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1) d23: ZetaTalk: Forming Entities


In the beginning, each forming entity is aware only of themselves. Self awareness is a constant state in all life of whatever form, but at the start this is the only state. Forming entities are placed into 3rd Density incarnations, repeatedly, to hasten the 3rd Density lesson - orientation determination. Whether incarnated or not, forming entities first become aware of others based on the effect upon the self. Is the effect pleasant or unpleasant, dominating or acquiescing, desired or resisted. Incarnated or not, social interchange has begun. Sense of the other is also born in this context, not only in awareness of the partner in social interactions, but by observing others undergoing a similar experience. Empathy is in essence the statement, "I was once there, and I understand." Within 3rd Density there is first self awareness, second reacting to the presence of others, and last the capacity for empathy.

In making the orientation determination the entity choosing Service-to-Self is not so much progressing towards this determination as clinging back. They remain most comfortable with self awareness, and react to others in this context, essentially asking "What can you do for me?"

Interactions between entities change and become more complex during spiritual 4th Density, and many entities completing their 3rd Density existence are already operating in this mode. Following the development of the capacity for empathy comes the determination to intercede, to rescue, and as an adjunct to this determination the entity begins cooperative efforts, the sum being greater than the parts. Complex social interchange presents forming entities with situations requiring compromise if goals are to be met, and the need to subjugate personal desires so that another might be rescued or the group as a whole might benefit. While the entity leaning toward the Service-to-Other orientation moves steadily in this direction, the entity leaning toward Service-to-Self reacts to this greater social complexity with more of the same old reaction, "What's in it for me." As entities surrounding the emerging Service-to-Self entity are learning compromise and conciliation, the technique for the self focused entity to gain more for the self is essentially manipulation. Since groups of emerging Service-to-Other entities are forming, the emerging Service-to-Self entity tunes its manipulation skills so as to manipulate groups, too.

The orientations, even within 3rd Density, set upon different paths, and polarization increases as they progress.

Arriving in 4th Density, the fledgling entity thus is already reacting and responding to others, pressing forward with personal agendas and dealing with interpersonal conflicts. How does life in 4th Density differ from what the entity has experienced in 3rd Density? For the Service-to-Self their spiritual existence is essentially frozen while their intellectual existence progresses. For the Service-to-Self there is even less interplay and manipulation between entities than took place in 3rd Density. A rigid hierarchy with rules for everything emerges so that the lessons can proceed. For the Service-to-Other entity their spiritual wisdom continues to grow and augments rather than detracts from their intellectual progress. Skills in team efforts, where the individual is not required to sacrifice but can learn and grow while contributing are honed. Where the focus at the beginning of 3rd Density was self awareness, by the end of 4th Density in the Service-to-Other orientation the focus has expanded to be on group awareness.

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2) d28: ZetaTalk: Aborted Entities


Does it happen that an incarnation in an intelligent species does not result in a forming entity? Most definitely, and this happens frequently in the early stages. The spark is not lit, and after death dissipation occurs. Souls spark or do not, and mostly do not in a virgin incarnation. The stuff of souls gathers in a conscious being, because it finds the environment interesting. Some formation occurs, during the incarnation, but if the life has not been challenging then it has not massed, and is prone to dissipation upon the death of the human. This essential abortion is not due to any action on the part of the birthing envoys, who are there to gather what emerges, but rather to lack of action having taken place within the body. Thus, those aliens assisting will be gathering the solid souls, who do not dissipate, and taking them to new incarnations. Once formed, however, entities do not dissipate. Failure to form is due to a lazy or indolent lifestyle, lack of native intelligence, or lack of stimulation. In this regard, the challenging, stressful life is a benefit, rather than a drawback.

