the scant years preceding the passage, and then slowing as it approaches the Sun due to the Repulsion Force setting in.

These statements of ours are supported by the need for the IRAS team to go above the atmosphere to spot Planet X at the dither point in 1983, observations by three teams visiting their local observatories in early 2001 when it had started its plunge toward Earth, capture by observatory infrared equipment in early 2002 when it had come closer still in its approach, capture by amateur CCD equipment in the full light spectrum in the fall of 2002 when it had again come closer, and finally naked eye sightings of a red light blur winking in and out by late March 2003.

We have explained that in order to fool the establishment, those members of the elite who would enslave mankind during the coming shift and turn the globe back into the Dark Ages of oppression and kingship rule, May 15 was selected because at this time Planet X was coming into view from the opposite side of the Sun, what astronomers term ‘in the Sun’, so that mankind on Earth was blinded in exacting determination, the Hubbell useless, the SOHO too narrow a view, and all probes sent forth for triangulation disabled by ourselves. This is supported by the May 15 admission by the US government: Operation TOPOFF involving 100 agencies initiated on May 12, operation Planet X in Iraq unfurled on May 15, and Homeland Security going to level Orange for two solid weeks after specific dates of May 20-27 were given by ZetaTalk on the Lou Gentile radio show.

ZetaTalk: Why May 15? []

ZetaTalk: White Lie []

[3] ZetaTalk Light Illusion [2003/11/29]


The inbound Planet X cannot be viewed from Earth during part of the Earth's orbit around the Sun, as those gazing in that direction must look past the sun, during daylight, and light pollution virtually eliminates the ability to even see bright stars. This is termed being "in the sun" by astronomers. Where ZetaTalk has stated that amateurs will be able to see it with their scopes by mid-year 2002, the spot in the sky to be viewed will only be in darkness the hour before dawn at best by very late summer to very early Fall, but by December will be visible for most of the night.

[4] Troubled Times: In the Sun [2002]


In early 2003, when Planet X could still be seen in the night sky, photo captures of the complex first showed the complex as a whole.

Finally clear skies!!! Ok took a quick glance in the sky where this url points to.

[5] South USA; Binocular Photos [early 2003]

[6] The ZetaTalk Newsletter; Issue 271 [2011/12/11]


In 2003 Planet X did indeed zoom into the solar system, roaring up to the Sun, as was seen from Earth during the Summer of 2003.

Earth was on the opposite side of this drama, and the sunlight bouncing off the dust cloud shrouding Planet X created dramatic Second Sun sightings during that Summer.

Then it slowed, crept past the S Pole of the Sun, and is close to the Ecliptic now, fighting the particle flows coming back toward the Sun, fighting this headwind.

[7] ZetaTalk Blog Archives [2006/05/10] THE SLING ORBIT OF PLANET X


When approaching the Sun, in a direct line that has not had the Repulsion Force invoked as yet, Planet X has no brakes.

Planet X likewise escapes the Sun's gravity; because of the Repulsion Force.

The Repulsion Force comes into place during the approach when Planet X turns to upsweep through the solar system. It is dropping now from 11 degrees to 32 degrees to avoid the outer planets, and this is to some degree a Repulsion Force event. 

But this interchange with the Sun does not occur until it reaches Saturn's orbit, and really charges through. At that time, it is in a straight line through the solar system, this path chosen as a compromise between the attraction and repulsion, essentially.

[8] ZetaTalk: Escape Velocity [written during the 2001 sci.astro debates]


In that the Earth has almost moved full circle during the past year to where it will now be facing Orion/Taurus in the night sky again, what does a comparison to this time in early 2003 say about the placement of the Planet X complex?

1. A year ago, it was in the night sky, only, that the complex could be viewed, and this was an extremely dim and small red blur.

2. At the present time, no such complex is in the night sky, but increasing anomalies around the Sun, including illuminated planets nearer to the Sun than Earth such as Venus, and an odd glow from the south can be seen.

It is no longer approaching from a 11° angle, but at a 32° angle, having plunged low during its approach in 2003 and now coming up at this angle to pierce the Ecliptic between the Earth and Sun.

The orbit of Planet X is rapid from its mid-point dither between its two foci into the outer solar system, then slows dramatically, and virtually floats past the Sun caught between the gravity pull and Repulsion Force, only its forward momentum moving it out of this dance to where it can sling out of the solar system, the Repulsion Force combined with its momentum gaining the upper hand.

