ZetaTalk: Forming Entities

Note: written Nov 15, 1995

In the beginning, each forming entity is aware only of themselves. Self awareness is a constant state in all life of whatever form, but at the start this is the only state. Forming entities are placed into 3rd Density incarnations, repeatedly, to hasten the 3rd Density lesson - orientation determination. Whether incarnated or not, forming entities first become aware of others based on the effect upon the self. Is the effect pleasant or unpleasant, dominating or acquiescing, desired or resisted. Incarnated or not, social interchange has begun. Sense of the other is also born in this context, not only in awareness of the partner in social interactions, but by observing others undergoing a similar experience. Empathy is in essence the statement, "I was once there, and I understand." Within 3rd Density there is first self awareness, second reacting to the presence of others, and last the capacity for empathy.

In making the orientation determination the entity choosing Service-to-Self is not so much progressing towards this determination as clinging back. They remain most comfortable with self awareness, and react to others in this context, essentially asking "What can you do for me?"

Interactions between entities change and become more complex during spiritual 4th Density, and many entities completing their 3rd Density existence are already operating in this mode. Following the development of the capacity for empathy comes the determination to intercede, to rescue, and as an adjunct to this determination the entity begins cooperative efforts, the sum being greater than the parts. Complex social interchange presents forming entities with situations requiring compromise if goals are to be met, and the need to subjugate personal desires so that another might be rescued or the group as a whole might benefit. While the entity leaning toward the Service-to-Other orientation moves steadily in this direction, the entity leaning toward Service-to-Self reacts to this greater social complexity with more of the same old reaction, "What's in it for me." As entities surrounding the emerging Service-to-Self entity are learning compromise and conciliation, the technique for the self focused entity to gain more for the self is essentially manipulation. Since groups of emerging Service-to-Other entities are forming, the emerging Service-to-Self entity tunes its manipulation skills so as to manipulate groups, too.

The orientations, even within 3rd Density, set upon different paths, and polarization increases as they progress.

Arriving in 4th Density, the fledgling entity thus is already reacting and responding to others, pressing forward with personal agendas and dealing with interpersonal conflicts. How does life in 4th Density differ from what the entity has experienced in 3rd Density? For the Service-to-Self their spiritual existence is essentially frozen while their intellectual existence progresses. For the Service-to-Self there is even less interplay and manipulation between entities than took place in 3rd Density. A rigid hierarchy with rules for everything emerges so that the lessons can proceed. For the Service-to-Other entity their spiritual wisdom continues to grow and augments rather than detracts from their intellectual progress. Skills in team efforts, where the individual is not required to sacrifice but can learn and grow while contributing are honed. Where the focus at the beginning of 3rd Density was self awareness, by the end of 4th Density in the Service-to-Other orientation the focus has expanded to be on group awareness.

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Comment by Kojima on September 21, 2022 at 4:41am

* ZetaTalk for 1,000 incarnated lifetimes

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written March 29, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

How long on average (how many incarnation) does it take for a soul to become fully Service-to-Other?

We have explained that on average it takes 1,000 incarnated lifetimes for an entity to arrive at a spiritual orientation decision - Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. This varies.

Comment by Kojima on September 21, 2022 at 4:41am

* ZetaTalk for Past lives

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written May 24, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

You can remind someone of past lives? There are scientific studies trying to prove the existence reincarnation, it is possible? How could achieve this through fingerprints?

Past lives do not leave their mark on future incarnations, such as a similarity in fingerprints. There have been past life proofs where the new incarnation knew things about the past life and could relay this to investigators. The facts relayed were things the new incarnation could not possibly know about, thus the link via a past life for the soul.

Comment by Kojima on September 21, 2022 at 4:37am

* ZetaTalk for Spiritual growth

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written June 14, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

The zetas have said, I believe, that there are other solar systems that work on the same principle as ours in the ways of a binary sun system with a rogue planet that creates a cataclysm to the stationary planet. They said they lived on a planet that was not this way, they transformed from another cataclysm. Is it a choice between the many opportunities of soulguides or the soul as to which cataclysm they experience for transformation? Or just chance? Or just who's on schedule to graduate with whats going on in 3rd density? Also why is there this difference or many inconcievable differences if the end result is the same? A gentle soul or an evil soul.

Young souls do not dictate the circumstances of their next incarnation. If a young world, where souls are sparked, has pole shifts, then the souls sparking on that world are experiencing pole shifts. All worlds, and all life forms, have problems to deal with. Such problems do not put the emerging soul at a disadvantage. In fact the opposite is true. Spiritual growth does not occur when everyone is beautiful, disease free, and trouble free. It occurs when difficulties are overcome, particularly when the desire is to help others overcome their difficulties. Thus, be thankful for your opportunities.

