In the 5th of July issue, the zetas mentioned that in 2015 there are about 3.5billion humans who are actually in contact with aliens and the numbers are increasing. If this is the case, a lot of people will survive the coming pole shift if they believe and follow their contactees advice regardless of what the establishment would do. Please respond to this concern.

If there were 12,000 contactees in 1998 and close to a billion in 2012 and if fully half the Earth’s population of 7 billion people were contactees by mid-2013, then what is the count today? Of course, the approximate count of a billion Star Children incarnated on the globe does not count, as they are our peers, not our contactees. If 3.5 humans were contactees by 2013, this count has risen to 4.2 billion, with the remaining  1.8 billion of low intelligence or in regions of the world not drastically affected by change so curiosity does not impel toward giving The Call. 

Why would the pending Pole Shift caused by the passage of Nibiru not be the first issue under discussion? The Call is controlled by the human giving The Call. If the human gives The Call to discuss crop failures in their locale and the resulting starvation increase, the aliens responding will not insert a mention that the drought has been caused by the approach of Nibiru unless the topic is raised by the human in some way, such as a question about the cause, whether human induced or otherwise. A leap to Nibiru does not automatically follow. How to parse scarce food in the community would likely be the focus instead. 

For those who find is surprising that alien visitors would not press knowledge of the pending Pole Shift upon mankind, would not be concerned about saving their skins during the coming cataclysms, remember that simply saving a human body is not the goal. Spiritual development is the goal, in particular growth toward the Service-to-Other orientation. And what would the contactee do? They do not have the resources to move to safety. Even when the tides and earthquakes are upon them they will not be able to move, and immigration will increasingly be blocked. Contact is an assist with saving the soul, not saving the body. 

Source: ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 11, 2015

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