[9] ZetaTalk: Dancing Partners [2004/01/24]


The closest, most easily recognizable constellation close to the 12th Planet's approach is Orion, high in the winter sky in the Northern hemisphere. During the summer months of June/July Orion is behind the Sun and comes forth just before sunrise in the Eastern horizon as July fades into August.

Where the 12th Planet approaches from Orion, it dips below the ecliptic during the years just before passage to an angle of 32 degrees below the ecliptic.

[10] Troubled Times: 32 Degree Angle


As in many approach/repulsion dynamics in nature, the passage of the 12th Planet through the solar system has many factors at play, at once.

The 12th Planet deals with this situation by sliding sideways, away from the main point of these gravity particle spurts, which occur at the Sun's belly, the Plane of the Ecliptic. It dives south, still approaching as it continues to be attracted due to gravity.

During the 3 months it takes the 12th Planet to traverse the solar system from one side of Saturn's orbit to the other, it has placed itself on a line some 32 degrees below the Ecliptic due to its slide sideways to avoid the repulsion force.

Its angle of approach is still from south to north, the dictates of inertia and momentum stating it would continue in this direction.

The overall effect is for a rapid pace toward the sun in the last months, with a dive southward and a slowing in the last weeks, with an even slower passage as it crosses the Ecliptic in the week of passage. It seems, almost, to hover in the sky as it crosses between the Earth and Sun, moving slowly as the horrified populace watches.

[11] ZetaTalk: Conflict [2001/11/15]


Planet Earth adjusted to the approach of Planet X since the Fall Equinox by rising in its Ecliptic by an average of 7 degrees, a move which placing the S Pole of Earth above the N Pole of the approaching Planet X, in the manner magnets desire.

Coming in at a 32 degree angle toward the point on the Earth’s Ecliptic where passage would occur, this rise of Earth gave the two planetary magnets an offset of 25 degrees from each other, and thus the Fall and into the Winter Solstice passed.

The Winter Solstice found Planet X rising to the Ecliptic toward a point directly Between the Earth and Sun, such that the contest of which giant magnet the Earth chose to listen to moving from the Sun, as dominant, to Planet X, as the closer and supplanting magnet.

As Planet X came from afar at an angle below the Sun’s S Pole, it’s N Pole pointed there but did not tilt toward the Sun’s S Pole until it was passing the Sun’s S Pole, not yet along side where it could return to being in alignment with the Sun’s poles. The Earth, being the lesser magnet, reacts to this change in dancing partners, as it has all along, by gradually switching allegiances.

1. Since late Spring of 2003, the Earth has registered periodic Global Quakes when the Atlantic Rift, itself a magnet on the crust of the Earth, faced in the direction of Planet X in its approach or when in opposition. Thus, as Planet X was approaching from beyond the Sun, from Orion/Taurus, in late Spring and Summer, these Global Quakes registered at the Face and Dark points for the Atlantic Rift, with great regularity. This grip on the Atlantic Rift was primarily on the Southern Atlantic Rift, as Planet X was approaching the Sun at a 32 degree angle from the Earth’s Ecliptic.

2. Thus gripping not only the S Pole of Earth, but the South Atlantic Rift as well, Planet X had inserted itself into the magnetic dance between the Earth and the Sun, cutting in on this dance, so to speak. As Planet X closes the gap between itself and the Ecliptic, approaching a side-by-side position between itself and the Sun, it temporarily tilts Toward the Sun, its N Pole leaning toward the S Pole of the Sun. Earth’s southern regions, being in the grip of Planet X’s N Pole, at first lean likewise in this direction.

[12] ZetaTalk: Dancing Partners [2004/01/24]



Atlantic Rift Grab: Global Quakes at Tug Point Intervals!

Please check the Sweeps section for further updates.

The Zetas have stated that rotation stoppage occurs because the Atlantic Rift has iron heavy hardened magma that is clustered, whereas elsewhere in the globe it is more diffuse. This makes the Atlantic Rift, where the Americas are pulled away from Europe and Africa at each pole shift, a magnet of sorts. Where Global Quakes started in March, 2003 and were noted every few weeks after that, they have recently increased in frequency, occurring every few days.


