The Zetas said 2 to 3 weeks starting at the end of December overlapping into January. We already passed their forecast. Is it delayed again? It seems that after the 20th everything went quiet again. They said that at this point there is no reason to keep secrets anymore, any comments? Is the CoW going to interfere on the timing of the earthquake/tsunami, meaning would they prevent it to occur for example in the middle of the night to minimize chaos and deaths? Waiting for storms to pass?

What were our actual words, when Nancy relayed them? “We are now detailing that the New Madrid unzipping will occur over a 3 week period, starting toward the end of 2021 and overlapping into 2022.” The start was to occur toward the end of 2021 and overlap into 2022. Which it did, as the unzipping at the start of the New Madrid Fault Line began at the breach where the Tehuantepec Ridge fracture on the Cocos Plate connects with the fracture on the thin crust on the tip of Mexico just below the Pemex gas fields.

The heart hears what it wishes to hear and everyone, including Nancy, heard that the entire unzipping would occur during this 3 week period.

The New Madrid is now unzipping and will not abate or respite. Our words during the initial prediction in 2010 were also “there will be one large jolt with a subsequent and almost immediate tearing of the Atlantic.” This large jolt has not yet happened, but the unzipping from the juncture at the Cocos Plate and then through the Pemex gas fields and into the Gulf has started. What has the process been during this 3 week start? The Pacific compressed on January 14. Deep quakes at the Tehuantepec Ridge juncture with the tip of Mexico occurred and the fracturing of the Cocos Plate included heaving in the floor of the Rivera Plate along the California coastline.

The unzipping then arrived at the Pemex gas fields, where the coverup over this process forced a temporary closure of the Raspberry Shakes seismograph which was then adjusted to disguise the process ongoing. As we have repeatedly stated, the unzipping will “come up from the Gulf, travel up the Mississippi River and along the East Coast Fault Line, and finalize under the Seaway.” Unzipping under the waters of the Gulf is not visible to the common man, though the Junta has planted underwater seismographs along the fault. New Orleans is now in harms way.

Source:ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for January 31, 2022

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Comment by Nancy Lieder 5 hours ago

This new ZetaTalk addresses why Antactica is having many quakes on its borders. There is one at the Sandwich Islands that per the Zetas will open the S Atlantic, which is spreading open. Then there is an Antarctica quake at the Pacific, which per the Zetas is due to the Pacific compressing in step with a widening Atlantic. Now later today there were dual large quakes at the magnetic S Pole near Tasmania. What does this have to do with the New Madrid? The Zetas explain. 

What do the global hot spots on quake maps tell us? What is next?

What can the global hot spots on the quake maps tell us about the plate movements in process? During the last 7 of 10 Plate Movement status
last March we stated that the African Roll, the Eurasian Stretch, and the New Madrid had not yet completed. It is not surprising that all 3 show up on the quake maps at this time.

For Africa to drop the S Atlantic must spread, allowing the bottom of the Africa Plate to torque in that direction. We have long predicted that new land would rise between the tip of S America and the tip of Africa as the Antarctic Plate
is pushed there during compression of the Pacific. This is clearly in process and making room for Africa to drop. The weight of Africa sliding into the Atlantic will force the rock hook near Turkey to snap,
and this will trigger the rest of the New Madrid process. The Mainland Portion drop onto the Cocos Plate is clearly ready and just waiting.

As the Atlantic is pulled apart and the Pacific compresses, the Eurasian Stretch is encouraged. This is dramatically shown by the recent emergence of our long predicted inland bay in Russia. Where we predicted this would emerge during the Pole Shift, the route is being prepared inland and will result in new inland lakes all the way to the Urals. The Pole Shift will rip land near the Indian Ocean, allowing ocean water to flow up into Russia.

Comment by Nancy Lieder 9 hours ago

This bridge may not be a Mississippi River bridge, but its darn close. The start of some real action up along the Mississippi I suspect. 