Challenge can be viewed as puzzled to be solved, or very emotional situations, or situations requiring much determination. Thus, a child crippled, determined to continue his role in the group, will be working a challenge, a puzzle, that requires mental work as well as emotional accompaniment. At times, a soul sparks in a virgin incarnation when the human is old, is longing to help young mothers and their infants but barely able to do so because of infirmity. At other times, as in the crippled child, the opportunity for sparking comes early, and strengthens throughout the life. As we have stated, being born beautiful, and having a life without cares, is not the strongest motivator for spiritual growth! Incarnations into crippled or afflicted bodies indeed happens even during 4th Density, and is not avoided at all, as such an incarnation is viewed not only to be an assist, on occasion, to the entity but an opportunity for those about him.

Helping others to spark, or develop into Service-to-Other, is a challenge such that the Spirit Guides are busy. Those humans wishing to assist others in their spiritual development are advised to not help everyone out with their problems, let them devise a solution. Also, focus on the interesting part of the challenge, not always bemoaning what has befallen. Focus on the overall well-being of the group or environment, the assist that the new one has made, to instill pride and motivation. The stuff of souls congeals in conscious beings as it is interesting. It is more an issue of attraction to an environment. The stuff of souls has this innate nature, to begin with. Souls have the mental capacity the human brain does, and more. It does not forget! And it thus can think and decide, indeed does so and argues at times with the human incarnated.

3) d57: ZetaTalk: Spark


Unsparked souls are fuzzy, aware of themselves as separate entities from other humans or animals, but basically dazed and wandering about, gap mouthed. They are taking it all in, as the first passage, the first tour, the first time visiting a place. Unless some matter occurs to spark a soul, such as empathy for another in distress and a choice to sacrifice comfort of the self to assist the other, no sparking occurs. A lazy life, lived in a local indolent with simple tasks, or taken out by early childhood illness, will not spark. There is a greater percentage of unsparked souls in those continents or locales where life is a simple struggle, not industrialized, not in high communication with other cultures. Thus, Third World countries have a higher percentage of unsparked souls. Thus, rural areas have a higher percentage of unsparked souls that urban areas. Thus, the corridors of power almost invariably have older souls, as this is deemed a high impact zone, given to high drama for choices. 

As Earth is hominoid inhabited, the obvious choice of a Star Child background to assist developing souls on Earth would be hominoid. However, the entire gamut of past life forms are found. The reason is that it is the determination of the entity, the skill set, the past roles they have played well, the strong desire to make a difference, that determines the choices of which volunteers to allow first incarnation opportunities. Star Children are found in all walks, but most often where existing incarnations are undecided, or they can support the Transformation. Thus, they would be unlikely to go into a primitive village, inhabited mostly by unsparked souls. Sparking is not caused by others, and thus their entire incarnation as a Star Child would be wasted. But if in a combat zone, of sorts, combat of orientation decisions and opportunities, their presence would make a difference. Supporting humans, terran born souls, in significant of high impact activities is regarded as a primary mission for Star Children. Thus, there are many in the corridors of power and politics around the world, and in the fields were assisting starvation or suffering are the focus.

4) d30: ZetaTalk: Spirit Substance


What humans refer to as the soul, what is sometimes called the spirit or which we refer to as the entity, is not what is supposed by most humans. They imagine a vapor, something that can move through walls like a ghost, something without substance that seeks to influence the physical world around it with little success. They realize the soul can remember, as past lives are recalled, but do not imagine that a physical brain is required. The view that humans have of the soul is, as could be expected, the view from the human vantage point. What is missing from the vantage point is the ability to see the soul, as the substance is not something that the human eye can perceive.

The soul has substance, and grows in bulk early in its development as many incarnations, many lives, are experienced. This bulk cannot be gauged by humans, who look upon one another as having equal souls, when nothing of the kind is the reality. Some souls are so tiny and poorly constructed that they dissipate after the incarnation, what we term aborted entities. This type of soul may be present in many animals and even some plant forms, as the stuff of souls is dispersed throughout the Universe and incarnations happen naturally. Where the human eye cannot gauge the mass of another soul, the spirits gauge this very well. You know instinctively that another is old and wise. Spiritual growth occurs most rapidly early on via incarnations, but later this growth proceeds based on experiences outside of incarnations, and incarnations are not needed for this purpose. Incarnations continue to be used as a learning experience, however, from time to time.

