The Zetas have mentioned souls that technically can graduate to 4th density, because of their spiritual growth but hold back in 3rd density to assist in the Transformation. Can some souls also go to 4th density and then return to Earth, for such service? They would not technically be Star Children because they came from Earth, very recently. They are spiritually 4th density but physically 3rd density. These Earth souls would have a tendency to be very honest with themselves and others. Does this happen, and what are the characteristics of souls returning souls. Could the Zetas clarify? It seems like this is about Star Children but in a different context, related to Earth souls who return.

We have mentioned the reluctance many in the Service-to-Other have about being promoted to 4th density Service-to-Other worlds, as they desire to remain and help their birth-mates make the grade. They decline the promotion, during the periodic harvests, and determine to remain with their birth mates until the Transformation, when all will in any case be sorted out into their future worlds.  Those who linger in this manner are staying in a world fraught with danger and suffering, as all 3rd density worlds are, sacrificing their own comfort to help others, a true hallmark of those in the Service-to-Other. These souls are equivalent to Star Children, essentially from a higher density, yet are Earth born. 

What is life like, after having glimpsed what the worlds of those fully in the Service-to-Other are like, the cooperation and support given to one another in a high tech existence? These individuals are quite clear on what the goal is, how life among those in a Service-to-Other community proceeds, and can see with great clarity the deceptive picture drawn by those in the Service-to-Self. Where the Service-to-Self claim that rituals and enforced ignorance and rules against personal freedom are for the betterment of mankind, those who have glimpsed what awaits after graduation are acutely aware that this is a falsehood. Thus these entities, who might be called a big brother or big sister, spiritually, can usually be found on the front lines of the battles with those in the Service-to-Self. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 12, 2012

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