Bridge closed Indefinitely in Franklin
May 18, 2022
The Willow Street Bridge in Franklin has been closed until further notice. The bridge over the Bayou Teche was closed due to a mechanical failure. Emergency vehicles will not have access to the area. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on Tuesday

There has been a remarkable lineup of quakes on 5/17/2022 along the Okhotsk block and the Pacific Plate. Where some scientists think this block is separate from the N American and Eurasian Plates, the Zetas say this is attached to the N American Plate and will not snap off. Thus this end of the N America Plate and the Aleutian Islands are constantly being hammered with quakes as the Pacific compresses and the N American Mainland shifts to relieve the blow and slide to the SW. What does this lineup of quakes on the border of the Okhotsk block mean?

Is a Russian Peninsula really Part of North America?
May 2, 2006
In this view of tectonic plate convergence between North America and Asia, the Kamchatka Peninsula lies on the Okhotsk block in the box at the center of the map. For many years geologists have harbored a belief that the Kamchatka Peninsula, shrouded in mystery and secrecy on Russia's east coast, actually sits on the same tectonic plate as the mainland United States, Canada and Mexico.

There is great pressure on all parts of the N American Plate as the time of the New Madrid Adjustment is at hand. That the Mainland Portion is sliding to the SW and landing heavily on the Cocos Plate is well established. This has caused a rash of quakes through the mountainous western half of the N American Plate. But the key to the New Madrid Adjustment is the snapping of a hard rock bridge just above the town of New Madrid. What these Okhotsk quakes mean is that all that can adjust has already moved or is already in motion, and naught is left but the New Madrid snap itself.

Prior 2/10/2006 ZT:
The virtual hook of land in the N American continent near the Kamchatka peninsula is solid rock and will not snap off to become a separate land plate, nor would this ease the deadlock along the N American and Eurasian plates even it if did. These massive plates cannot move.  But the primary drama preceding the pole shift will be the ripping action that a plate unable to move must endure. The notable area of catastrophe during this is the eastern half of the continental US. From Houston to Chicago to New England, the diagonal pull will tear the underpinning of cities.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 9, 2022 at 2:11pm

The Zetas predicted the N American Continent would assume a bow shape, to deal with the push of Mexico to the West into the Pacific. This went on for the past 20 years or so but now that the New Madrid Adjustment is in process this bow is straightening out. When the Hard Rock bridge over the town of New Madrid snaps, allowing the full blown New Madrid Adjustment to occur, there will be a reaction along the West Coast and the Mainland in general. Land along the western side of the Mississippi River will drop and slide to the SW. The West Coast will have quakes along the San Andreas and volcanic activity in the NW. The tension in this process, in these regions, can be seen in the quake maps and Heliplots. 


We have been allowed to state that the European tsunami will happen almost instantly after the New Madrid adjusts. Other than indicate that a slip-side adjustment along the San Andreas will occur after this New Madrid, and occur after the Hoover Dam breaks we have not given any timing clues. Great quakes, such as magnitude 9, should not be expected, but eruptions in the West Coast volcanoes should be anticipated. A slip-slide fault line usually does not move all at once, but in a domino fashion, a bit here, a bit there.
ZetaTalk December 11, 2010

The New Madrid adjustment will affect so much area, in a domino manner, that it will not be a single large quake, but a series, separated by weeks and months. The primary adjustment will be within days, after shocks for weeks, but months later still, adjustments. Then, as we have explained, there will be a bow from San Diego out to Arizona, which will rupture the great dam on the Colorado. When this bow, which forces Mexico too far to the West for the comfort of the West Coast, adjusts, it will be a slip-slide adjustment of the San Andreas and related fault lines up the coast.
ZetaTalk March 3, 2007

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 6, 2022 at 4:35pm

Growing sinkhole, Lake Erie shores Ontario. There is sinking land near where I live, it's growing quite large, almost 1000 feet long, I visit there often and every year it grows. Can the Zetas give us some idea as to how much bigger this will get and in what direction? I could not find any info as to if this is part of a fault line. Would be valuable information for those in its path. Here are the Google earth co-ordinates
42 37'40"N 80 44'07"W

The Seaway will rip open
during the Pole Shift, such that it will become a wide bay, and to a lesser degree during the New Madrid adjustment. The path of this Seaway expansion will run along the rock strata
that allowed the Seaway to form in the past. This rock strata border can be seen coming inland along the St. Lawrence River until it bridges over from Lake Ontario to Lake Huron. Toronto is spared,
being below this path, as is Michigan.
Wisconsin is protected from the Seaway split by the volcanic Midcontinent Rift.