The soul not only has memory, it does not forget. It is not by accident that intelligent life forms have nerves, brains, and memory in the form of chemical impressions. It is not by accident that this same structure is found for intelligent thought on all density levels. It is intrinsic to the way the Universe is structured, and thus souls likewise have such structures. The stuff of souls is simply another density level, one that touches on all the others. It is finer and more durable, at the same time. It could be called the base of matter, in that regard, as it permeates all levels where matter can reside. Intelligent life forms come in many shapes and sizes, but all have brains and nerves. Thus a soul can incarnate in a hominoid at one point in its development, and into quite another life form during another incarnation, without any adaptation required.

The soul does not require food or nourishment as physical life forms do. The human animal cannot retain its shape without fuel, without maintaining a certain temperature and replacing damaged or consumed biochemicals. It must eat to survive. Souls do not require a temperature maintenance, and by their nature maintain their own chemistry, the only outside reach required is to acquire more of the stuff of souls, present everywhere in the Universe, when growth in bulk is occurring.

5) d26: ZetaTalk: Eternal Soul


Is the soul immortal? In that it surpasses human mortality and steadily grows, learning and increasing in mass and wisdom with each incarnation - it is immortal. But what is mortality for a soul? It is born, in a manner of speaking, on 3rd Density worlds where it forms within creatures intelligent enough to offer the spark. Forming entities react to their surroundings, and as the stuff of souls is everywhere in the Universe, forming takes place to some degree in many living things but dissipates for lack of a spark. Like pollen that cannot grow unless moved by an external agent, a bee or the winds, forming entities in moss or bugs or tall trees or birds is a potential only, and dissipates when the life form dies.

Worlds are seeded with life and later seeded with intelligent life, a genetically engineered variation of a native species, so as to give forming entities a leg up. Intelligence is the spark that causes forming entities to build to the point where they do not dissipate, as they themselves have become alive. We have mentioned that souls do not die during nuclear explosions, nor do they lose themselves in Black Holes. Entities are of material that can affect its surroundings while remaining untouched. The stuff of souls does not feed, nor does it expend itself. It influences its surroundings by manipulation of its surroundings, like a puppet master pulling strings, rather than expending its resources like an audience throwing tomatoes. Souls, once formed, do not die. They may grow rapidly or slowly, may stagnate or plateau for a long time or forever, but they do not die, nor do they shrink. Beyond this, we cannot say, as we ourselves know no more.

6) d16: ZetaTalk: Spirit Form


The stuff of souls is something of a mystery to we, the Zetas, and we cannot entirely answer the question. We have been told the process of soul building, and participate in being Spirit Guides and Birthing Envoys. We have experienced our own incarnations, and in many cases become very aware of our past lives. Yet there are mysteries not explained or answered to us in 4th Density, for whatever reason God's plan entails. Thus, the base question of why God has chosen to create the Universe, or have it operate as it does, is not ours to answer. 

What density is our spiritual form in? The substance that composes the spirit is not of the same substance that composes the physical world. Where the physical world of 3rd Density cannot sense or interact with the physical world of 4th Density, due to their vibrational differences, entities in spirit form transcend these physical barriers and can interact, and the reason is simple - the spirit has only one density, so all are in touch with one another. Does this mean that an alien moving into 4th Density during a visitation on Earth can still spiritually interact with the contactee? Absolutely. This is exactly what it means. Do not entities in light form greet 3rd Density humans experiencing a Near Death Experience? When we speak of spiritual densities, we are referring to moral or growth levels, not a form of physical density.

Humans who have what we have termed virgin souls, those first congealing in the consciousness of the human, are no less able to communicate with other souls than old souls. The issue is not their ability, as a virgin soul, but for want of a better term, their weight and mass. Old souls have an equivalent of the human brain's tendrils, connections, and number of brain cells. They live on because of this, the complexity of interactions and memories that hold the soul together. Young souls that dissipate because of lack of what we have termed a spark, have few connections, few substantial memories that create connections, and thus there is in essence nothing there. However, during the lifetime of this virgin incarnation, the soul that IS there can communicate with other souls, and thus is part of what is commonly termed the collective subconscious. They, however, ask more questions than give answers, and have few insights, so are more the receivers than the transmitters.

