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Note the Zeta's words on wasting the opportunity to pose question to themselves, and get a response via Nancy. They do not suffer fools gladly, and this will increasingly be the case.

This is an opportunity to discuss the public's expectations of Nancy, who is a single person, 78 years old, with health concerns, who works every day for as many hours as her health allows on getting the message out to the world. She was asked, in the early days of ZetaTalk, to be as educated on astronomy as astronomers, and did so to a degree that allowed her to support the imaging of the inbound Planet X. She supported our debates on sci.astro on the absurdity of human math when faced with reality, on the matter of why the Moon is in the skies and not crashing to Earth, even though she does not speak math any more than she speaks Greek. To properly translate our concepts, Nancy, as she has so often mentioned, must be on the same page as ourselves, versed sufficiently in the subject to understand our response. Thus she has been asked to be educated to the level of a biologist or geneticist on the matter of the hybrids, to be a geologist on plate movements, to be a vulcanologist, to be a hydrologist on water movement, to be an archeologist re ancient civilizations, to be an electrician when discussing survival equipment, and to be a sociologist and political scientist on the matter of human behavior. Where images do not exist on the web, she draws them sufficiently to explain our words. We do not, on every answer, require Nancy to spend hours positioning herself such that she goes beyond what is needed to relay our message.

Bear in mind, during these chats, what you are asking of ourselves and Nancy. You have a resource here which you are regularly wasting and exhausting with idiotic questions! Nancy has warned that the time is quickly coming when you will get no response from her at all, just a statement as to which questions will be accepted. You have complained when she told you, in no uncertain terms, what was wrong with your demands or your questions. But those who do not learn are destined to be ignored, which is what is coming next.

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Accepted via email and as posted on the Planet X Photos blog. 

I’ve just found this image (attached) that looks like Niburu in Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa. Would you confirm if this is Nibiru. I found it on Google maps at this location. It was taken by Google 3d panoramic camera. 
[and from another]
Bulgaria - Sliven   Something new to me, I have no idea how classify it.  Monster Persona, strange cloud formation, gas ball, hmm. 
[and from another]
Posted 9-29-2019 Eyes to the Skies

Intrinsic cloud balls, seen in clear skies without any other cloud formations nearby, are a new phenomenon. Clouds form due to water vapor condensing into water droplets. Water is an electrical conduit. Magnetons and electrons like to travel together. Is there a nexus here? Where not visible to the naked eye, the super charged tail of Nibiru has created charged regions in Earth’s atmosphere. Any water in the air nearby will super heat, due to being a conduit for electrons, thus turning the water into steam. This phenomena is associated with intense lightning blitzes,
low to the ground. They will both be on the increase.

Prior ZT:
An egg shaped cloud slowly rotating counter-clockwise, alongside a rainbow ringed hole in the sky. Since Nibiru arrived in the inner Solar System in 2003, such drama has become almost common place. Neon clouds caused by the petrol grease in the tail of Nibiru. Double rainbows. Jet stream tornados. Cloud holes. Spiral swirls. A combination of the charged tail creating a swirl while electrically bending light rays into a circular rainbow, and a retrograde swirl in a nearby cloud are, thus, no surprise.

Nancy, what came down in Chile? 

Mysterious fireball that crashed and burned wasn't a meteor.

Something bright came in hot enough to spark several fires in Chile recently, and it looks like it wasn't natural.

Mysterious “fireball”-like objects spotted blazing through the sky over Chile were not meteors, government scientists say, in a finding sure to enthuse UFO buffs the world over.

Residents of Dalcahue, a port city on the southern island of Chiloé, took to social media last week with reports of the unidentified flying objects, some sharing photos of the phenomenon. The “fireballs” reportedly crash-landed at a number of locations around the town.

Now, after a preliminary investigation, officials from Chile's National Service of Geology and Mining say they've ruled out a disintegrating meteorite as the cause after failing to find any evidence of space rock at seven points where fires were started.

So, what are we dealing with here? Just some super-heated space junk reentering the atmosphere or is someone testing their space lasers on Chilean scrub? Technically, we're talking about unidentified flying objects. Yes, UFOs. Although nothing big or well-piloted enough to reopen The X-Files for, it would seem.