Thus the trauma of a Seaway split during the New Madrid Adjustment goes inland beyond Duluth. What can be seen from the earthquake charts and Heliplot charts is distress within the Seaway path and above this path in the hard rock of Canada. Despite this tugging, Canada will not be affected by the New Madrid Adjustment that will shatter the US in her lands below the Seaway. The Seaway rip westward from Duluth will rumple the Black Hills of S Dakota,
but Detroit and Toronto will be unaffected though the locks along the Seaway will be broken.

Prior 2010 ZT:
Indeed, tearing of the St. Lawrence Seaway will occur during the New Madrid adjustment. Mexico will lurch to the west as this major quake occurs, with a settling of land to the west of the Mississippi almost instantly afterwards. The Mississippi will seem to have widened, and those to the west will see a new view as they look east, as their land will have shifted to the southwest as well as dropped. The Seaway tears open. This is actually various adjustments at weak points along the Seaway rather than the tearing apart into a larger inland bay that occurs during the pole shift itself. Niagara Falls will remain, but some of the inland locks will break. The edge of the rip, at Duluth, MN, to tear further inland, with consequent rumpling in S Dakota and minor shifting of ground in all parts in between.

Prior 2010 ZT:
During the 7 of 10 Duluth will find crevasses nearby, similar to the crevasse that has occurred recently in the Michigan Penninsula, but with greater depth and scope. Inland locks along the Seaway will break. Detroit and Toronto will be unaffected during the 7 of 10 except of course for earthquake damage. As the New Madrid fault line runs up along the Seaway just under the Great lakes in Ohio, cities such as Cleveland and Toledo will find their infrastructure greatly shattered in places as the rock beneath them will jut or drop, vertical adjustments. Buffalo, being virtually on the fault line, will likewise be shattered in this way, such that freeways become useless, but the seaway at Niagara Falls will remain.

Prior 2010 ZT:
One can see from a map of the underlying rock strata that the Seaway began forming due to a weak connection between rock strata of different formation types. This is similar to the seam in an article of clothing. Not visible necessarily from outside the garment, but a weak point and liable to rip first or most readily when the seam starts to unravel. The Seaway in essence runs along this boundary, except for Lake Erie which is south of the boundary. There is, thus, the potential for the Seaway to break through between Lake Huron and Lake Ontario, a path already forming as the geology of eastern Lake Huron shows. Such a breach would run well north of Toronto, and would create a crevasse rather than sink land, so in the scheme of things would not be that traumatic for most residents in the area. We have mentioned that Niagara Falls would widen, the Seaway finding new routes in the shattered rock, and thus the falls essentially gone.

Prior 2010 ZT:
The Seaway split has chosen to run through Duluth, MN and on west from there rather than through Wisconsin where the bond between the various rock stratas is of a stronger nature. Wisconsin has been splitting along rock strata too, creating the Green Bay peninsula at the juncture of Green Bay and the body of Wisconsin, as the peninsula has a different rock type. This split will continue and widen, creating a bay all the way to Madison.

Prior 2010 ZT:
We have predicted that Toronto will not suffer during the New Madrid adjustments, as will those cities and regions to the south of the Seaway and Great Lakes. This is due to the Seaway itself acting as a buffer. The Seaway splits open, with its southern shores pulling to the southwest while its northern shores remain as an anchor.

Prior 2013 ZT:
The Midcontinent Rift, which curls around Wisconsin and then dives down into Kansas, will also not experience a change in terrain during the New Madrid adjustment. Any stress along this old volcanic scar during the New Madrid adjustment will be transferred to the land along the seaway to the East.

