After the New Madrid adjusts, the Atlantic will adjust at the same latitude, across from the continental US and from Mexico, which will surge to the west. This would seem to place the tsunami directly across from the mouth of the Mediterranean and Spain and the coast of Africa. But this is not a typical tsunami that like most has a push in a particular direction. Most tsunami results from a plate dropping or rising, and thus there is a bulk of water with more pressure than the surrounding ocean. Thense the rapid movement away from that point of pressure. If land rises the tsunami is moving away from the back of the rise. If land drops, it is moving from where water has rushed into the void, away from the lip of land that rose above the dropping plate.

For the European tsunami, there will be a large void, a spreading apart, not rising or falling land on either side of the fault line. When water rushes in, it will clash in the center of the rift, and rise up. Thus, undecided in what direction it wishes to go, it will be very subject to the existing Gulf Stream, which will propel the excess water pressure in that direction. The Gulf Stream does not go directly into the mouth of the Mediterranean, which in any case could absorb a tsunami impact and dispel it quickly. The Gulf Stream tends to curl in two directions: curling round in a circular motion back upon itself and heading north toward Britain. Where it curls upon itself, the bulk of the tsunami there will return to the rift again, and settle, not causing any perceptible high tides along the African coast or in the Caribbean.

But the thrust northward will continue and will assault the coastline of the UK directly, and secondarily the coastline of France and Norway. France can anticipate a tsunami of 100 feet, Spain perhaps 30-40 feet, the UK 200-300 feet, and Norway 50-75 feet. The full brunt of the tsunami that strikes the UK will also wash through the English Channel, entering the North Sea, and clashing with the any flow coming down from the Norwegian Sea. The lowlands in the North Sea can expect a tsunami an estimated 100 foot high. The speed and force of the tsunamii as it reaches these lowlands will be lessened, however, so blockades such as storm doors may be somewhat useful in countries such as the Netherlands. Nevertheless, much flooding will occur, forcing the residents in these countries to face what is coming for them during the pole shift.

Was our statement that the coastlines of some areas would become uninhabitable prior to the pole shift in regards to the European tsunami and potential repeated hits? This and other coastlines will become uninhabitable because of storms from the sea. The coastlines that have been scoured clean of buildings because of the European tsunami will not be resettled, and not just because of insurance issues. There will be repeated tsunamis, though not as large as the initial one we have described, but enough to keep the populace fearful of a repeat. The severe wobble will also create tides that will assault coastlines in predictable places. Follow where the ocean currents go today, and exacerbate them to get an idea of what areas might be hit. This is not altogether a curse, but a blessing, as residents on those coastlines will have moved inland prior to the pole shift, For them, a life saving maneuver.

ZetaTalk ™ July, 2010

Source: European Tsunami

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Comment by Juan F Martinez on March 13, 2023 at 11:05pm
Comment by Juan F Martinez on September 19, 2022 at 6:35pm

In that the New Madrid adjustment is expected to put the whole of Europe in chaos, what are the EU elite planning?

Will they alert the populace along coastlines about the danger?

No, per ZetaTalk, they have infiltrated the alert system to abort any plans to alert the public, as population reduction is desired.

Thus, White Hat patriots should counter infiltrate the alert system to 'eliminate' those players planning to abort the alerts; OR they should create an alternate alert system, outside of the EU Satanists control.

A second issue is what the EU plans to do about survival communities. Clearly, they have zero plans.

Is extermination the plan? Yes, the means by which survivors can be culled and exterminated is closely held but sharing food during starvation and helping the wounded is the not among the plans.

Poison gas supplies can be tracked by the White Hat teams and those involved neutralized.

Matters like vaccines to protect survivors should be blocked, as a poisoning path.

European White Hat teams should anticipate a leadership role to focus survivor activities, along the plans the Junta has for the US.

Comment by Juan F Martinez on April 19, 2022 at 7:02pm

Azores earthquake (tsunami) evacuation plan being put in place.

The evacuation plan for the island of São Jorge, by sea and by air, will be operational by the beginning of next week, being put into practice if justified.

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