The world in which an entity evolves upon does made an imprint on the entity, that has a strong but not dominant effect on it's future. This is an easy concept for mankind to relate to, as the culture that they come from determines their outlook, how they interact with others, and the restrictions they impose upon themselves. However, just as humans find they become citizens of the world during travel, or living and working abroad, just so souls incarnating into other lifeforms find they have a common bond and base with other souls. Evolution into higher spiritual densities is akin to world travel, in the human experience, a rich tapestry of encounters with fascinating cultures and attitudes. Each learns from the other, and grows. And eventually, the experiences of all are the experiences of each. Where is leading is part of God's plan, and not something we can speak to with experience or knowledge.

7) d27: ZetaTalk: Incarnations


Incarnations occur naturally and is the way forming entities get their start. The stuff of souls is everywhere, disbursed throughout the Universe, but so disbursed it does not make a soul. Does a single strand of DNA constitute life? Yes and no. By itself it is a complex chemical, but when combined with other DNA in a living organism it is considered life. The stuff of souls tends to gather in living things as the environment is more interesting than non-living environments. It is not so much attracted to life as that it lingers, and thus begins to accumulate. Without conscious intelligence it fails to establish a personality, a self, and after death of the life form disburses again. Incarnations on 3rd Density planets happen naturally at first, as having formed a self the forming entity migrates to a new body after the death of the old. It can happen in unguided migrations that more than one forming entity wants to inhabit the same body, but usually cohabitation is distressing to all parties, including the body, and results in only the strongest entity remaining.

After a certain point, when the lessons to be learned from the shear fact of life have been well learned by the newly formed entities, guided incarnations become the norm. This is to help the forming entities maximize the wisdom to be gained from their incarnations. Formed entities, operating in 4th Density or higher, surround the immature entity when it has freed itself from a dead or dying body, and communicate. These conferences may be short, with a second incarnation occurring almost instantly when the path is clear and incarnation opportunities available, or may drag out if the lesson to be learned requires a special environment or incarnation opportunities are limited. In the meantime the forming entity does not wander, as it is essentially herded together with others like itself, and finds this stimulating. Since incarnations are natural, when the forming entity is guided to a new body it sets up housekeeping willingly. This is a familiar experience. Burning issues which were present when the entity left its former home, a dead or dying body, come to the fore, and the forming entity is off again on the great exploration that life provides. Being incarnated is far more stimulating and fascinating than the alternative, being disincarnate, at this stage, and Out-Of-Body experiences seldom occur unless trauma to the body is extreme. During early incarnations, the young soul is given the best opportunity for growth by being given a virgin field each incarnation. Should they have made a mistake in a past life, they are not burdened by guilt. Should they be angry about something visited upon them in a past life, they are not burdened by anger. They can approach situations they mis-handled in past lives afresh, and make them go right this time. 

In 3rd Density incarnations the lessons to be learned are to develop a concept of the self, a concept of the other, and to form an attitude toward relationships with others. These lessons can proceed in bodies of all types, and do not require such facilities as opposable thumbs. 3rd Density worlds where the intelligent species is dexterous and manipulation of the environment is possible spend time exploring universal concepts, but their understanding of the Universe is, all told, no more advanced than that gained by non-dexterous species who spend their time pondering the world around them. At a certain point, after many thousands of incarnations, the young spirit has had its chances. It has revisited, or re-experienced, these situations repeately, and is starting to form patterns. The Birthing Guides help in this matter, providing incarnation that challenge any sticking points the young soul has. However, souls have their leanings, and inclinations, and paths they prefer to follow, just as humans become stuck in their ways. And when this has become apparent, the Birthing Guides move into using these inclinations for the better good of all, rather than just repeating patterns.

