Serration wave along the East Coast fault line: on 2015/01/12 in WV, MD, NJ, VA and NC

Eighteen stations in West Virginia (WV), Maryland (MD), New Jersey (NJ), Virginia (VA) and North Carolina (NC) showed serration wave of ground motion on 2015/01/12.

[Stations which showed serration wave on 2015/01/12]

1) TA.P56A; Dayton Farm, Ripley, WV, USA; 39.50 N, 78.84 W

2) TA.P57A; Homestead Farm, Martinsburg, WV, USA; 39.48 N, 78.01 W

3) TA.P58A; Pank, Wackersville, MD, USA; 39.49 N, 77.30 W

4) TA.P59A; Jarrettsville, MD, USA; 39.61 N, 76.43 W

5) TA.P61A; Hammonton, NJ, USA; 39.67 N, 74.79 W

6) TA.Q56A; Snyder Ridge, Maysville, WV, USA; 39.04 N, 79.19 W

7) TA.Q57A; Strasburg, VA, USA; 39.04 N, 78.41 W

8) TA.Q58A; Fox Den Farm, The Plains, VA, USA; 38.94 N, 77.68 W

9) TA.Q59A; Harwood, MD, USA; 38.86 N, 76.65 W

10) TA.Q60A; Greensboro, MD, USA; 39.00 N, 75.84 W

11) TA.R57A; Stanardsville, VA, USA; 38.30 N, 78.52 W

12) TA.R58A; Rapidan, VA, USA; 38.30 N, 78.00 W

13) TA.R59A; King George, VA, USA; 38.20 N, 77.12 W

14) TA.R60A; Leonardtown, MD, USA; 38.27 N, 76.58 W

15) TA.R61A; Willards, MD, USA; 38.33 N, 75.34 W

16) TA.S57A; Dark Hollow, Roseland, VA, USA; 37.76 N, 78.95 W

17) TA.T57A; Hurt, VA, USA; 37.00 N, 79.25 W

18) TA.U56A; King, NC, USA; 36.35 N, 80.38 W

See also Active Ground Motion in North Carolina and South Carolina, as of 2014/12/05.



ZetaTalk Chat for January 24, 2015



As is known, there is a fault line that runs along the eastern side of the Appalachian Mountains, called the East Coast fault line. During the big 1811-1812 New Madrid quake, it was reported that church bells rang in Boston, as this is where that fault line terminates. The East Coast fault line connects to the New Madrid, and when there is slight movement it is where the jolt STOPS at the end of the line that often registers most strongly. The Connecticut swarm was thus indeed due to the restless New Madrid fault line, which Kaku knew. All this is just the start as the 7 of 10 plate movements have picked up the pace.

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