Comment by Kojima on September 5, 2022 at 3:34pm

* ZetaTalk for Infant rescue

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for March 14, 2015

I read the article above, where a small child miraculously survived after the accident, and would like to ask such question. According to statistics, about 35% of the world's population are children under the age of 14 years. I also have a little daughter of 6 years. And I thought a lot about how children survive the hard times of the pole shift. The situations may be different - adults can do not to prepare, to be in an unsafe place, to throw children, or they may be lost, the parents die, etc. Previously, our friends have described The Lift. If I was in a deadly situation with my or someone else's child, and for children was proposed The Lift, I would not hesitate gave the child. But not clear, who decides, and how will be occur The Lift for small children, as many parents can keep quite small infants in their arms, or they may be in maternity hospitals. Children can be your or someone else's, away from their parents, and how then they will return after The Lift to his parents? Parents and children may be different orientation, parents can die after shift, etc. Could our friends to explain all this?

There is much confusion about children – infants and young children – and their interaction with benign aliens. Conferences with the indwelling soul occur during all ages, and these conferences can include conferring with the Service-to-Self as well as the Service-to-Other. The only restriction in this regards is to the physical environment, where the Service-to-Self are not allowed to manipulate this in order to intimidate the young human. In that the quality of the soul is known, and a human infant can hold a mature Service-to-Other soul, an infant can and will be given the offer of a lift during the hour of the Pole Shift so their physical life not be ended.  

Of course, the vast majority of children on Earth currently have unsparked souls, or are undecided, so do not warrant an offer of a lift. As with all human life on Earth during the Pole Shift, they will either survive to live out their life in the Aftertime, or die to move onto the water planet where undecided souls from Earth will be transplanted into baby octopi. Unsparked souls, whether in human infants or adults, will dissipate upon death, as is the norm during spiritual development on all 3rd density worlds. Those souls who are judged to be Service-to-Self will be transplanted to prison planets upon death, and this includes any such souls that may be incarnated in human infants at the time.

What of children and infants during the Aftertime, when so many will be orphans or surviving in desperate situations? If these children and infants are highly Service-to-Other, incarnated with these souls, they will get an assist from benign aliens (as was done during the Sumatra and Fukushima tsunamis and Haiti earthquake). They will live in high tech domes with ourselves and other benign aliens so they can participate in rescue and cleanup operations afterwards. But if not deemed worthy of this treatment, they will be left to live out their lives as life on Earth presents today for infants and children. The Transformation facilitates life for those in the Service-to-Other, but does not interfere with life otherwise. Those are the rules. 

Comment by Kojima on September 5, 2022 at 3:31pm

* ZetaTalk for Unsparked souls

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for May 4, 2013

I was wondering if the unsparked / Service-to-Self souls are more in India compared to other places, hence the near complete drowning of India or is it due to some other reason?

Are unsparked souls more prevalent in those parts of the world where overpopulation or poverty is rampant? We have stated that old souls tend to migrate to the cities, the corridors of power, the high impact zones where high drama can be found. Those parts of the world that are rural, unindustrialized, and sleepy do not attracted incarnated souls, who tend to migrate to the cities at the first opportunity.  We have described Africa and S America as continents where a greater percentage of unsparked souls can be found, for these reasons. This would also be true of nonindustrial rural areas elsewhere, such as Indonesia or the Caribbean or India or the steppes of Siberia or northern Canada.

Many of these regions are going to be devastated during the coming Pole Shift. Indonesia will be washed clean during the rush of water from the Pacific to the Indian Ocean. Siberia and northern Canada will be gradually flooded during the rising seas after the Pole Shift, but for those clinging to life there, the drowning will be just as devastating as a sudden drowning. Central America and the Caribbean will be lost when S America crushes against N American during the hour of the Pole Shift. Thus India is not the only region to anticipate sudden death. It is not how life will end that determines the percentage of unsparked souls in a region, it is the challenge and opportunities that life offers. 