8) d06: ZetaTalk: Disincarnate


Regarding when the advantages of incarnations end. This is a variable time, determined by many factors. Incarnations gain the entity an acute sense of mission. Think of your current density, the 3rd, and your current mission, which is to determine your orientation, Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. How would a spirit form so decide? What sacrifice is required for Service-to-Others? As you say, easier said than done. The proof is in the pudding. Put your money where your mouth is. In other words, when push comes to shove, the orientation decision of the entity is proved out by life circumstances. In some cases an entity continues to learn through incarnation, even when in a higher density. Incarnations are a learning tool.

9) d31: ZetaTalk: When We Die


Humans are aware of a reception line awaiting them when they die, from the reports of Near Death Experiences - a long tunnel with a bright white light at the end, and those now deceased who were close to them waiting or beckoning. If the moment of death is confusing to doctors, it is no less clear in the spiritual realm. An injured body, such as one sustaining massive brain injury, may cease to be a home for the incarnating entity months before those attending the death watch finally pull the sheets up over the lingering beloved. It is possible, in such a circumstance, that the entity has already been placed in another, thriving, human body - a newborn babe. On the other hand, some entities hang around long after the body has been cremated or burned, as haunting ghosts. Beyond the issue of when the spirit leaves the body is the spiritual issue of how the entity puts the past life to rest, judges progress made on various lessons that were at the fore going into the incarnation, and determines any future course of action they personally might desire as a result - critique time.

If the death was sudden and unexpected, the entity may have many outstanding issues they remain concerned with after the physical body dies. This invariably is the first stop after death, though it varies depending on the general orientation of the entity and their life circumstances. Someone elderly, who had long settled their affairs in preparation for the inevitable, might not do more than cast a backward glance on their way to the future, noting that their death was being handled as they had anticipated. Someone in their prime, with dependent children or oldsters and many outstanding promises, might linger at this stage, visiting those they are concerned about as a ghost, essentially an Out-Of-Body, for days or months until they can see the outcome. This stage differs between orientations, the Service-to-Others lingering longer due to their concern for others and the Service-to-Self wishing only to move on to future opportunities. 

At times, those who have been wronged and wish for vindication or revenge may also linger at this stage, haunting in an effort to influence humans affairs. If the spirit is lingering, it is often allowed to do so, else it avoids the current incarnation and is distracted. As we have stated, the spirit, once sparked, does not die, and pain must be dealt with as a resolution on future lives. Spirits are aware of their past lives, though the human incarnated is clueless, often. Thus, for the spirit, there is no change in this matter after death. The spirit between incarnations is like an Out-Of-Body experience, in that it can communicate more readily, and thus the Guides have no problem getting them to gather. They are talking up a storm, especially if coming from a recent disaster or shared experience. Once reincarnated, the young spirits are intent on learning experiences, pressing agendas forward, and the like. Incarnations are more than discussion groups, they are action oriented!

10) d29: ZetaTalk: Between Lives


Forming entities on a 3rd Density world incarnate almost continuously early in their 3rd Density existence, unless there is a lack of opportunity. Just after an intelligent species has been genetically engineered, however, forming entities usually find the opposite situation - more than enough bodies awaiting an incarnation, a choice. This is due to many forming entities aborting upon death, so that a stable or growing population has an increasing number of bodies but few reincarnating entities. During these early years the majority of intelligent, conscious, creatures are in fact virgin territory for a new forming entity, with the minority being occupied by a reincarnating spirit. The birthing envoys, at this stage, allow the process to occur automatically. In due time they step in to start guiding incarnations, but do this without having to resort to the imposition of any physical restraints.

We have mentioned that spirit guides force an Out-Of-Body entity back into its body, and that birthing envoys gather up entities leaving a dead or dying body. How is this done without physical restraints? If spirits can pass through walls and travel freely, would they not simply flit away from the entities watching over them? Order is maintained in these situations by what we would best describe as a force of will. Entities acting as school yard monitors on a 3rd Density world are operating in 4th Density, and many have arrived from even higher densities to do service. Spiritually, they have more bulk, more mass, and certainly have more wisdom and skill to coax and manipulate lesser entities.