After the story spread through social media last week, leading Chilean astronomer and astrophysicist Jose Maza told national broadcaster TVN the object was likely either a meteorite or space debris.

With meteorites ruled out, that would seem to indicate it was pieces of an old satellite or maybe a rocket booster that roasted bits of Chile. The geologists who investigated the scenes told TVN they're performing a more detailed analysis of soil samples and will release their conclusions later in October. 

This could mean geologists found bits of metal that might indicate human-made space junk started the fire, but they're double-checking what type of material they've found. It makes sense to ensure they haven't collected some other sort of metal or perhaps even a new element created by a far-off alien civilization that likes to announce itself by torching bushes.


Juan F Martinez said:

What came down in Chile? 

What came down in Chile? Mysterious fireball that crashed and burned wasn't a meteor. Something bright came in hot enough to spark several fires in Chile recently, and it looks like it wasn't natural.
[and from another]
Mysterious fireball that crashed and burned wasn't a meteor
October 1, 2019
Last week, bright, flaming objects were spotted in the sky over the island of Chiloe in southern Chile before reportedly crashing to the ground and starting a series of small fires. 
[and from another]
Scientists Say Mysterious Fireball Over Chile Wasn’t Meteorite
October 1, 2019
So, what are we dealing with here? Just some super-heated space junk reentering the atmosphere or is someone testing their space lasers on Chilean scrub? Technically, we're talking about unidentified flying objects. Yes, UFOs.
[and from another]
One for the X-Files? Mysterious ‘fireball’ that crashed in Chile is NOT meteor, scientists say
October 3, 2019
Chile’s National Geology and Mining Service soon gathered scientists to investigate the strange bright objects, dispatching teams to some seven sites on Chiloé to take samples. In a statement issued over the weekend, the scientists concluded they “found no remains, vestiges or evidence of a meteorite” left behind by the “luminous and incandescent” objects. Whatever the mystery entities were, they did leave some trace behind, however, burning foliage at a number of sites. Locals interviewed by the geological teams said they heard no noises associated with the impacts, nor did anyone witness the crash-landings themselves.

We predicted early in the ZetaTalk saga that the passage of Nibiru would include fire storms
in volcanic regions as a result of the petrol elements in the wafting tail of Nibiru set afire as they pass over hot volcanoes. This was well recorded by Velikovsky
in his reporting on the written and spoken legends from around the world. The island of Chiloe is surrounded by active volcanoes on the mainland nearby. There will be scant evidence to support our words because all the petrol elements have been consumed. This is nevertheless a new phase in this passage of Nibiru, and such fire storms will now start to appear worldwide.

Prior 1995 ZT:
These fire storms are caused by reactions of atmospheric gasses to the Turmoil going on. Petrocarbons are in essence created, due to the flashes of lightning and intense heat due to passage over open volcanoes, and these petrocarbons rain down, afire, at times. With the atmosphere scattered, chemicals in the comet's tail similar to your petrol chemicals do not flash in a quick consummation into water and carbon dioxide, but descend close to the surface of the Earth before bursting into flame. A fire storm, killing all beneath it. All this has been reported in ancient times, as humans observed accompaniments to the cataclysms. 

Velikovsky World’s in Collision:
Crude petroleum is composed of two elements, carbon and hydrogen. The inorganic theory (of the origin of petroleum states that) hydrogen and carbon were brought together in the rock formations of the earth under great heat and pressure. The tails of comets are composed mainly of carbon and hydrogen gases. Lacking oxygen, they do not burn in flight, but the inflammable gases, passing through an atmosphere containing oxygen, will be set on fire, binding all the oxygen available at the moment. The descent of a sticky fluid which came earthward and blazed with heavy smoke is recalled in the oral and written traditions of the inhabitants of both hemispheres.
Popol-Vuh, the sacred book of the Mayas, narrates "People were drowned in a sticky substance raining from the sky .. and then there was a great din of fire above their heads". The entire population of the land was annihilated. A similar account is preserved in the Annals of Cuauhtitlan. The age which ended in the rain of fire was called "the sun of fire-rain"
In Siberia, the Voguls carried down through the centuries and millennia this memory. "God sent a sea of fire upon the earth. In the East Indies, the aboriginal tribes relate that in the remote past "water of fire" rained from the sky. With very few exceptions, all men died. The (Egyptian) papyrus Ipuwer describes this consuming fire. "Gates, columns, and walls are consumed by fire. The sky is in confusion". The papyrus says that this fire almost exterminated mankind.