Comment by Kojima on September 5, 2022 at 3:28pm

* ZetaTalk for Unsparked souls

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for August 4, 2012

Here we are talking about the earth changes, about how life is not easy after the pole shift, but I have been read from many archives Zeta answers, I realized that the Earth is now live four or five billion people who do not have a full reincarnating soul. I have long been concerned by this question. Should all these people care about the transformation, the alien presence, Planet X and the Pole Shift, if they do not have a future after death? After all, human life is so short and fragile and living in a time like now it's doubled, and in fact most of them should worry about unsaved soul.  All these people who are living at the time of the passage of Planet X as if drawn into a more complex and a short level with only one life and if they do not pass they will be erased, deleted forever. It will look like formatting the hard disk memory of the earth, when all the unnecessary files in this case, the inferior souls will be permanently deleted from the memory of the Universe, right? Because we live in is not easy and stressful time at risk is theoretically every ordinary person who is not aware of the status of their souls. Actually be dispersed after death is the worst that can happen to a man, worse than any physical torture, or a terrible death. In general it seems to me that the people who have no spark at least they are less intuitive and can actually assume the reality of extraterrestrials and Nibiru, they do not even seem very worried about their afterlife, and yet the possibility of development in other higher worlds very attractive compared to the heavy existence on earth.

Unsparked souls are quite unaware of their status. Those humans incarnated with old souls may have a sense of mission, or déjà vu at times from past lives, and conclude they have an incarnating soul. Myths about ghosts, haunted places, visitations from loved ones who have moved on, and the rituals and dogma of religions around the world confirm that spirits exist, and man has an indwelling soul. Those humans who have an unsparked soul simply conclude that they do have a sparked soul, and proceed with their lives. Dissipation after death is not painful, nor even filled with remorse.

If the human had a sense of mission, a determination to accomplish something that was going to be left undone upon their death, then this is an indication that they had already sparked!  For an unsparked soul, the only regrets they have at death are for the uneaten cake in their cupboard, or the recent pain they experienced from an injury prior to death. It is not that their life and death is insignificant, it is that no sense of purpose outside of their life had developed. It is the same for a red rose, a great oak, or a dolphin. They are things of beauty, but do not have a lasting spiritual existence.

Comment by Kojima on September 5, 2022 at 3:26pm

ZetaTalk: Spark

Note: written Jun 15, 2002

Unsparked souls are fuzzy, aware of themselves as separate entities from other humans or animals, but basically dazed and wandering about, gap mouthed. They are taking it all in, as the first passage, the first tour, the first time visiting a place. Unless some matter occurs to spark a soul, such as empathy for another in distress and a choice to sacrifice comfort of the self to assist the other, no sparking occurs. A lazy life, lived in a local indolent with simple tasks, or taken out by early childhood illness, will not spark. There is a greater percentage of unsparked souls in those continents or locales where life is a simple struggle, not industrialized, not in high communication with other cultures. Thus, Third World countries have a higher percentage of unsparked souls. Thus, rural areas have a higher percentage of unsparked souls that urban areas. Thus, the corridors of power almost invariably have older souls, as this is deemed a high impact zone, given to high drama for choices. 

As Earth is hominoid inhabited, the obvious choice of a Star Child background to assist developing souls on Earth would be hominoid. However, the entire gamut of past life forms are found. The reason is that it is the determination of the entity, the skill set, the past roles they have played well, the strong desire to make a difference, that determines the choices of which volunteers to allow first incarnation opportunities. Star Children are found in all walks, but most often where existing incarnations are undecided, or they can support the Transformation. Thus, they would be unlikely to go into a primitive village, inhabited mostly by unsparked souls. Sparking is not caused by others, and thus their entire incarnation as a Star Child would be wasted. But if in a combat zone, of sorts, combat of orientation decisions and opportunities, their presence would make a difference. Supporting humans, terran born souls, in significant of high impact activities is regarded as a primary mission for Star Children. Thus, there are many in the corridors of power and politics around the world, and in the fields were assisting starvation or suffering are the focus.

Comment by Kojima on August 31, 2022 at 4:20am

* ZetaTalk for Subconscious confusion

ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for June 4, 2011

Are crop circles really drawn for us? It seems that we can't understand them directly or we may misunderstand them without Zetas' explanations. If they are drawn for us, why so hard to understand? Same as telepathy message. It seems those people who saw the UFO didn't receive the message, as no one declared such things. How can we receive it if some UFO come to send messages? By meditation or just sleeping? [and from another] I´ve studied and tried to decipher several crop circle formations for months, by using both ratio and instinct. However, even after somebody has explained what they mean, I still can´t make sense out of them. Nonhumans chose to limit their one-way communication with humans to crop circles, a language whose grammar, syntax, semantics and even the alphabet and unknown to us (whereas the binary system, dance, music and math are universal). If most people have no clue what message is inside each crop circle and any guesswork is ambiguous at best, then maybe the subconscious alone isn´t efficient enough to process it, we have the will to understand but there is some other, necessary element missing in us. A message understood by the sender but not by the intended receiver means that the whole purpose of the exercise is defeated. Or are the messages meant only for a selected few who have been given the key to understand them, in which case why not send the intended few the message directly instead of going to all the trouble to lay them out carefully for everybody to see? Weather forecasts and a timetable for decades after the PS, said to be conveyed by the circles, are the most valuable intel of all time; such info would usually be suppressed by TPTB as a means to control the masses and resources. If TPTB are aware crop circles convey information that is priceless for survival, why do TPTB allow the circles to remain in place instead of rushing to film/record them and then blur or outright destroy them so they alone can use the info? Or do the crop circles convey their message hidden within a visual "white lie" to throw them off track, while allowing normal people (that is, those lucky chosen who know how) to get the true message?