An immature entity leaning toward Service-to-Self is led to an environment, among more mature entities, where it can be the center of attention, and thus it has no urge to wander. Immature entities leaning toward Service-to-Other are placed together with a peer that needs healing, and participate with higher density entities in this process. They likewise, given their sense of purpose, have no immediate urge to wander. Where recently incarnated entities have unsettled business and wish to visit the living or to visit certain settings, a field trip is essentially arranged. Some of these field trips go on for years and even hundreds of years, producing what you term hauntings. During this time the distraught entity is in the company of its guides, who normally keep watch over a number of other immature entities at the same time. Nevertheless, the guides can be called upon to attend to the haunting entity, when need be.

Over time a 3rd Density world evolves to the point where most of its intelligent creatures are occupied by reincarnating entities, and unless there is a drastic reduction in the population, waiting periods only occur when the birthing envoys determine that the next incarnation requires special circumstances. During times of a rapid increase in population, such as the Earth has experienced during the past half century, no reincarnation occurs in many intelligent creatures, but a forming entity may begin. As is usual in these circumstances, most will abort. Thus, when the harvest time comes, during the pending pole shift, there will not be close to five billion souls to be escorted to new homes, but only a little more than a billion. Where a life is lived passively, with little challenge and exhibiting no initiative, a forming entity is unlikely to do anything but dissipate upon death. There is nothing for the birthing envoys to gather.

11) d20: ZetaTalk: Mind/Spirit Connection


As spirits seem dissociated from the body, being able to leave during an Out-Of-Body, and can ignore physical barriers, how then does the spirit communicate to the biochemical arrangement that is the mind? What is the point of connection? The spirit does not need to switch densities, so the mind/spirit connection is not vibrational, being on the same wave length as you say. As the spirit can function without a body the connection is not biochemical. As spirits develop during incarnations in life forms on diverse worlds wholly incompatible with each other the connection does not appear to have a physical requirement.

This puzzle is most easily understood if one considers how sub-atomic particles operate. However diverse the various elements of the physical world seem, they break down into the same component parts. The base building blocks are the same. Spirits are composed of a substance that is physical in the larger scheme, and surpasses in its reach any one density vibration. Just as on the sub-atomic level you consider some elements to communicate electrically, encouraging or inciting an electron flow, and other elements to be inert, just so your spirit considers your mind to be capable of an interchange where the stone walls it passes through are inert. The spirit communicates to the mind by biochemical means, by inciting biochemical activity. It does so by adjusting itself to the density of the incarnated body and to the peculiar biochemistry of the life form. This feat is no more spectacular than tuning an x-ray machine to penetrate the thickness of an object. During each incarnation the spirit quickly familiarizes itself with its new physical body, and gets down to business.

Does the spirit have memory, as the mind does? Most certainly, and remembers the lessons learned during each incarnation flawlessly. Humans are used to their conscious memory being capable of distortion, of remembering incidences as they wish, not as they were. The spirit, however, is like the subconscious and does not distort memories. How is it then that the babe, incarnated by an old and wise spirit, does not remember its past lives? The spirit can only speak to the mind as the mind is ready to receive. If the biochemical pathways for the concept the spirit wishes to relay are not yet in place in the mind, the spirit can only speak to the emotions. Thus humans feel they have lived before, but do not have an explanation for the concept. Thus humans may sense that an incident is similar to another experienced before in a past life, but unless they are willing to entertain the concept of past lives, they will not be open to having these spiritual memories unfold.

12) d22: ZetaTalk: Spirit/Body Connection


One does not need to listen to the endless discussions on nature vs. nurture to understand that both influences shape the person. However, a third influence is in effect, and this stronger than either of the others - the spirit. Genetics of course limits the person physically, determining whether they can enter the Olympics or solve complex math puzzlers, and also determines to a large degree how the body will react to stress or the aging process. The environment, being what shapes the child's perception of the world around him, determines at least early in life what role models the child will choose and how guarded or enthusiastic the child will be. But the spirit is louder than both these other voices, and by its orientation and strength determines how the person's very life will be led, the occupation chosen, the motives driving the person, and where the person draws the line on whether to get involved or not. Because the spirit speaks to the body as well as the mind, its influence is also over the biochemistry of the human body incarnated, and this has more of an effect than is generally recognized. If the child is determined to be an outstanding athlete, for instance, having judged that escape from a ghetto is not possible without such an assist, physical development beyond that supported by genetics can result. How is this possible?