Q from Juan Martinez

An Italian news magazine has reported that five Vatican employees have been suspended following an Oct. 1 raid of offices within the Vatican’s Secretariat of State. Is the visit to the Vatican by Pompeo on Oct 2 related?
[and from another]
Pompeo, Pope Francis urge protections of religious freedom
October 3, 2019
Pompeo attended a Vatican conference Wednesday focused on religious freedom at which he blasted authoritarian regimes across the world for curtailing the rights of religious minorities.
[and from another]
After Vatican raid, 5 officials and employees suspended
October 2, 2019
Five Vatican employees have been suspended following an Oct. 1 raid of offices within the Vatican’s Secretariat of State. Among the apparently suspended employees is Msgr. Mauro Carlino, who oversees documentation at the Secretariat of State, along with layman Tomasso Di Ruzza, director of the Vatican’s Financial Intelligence Authority. Documents and devices were taken in connection to an investigation following complaints made last summer by the Institute for Religious Works - commonly called the Vatican Bank - and the Office of the Auditor General, concerning a series of financial transactions "carried out over time". Pope Francis approved new governing documents for the Vatican Bank last summer, transitioning the bank from its practice of using internal auditors to the use of an external auditor to review the bank’s finances and transactions. The pope has made reforms at the Vatican Bank a priority of his pontificate.

What is the nexus between the Vatican Secretariat of State’s office being raided and a visit from the US Secretary of State? Pompeo came to the Vatican ostensibly for a conference on religious freedom, but came just a day after the raid. The Vatican’s raid was a result of internal audits directed by the Pope, which found irregularities between the Secretariat of State and the Vatican Bank. Yes, US politicians were using the Vatican Bank for money laundering, to hide their crimes behind what they considered an impenetrable shield, the Holy See itself.

There is a reason President Trump is pushing for Biden’s Ukraine deals to be investigated. Many similar payments made to members of Obama’s administration simply seemed to disappear after being handed off from one bank to another. One does not simply subpoena the Vatican Bank, but with the Pope pushing for audits, these transactions are no longer hidden. Thus the rage among House Democrats, Pelosi and Biden, as they realize their air of purity is about to become a stink.

Accepted via email: 

