What will happen to the people and the planet when it is pulled closer to the sun? How long of a duration will the planet be that close to the Sun?

The thought of being pulled 30 million miles closer to the Sun, a full third of the current distance, is shocking to those who first encounter this prediction. We have stated that this occurs during the Last Weeks so that the length of time for this Sun bake will only be at most a couple weeks before the Pole Shift throws the Earth back into her orbit. We have stated that even the stopped rotation will not produce unbearable heat, as the atmosphere and oceans distribute heat. Even Nibiru (aka Planet X or the 12th Planet) itself does not suffer from being near the Sun during its passage, in that it has large and deep oceans and is shrouded heavily by dust. 

The Kolbrin reports that the populace of Egypt suffered from the heat in the days leading up to the last Pole Shift, and in the vision that Nancy was given early in the ZetaTalk saga, oppressive heat during the rotation stoppage was featured. Why would the Earth not heat up like Venus when pulled temporarily into the orbit of Venus? Nibiru will be blocking the Sun at that time. The oceans of the globe, and the blanket of atmosphere, will increase activity and distribute heat. And man as all of Earth’s creatures will seek shelter from the Sun, forsaking their other activities, during this time, thus surviving unscathed. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 19, 2015

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Comment by Ancient Ally on September 19, 2015 at 1:37am

Two weeks is a long time to hunker down in the sun.

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