A Path of the Planet X, my interpretation, Ver. 4

I revised my diagram of a path of the Planet X because the situation at the point of passage and during the week of rotation stoppage was not fitted in my previous diagram (ver.3). Thanks to Andrew's and Sherry's comments, I noticed my misunderstanding. As Andrew described in his blog "Earth Drawn Closer", I am also completely at a loss for Zeta's commentary.

It seems impossible that both conditions of "the Earth and Planet X would come to each other at the point of passage -14 million miles" and " the Zeta's Triangle formed at the point of passage" are satisfied at the same time. Seeing the graphic Nancy drew (reference 2), I made a bold interpretation, that is, I boldly substituted the earth in the Zeta's Triangle with her twin of Dark Twin.

In the diagram, Planet X is located between the earth and the sun, so the earth is not affected by the Sun but by Planet X dominantly. This seems to fit the situation that Planet X causes Pole Shift on the earth at this time. And the course of a path shown in this diagram seems to resemble the course of the next figure closely.

I am hearty welcome in getting an opinion about this diagram.


1. SOZT: The week of rotation stoppage is a week of terror for the people of Earth. The Sun either stands still in the sky or refuses to rise. But even though the Earth is temporarily drawn toward the monster Planet X in the skies, making it seem to grow in size as it writhes with its many tentacles reaching out toward the Earth, there is not that much change in the temperature of the atmosphere. Planet X is blocking the way, blocking the path between the rays of the Sun and the Earth. The massive dust cloud of Planet X is being hosed directly at the Earth, and thus the seeming appearance of tentacles reaching toward Earth. Dust clouds are a shield from sunlight, as those under a volcanic gloom can attest. :EOZT

http://www.zetatalk.com/ning/05ju2010.htm, June 5, 2010

2. "Earth Drawn Closer" Posted by Andrew Veresay on June 27, 2010 at 2:00pm

Comment by Nancy Lieder on June 28, 2010 at 2:25pm

Here's the ZT, with graphic. Will also be included in the 7/3 Q&A:

Here is an interesting thing i discovered while making my slides. Posted it as separate blog: https://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/earth-drawn-closer

Could you look at this and say what you think about it? or maybe Zetas? Planet X path is here: https://poleshift.ning.com/profiles/blogs/planet-x-path-1


Early in the ZetaTalk saga we gave what is known as the passage triangle,


describing where Planet X, the Earth, and the Sun would be at the Point of Passage.


We also gave a statement during the search for Planet X in the night skies on how close


the Earth and Planet X would come to each other at the point of passage -14 million miles. We have also stated that the Earth is drawn in toward Planet X during the week of rotation stoppage, by some 30 million miles.


But we did NOT state that the Earth was drawn 30 million miles closer to the SUN. What is NOT clear is where Planet X is during this drama.

It is clear that the Earth has pulled as far to the left as possible, to escape the magnetic hosing coming from the N Pole of Planet X which is otherwise pointed toward the Earth. This hosing is what drives the Earth to flop on its side, lean to the left, and swing away into 3 days of darkness prior to rotation stoppage. Presumably Planet X continues outbound, as prior to the week of rotation stoppage Venus has escaped from the cup. Today, Planet X is within the orbit of Venus, so clearly it will make progress prior to the last week. Simple math would lead one to believe that Planet X remains at the point where it is today, as 44 million miles is halfway between the Earth and Sun, and 30 million miles and 14 million miles equates to that distance. But Planet X is to the SIDE, so the movement toward Planet X is not directly toward the Sun. It is toward a Planet X which is far to the right! This is one reason for the visibility of Planet X during the last weeks, particular the LAST week – rotation stoppage. There is less distance to Planet X than every before.


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