Magma Surging Switch [2003/06/02]

Ionized particles within the liquid magma of Earth's core normally cluster at the poles, or around the magnetic solid core of the Earth. They break and mingle with the other magma only under duress, such as the passage of Planet X creates.


Dance Around the Atlantic Rift [2003/06/05]

By June 5, 2003 the S. Pole had picked up from a slow bobble of swirling magma to an agitated bobble, and an offset bobble not only in Norway, which had been present for days, but also in Hockley, TX was obvious, tension at the sides of the Atlantic Rift, and the S. Pole which is the closest pole to the approaching Planet X. Why Hockley Cty, TX? The SE United States is supposed to be pulled down 150 feet during the rotation stoppage, up to Pennsylvania where this drop stops. This implies separating within the N. Atlantic Plate, within fault lines. Hockley, TX is a live seismograph east of the the Continental Divide. Draw a line from Hockley to Norway, both showing offset bobble to the S. Pole's agitated bobble, and the division at Pennsylvania is seen. This tension in the crust parallels the early steps in the crust adjustments described in Scripted Drama.

ZetaTalk: Scripted Drama [2002/04/15]


ZetaTalk: 3rd Magnet [2003/06/08]

The distress a highly magnetized Atlantic Rift has on the surging magma is to create an irregular outgo at the N. Pole, where the particles flowing through the core are going straight up and out, but the particles that flowed along the Atlantic Rift are emerging at an angle. Thus, the point where this angular outflow emergence occurs is agitated, due to ionized particles under the crust surface in rapid motion. This is an indication that the Atlantic Rift has become magnetized, has gathered the ionized particles that escaped from their normal domain near the poles or surrounding the core, and that rotation slowing can be anticipated shortly.


2003, 2004

* See Newsletter Archives.  "2003 in Review"

* 2003/08/14: Power Outage; Massive power outage swept across swaths of the eastern United States and Canada

* 2003/10: Booms; Since the arrival of Planet X into the inner solar system, mysterious booms have been heard. For example these reports from the Great Lakes region were posted on a message board on October 12, 2003.

* 2004/05/15: Steel Girder Collapsed; Denver I170 Overpass

* 2004/06/09: Missouri Sinkhole; an entire 23-acre lake vanished in a matter of days; Lake Chesterfield went down a sinkhole this week

* 2004/06/11: Milwaukee Sinkhole; The hole measures around 40 feet long, 40 feet wide and about 15 feet deep.

* 2004/06/25: Florida Sinkhole; US 27 was closed Tuesday; a giant sinkhole below the surface; The sinkhole was about 20 to 30 feet in diameter.

* 2004/06/29: Huge Mile-Long Crevasse Opens along Fault in Western Mexico; The crevasse reportedly opened without warning early Wednesday. It stretches about one mile across farm fields in a sparsely populated area in Zapopan, a suburb of the western city of Guadalajara. It is as much as 15 feet wide in some places.

* 2004/07/01: Florida Sinkhole; a sinkhole near Highway 100 east of Franklin

* 2004/07/13: Kansas Road Pop; Sweltering Heat Causes Street to Rise 5 Inches, Crack, and Blow Up

* 2004/07/14: Arizona Crevasse; Quarter-Mile-Long Fissure opens North of Willcox

* 2004/07/29: Illinois Heaving Road

* 2004/08/23: Detroit Sinkhole; A giant sinkhole in Sterling Heights

* 2004/08/23: Atlanta Explosion; Georgia Power crews continued working Monday afternoon to repair underground power lines in downtown Atlanta that exploded overnight, sending manhole covers flying into the air.

* 2004/09/15: Boston Tunnel Leak; Water began leaking into the northbound lanes of the tunnel, at one of its deepest points. The leak occurred in a portion of the wall which has been in place for 10 years.

* 2004/09/19: Scranton PA Sinkhole; As the Pittston Avenue sinkhole continues to expand, so does the number of damaged properties in Lackawanna County.

* 2004/09/20: Buffalo Water Main; A water main break in Buffalo early this morning

* 2004/10/05: Virginia Sinkhole; A collector lane of Interstate 81 in Montgomery County was closed Monday because of a sinkhole.

* 2004/10/14: Florida Sinkhole; 50-Foot Wide Sinkhole Opens In Couple's Backyard

* 2004/10/22: Virginia Main Break; The crack extended about three-quarters across on the bottom, which indicated that it was a stress crack caused by the earth's movement. The earth shifted, and deep below the surface a water line bent and cracked.