What’s happening here? Is a big move against the Deep State occurring?  Or are financial markets collapsing? Reading the Fed has been injection $75 Billion a day into the Repo market for last couple weeks. This is greater than what they did in 2008! Or is this deployment preparation for the New Madrid event??
[and from another]
Breaking News: United States Military Receives Order on Deployment *** Within USA *** to Assist Civil Authorities
October 4, 2019
Things just got incredibly serious here in the United States.  With widespread talk of "Civil War" potentially breaking out in America, the United States Marine Corps was issued the signed order on deploying inside the United States to assist civilian authorities in event of an "emergency." At present, there are more than one-hundred-thousand Sealed Criminal Indictments in the 94 federal district courts of the country; an unprecedented number never before seen in our nation's history. There is rumor that many of those Indictments are of the "Cabal" that has been quietly running the country for decades. There are also rumors of a financial collapse potentially happening which would see government implode on its own debt.  If that took place, government could no longer fund welfare and food stamps, and that could also trigger widespread troubles.
[and from another]
This looks identical to Jade Helm except without TRADOC which indicates this isn’t some training op but instead an actual live fire exercise … Army National Guard is the go to for Emergencies and disasters inside US. On occasion other services are utilized in special circumstances. This particular move is unprecedented as far as I can tell. … This is intentionally compartmentalized to the Navy and USMC for Op Sec which only lends more credence. What was that again about the Gold Fringe on the American Flag indicating Maritime Law and Admiralty Of The Sea Lawfare? … The Marine Corps. is the only branch that answers directly to the President without the need for congressional approval.
[and from another]
The National Guard is a joint activity of the United States Department of Defense (DoD) composed of reserve components of the United States Army and the United States Air Force: the Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, respectively. Although there are no Naval or Marine Corps components of the National Guard of the United States, there is a Naval Militia authorized under federal law.10 U.S.C. § 7851. Like the soldiers and airmen in the National Guard of the United States, members of the Naval Militia are authorized federal appointments or enlistments at the discretion of the Secretary of the Navy.
[and from another]
Manpower Guidance for Activation and Deactivation of Reserve Component (RC) Marines Ordered to Active Duty ISO Defense Support of Civil Authorities
Date Signed: 10/3/2019 | MARADMINS Number: 550/19
This MARADMIN provides guidance for the activation of Reserve Component (RC) Marines under §12304a, Title 10, U.S. Code, following a request for Federal assistance in response to a major disaster or emergency within the United States.  Requests for Federal assistance will come with little warning.  As required, the Marine Corps must rapidly mobilize RC units and personnel IAW this MARADMIN in order to respond to threats in the Homeland.
[and from another]
Five earthquakes in less than an hour rattle southeast Missouri, experts say
October 1, 2019
An area of southeast Missouri experienced five earthquakes in less than hour Monday morning. It started with a 2.6 magnitude temblor around 11:18 a.m. near Lilbourn, a small city just north of Missouri’s boot heel. A mere three minutes later, a 1.1 magnitude quake rumbled nearby. Just before 11:30 a.m., a 2.7 magnitude quake rattled southwest of Lilbourn followed by a 1.8 magnitude quake only five minutes later. It would be 23 minutes before the next quake, another magnitude 2.7, shook an area just west of Lilbourn. All five quakes happened within a 40-minute window.
[and from another]
The Marines Just Got Permission to Deploy in the United States
October 3, 2019
Rumor has it that all other armed forces got a similar letter. This particular letter is for the Marines and Navy. Note, the date is October 3, this is something new. Jade helm was training, done under TRADOC, however, this particular notice authorizes live fire on American soil.

Amid wild speculation, the US Marine reserves were deployed in the United States. The US National Guard normally only involves the Army, Air Force, and Navy. Thus the need for a special deployment order for the Marines, who are known as the President’s men
as they report directly to the President. Two days prior to this deployment order allowing the Marines to be deployed within the Homeland, there was a quick succession of small quakes directly in the point of origin for the massive New Madrid quakes of 1811 and 1812. But there is more than the pending New Madrid adjustment for the deployment of the Marines in the Homeland.

Disappointed that the Mueller Report did not produce evidence of impeachable actions by President Trump, the Democrats in the House have embarked on Mueller 2, this time with invented or imaginary offenses by the President. This was, as we have explained, deliberately incited
by President Trump to force the Democrats to show their hand. Pelosi is in line to inherit the White House, and thus she and Schiff were complicit in the failed coup attempt
last January 17. President Trump’s tweet about civil war was in reference to this, as the chaos that might result from a massive New Madrid quake could present them with another opportunity.

In addition to the ongoing Tribunal cleanup of pedophilia and Moloch child sacrifice networks, which is reaching into the upper levels of the Cabal, there is the pending exposure of frankly treasonous behavior about to be exposed in FISA and Declass material from the DOJ and IG. This has and will continue to be a slow process, to allow each revelation to be hashed in debate in the media. This is to allow the public to gradually realize the extent of the crimes committed by the Cabal in an effort to get Hillary into the White House. Desperate maneuvers by the Cabal, to delay and distract, can be anticipated.

Prior ZT:
Was the whole Ukraine issue a trap set by President Trump? This is obvious to many, who see that during any impeachment investigation the Republicans will be able to subpoena and release material related to 2016 crimes by the DNC and Obama administration but also by Biden in the past. This coincides with the pending timing of the release of FISA documents. President Trump of course would never be formally impeached because this would not get the votes in the Senate. Even if the House does not formally impeach, Biden’s past will be forced into the media.

