ZetaTalk Prediction 12/15/2001: We predict that long before the shift, a barter system will be replacing the current paper money system. The value of the dollar, in all countries, will be falling, such that in any transaction one or both parties will feel they are getting a fair deal only if a thing, not a representation, is given or received. This is a common practice in countries where the dollar is falling, and a natural migration as the thought occurs readily to mankind, the barter system being recent in their cultural evolution. What will this mean for the common man, and what will it mean for the rich? The common man will find they are pleased with themselves if they have had the foresight to secure goods of value, such as seeds or tools or dried food. The value of appliances that are dead and not able to run, even of cars unable to run over broken roads, will be zero. The value of items that can increase worth, such as a needle and thread which can repair clothing otherwise worthless, or a shovel that can create a garden otherwise a weed patch, will balloon. The rich will of course whine endlessly.  If you are an accountant, and cannot translate this skill into becoming a tailor or herdsman or cook, your skill is useless! 

Since this will become of importance real soon with the New Madrid rupture and
the European tsunami, it's of importance to get yourself familiar with this concept
before that.

Of course this video is about the time before the New Madrid rupture/European tsunami
and the pole shift so one should bear in mind that the items and skills to barter will be
different. For example if you keep chickens you could barter the eggs.
Or if you know how to sew clothes you could repair or make clothes for others in exchange
for other goods. 

Below a list with items to barter and a list with skills to barter with.

salt cord and rope handtools
sugar livestock batteries
bottled water livestock feed candles
baby supplies chickens/eggs fuel
meds and basic first aid supplies handtools food
fabric and yarn firewood seeds
outwear blankets alcohol
toys and coloring books personal care supplies duct tape
radios small tents flashlights
building tools and supplies gardening tools and supplies pet and animal supplies
lamp oil space blankets fishing gear
powdered milk maps books
lighters lighter fluids flour
canning jars/lids pencils pens

gardening fishing hunting
communication skills first aid midwifery
sewing carpentry raising livestock
mechanic skills  homemaking skills beepkeeping
blacksmithing music entertainment
survival skills shoe making/repair nursing
mending handyman skills knitting/crocheting
foraging counseling skills fire making
hair cutting bread making tea making
alternative healing cooking/baking transportation skills
wild foraging wood chopping fire making
bark flour making dehydrating clay pot making
story telling wine making making jams/jellies/syrups
creating a warm seat/bed growing herbs and using mixing them for coocking salt making
seaweed harvesting making dyes for cloth making charcoal
stress relief exercises - including meditation sweet making can be done w/out sugar - with dried fruit  it's a matter of adjusting expectation of a sugar rush

vegetable flours from -dehydrated vegetables

candle making

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