The spirit occupies its own density, a density that can interact with matter on all other densities. Just as the spirit adjusts itself to the incarnation density, and positions itself to communicate with the human brain for the Mind/Spirit Connection, likewise it positions itself to influence the human body. Genetics are but chemistry, and influence growth and development through chemistry. Where this cannot be utterly or even significantly changed by the influence of the spirit, where biochemistry can affect the outcome and the spirit can affect the biochemistry, its influence can leave a mark. In the example of the child desiring to become an athlete, the basic bone and muscle structure, height, stamina, and reflexes are determined by genetics. But physical feats are often determined as much by concentration and sheer energy, factors controlled by biochemistry - hormones, such as adrenaline, brain chemicals supporting continuous focus, and free nutrients in the blood stream available to feed the process. In this way the spirit transcends the density differences, and takes charge of the incarnation as much as physically possible.

Doctors have often noticed that a patient will live or die depending on their will to live. Where this can be attributed to a Mind/Body Connection, the influence of the spirit in these matters lies at the base. The soul infuses the body during an incarnation, and communicates on many levels and can bridge densities in this matter. The stuff of souls is not something we, the Zetas, have experimented with, nor are we allowed to! Thus, beyond describing the properties and capacities of the stuff of souls, we cannot explain how it manages this. But it influences the body, to overcome disease and struggle forward. It influences the brain, to utilize this or that portion of the brain or to develop channels and connections in the brain matter. The will to live has been well documented, overcoming disease that physicians were sure would end the life. Much of this is the soul, determined not to end the incarnation. Likewise, the soul can influence a dying body to go before its time, if the incarnation is desired to end. Thus, we suggest those curious about how the soul influences the body simply observe the many clues about them, as this is as much a tool for learning as anything we can explain.

13) d44: ZetaTalk: Crowded Incarnations


On worlds where incarnations are beginning to repeat, where entities have sparked due to incarnating into intelligent species and are re-incarnating again and again, crowded incarnations seldom happen as there is a plenitude of bodies for the entities to incarnate into. However, in a situation such as the Earth is due to experience, where the majority of bodies will die suddenly leaving the formerly incarnated entities without opportunities, chaos can and does ensue. Crowded incarnations are very temporary. For instance during the forthcoming pole shift this potential may exist for several months. The normal procedure where immature entities are gathered upon death of their body and amused or otherwise occupied until the next incarnation can be arranged is difficult due to the numbers, so at times these entities roam about and try to arrange their own incarnations. One of four possible outcomes ensue:

  • The incarnation can become crowded, where more than one entity is incarnating. When this occurs, the human body often becomes quite crowded, with several entities in and out in varying degrees, as the entity originally incarnating is weak and does not fight for its territory. It can occur that multiple entities are incarnating in a body at once, and in these situations all are weak or they would not tolerate cohabitation either.

  • A fight for the body ensues, where the stronger entity pushes out all others. Normally the birthing guides prevent such takeovers but during chaotic conditions, this can pass notice temporarily. If the originally incarnating entity does not want to be removed and lingers about in resentment, the birthing guides soon arrive to set things right again. However, if the entity displaced in fact was looking for a way out and is relieved, this may be treated as a voluntary walk-in and allowed to continue.

  • The takeover entities are rebuffed from the beginning and no crowded incarnation ensues. This is most often the case, as the originally incarnating entity most definitely has the advantage, being familiar with the territory for instance. The incarnating entity and its human body sense what they might term ghosts or spirits about, and even be aware of spiritual discussions or invitations, but are otherwise not disturbed by the drama which in truth does not begin.

