The Zetas said 2 to 3 weeks starting at the end of December overlapping into January. We already passed their forecast. Is it delayed again? It seems that after the 20th everything went quiet again. They said that at this point there is no reason to keep secrets anymore, any comments? Is the CoW going to interfere on the timing of the earthquake/tsunami, meaning would they prevent it to occur for example in the middle of the night to minimize chaos and deaths? Waiting for storms to pass?

What were our actual words, when Nancy relayed them? “We are now detailing that the New Madrid unzipping will occur over a 3 week period, starting toward the end of 2021 and overlapping into 2022.” The start was to occur toward the end of 2021 and overlap into 2022. Which it did, as the unzipping at the start of the New Madrid Fault Line began at the breach where the Tehuantepec Ridge fracture on the Cocos Plate connects with the fracture on the thin crust on the tip of Mexico just below the Pemex gas fields.

The heart hears what it wishes to hear and everyone, including Nancy, heard that the entire unzipping would occur during this 3 week period.

The New Madrid is now unzipping and will not abate or respite. Our words during the initial prediction in 2010 were also “there will be one large jolt with a subsequent and almost immediate tearing of the Atlantic.” This large jolt has not yet happened, but the unzipping from the juncture at the Cocos Plate and then through the Pemex gas fields and into the Gulf has started. What has the process been during this 3 week start? The Pacific compressed on January 14. Deep quakes at the Tehuantepec Ridge juncture with the tip of Mexico occurred and the fracturing of the Cocos Plate included heaving in the floor of the Rivera Plate along the California coastline.

The unzipping then arrived at the Pemex gas fields, where the coverup over this process forced a temporary closure of the Raspberry Shakes seismograph which was then adjusted to disguise the process ongoing. As we have repeatedly stated, the unzipping will “come up from the Gulf, travel up the Mississippi River and along the East Coast Fault Line, and finalize under the Seaway.” Unzipping under the waters of the Gulf is not visible to the common man, though the Junta has planted underwater seismographs along the fault. New Orleans is now in harms way.

Source:ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2022

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Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 13, 2022 at 2:58pm

On Dec 13 we learned that the African Plate has loosed across the Mediterranean and down along the Red Sea, but also see that the big quakes at the tip of Mexico along the Cocos border have managed to fracture the border between the Cocos and Nazca Plates. Action on both sides of the globe!

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 13, 2022 at 2:30pm

Enormous 100ft-Wide 'Gate to Hell' Sinkhole Opens up near Russian Ski Resort
December 12, 2022
An enormous 100ft-wide 'Gate to Hell' sinkhole has opened up near a ski resort in Russia at a mine reportedly.The huge collapse came at the Sheregesh mine in Sibera's Kemerovo region, near to a popular ski resort. 
[and from another]

As we predicted in 2007
the inland bay being ripping into Russia from Persia to the Ural Plains has increased. This is caused by the African Roll, which is ripping connections to the African Plate through the length of the border in the Mediterranean and down along the Red Sea. This is another sign that the New Madrid Finale is in process. Half the globe will be involved in this Finale. Europe will settle into the deepening Mediterranean, Russia will rip further, and N America will be torn apart.

Prior ZT: 12/11/2007:
The new Eurasian Plate seaway is anticipated to run just to the east of the Iran border, going up through western Pakistan and Afghanistan and thence round along the eastern borders of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan where the lowlands are skirting the foothills of the Himalayas. It cannot run up through Karachi as Pakistan runs into the Himalayas and there are rock bonds that will not pull apart. Yet rip it must as the Eurasian Plate has lost any friction preventing movement where the African Plate formerly snugged up against it through the Mediterranean and down through the Red Sea.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 12, 2022 at 5:29pm

By Dec 12 the New Madrid Finale had two fronts to watch. Whilte the S Atlantic is pulling apart and the foot of Africa sliding into that void, the NE corner of the African Plate is scraping down along the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. The distress in the rock along the snap line identified by the Zetas some months ago can clearly be seen, aas distress along the Red Sea. There is pressure and tearing going on. 

Meanwhile the Mainland Portion of N America is dropping weightily down upon the Cocos Plate. It is clear from underwater relief maps that the Cocos and the Pacific just to the west of Mexico has been shattered before, many times. Where will the Cocos and Pacific rupture this time? 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 11, 2022 at 5:04pm

On Dec 11 the weight of the Mainland Portion, which has been dropping steadily from Canada through to the tip of Mexico, caused a significant quakes at the Cocos Plate border. Something must give, likely to be a shattering of the Cocos Plate. Turkey is a solid hunk of rock, and the hammering of the Africa Plate at its NE corner has not shattered this rock. When the hard rock hook in the water under Turkey snaps, will the jolt transfer to parts beyond Turkey? Big quakes await. 

Comment by Sanusi Usman on December 10, 2022 at 11:29pm

Would the Zetas be kind enough to give us at least one day, 24 hrs notice-warning before the New Madrid rupture?

Nancy Comment: They are only allowed to give us sequence of events. Do they tell you when a tornado will strike? These are the rules they are required to follow so we, in our schoolhouse, can rise to opportunities. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 10, 2022 at 3:41pm

On Dec 10 the Sequence of Events can be seen, in process. From the widening S Atlantic which allows the foot of Africa to slide over into that void. Central Africa is in distress from the bending required to make that slide. The Azores is also pulling apart, with a spate of quakes. How the NE corner of Africa will drop can be visualized as the Zetas identified snap line from the Dodec Islands down to the Suez Canal is outlined by SO2 emissions, and the Red Sea is showing a scraping/tearing stress also. The Mainland Portion of N America has been dropping steadily, dragging land from eastern Canada as well as the entire west of N America to drop heavily on Mexico. Meanwhile, the SE Portion resists and wants to cling to the rolling Africa Plate, as can be seen from the plethora of quakes there. All this creates a deep ripping apart at the start of the New Madrid Fault Line at the Isthmus.   

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 9, 2022 at 7:52pm

On Dec 9 one can see that the snap line from the western edge of Turkey to the Suez Canal is having regular small quakes. These usuall pass below the radar. On this day of Dec 9 the SO2 from ripping rock outlines the snap line that the Zetas identified, once again proving the Zetas accurate. 

And as the day progressed, activity increased!

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 8, 2022 at 12:20pm

On Dec 8 the region around Mugla Greece/Turkey is the focus of the rock hook under Turkey shattering. Quakes in the broader region show the long reach of this rock hook, to Syria and the Caspian Sea. The plethora or rock types show why Greece fractured into pieces and the rock hook under Turkey is in the process of fracturing too. It is just a matter of time, likely days. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 7, 2022 at 4:05pm

On Dec 7 the fact that Africa has loosened up along all its borders is apparent. Having slide its foot into the S Atlantic on December 5, it is now tortured in a twist as it slides down and simultaneouosly pushes to the EAST. The push to the East is accompanied by a slip-slide of the Africa/Eurasian Plate border through the Mediterranean, from the Turkey rock hook through Algeria and on past Gibraltar toward the Azores.  

Comment by Nancy Lieder on December 6, 2022 at 4:19pm

On Dec 6 we continue to see the heavy drop of the Mainland Portion of N America. Mexico has nowhere to go with this heavy drop, and the stress on the rock in Central Mexico is apparent in the SO2 readings. Mexico may be trying to push out into the Pacific, with quakes along the western coast of Mexico.  As always, the Isthmus at the start of the New Madrid Fault line is covered in deep quakes. 

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