Those who complain they are not aware of telepathic messages, or not aware of what their subconscious is trying to tell them, are having an internal battle where the finger of blame can only be cast upon them. The messages are delivered, the subconscious receives it. The subconscious, as with all it experiences, never forgets or confuses the issues. It is the conscious that is the problem, and in particular the conscious in those people who play denial games with themselves. The husband is having an affair but the wife chooses not to notice the late absences or the odd stains on his clothing. The family is living beyond their means but rather than face this and make adjustments father ignores the rising pile of bills and even splurges on new toys, in angry rebellion over his circumstances.

The incarnating soul often carries with it these tendencies, to avoid confrontation or to stubbornly insist that change is not required. What happens when a human who has structured their life, their conscious life, to their comfort is faced with a conflict between the subconscious and conscious? The conscious memories are pruned and altered to the satisfaction of the soul, so the person can be living almost in a dream state, denying everything unpleasant and literally delusional about the future. But the subconscious, which never forgets and is aware of all, nags, as does the soul which likewise is aware. If you are having problems getting even a clue from crop circles, even when gazing at them with your mind cleared and willing to be receptive, the problem is not with the circle makers. The problem is with you.

We have stated that humans will be divided into two camps as the Earth changes accelerate. Those who recognize what is happening and those increasingly in hardened denial. Denial is assisted, in fact only possible, because the conscious is pliant and can selectively forget or alter memories. What happens when someone prone to consciousness games sees crop circles or receives a telepathic warning from a UFO blitz? Rather than listen to their hunches, they angrily suppress them. Even should the government come out and announce the pending passage, the reality of Planet X nearby, these individuals are likely to simply forget they heard the announcement, or argue that some other meaning was intended.

Comment by Kojima on August 20, 2022 at 8:28am

* ZetaTalk for Soul and Human body

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live

written March 29, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Is the soul and the human two separate entities? Do they think separately or as one until death?

They are separate entities as the soul does not die and the human body does. During the incarnation the soul suffuses the body and speaks to the physical body, which includes the mind, which is the physical brain. Even before death the soul is already leaving the body, in most cases, which is why those who recover from a near death experience recall seeing their body beneath them, on the operating table or on the highway.

Comment by Kojima on August 20, 2022 at 8:23am

ZetaTalk: Chakras
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Chakras do indeed exist. There are many human names for what is perceived to be a biophysical connection to the spirit. These connections exist in that the soul, or spirit, is immersed in the physical body and mingles throughout. An incarnation is not a superficial matter. During an Out-Of-Body experience the soul separates from the physical body, and the human left behind is quiescent, as though without emotion or much thought. This is a time spent quietly contemplating or doing mundane tasks. As the soul, during incarnation, is diffused throughout the body, it aligns itself to embrace the world. The soul communicates with its extensions, the human arms and legs, as this is not a natural position for the soul. Incarnations in life forms that do not have arms and legs would, understandably, have different Chakras.

The Chakras are related to the functions of the incarnated spirit, not to the human form. The spirit centers itself, and thus the heart Chakra, and concerns itself with communicating to the mind, and thus the third eye, but the other organs of the human body are incidental to the spirit, which is not concerned with digestion or locomotion or such functions. Spirits that are more entranced with physical activities, such as sex or drug use, may be more diffuse within the physical body, however. A central Chakra, both in the human body and in Chakra action, is the heart Chakra. There are several reasons for this. First, the heart is centralized in the human body in order to serve the body well in its task as circulation central. Second, the heart responds to emotions, invariably, beating fast during fright or joy, being regular or irregular in pace with the life situation. Third, the spiritual centering of the soul within the physical body of a human must for similar reasons be centered. As the soul fills the being of whatever it incarnates, it is distended into the human limbs and digits. To work as a unit, the soul indeed utilizes parts of itself to maintain unity and cohesive action. The heart Chakra, while not circulating fluids, has a similar importance and function.

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