* 2004/10/29: Boston Main Break; He was unsure what caused the 36-inch pipe to let go.

* 2004/11/10: Booms in Texas; Booms were heard on November 10, 2004 in Fort Wayne, Texas.

* 2004/12/25: Sumatra 9.5; The Christmas Hammer was most notable on December 26, 2004 when a magnitude 9.5 quake along the coastline of Sumatra created a tsunami that killed hundreds.


The first evidence of this torque on the N American continent occurred in August of 2003, when a massive power outage struck New York City, causing a complete blackout with a million commuters walking home to suburbia silently across the bridges. The cause? A substation at Niagara, on the stretching seaway.

This was followed by trail derailments and bursting gas and water mains and sinkholes and yawing crevasses that were suddenly and dramatically in the news.

Sinking, or lack of support in stretch zone, results in sinkholes. The incidence of sinkholes, in the US alone, during the 6 months period from April to October 2004, was certainly astonishing. These hit Florida hard, not surprising as it is at a point, literally, where the pull down is the most extreme. Detroit and Milwaukee, at the end of the St. Lawrence Seaway yawing.

Up the East Cost through Virginia and into Pennsylvania, a point where sinking and rising land create a break, a snapping of the Earth, as land south of Pennsylvania is pulled down while land North tends to bounce up as the Seaway yaws. And into land at the edge of the stretch zone, such as Missouri and central Canada.

If trains were derailing due to twisting track, and sinkholes appearing suddenly under highways, this was not the only horror afflicting transportation.

Road heaved, bridges dropped, and land slid on top of traffic.

Particularly in July, 2004, oddly, in 3 different US states.

This shows a relationship to a diagonal pull across the US, happening at that time.

This twisting of the North American continent involves New England pulled to the East along with the rotation of the Earth, Mexico and the southwest pulled to the West, as the South Pole was being tugged in that direction.

This opened crevasses in the southwest. This was not due to compression, subduction of plates, but due to the stretch, the land in these areas being pulled apart.

These sudden crevasses were not associated with any particular earthquake, but they WERE associated with road pops from Kansas to Illinois to Pennsylvania! Again, in July 2004.

Sinking land in the stretch zone very much affects gas and water mains running under streets, and a rash of reports emerged as Planet X tightened its grip on the Earth.

During the 6 months reporting period from April to October 2004, pipes were snapping all across the stretch zone like never before.


2005, 2006



* 2005/09/20: Bellaire, Ohio Strange Smell; A mysterious smell has been lingering around numerous neighborhoods in one local community.

* 2005/09/22: Central Texas; Strange Odor Prompts School Evacuation

* 2005/09/22: LA Times: Mysterious Stench Swirls Around City; And so it went across the Southland, as some detected strong odors from the coast to the Valley.

* 2005/09/27: Thunder Bay Canada; Strange Smell in Lonlac

* 2005/09/28: Washington DC Affiliate; Mystery Odors Reported Around District; Students returned to class Wednesday afternoon at two adjacent schools in Northeast Washington, but the mystery continues over what caused the odor that led to evacuations.

* 2005/09/29: Greenville, South Carolina: Workers Sickened at Downtown Greenville Building; A foul smell at a downtown Greenville building sickened several workers and forced an evacuation.

* 2005/09/30: Lake Erie burps and nearby residents smell it.

* 2005/09/30: Washington Post: Mysterious Stench Nauseates Northeast; Olive Taylor first noticed the odor Tuesday night outside her Northeast Washington home. By yesterday morning, the smell had turned into a stench so bad that it woke her up. Most of the complaints came from Northeast Washington, where the odor seemed to come and go for no discernible reason.

* 2005/12/26: Most of the complaints came from Northeast Washington, where the odor seemed to come and go for no discernible reason.


By June, 2005 scientists were openly admitting they were concerned about the New Madrid fault.

A few months later, in September of 2005, a mysterious smell like rotting cabbage or the cat's litter box wafted across the US.

The cause, per the Zetas, was methane gas released when rock fingers were pulled apart, releasing gasses from rotting material trapped between rock layers.

In early 2006 there was additional evidence that the N American continent was being put under stress, pulled in a diagonal.