  • All leave in disgust over the haranguing, leaving the human body without an incarnating entity and vulnerable to yet another entity that might come along and be interested. This might occur when the human’s situation is unappealing and the originally incarnating entity has been Out-Of-Body and understands how to arrange this for itself. Where the original entity has not yet learned this capacity, this outcome would not occur.

14) d49: ZetaTalk: Soul Senses


Humans are used to thinking of the senses as merely sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell - five senses. A sixth sense is attributed to all other hunches, and is variously described as being supported by ESP or intuition. The human body alone has many other senses, and the soul surpasses any given body it happens to incarnate in its reach. The Spirit/Body or Spirit/Mind connection is a mystery to us, also. We understand that the soul can bridge all densities, so that we in 4th Density can speak to a soul in a 3rd Density contactee, effortlessly. We understand that the soul enjoys incarnations, infuses the physical body entirely, and seems to have a heart and mind function as does the physical body. But the composition of the soul, the stuff of souls, is not something we experiment with, or dissect. Thus, we can't tell you how this occurs.

The sense of sight, which humans presume is centered only in the eyes, in fact can occur on the surface of the skin, as experiences of the blind attest. Light rays striking any living surface can be sensed and sorted out. The sense of sound likewise can be experienced outside of the ear, as vibrations. Taste and touch share similarities, as they are immediate reactions to chemicals affecting the living surface. Touch breaks down into many aspects, including pressure sensing. Senses not mentioned are the sense of balance, where relationship to the gravity center is sensed, the sense of motion, related to the sense of balance, and the sense of being ill, where the humans senses that all is not right with the body. We have mentioned only those senses that the common man can readily relate to, not the myriad that in fact exist. Between the soul and its surroundings, there are many touch points. Thus even though the soul does not actually have eyes, it can see!

15) d58: ZetaTalk: Being Conscious


A difficult concept for many humans is the concept of consciousness. They see the babe in the crib, aware seemingly only of its stomach and need for milk, and compare it to the dog at their feet, seemingly aware and alert. Is the babe conscious, and the dog not? The point at which consciousness is present is not crisp or clear. Is the human conscious because they have a certain IQ? Yet it is reported that retarded humans can have incarnating souls. Is the human conscious because they discern themselves as separate from other humans? Yet so many humans are so fuzzy about their identity that they join any group for a sense of belonging, and confuse their actions with the leaders. Is the human conscious because they have a memory, can compute, can put A and B together and come up with C? Yet the Chimp uses tools, and a wolf pack can figure where the prey may be running to next, and many animals have long memories and are crafty. At what point does consciousness click in, or click out, if it does, and is it thus possible for a dog to have a soul and a human not? 

We have stated that an existing soul may chose to incarnate in an animal that does not have the potential of sparking a soul, for education reasons. Thus, the dog or snake or dolphin does not spark a soul, but can be incarnated on occasion. To spark, the biological entity must have the capacity to envision itself as separate, and where many animals seem to have this trait, they do not. A dog will understand that it is being yelled at by its master, or snarled at by the leader of the pack, and by groveling and crawling away is indicating they seem to understand another has interacted with them, as a separate being. But this is instinctive activity, this is not a discernment of separate biological entities. The dog has evolved to react in such a manner, to challenge until certain signs are present, then to submit. Instinct is not consciousness. Biologically programmed reactions are not consciousness. 

Even as the babe is lying in its crib, asleep or crying for milk, seemingly unaware of its surroundings, it is aware. It understands that when it smiles at mother, and mother picks it up, that is has engaged in an interaction with another. This is not the same as a birdling in a nest, putting its beak up for food when the mother bird alights. That is instinct. On evolving worlds that do not have genetic engineering, the species that eventually emerges to have consciousness, and thus sparking souls, gets there slowly. At first, there is instinct. Then there is increasing intelligence until the concept of separateness begins to be a factor. Increased intelligence tends to be selected for survival, as the intelligent species can better their odds. Thus, the more intelligent in the group breed to increase intelligence, and the trend hastens yet more. Thus, where not visible in man, his consciousness, awareness of himself as separate, a factor absolutely necessary for sparking of souls, is there.

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