Prior ZT:
Where Michigan is also at the end of the St. Lawrence Seaway, which will tear further open during the shift, neither land or bucking plates will affect this state.

Prior 2013 ZT:
At the hour of the Pole Shift Wisconsin will find Lake Michigan arriving almost to Nancy's toes at Baraboo and Madison. The split at Green Bay will rent apart, traveling along the thin crust that is the Fox River bed, then splintering in many directions along other thin crust areas. Prior to the Pole Shift the New Madrid adjustment will also tear Wisconsin. Prior to the Pole Shift the New Madrid adjustment will also tear Wisconsin. The New Madrid Fault Line runs past Chicago and then below the Great Lakes through Ohio. The rock structures that are holding the Seaway together will be weakened. Michigan, near Detroit, has a regular hum from stressed rock. All states and provinces along the Seaway should expect tearing well before the Pole Shift.

Comment by Kamil Rak on May 2, 2022 at 6:10pm
Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 2, 2022 at 3:43pm

The Separation of the Portions is Marching up the Mississippi, River. Causing a methane release at Cleveland MS on April 30, right on the Mississippi. Via Shavia Johnson.

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 2, 2022 at 12:39pm

Angelo, there has been daily progress on the New Madrid unzipping, through the Gulf and New Orleans separation of the Portions, etc. This is not stop and start but like a march. As the Zetas said at the end of January:

What were our actual words, when Nancy relayed them? “We are now detailing that the New Madrid unzipping will occur over a 3 week period, starting toward the end of 2021 and overlapping into 2022.” The start was to occur toward the end of 2021 and overlap into 2022. Which it did, as the unzipping at the start of the New Madrid Fault Line began at the breach where the Tehuantepec Ridge fracture on the Cocos Plate connects with the fracture on the thin crust on the tip of Mexico just below the Pemex gas fields. The heart hears what it wishes to hear and everyone, including Nancy, heard that the entire unzipping would occur during this 3 week period.

Comment by angelo on May 2, 2022 at 10:33am

Holding to the literal description outlined by the Zetas, who stated the NM unzipping will take place over a 3 week period and given the fact that the rip began at the Tehuantepec triple junction, more than 3 weeks ago, one might rightfully conclude that the 3 week period of the NM adjustment is occurring in steps of irregular duration, for example,  2 or 3 days of unzipping followed by more days of unzipping a week later, but eventually totaling  21 days (3 weeks) of actual unzipping/ ripping. 
As there is always tectonic movement taking place, globally,  triggers from many fronts will follow for the NM adjustment to proceed. 

Comment by Nancy Lieder on May 1, 2022 at 2:20pm

The rock hook holding Africa is getting a lot of quakes lately.

The African Plate will participate in the coming New Madrid Adjustment, doing so by a roll sufficient to tear open the Azores. This action precedes the final New Madrid rupture, and will occur when the rock hook near Turkey that is currently preventing the Africa Plate from dropping down on its eastern side snaps. This rock hook can clearly be seen in tectonic plate boundary maps, but what portion will stay with Africa and what portion become a platelet? All of the coastline of Turkey and the island of Cyprus will leave the Africa Plate during this snap, as will the Sinai Peninsula.

Prior 2007 ZT:
Of course the northern Atlantic Rift is most vulnerable at the Azores, where three plates touch and movement in any one of them destabilizes the rift. Africa is tugging to roll to the East, and drop, and will do so before the European tsunami occurs. This makes the separation of the N American Plate from the Eurasian Plate at the Azores and upward quite vulnerable.

Prior 2010 ZT:
The shifting of the African Plate will also not incite any mountain building in Italy or the Balkans or Turkey, as the northern edge of the African Plate is not the solid, jutting line through the center of the Mediterranean that mankind assumes. The sea is deep there, to the south of Italy and the Balkans and Greece, and for good reason. This part of the great plates has fractured in the past, so that many fault lines lie under the surface, unknown to man until dramatic plate movements begin. The roll will incite the Arabian Plate to roll also, to some degree, as across from Egypt there will be pressure, but further down the Red Sea there will be a tearing apart.

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