Prior ZT:
The plan was to devastate the White House and kill President Trump, and simultaneously do away with VP Pence. The plot required that the saboteurs have confidence that their military cohorts would provide cover, and block the Secret Service. Just as 911 was blamed on 19 Arabs with box cutters, this coup was to be blamed on a clumsy ISIL member from Atlanta. Then Pelosi would by default become the President, as Brazile noted in her tweet. Pelosi and Shiff were to be blame free and safe in Belgium or Afghanistan. In case they were implicated in a treason charge, they could remain at large.


China has her Ghost Cities, Russia and India are headed for Siberia, where will Americans go?  

The Zetas have hinted that survival and rebirth will come from the wilderness, yesterday we learned FLOTUS Melania Trump visited Grand Teton National Park, meanwhile the Trump Admin has been taking control of Federal land from UNESCO and Rockefellers, looking at the ZT Future Map it would seem that this region would be ideal for survival camps...

Hmm, seems like a lot of coincidences, could this be related?

The United States government has direct ownership of almost 650 million acres of land (2.63 million square kilometers) – nearly 30% of its total territory. These federal lands are used as military bases or testing grounds, nature parks and reserves and Indian reservations, or are leased to the private sector for commercial exploitation (e.g. forestry, mining, agriculture). They are managed by different administrations, such as the Bureau of Land Management, the US Forest Service, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the US Department of Defense, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Bureau of Reclamation or the Tennessee Valley Authority.

This map details the percentage of state territory owned by the federal government. The top 10 list of states with the highest percentage of federally owned land looks like this:

    Nevada           84.5%

    Alaska            69.1%

    Utah               57.4%

    Oregon           53.1%

    Idaho              50.2%

    Arizona           48.1%

    California        45.3%

    Wyoming         42.3%

    New Mexico     41.8%

    Colorado          36.6%

Notable is that all these states are in the West (except Alaska, which strictly speaking is also a western state, albeit northwestern). Also notable is the contrast between the highest and the lowest percentages of federal land ownership. The US government owns a whopping 84.5% of Nevada, but only a puny 0.4% of Rhode Island and Connecticut. The lowest-percentage states are mainly in the East, but some are also in the Midwest and in the South:

    Connecticut      0.4%

    Rhode Island     0.4%

    Iowa                  0.8%

    New York          0.8%

    Maine                1.1%

    Kansas              1.2%

    Nebraska           1.4%

    Alabama            1.6%

    Ohio                  1.7%

    Illinois               1.8%

Were these ships off the North Carolina coast warning the people on the boat or doing something else?

Accepted. I myself have often thought the New Madrid refugees would be setup in farming camps in Kansas and Nebraska. Lets see what the Zetas have to say. 

Juan F Martinez said:

China has her Ghost Cities, Russia and India are headed for Siberia, where will Americans go?  

The Zetas have hinted that survival and rebirth will come from the wilderness, yesterday we learned FLOTUS Melania Trump visited Grand Teton National Park, meanwhile the Trump Admin has been taking control of Federal land from UNESCO and Rockefellers, looking at the ZT Future Map it would seem that this region would be ideal for survival camps. Hmm, seems like a lot of coincidences, could this be related?
[and from another]
These federal lands are used as military bases or testing grounds, nature parks and reserves and indian reservations, or are leased to the private sector for commercial exploitation (e.g. forestry, mining, agriculture). 
[and from another]
The federal government owns about 640 million acres of land in the United States, about 28% of the total land area of 2.27 billion acres.
[and from another]
The scheme is referred to by many names — Agenda 21, The Wildlands Project, “sustainable development,” etc. — but the common thread is that this is all part of a globalist plot to control the land and the population that is being disguised as an environmental program.

The heavily populated East Coast of the US will be devastated not only during the pending New Madrid adjustment but also during the Pole Shift itself. Cities will collapse into rubble with their footings destabilized by tilting rock strata. Tidal waves will rush in from the Atlantic or up from the Gulf with the salty flood waters likely to remain to corrode all that remains. The rising sea level will create a huge inland sea in the center of the continental US, and totally flood many states along the Atlantic.