Within a 4 week period, mining accidents from Canada to Mexico occurred, in a line parallel to one that could be drawn from Maine to Mexico, the stress line that the Zetas have described. The first was in the Sago mines in West Virginia, then another in Ontario, Canada, followed by a rare disaster in Mexico. Methane gas was suspected.

Although a constant source of worry, why the sudden rash of explosions across the continent, and along a diagonal line parallel to what the Zetas have described? Coincidence? If so, coincidentally, Maine was reporting odd methane bubbles off their coast.



* 2006/01/02: The Sago Mine disaster; Coal mine explosion at the Sago Mine in Sago, West Virginia.

* 2006/01/19: Aracoma Alma Mine accident; Melville in Logan County, West Virginia;

* 2006/01/30: All 72 Trapped Canadian Miners Rescued; The fire broke out early Sunday in the potash mine in central Canada, filling the tunnels with toxic smoke and sending the miners to take refuge in the sealed emergency rooms. The seventy-two miners were trapped more than a half-mile underground. The mine, which was Saskatchewan's first potash operation when it opened in 1962, is located about 130 miles northeast of the provincial capital of Regina.

* 2006/02/20: Workers Try to Reach Trapped Mexico Miners; Sixty-six miners were trapped underground yesterday after a pre-dawn gas explosion led tunnels to collapse inside a coal mine where they were working in northern Mexico.

* 2006/05/31: Earth, Venus, Dark Twin caught in the eddy flow of particles coming from the sun behind Planet X

* 2006/07/13: An Earthquake Every Two Weeks? It's Happening Near Cleveland; A corner of suburban Cleveland has become the earthquake capital of Ohio, shaking on average every two weeks since New Year's Day and making people wonder.; Eye-catching series of earthquakes -- measuring from magnitude 2.0 to 3.8

* 2006/07/21: Blackout caused by problems in what is called the Lake Erie Loop; New York state was facing the largest blackout in the history of America and had lost more than 85 percent of power in New York state. indications so far point to a downed 345,000 volt power line east of Cleveland, Ohio, on the "Lake Erie loop" - a series of transmission lines around the lake.

* 2006/08/10: This East Side Tree Does its Own Watering; The knotted, towering tree, more than 100 years old, has become the root of scrutiny in the East Side San Antonio, TX neighborhood. The tree has gurgled water from its trunk for the past three months.

Per the Zetas, the cause of this mystery is indeed pressure on an aquifer.

* 2006/09/10: A rare quake in the Gulf of Mexico, on a fault line the USGS was unaware existed.; The magnitude 6.0 earthquake, centered about 260 miles southwest of Tampa; The epicenter is an unusual location for earthquake activity, but scientists recorded a magnitude 5.2 temblor in the same location on Feb. 10.

* 2006/12/15: Yellowstone Domes Rising at 'Really Pronounced' Pace;


By July, 2006, Cleveland, Ohio was reports quake swarms.

Accompanying this was another blackout caused by problems in what is called the Lake Erie Loop.

The stretching Seaway, at it again!

Then on Sep 10, 2006, a rare quake in the Gulf of Mexico, on a fault line the USGS was unaware existed.

The Zetas related this to the stress on the N American continent, and the pending New Madrid diagonal rip.

This was followed by more adjustments in New England, which is scheduled to rise some 450 feet above sea level during the coming pole shift.

Quake swarms continued in Maine, and a dramatic drop in the water level in wells at the USGS site.

Per the Zetas, all these are clues that the New Madrid does not have long to go before it gives way, allowing the diagonal slip along the Mississippi that the Zetas have predicted.

The Zetas have stated the devastation will make the New Orleans disaster appear trivial.

New Orleans, after all, was another disaster waiting to happen, not a surprise. It was only a matter of time.

For the New Madrid disaster, affecting cities from Houston to St. Louis to Kansas City to Memphis to Cincinnati to Chicago and parts in between, the number of people left suddenly homeless will be immense, compared to New Orleans. These cities are not quake proofed, as is the norm on the West Coast. Lets look at the New Orleans disaster for a preview of what to expect, insofar as rescue attempts.

So if the slipping of the New Madrid will be WORSE than the disaster of New Orleans, affecting more cities and a wider area, and dropping land West of the Mississippi so flooding occurs, are these cities more prepared?

Those in the wake of the pending New Madrid quake, beware, and get prepared!




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