The wobble has gotten worse. It this the cause of the extreme heat over most of the Northern Hemisphere? [and from another] Earth Just Experienced the Hottest June Ever Recorded July 20, 2016 Last month was the hottest June ever recorded, according to both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). This marks the 14th month in a row that global heat records have been broken. It’s the longest streak of record-breaking temperatures since reporting began in 1880. The planet is well on track to surpass 2015 as the hottest year ever recorded. [and from another] Global Temperatures set 14th Consecutive Monthly Record July 20, 2016 Researchers said that both El Niño and human-created global warming can at least partially explain the increase in temperatures.

The weather maps continue to document the daily Earth wobble, showing abnormal heat over the N American southwest and up into Alaska, and abnormal heat through Europe. Both these regions come under more equatorial sun due to the wobble, due to the lean to the left and then to the right. This is distinctly balanced by cold spots in between. Canada’s eastern provinces and the region above Hudson Bay receive less sunlight due this tilt to one side and then the other. Russia’s Far East and the Siberian region above China of course are pushed into the cold by the daily Polar Push, when the N Pole of Nibiru shows the Earth magnetic N Pole away. 

Until the Last Weeks arrive, the Earth wobble will get increasingly worse. The daily Figure 8 will be interspersed with occasional Leans into Opposition, where the N Pole of Earth points more directly at the Sun and the Earth is laid out in opposition along the Sun’s magnetic flow lines. There may also be brief times when the N Pole of Earth points away from the Sun, though these will be brief and should not be considered the start of the Last Weeks. What will increasingly happen is an occasional Lean to the Left, where the Earth’s flip to the left and right become extreme so the Sun is warning all latitudes equally. All these maneuvers can be easily determined by the location of the Sun. For the Earth, weather extremes are certainly in her future forecast.

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 23, 2016

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Comment by jorge namour on July 22, 2016 at 5:32pm

Unprecedented heat, + 54 ° C in Kuwait: it is the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth July 22, 2016

Record heat between Iraq and Kuwait, maximum temperatures up to + 54 ° C: rewritten the new record heat has always been on Earth in the weather station Mitribah, now even higher peaks

Record heat in Kuwait - Yesterday, Thursday, July 21, 2016, was recorded the new world of absolute maximum temperature records: the measured the meteorological station of Mitribah, in Kuwait, where the mercury has reached + 54.0 ° C , equaling the previous world record which dated from June 30, 2013 and was recorded by the weather station Furnace Creek in Death Valley (California, United States of America).

The minimum temperature of Mitribah had been of + 33 ° C, with an excursion daily temperature of 21 ° C.

In nearby Basra, in the south of 'Iraq right on the border with Kuwait, the minimum temperature yesterday was even + 36 ° C and maximum 53.4 ° C (National Historic records ever in Iraq)

But be careful because the heatwave between Iraq and Kuwait will peak during the day today, and in the coming hours the + 54 ° C yesterday they will even be exceeded.

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