What is to be done with all the displaced citizens from those areas? The bread basket of the US is in the Midwest, the central states where grain and beef cattle are grown, which has already experienced losses due to flooding. The hog and chicken farms of the Southeast will be flooded or ruined during the hurricanes already assaulting the coastline. Those living in the fringes of the Appalachian Mountains will scamper up into the hills, which can scarcely support these refugees in their rocky forests. Texas and Florida are populous states that will be under water.

With 1/3 the US population needing to be rehomed, where will they go? FLOTUS and POTUS are well aware of what is coming during the passage of Nibiru. If Putin is moving his citizens to Russia’s Far East and Xi is going to move his citizens inland to China’s Ghost Cities, President Trump has a plan of action too. The western half of the continental US is high land. The West Coast is expected to be subtropical.
The deserts are expected to get rain and bloom,
as are the deserts of Mexico. FLOTUS is introducing this concept.


Ryan said:

Were these ships off the North Carolina coast warning the people on the boat or doing something else?

[and from another]
[and from another]
The lights appeared for at least a minute and a half. Pamlico Sound is not part of the Atlantic Ocean, but a large body of water that separates the Outer Banks from mainland North Carolina. Flares used by the military is plausible, given the proximity of the Outer Banks to multiple military facilities, including Camp Lejeune and Fort Bragg in Eastern North Carolina.
[and from another]
William Guy posted a 31-second video Sept. 28 on YouTube, showing what appears to be 14 glowing orbs over the water. He refers to it as a “real UFO sighting.” I do believe September of this year was that military exercise in N.C. that trained Special Forces noted on other threads? I grew up in OBX without a direction and location these truly look like helicopters moving towards the beach.
[and from another]
It continues through Sept. 12, said a press release.

This brief UFO display was warning those on the ferry to be alert to choppy waves in the Pamlico Sound. There have been repeated warnings to residents of the US East Coast because there will indeed be a back wash of water from the European tsunami that will accompany violent New Madrid quakes. Those assuming they are protected by the Outer Banks will be shocked to find their ferry boats upended by waves caused not by the sloshing in the Atlantic but by heaving and dropping of the LAND under the coast line. The adjustment after the diagonal shift in the N American continent will not be smooth. It will be an upheaval.

Nancy, Obama seems to be sending a message on his cap. Two translations were provided, but they don't sound right to me.  I looked up Isaiah 14:12 and there were similarities and connections to Revelations.

Would the Zetas provide us more guidance on what Obama is trying to tell us? 

Accepted. Lots of rumors flying ...

Juan F Martinez said:

Nancy, Obama seems to be sending a message on his cap. 

Two translations were provided, but they don't sound right to me.  Would the Zetas provide us more guidance on what Obama is trying to tell us? 
[and from another]
There is always a tell. Obama’s double does not have the fleshy area under the lower lip that the original has. Other than that, a very close match.
[and from another]
[and from another]

Has former President Obama been executed by the Tribunals, as is rumored? Yes, and from now on the Double
will be appearing in his stead. His execution is considered too shocking for the public to digest, especially at the present time when the frantic criminals in the Democratic Party are intent on inciting Civil War or at the very least another coup attempt to remove President Trump. Pelosi is in line to inherit the White House, but Mueller failed and the impeachment effort is failing. Meanwhile the truth about 2016 treasonous crimes is about to be released.

What were Obama’s crimes? As is known, Obama traveled around the world after Trump’s election, trying to be a shadow President. As is also known, he supported all the activity in 2016 to block Trump. Part of this effort was ego driven, as he feared Trump would reverse his legacy and point out his failures. Beyond supporting the treasonous takeover of the US government, Obama turned a blind eye on the Satanic practices inherent in the Democratic Party, even endorsing Hillary whom he knew was a practitioner. Obama protected himself and family above all others. 

Prior ZT:
Does Obama have a look alike? He has more than one, as all world leaders do. Selected for looks  and not intellect, one would never know. Thus the very public walk in the open recently from the White House to the Interior Department, where tourists flocked to embrace Obama.

Are the power cuts in California a test of sorts or do they have an ulterior motive?


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