Scale of 1-10 in ZetaTalk

* 2 or 3 : At the start of 2008

* 4 or 4+ : June, 2008

* 5 : January, 2009

* 6 : August, 2009

* 7 : By the end of 2010

* 8 : Unknown

* 9 : Unknown

* 10 (Pole Shift) : The end of a trimester (April, August, December)

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* 2 or 3 of 10: At the start of 2008

1) ZT456-10

GodlikeProduction Live, written May 31, 2008.

The statement we made was that by the end of the year, on a scale of 1-10, that matters would reach a 6 if at the start of the year it could be considered a 2 or 3. We included in this economic and social factors, not merely Earth changes. We have also stated that the Summer magnetic trimester relates to more serious Earth changes, as an interpretation of a crop circle laid in Tennessee this year. Obviously, things will continue to heat up, as we have only started.

2) ZT442-20

GodlikeProduction Live; written March 22, 2008.

On a scale of 1-10, from the level that the earth changes are today, how much "worse" will it get in 2008?

If you consider that you are perhaps between a 2 and a 3, it could be considered to rise to a 6 by the end of the year. 10 being the pole shift, of course. This is taking into consideration all Earth changes, such as weather, winds, floods, earthquakes and stretch zone accidents, and political and economic upheaval.

3) ZT444-10

GodlikeProduction Live; written March 29, 2008.

We have stated our reason for withholding a date. We are still not giving a date, but by some of our recent statements it can be inferred that 2008 is not the year. We stated that Obama would be good in a crisis, a good leader, and he could not possibly be in a leadership position until January 2009. We have likewise stated that on a scale of 1 to 10, 2008 might see us at a 6 in terms of earth changes and sociological chaos if at the current time we are at 2-3 in this scale. A pole shift in 2008 would have put us at a 10 by the end of 2008. Why are we more relaxed about this date related information? Because there is less likelihood that the US will be plunged into a martial law situation. Bush3 as the clone in charge is part of this reason. We have also stated to the Puppet Master and others that as they take steps to help the common man, take steps to inform the common man and the like, that they will get the information they seek. You could consider this payback for the Puppet Master's role in the Bush3 clone replacement, if you wish, as in part that's the reason for our being more relaxed about date related information.

4) ZT452-16

GodlikeProduction Live; written May 3, 2008.

We stated that on a scale of 1-10, with the present state earlier in the year being between 2-3, that we would predict a 6 on this scale by the end of the year. We stated that this would not only include Earth changes such as weather and earthquakes and crop failures, but also sociological changes such as riots and economic depression and potential martial law in parts of the world. We have also discussed the likelihood of a general announcement about the coming passage. This is highly unlikely, because the public in any country would demand to know what the government plans to do to protect and care for them, and such care and protection is impossible to promise. It is likely to be the last weeks, or close to this point in time, before any such announcement would be made. At that time, the announcement would include the fact that the government cannot care for its citizenry, suggested steps such citizenry might take to help themselves, and more or less the fact that those in government will see the survivors at the other end of the expected catastrophes and good luck to all!

* 4 or 4+ of 10: June, 2008

1) ZT459-9

GodlikeProduction Live, written June 21, 2008.

The year has hardly begun! Perhaps a 4 or 4+. And realize that our warning included sociological changes too, like failing economies and crop shortages and homelessness. This too has only just started.

* 5 of 10: January, 2009

1) ZT491-4

GodlikeProduction Live, written January 10, 2009.

We stated at the last chat that the 6 of 10 had not yet been reached. It still has not been reached but we will say that a solid 5 has been reached, perhaps a tad more. On geological changes, we can predict the sequence of events, but not necessarily the pace. If you look to the increased earthquakes and stretch zone accidents, many of which Nancy has outlined in her previous and the forthcoming newsletter, you will see that an acceleration has occurred. But this is not yet at a 6. All matters such as weather irregularities and wobble intensity and earthquakes and volcanic awakening will continue, apace. Stretch zone disasters will continue, and be disasters as great as earthquakes but will not get the media attention that quakes do. The pace will quicken.

2) ZT492-16

GodlikeProduction Live, written January 17, 2009.

Even though people choose to act on the information on ZetaTalk at their own peril, aren't the zetas hurting their own cause at times by warning us of things that either don't come to pass when they insinuate they will or exaggerate the events to come? Not only gas prices have come down but commodities like milk and butter too. Tornadoes have decreased dramatically in number since their high of May 2008, and though more volcanoes are erupting and there is the occasional mudslide or avalanche, there haven't been any dramatic events that would indicate we're anywhere nearer the dreaded poleshift as was suggested when that "6 out of 10 by year's end" was announced. Do the zetas realize how much of an impact their constant drumbeat of doom has had on the "common man" they profess to be helping? Do they understand now that it isn't so much impatience for the poleshift to occur but impatience for something to be either proven right or wrong?

We have hardly hurt our cause. There are those who want instant satisfaction, being able to announce to their fellow man that thus and so will be occurring, and when the pace of change does not align according to their expectations they feel let down. This is their problem, not ours. We stated in 1995 that weather irregularities would occur, crop shortages follow, earthquakes increase, rogue high tides occur, and they did. We stated that the world was going into a second Great Depression, and while we were ridiculed about this in the past, it has emerged right on schedule. Do we have an ego about reaching a 5 of 10, rather than a 6 of 10 by the end of 2008? We do not have the egos that some carry around, and thus do not have bruises. Our goal is to alert mankind, and we have not given nor will we give a schedule that is so precise that we go against the Council of Worlds rule that the date should not be known. Our goal is not to protect the egos of some who want certainly or want to avoid embarrassment among their friends.

* 6 of 10: August, 2009

1) ZT529-9

GodlikeProduction Live, written August 29, 2009.

With the 2nd Trimester (most active one) ending shortly, have we moved further up the 1-10 scale? If not, will it take a major event to push it higher?

We are close to a 6 on the scale of 1-10 at present. This is not likely to recede.

2) ZT532-32

GodlikeProduction Live, written September 12, 2009.

With rising ocean levels, Bangladesh- is in serious trouble. Is this level 6.5?

Bangladesh has been in trouble since the beginning, since it is lowland subject to inundation during storms or heavy rainfall. With the Indo-Australian plate being pushed under the Himalayas, all of India is being pushed below sea level, steadily. Bangladesh will be the first to suffer. However, this does not change the overall rating for the status of the Earth changes prior to the pole shift, the 6 of 10 rating. This is a local issue only, for Bangladesh.

3) ZT537-2

GodlikeProduction Live, written October 3, 2009.

Greetings from Amursk! Tell, a mark 6 already behind? We move to 7th mark? We will reach 7th point faster than 6th?

At a certain point matters will move more rapidly, but of course we are not allowed to tell you when. It is also true that matters can plateau.

* 7 of 10: By the end of 2010

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Comment by Gerard Zwaan on December 6, 2010 at 6:07pm
Saturday a question was answered in the new zetatalk about the element of doubt during the 7 of 10
Comment by Howard on December 6, 2010 at 5:35am
Thanks for this detailed summary, Kojima.

Considering the Zetas' prediction the 7 of 10 will commence before the end of 2010, and reading the following statement in this context:

"Our goal is to alert mankind, and we have not given nor will we give a schedule that is so precise that we go against the Council of Worlds rule that the date should not be known."

It is logical to presume the 7 of 10 will commence much sooner than Dec 31. In fact, the closer we get to Dec 31, the greater the likelihood the Zetas' prediction will violate the Council of Worlds' rule that such dates shall not be known.

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